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Published by: Nurul Istiqomah on Dec 14, 2010
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The default is setat compile time and is further influenced by the printing=parameter.
The testparmand SWAT interpretations of the default are not necessarily accurate. The
actual default can be deduced by the values in SWAT input fields,assuming those values
were not explicitly specified in smb.conf. Because $PATHat runtime is unknown,it’s
recommended that you place the entire path in the command. Typically,this parameter
needn’t be explicitly specified if the printing=parameter is set correctly.

This specifies the command that’s called when a request to pause a specific print job is
received. The printer name (%p) and job number (%j) should be part of the value of this
parameter in order to specify which job on what printer. Note the difference between this
and queuepause=,which pauses the entire queue.

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