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Published by: Nurul Istiqomah on Dec 14, 2010
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When a client first joins a CIFS network,it sends out a broadcast request to see whether
there’sa local master browser (LMB) present on the network. If one doesn’t exist,it will
itself try to become one. The LMB maintains the list of NetBIOS names for the work-
group. Clients query the LMB to obtain or update their own lists of names.

From time to time (or if the current LMB becomes unavailable),clients will broadcast
again to become the LMB themselves. If several clients are on the network,they will
fight it out to see who becomes the LMB. Different types of clients have advantages over
others. For example,a Windows NT Server machine will always win over a Windows 3.x
or 9xclient.

This process is known in the CIFS world as browser election.

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