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Published by: Nurul Istiqomah on Dec 14, 2010
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The password levelconfigurationoption exists to handle buggy CIFS/SMB clients,such
as Windows for Workgroups,that sometimes send passwords over the wire in uppercase
and sometimes leaves them as is. This makes things tricky for Samba. password level
tells Samba to try a variety of uppercase/lowercase combinations of the received password
to see whether any of them work. If one is the valid password,the user will be authenti-
cated. This setting,which defaults to 0,will cause Samba to attempt to authenticate the
user using the password as is,and if that doesn’t work,attempt to authenticate the user
using a password in all lowercase letters.

A password levelsetting of 1will cause Samba to try every permutation of the pass-
word,which contains one uppercase letter as well as the default lowercase password. If
the password leveloption is set to 2,it will try all the passwords in password level 1
in addition to all combinations that contain two uppercase characters. For example,when
“BOB”is received as a password,the following permutations will be attempted with a
password setting of 2:







•BoB,and so on

Creating a Turnkey Samba System




The password levelconfiguration option is a hack at best, and it can have a
dramatic negative impact on Samba performance and security at higher set-
tings. There’s a simple trick that can be used to get Samba working with
Windows for Workgroups without using password level—simply let the few
users you have that are still using Windows for Workgroups know that their
passwords should be entered in uppercase. If their passwords contain only
uppercase characters, authentication should always work even with a password

level = 0setting (the default).

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