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Published by: bellybag on Dec 23, 2010
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This allows you to set DHCP server on LAN interface.

DHCP Server On:

Check this item if DHCP service is
needed on the LAN. The router will
assign IP address and gateway
address for each of your PCs.

You have to key in Start IP Address,
End IP Address,
and Lease Time.
The default lease time is 1day.

Relay On:

Click this button to have a relay
setting. And type the Server IP in the
IP field.

When the DHCP server is served by
another device rather than the router
itself, you can relay to that specific
server and enter the IP address of it,
as in our example.

Server and Relay Off:

Check this item if DHCP service isn’t
needed on the LAN.


Click this button to activate the
settings listed above.

You can reserve one specific IP
address for a certain PC for particular
purpose. Simply add a mapping entry
of MAC address & IP address for that
PC by pressing the Reserved IP
Address List
button. The window as
the one shown in the right column will

Click the Add button to open another
dialog window, shown as the right. On
PC’s MAC Address and Assigned IP
boxes, please type the
correct information according to your
need and click Apply.

ADSL Router User Manual


The information added will be shown
on the window right away, as the right
figure illustrates. That is, the specified
address will be reserved and not be
assigned by DHCP for other

You may click Add button to add
another set or click Close to exit.

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