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Published by: Nurul Istiqomah on Dec 14, 2010
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Because Samba is intendedto be used with Windows clients and because the Samba
printer is intended to appear as just another hardware printer,a Windows printer defini-
tion must exist between your Windows applications and the Samba printer. Because the
Windows printer definition does all necessary translation of fonts and graphics for the
target printer,the Samba printer share must faithfully pass bytes to the printer.

That means defining the printer as a text printer. There’s no printer driver or filter,no
banner pages or end of document formfeeds,and no converting linefeeds to carriage
return/linefeed combinations (fixing stair steps). All of this is done on the Windows box
before the file gets to the Samba server. The Samba server must simply pass bytes.

You may already have a printer defined,and it may have a printer driver. That’s not a
problem. In this chapter’s examples,you’ll create a new print queue hooked to the same
piece of hardware.

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