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Published by: Nurul Istiqomah on Dec 14, 2010
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Because SAMBA_TNG isa moving target that’s being aggressively developed,changes
are often committed to CVS hourly. This means that a feature that’s currently not func-
tional might be fixed in a matter of days or even hours. Because of the liquidity of the
source code,you’ll need to update your CVS tree on a regular basis just to keep up with
recent updates. For this reason,in addition to the preceding compile script,I also created
the following script,called cvs-update,in the SAMBA_TNGdirectory:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
cvs –d :pserver:cvs@cvs.samba.org:/cvsroot update –r SAMBA_TNG

When run,this command updates your checked-out CVS source so that it’s current.
Running the compilescript will allow you to automatically recompile this new version.
After that,you just need to issue a make installin the /tmp/SAMBA_TNG/source
directory and then restart some daemons to get the new version running. Actually,the
current version of SAMBA_TNG forgets to do some tasks during the make install
process. Here’s what to do to correct this limitation. First,change to the sambadirectory
(wherever it was installed) and then create the following directories:

mkdir private
mkdir profiles
mkdir netlogon

The privatedirectory needs to have an empty smb.conffile in it,so type the following

touch private/smb.conf

Also,the privatedirectory should be secure,so if you created it by hand,type the
following to allow non-rootaccess:

chmod go-rwx private

In the next section,you’ll use the profilesshare to store user profiles. It’s best if all
users can create files in this directory,so type the following command to allow full
access to profiles:

chmod 1777 profiles

Finally,Samba is fully installed.

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