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Published by: Nurul Istiqomah on Dec 14, 2010
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Samba is an Open Source program,so ituses the Open Source Support Model. In other
words,support is found by joining a community of experts who help each other. However,
two individuals,with two identical problems,can submit to a mailing list two separate
questions technically the same but worded differently,and one might get 10 answers while
the other gets none. It’s all in the way the question is asked.

First,it’s important to understand who is on these mailing lists. The people answering
most of the questions get more than 100 emails a day. Some substantiallymore. They
have 30 seconds to decide whether to answer a question. If they don’t understand the
nature of the question within that time,they’ll most likely skip it.

Another trait of the people answering the questions is they do not get paid to answer the
questions. They have other motivations. This means they answer what they want and skip
the rest. They don’t respond to scolding (“I submitted this two weeks ago and nobody
answered”). Also,they cannot get fired,because it’s not a profession. If they like the
email,they’ll probably answer. If they don’t like it—so many emails,so little time.

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