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Published by: Nurul Istiqomah on Dec 14, 2010
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The default is none. When defined,this parameter serves as a command to be run when
the share is disconnected. Disconnection is often not a simple thing—it may involve
exiting Windows Explorer and then from a Windows command prompt running the
following command:

$ net use \\servername\sharename /delete

Unlike magic script and print command server-side automation,it cannot be run at will.

This parameter is best used for cleaning up the share.

print command=

Although not intended to be used this way,print shares are extremely useful for server-
side automation. The share’s print command=parameter calls the script to be run,com-
plete with the %ssubstitution macro naming the file to be “printed.”This file can have
a header containing all necessary configuration information for the process,followed by
the data. Because a data file is passed instead of a “magic script,”this is inherently more
secure. However,because any client can pass any data to the print share,the script or
program to be run must limit damage no matter what’s passed to it in the file.

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