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Lubricants for textile machines

Lubrication is our world

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lüber speciality lubricants – always a good choice

K 3
Klüber Lubrication – partner of textile industry 4
Lubricants for preparatory and spinning machines (staple fibres) 6-7
Lubricants for spinning machines (staple fibres) 8-9
Lubricants for synthetic fibre spinning machines (filaments) 10-11
Lubricants for synthetic fibre processing machines (filaments) 12-13
Lubricants for twisting and spool winding machines 14-15
Lubricants for apparatuses, accessories and special machines 16-17
Lubricants for knitting machines 18-19
Lubricants for warp knitting machines 20-21
Lubricants for sizing machines and looms 22-23
Lubricants for textile finishing machines 24-29
Lubricants for gear units and electric motors in textile machines 30-31
Lubricants for compressors in the textile industry 32-33

The overview of our partner companies from the textile machine sector shown on pages 4 and 5 is not
For the next edition of this brochure, we will be pleased to include in this list the logo of other textile
machine and component manufacturers cooperating with us in the generation of lubricant recommenda-
tions for textile machine operators.

Klüber speciality lubricants – always
a good choice

Quality put to the test Time is money – we help to save you both by enabling
/ Klüber has more than 110 test rigs, which include standar- / Optimised processes
dised equipment as well as tools Klüber has developed to / Higher productivity
regularly test the quality of its products.
/ Compliance with legal requirements
/ Test results prove the high quality level and provide you and quality standards
with a solid basis for selecting the right lubricant.
/ Reduction of maintenance times and repair costs
/ Youcan obtain Klüber products of consistent quality
/ Development partnerships giving you a head-start
made at our production plants worldwide.
in innovation and differentiating yourself from the
All-around service
/ Comprehensive consulting and technical support Humans and the environment – what really counts
/ Development of plant lubrication charts / Products that last a lifetime and enable minimum-
/ Automatic lube point monitoring by means of quantity lubrication to be used help to save resources
Klüber Maintenance Software (KMS) and reduce disposal quantities.
/ Analysis of your used lubricants and components lubricants optimised for higher efficiency
/ Speciality

/ Audits at your facility reduce energy consumption and hence CO2 emission.
/ Clean, safe products that are easy to handle are the
/ Tailor-made training for your staff
fundamental criteria used in the lubricant development
by the Klüber experts.
Benefit from experience
/ Close cooperation with OEMs and operators
since 1929
/ Series supplier to many OEMs on all continents
/ OEMs in all industries recommend Klüber lubricants
for their components
/ Allianceswith partner companies for maximum
user benefit
/ The product range comprises oils, greases, pastes,
waxes and bonded coatings, so the right lubricant
for any application can be selected.

Klüber Lubrication – partner of textile industry


Lubricants for preparatory and
spinning machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Rotary plate (plain Frequent maintenance

bearings) in carders and
High bearing temperature, danger of contamination of
drawing frames
the spinning material (sliver) in the can

Top and bottom drawing Insufficient bearing life if lubricated with standard
roller bearings in draw greases
Overheating of bearings

Rolling bearings in the “Bearing bleeding”

drawing assembly
Excessive separation of the oil from the grease in the
(ring spinning frame)
bearings, necessitating frequent relubrication

Top roller bearings

(ring spinning frame)

staple fibres

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

Klüberpaste 46 MR 401 Long-term lubrication lasting for Klüberpaste 46 MR 401 or

Whitish multi-purpose weeks; minimized contamination and ALTEMP Q NB 50 should be in every
lubricating paste low-wear operation workshop since, being an assembly
paste, they protect against fretting
or corrosion.
Well-proven, light-coloured lubri-
cating and assembly paste

ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 Relubrication intervals may exceed ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52

Fully synthetic special grease for the recommended intervals by far. is recommended by Messrs. Vouk for
high-speed needle bearings older machine types.

or Rieter / Ingolstadt uses

ISOFLEX LDS 18 SPECIAL A for initial
STABURAGS NBU 12 / 300 KP lubrication and lists it in the lubricant

STABURAGS NBU 12 / 300 KP Excellent corrosion protection and STABURAGS NBU 12 / 300 KP has
Special high-pressure grease with long-term lubrication of bottom roller been used for initial lubrication for
good long-term effectiveness bearings (needle bearings) example by Spindelfabrik SUESSEN
for many years.

On top rollers (deep groove ball bear-

ings) a service life of several years
without relubrication is achievable.

Lubricants for
spinning machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Needle bearings in Extensive maintenance in case of bearing failure, thus

bottom drawing rollers long-term lubrication required
(ring spinning frame)


OE spinning turbines Extremely high speeds

(direct or TwinDisc drive)
Overheating and wear of the bearing
Too frequent relubrication

Opening rollers Bearing wear may lead to uneven opening

(OE spinning frame) of the sliver.

staple fibres

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

STABURAGS NBU 12 / 300 KP Besides long-term lubricity, very good Long-term lubrication
Special high-pressure grease with corrosion protection
excellent long-term effectiveness Low maintenance requirements

Klüber high-speed lubricants for Increased operational reliability and The Klüber high-speed lubricants
open-ended spinning turbines, extended bearing life with very long listed are recommended by leading
opening and pressure rollers relubrication intervals rotor manufacturers.
ISOFLEX NBU 15 The range of lubricants is continuously
ISOFLEX NCA 15 adjusted to keep up with development
trends in the rotor manufacturing
Depot and relubricating oil for
Rieter OE machines

ISOFLEX NBU 15 Higher operational reliability ensures

flawless opening of the sliver.

Lubricants for synthetic fibre
spinning machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Spinning pumps Pre-heating temperature 260 °C to 280 °C

Start-up problems due to deficient oil film
or oil residues

Spinerets Difficulty in dismantling spinerets after long produc-

tion runs, caused by seized screw threads

Clogging of the fine nozzles in the spineret plate

results in malfunctions and delays in production.

Godet bearings “Bleeding” of the grease results in impeded bearing

Relubrication intervals too short


Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

From the Uniform viscosity for exact metering The UNISILKON TK 017 THERM oils
UNISILKON TK 017 THERM oil adjustment and precise delivery are recommended e.g. by pump man-
series Low evaporation and sufficient resid- ufacturers and successfully used by
ual oil for the start-up lubrication of numerous synthetic fibre processors.
Essential for testing and start-up of
precision gear pumps in the melt preheated pumps
spinning process Separating effect towards many
synthetic materials

Klüberpaste UH 1 96-UO2 Protection against seizure of spinerets Klüberpaste UH1 96-UO2 and Klüber-
or paste HEL 46-450 are suitable for hot
Easy removal
screw threads up to 1200 °C.
Klüberpaste HEL 46-450 Easy dismantling of the spinerets
Well-proven hot screw thread

UNISILKON M 2000 SPRAY No clogging of the spinerets and UNISILKON M 2000-SPRAY is a uni-
Effective separating lubricant for secure start-up of production at tem- versal separating lubricant for thermo-
polymers during spinning start peratures up to 180 – 200 °C max. plastics and duroplastics as well as
elastomers and is also suitable as a
sliding agent for seals.

UNISILKON TK 44 N 2 REC. A Long-term lubrication and improved Lubrication acc. to OEM recommendation,
UNISILKON L 50/2 bearing life under demanding conditions e.g. by Starlinger

BARRIERTA L 55/2 < 150 °C, PETAMO GHY 441

150 – 170 °C, BARRIERTA L 55/2
High-performance rolling bearing or Barmag: up to 180 °C
greases with high thermal stability
for long-term lubrication UNISILKON TK 44 N 2 REC. A
up to 200 °C: UNISILKON L 50/2
(cooperation: Starlinger – Windmöller + Hölscher)

Lubricants for synthetic fibre
processing machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Cold and hot Thread breakage on fine denier caused by dragging

separator rollers rollers; frequent maintenance
Production losses

Spinning rings Traveller and ring wear

(sintered metal)
Uneven or excessive yarn tension as well as lubricant

Filament coiling High bearing loads resulting from high speeds

(after drawing)


Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

ISOFLEX SUPER LDS 18/25 S Smooth running, thus no thread ISOFLEX SUPER LDS 18/25 S is a
Lubricant dispersion system for breakage; ensures years of mainte- CFC-free long-term lubricant (disper-
long-term lubrication nance-free operation. sion). Observe the solvent’s extended
evaporation period during relubrica-

SYNTHESO XOL 12 Very low wear rates SYNTHESO XOL 12 is also suitable
Synthetic oil with an extraordinary Reduced yarn tension and optimum for the lubrication of compressed air
performance spectrum distribution on the friction points tools.

Klüberoil Tex 1-22N Fully scourable and biologically degra- Klüberoil Tex 1-22N may also be used
dable oil as a needle oil in knitting machines
Mineral-oil-based textile machine
oil for steel rings

ISOFLEX NBU 15 High operational reliability ensures Filament coiling bearings are initially
One of Klüber’s high-speed lubri- accurate coiling of the filament. lubricated with ISOFLEX NBU 15 by
cants that is being successfully Neumag.
used worldwide

Lubricants for twisting and
spool winding machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Thread guide slides and Wear

zig-zag winding guides
Yarn staining due to lubricant splashes
Excessive frictional temperature and
power requirement

Travelling knotter/splicer High mechanical stress

(Schlafhorst Autoconer®)
Friction points difficult to access

Splicer Flawed operation due to fibre build-up, contaminants

(also knotter)
Impaired sliding effect

Spindle can bearing High energy consumption

(see photo)
Short relubrication intervals
Excessive frictional resistance of the grease

Belt guide rollers Impeded operation of guide rollers

(no photo)

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

ISOFLEX TEL 3000 ALTEMP Temperature reduction due to less ISOFLEX 3000 ALTEMP
Dynamically very light grease with friction
is also suitable for thread guide rails/
emergency lubricating properties Long maintenance intervals boxes on flat bed knitting machines.
imparted by a light-coloured solid
Clean lubrication
lubricant compound

MOLYBKOMBIN M 5-SPRAY Easy application by spraying MOLYBKOMBIN M 5-SPRAY is

Molybdenum disulphide lubricating High protection against wear approved for the lubrication of the
oil concentrate ensuring high wear internal mechanism in the housing
Long-term effect
protection and emergency lubricat- of travelling knotters. It is also used
ing properties for the internal mechanism of the
spooling equipment and for gears in
the gear reducer unit of the travelling
splicer or travelling knotter.

QUIETSCH-EX SPRAY Preventive maintenance with a com- QUIETSCH-EX SPRAY

is a low-viscous lubricant, corro- bined cleaning and oil spray. The
is also used for guide bars on knitting
sion protective and rust removing ultra-thin oil film ensures the neces-
machines and for the Jacquard nee-
agent. sary wear protection, excellent sur-
dles of looms.
face wetting and protection against
corrosion. An ultra-thin layer ensures efficient

ISOFLEX LDS 18 SPECIAL A Reduction of power requirement ISOFLEX LDS 18 SPECIAL A

Dynamically light synthetic grease Extended relubrication intervals of is a special grease for high speeds
for long-term or even lifetime 5000 h or more ensuring uniform speed.

ISOFLEX NBU 15 Relubrication interval: up to 10,000

operating hours depending on
A smooth running grease offering
operating conditions
an alternative to the above product

Lubricants for apparatuses and
special machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Lid seals of dyeing Sticking of rubber seals results in excessive seal

vessels wear.
(see photo)
yarn steamers
(no photo)

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

SYNTHESO PROBA 270 Due to the sliding film the lids open SYNTHESO PROBA 270
Fully synthetic grease with neutral and close easily and the seals reach
The water and steam resistant grease film
properties towards natural and an extended service life.
is also an ideal assembly aid for all rubber
synthetic rubber Seal relubrication only required weekly seals and in the finishing section.
For lubricating bearings in the washing liquor
circulation pumps,
STABURAGS NBU 12/300 KP (Thies)
PETAMO GHY 133 N (Then) are recom-

Lubricants for
knitting machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Needles and sinkers Overheating in the knitting section

in circular knitting
Production malfunctions caused by wear resulting in
formation of stripes as well as problems due to insuf-
ficient scouring of the textile machine oils from the
knitted fabrics
Neutral towards elastane fibres and elastomers

Flat bed knitting

Application in stitch-
forming elements

Hosiery knitting Temperature increase in high-speed machines, along

machines with increased wear
Application in Neutral towards elastane fibres and elastomers
stitch-forming elements
and gears

Slide rails on flat bed Drops or splashes of lubricant caused by the sudden
knitting machines, arrest of the thread guide box on reaching its stop as
thread guide box well as frequent dragging motion

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

Running-in oil:
Klüber Silvertex P 91
Needle oil:
Klüberoil TEX 1-22 N/1-32 N
Klüber Silvertex W 22/W 32
Klüber Silvertex T 22/T 32
Klüber Madol 900/915/920/934/
966/982 Supreme
Cleaning oil:
Klüber Silvertex R 14/R 20
The NPE-free Klüber needle oils
reduce the operating temperatures
Running-in oil:
and protect against wear and corro-
Klüber Silvertex P 91
sion of the stitch-forming elements,
Needle oil: thus reducing maintenance costs of
Klüberoil TEX 1-32 N/1-46 N production machines. They are scour-
Klüber Silvertex W 32 able and neutral towards elastane
Klüber Silvertex T 32/T 46 fibres and elastomers. Klüber needle
Klüber Madol 172 Supreme oils have been tested and approved
Klüber Madol 183 Supreme by knitting machine manufacturers
Cleaning oil: worldwide. For instance, they are used
Klüber Silvertex R 14/R 20 for initial lubrication by Mayer & Cie.,
Terrot, Stoll and Lonati.

Running-in oil:
Klüber Silvertex P 91
Needle oil:
Klüber Madol 162 Supreme
Klüber Madol 172 Supreme
Klüber Madol 183 Supreme
Cleaning oil:
Klüber Silvertex R 14
Klüber Silvertex R 20

Klüber Silvertex Grease 3000 N Relubrication is usually necessary only Klüber Silvertex Grease 3000 N
ISOFLEX TEL 3000 ALTEMP once a week and looping of the thread
is avoided in Jacquard equipment.
Light-coloured, soft sliding greases for slide rails where smooth sliding
replacing oil lubrication operation is of primary importance

Lubricants for
warp knitting machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Friction gears Insufficient traction, non-uniform operation of the gear

Guide bars in warp Contamination of fabrics and frequent maintenance

knitting machines work between warp beam changes resulting from
insufficient adhesion and insufficient life of the lubri-
cant film

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes


Synthetic, long life oil and traction gear operation, thus allowing precise
recommended by Karl Mayer,
fluid thread feed and fabric take-up.

QUIETSCH-EX SPRAY The performance of these lubricants QUIETSCH-EX is also an excellent

for flat bed frames lasts at least from one warp beam corrosion preventive and rust removal
change to the next, so trouble-free agent.
and production is guaranteed due to the
Klüberpaste 46 MR 401 and
Klüberpaste 46 MR 401 long-lasting effect and good adhesion
to the friction points.
or also are universal lubricating and
ALTEMP Q NB 50 assembly pastes preventing fretting
for ball joint bushes

Lubricants for
sizing machines and looms
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Weaving machine gears Short oil change intervals in tape drive

Gripper looms Rolling bearings subject to vibrations, especially in

(tape gripper looms) the flywheel support and the crosshead axle

Motor coupling with Dragging motion

brake and sliding block
Rapier guide roller and
distributor cutter

Open gears and chains Dripping and splashing of the lubricant, short relubri-
cation intervals and thus high maintenance require-
ments and wear problems

Furthermore, contamination of the workplace and

disturbing noise level due to insufficient damping or
lubricating effect

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

Klübersynth GH 6 100 oils Longer oil change intervals attained

Klübersynth GH 6 150 oils with Klübersynth GH 6 oils: approx.
For weaving machines made by 15 000 op. hrs. instead of approx.
Promatech Type VAMATEX 5 000 op. hrs.
Klübersynth 100KV
Klübersynth 50KV (with loom cooler)
Depending on weaving machine
Fully synthetic gear oils with high
pressure absorption capacity for
extreme loads

extension of relubrication intervals to excellent backflow behaviour, which is
one month, even at extremely high especially important in friction points
STABURAGS NBU 12 ALTEMP speeds. subject to oscillating motion.
White special lubricant (contains STABURAGS NBU 12 ALTEMP This lubricant is recommended by
solid lubricant particles) with a high provides reliable protection against Sultex (Sulzer Textil).
pressure absorption capacity fretting corrosion.

ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 Both ISOFLEX types are smooth-run- Recommended for weaving machines
ISOFLEX ALLTIME SL 1 ning greases with operational reliability by Sauer-Diederichs
and long service life.


Adhesive lubricant with graphite and with high adhesion allow extremely an ideal lubricant for open gears. Well-
a synergetic additive package sup- long relubrication intervals. metered application on drive chains
plied in a convenient aerosol can ensures minimum adhesion of lint and

HOTEMP 2000-SPRAY Chain and gear lubricant, very adhe- HOTEMP 2000-SPRAY is a universal
Very adhesive, high-performance sive, which prevents splashing, good chain spray – also suitable for drive,
oil, resistant to high temperatures, damping properties. Suitable for spray control and transport chains running
good penetration heads with point and wide-jet applica- at high speeds.

Lubricants for
textile finishing machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Rolling bearings in Bearing failures due to corrosion

washing and merceris-
Washing-out of the grease from the bearings by
ing machines, dyeing
detergents, processing fluids and splash water
machines and festoon

Corrosion protection Corrosion of steel lining resulting from severe media

for the inner lining of attack

Chains in steamers Reduced production and increased costs for repair

Bearings in steamers

Condensates from softeners and finishing materials

Increased deposits at temperatures above 160 °C,
resulting in dragging chain links, chain rattle and thus
excessive power consumption

Fabric conveyor chains

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

STABURAGS NBU 12 or 30 High operational reliability and resist- STABURAGS NBU 12 or 30

STABURAGS NBU 12 / 300 KP ance to water, hot water, aggres-
Water and steam resistant special sive vapours and many other media
grease, which is also resistant to encountered in textile finishing are special high-pressure and long-
aqueous alkaline and aqueous acid term greases for all lubrication points
Good corrosion protection and long
solutions exposed to media.
relubrication intervals
The lubricating grease has good
sealing properties and protects
bearings against corrosion.
Alternatively: Klüberplex BE 31-222
Klüberplex BE 31-502

STABURAGS NBU 30 STABURAGS NBU 30 is a reliable and STABURAGS NBU 30 is a special

A hot-water, steam, alkali and acid economical long-term protection, as it long-term grease with excellent seal-
resistant special grease, espe- provides an internal coating which lasts ing properties suitable for low-speed
cially for the internal protection of for one year or more in most cases. rolling and plain bearings in wet
steamers Premature expensive replacement of processing machines.
Klüberplex BE 31-502 the steamer lining is, consequently, not
It is applied according to the recom-
High-temperature chain oils: mendations of the machine manufac-
Klübersynth CTH 2-260 or Note: New steamer wall materials may turers.
PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL or require a different long-term protection


For sliding chains: Separating effect on condensates Klüber Lubrication high-temperature

Klübersynth CTH 2-260 and, consequently, less build-up of chain oils for operating temperatures
Fully synthetic high-performance residues. Efficient lubrication of the up to 250 °C are recommended for all
chain oil for high temperatures or chain links, rolling bearings and slide oil-lubricated chain systems in stenter
HOTEMP PLUS rails under varying operating condi- frames, drying and setting machines,
above 200 °C tions (speed, temperature, stretching multi-layer systems, festoon steamers,
or tension). Low power consumption steamers, condensers and coating
PRIMIUM FLUID SPECIAL with practically wear-free operation installations by leading machine manu-
Grease lubrication for chains sup- Synthetic sliding surfaces on stenter facturers.
ported by ball bearings: chains with special lubricant require-
BARRIERTA L 55/2 ments in terms of evaporation, forma-
for long-term lubrication or in acc. tion of residues, regenerative capacity,
with manufacturer’s instructions. friction and wetting behaviour resulted
Long-term lubricated bearings in the development of Klübersynth
have a different design requiring CTH 2-260.
lower relubrication quantities.
This special chain oil meets all require-
Alternative for long-term lubrica-
ments and has a considerably better
viscosity-temperature behaviour than
Klübertemp HM 83-402
previous standard chains oils.
For oil lubrication:

Lubricants for
textile finishing machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Needle bars, Contamination of the fabric by deposits of burnt-on

clip tables softeners and condensed finishing compounds
Extensive cleaning work

Rolling bearings Cracking and carbon residues, as well as the loss of

of electric motors grease due to high temperatures
in dryers
Bearing wear and premature bearing failures
(indirect drive)
Increased maintenance and repair costs

Rolling bearings in fans

and exhaust fans
in dryers
(direct drive)

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

UNISILKON M 2000-SPRAY Smooth opening and closing of clips Regular application of the release
or ensured by small lubricant quantities agent to low-speed clips or needle
(acting as release agent), which keeps bars ensures an optimum separating
UNISILKON TK 002/100 needle bars and clip tables clean effect.
for semi-automatic application via
drip feed oilers or rotating brushes Expressly recommended by

PETAMO GHY 133 N Long relubrication intervals STABURAGS N 12 MF for the lubri-
PETAMO GY 193 cation of fan bearings. Exclusively
Wear protection under boundary
or according to other recommen- recommended and time-tested for the
friction conditions
dations by manufacturers lifetime lubrication of electric motor
Reliability at high operating tempera- bearings
High-temperature and long-term Also suitable for rolling bearings on
grease with emergency lubricating chain return wheels as well as grease
properties imparted by MoS2 solid lubrication of splined shafts. The syn-
lubricant compound thetic lubricating greases
BARRIERTA L 55/2 and
Klübertemp HM83-402
offer sound technical and economical
solutions to applications with bearing
temperatures in excess of 150 °C,
especially for long-term and lifetime

Lubricants for
textile finishing machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Width adjustment Heavy build-up of contaminants with lubricating oils

spindles or greases, as well as carbon and cracking residues
that may impede motion

Rolling and plain In heated calenders the oil’s operating viscosity

bearings in heated is too low.
Mineral oils may cause the formation of residues, thus
short oil change intervals required.

Rotary couplings e.g. in Excessive seal wear due to inadequate lubrication of

steam-heated finishing the rolling bearings at temperatures up to 180 °C and
machines above

Compensator and guide Relubrication intervals too short

roller bearings in Hotflue
Drying-out of the lubricating grease due to extreme
finishing machines
thermal influences

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

MOLYBKOMBIN Largely prevents the build-up of lint MOLYBKOMBIN UMF T 4 – SPRAY is

UMF T 4 – SPRAY and contamination. Consequently, ideal in workshops for assembly pur-
Molybdenum disulphide bonded easy and accurate width adjustment is poses, e.g. screwed connections and
coating, providing a dry lubricating possible requiring comparatively little bearing seats.
film up to 450 °C maintenance.
Protects against seizure, especially at
or according to manufacturer’s high temperatures.
special recommendation:

Klübersynth GH 6 oils Can be delivered through oil pumps To suit the recommendations
Fully synthetic high-temperature and pipe systems, also at room tem- of machine manufacturers
oils with good viscosity-tempera- perature. At higher temperatures up Klübersynth GH 6 oils are available in
ture characteristics to 150 °C or short peaks up to 180 °C all common ISO viscosity grades.
(maximum film temperature 225 °C)
ISO viscosity grades 220, 460 and
Klübersynth GH 6 oils have a higher 1000 are recommended.
operational viscosity than mineral oils
of a similar ISO viscosity grade and
fulfil the demands for the required full
fluid-film lubrication.

PETAMO GY 193 Particularly good resistance to Klübertemp HM 83-402,

at temperatures up to 180 °C; aggressive media PETAMO GY 193 and
High wear protection BARRIERTA L 55/2
Good sealing effect are expressly recommended by
or Messrs. Maier Heidenheim.
Klübertemp HM 83-402
at temperatures above 180 °C;
Klübersynth BH 72-422

Klübertemp HM 83-402 Very good resistance to aggressive Klübertemp HM 83-402 and

or media and temperatures BARRIERTA L 55/2

BARRIERTA L 55/2 Excellent lubricating properties are also suitable for wear protection of
electrical contacts and suitable for the
Synthetic high-temperature lubrication of sliding material combi-
lubricating greases nations, i.e. plastic to plastic.

Lubricants for gear units and
electric motors in textile machines
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Spur and bevel gears High temperatures lead to rapid oil ageing and short
oil change intervals.
Extremely high specific flank pressure under mixed
friction conditions (e.g. with high torques at low

Worm gears Excessive oil sump temperature

Rapid oil ageing and short oil change intervals
Excessive wear of wheel resulting in low efficiency

Rolling bearings in Premature bearing failure resulting in machine

electric motors downtime

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

Oil series: Good friction behaviour resulted in Klübersynth GEM ... 4N oils are available in
Klübersynth GEM ... 4N oils gear temperature reduction by 10 °C all common ISO viscosity grades. They are
or more. Oil change intervals are at miscible with mineral oil and show mostly
High-performance gear oils on a least three times as long as those of neutral behaviour towards paints and seals.
PAO basis mineral oils.
Klübersynth GH 6 oils are not miscible with
SYNTHESO D ... EP oils mineral oils or oils on a PAO basis. We rec-
Synthetic gear oils for high ommend testing compatibility with sealing
loads on a PG basis materials, paints and inspection glass.
Klübersynth 100 KV The optimum choice for gear lubrication in
Klübersynth 50 KV weaving machines if long oil life is desired.
(Klübersynth GE 4 75 W 90) Approvals by several manufacturers, e.g.
Klübersynth G 4-130 by Promatech Type VAMATEX for
Klübersynth 100 KV, Klübersynth 50 KV
(see Notes)
and by Promatech Type SOMET for
Klübersynth G 4-130 (for relubrication)

Klübersynth GH 6 oils Klübersynth GH 6 oils have an excel- Klübersynth GH 6 oils are available
High-performance gear oils on a lent friction behaviour. They reduce in all common ISO viscosity grades.
PG basis gear temperatures considerably and They are not miscible with mineral oils
increase gear efficiency by more than or oils on a PAO basis. We recom-
Alternatively: 25 %. Owing to their special additives mend testing compatibility with seal-
Klübersynth GEM ... 4N oils they reduce wear substantially, espe- ing materials, paints and inspection
cially on materials that are typically glass.
(see above)
used for worm gears. Oil change inter-
or vals are at least five times longer than
STRUCTOVIS BHD MF those of mineral oils.
STRUCTOVIS BHD MF is an intrinsi-
cally viscous long-term and high-tem-
perature lubricant. It contains solid
lubricant particles and is especially
suitable for worm gear drives of width
adjustment spindles.

Klüberquiet Klüberquiet greases are characterized Klüberquiet greases meet most

BQH 72-101, BQ 72-72 by a wider service temperature range requirements to be satisfied by
for long-term and lifetime lubrica- and an extremely high resistance to today’s rolling bearing lubricants.
tion mostly of rolling bearings that temperature and speed. Our tried-and-tested greases
do not allow relubrication running STABURAGS N 12 MF and
At high temperatures, runtimes
at > 100 °C and high speeds STABURAGS NBU 8 EP continue to
> 4000 hours are possible without
For rolling bearings that can be relubrication be good choices for many applica-
relubricated: tions.
Lubricants for compressors
in the textile industry
Example Machine / Component Lubrication Problem / Requirements

Rotary screw compres- High operating temperatures leading to rapid oil

sor ageing through oxidation, and short oil change

Cleaning of rotary screw Deposits due to pronounced oxidation especially of

and rotary vane com- mineral-oil-based products
This will inevitably lead to contamination of the
new oil fill unless the compressor is cleaned during

before cleaning

after cleaning

Recommended Lubricants Advantages / Benefits Notes

Klüber Summit SH oils Clean compressor thanks to good Klüber Summit SH oils are available in all
High-performance compressor oils oxidation stability common viscosity grades. Compatibility
on a PAO basis Oil change intervals at least three with seals and paints should be tested.
times longer than those of mineral oils
When changing over from mineral oils,
energy cost cuttings by 3 to 5% are

Concentrated compressor Concentrated conditioner for cleaning Klüber Summit VARNASOLV is added
conditioner rotary screw and rotary vane compres- to the oil fill at a concentration of 10 %
Klüber Summit VARNASOLV sors, especially when changing over and should remain in the compressor
from mineral-oil-based products to the for 40 to 60 operating hours.
synthetic Klüber Summit DSL or SH oil
Then drain the compressor while the
oil is still hot.
When used at a concentration of
10 %, VARNASOLV is compatible
with all materials resistant to mineral
The oil ageing condition can be visu-
ally inspected (preferably before oil
change) by means of the
Klüber Summit TAN kit.


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