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The first time you setup the Router it is recommended that you configure the WAN connection using a single computer
connected directly to the Router. Once the WAN connection is functioning properly, you may continue to make changes
to Router configuration including IP settings and DHCP setup. For information on how to configure advanced features
such as port redirection, filtering and firewall, please skip ahead to the Advanced Router Management section on page

Configuration Summary

1. Connect to the Router To configure various settings used by the Router for Internet and access it is first
necessary to access the Router’s management HTML-based interface. This is done using an ordinary web
browser. Your computer must be able to “see” the Router before it can manage it using a browser. If the Router
is in the same “neighborhood” or subnet as the Router, you should be able to access the management software.
Therefore you must first make sure your computer has IP settings that place it in the same subnet as the Router.
The easiest way to make sure your computer has the correct IP settings is to configure it to use the DHCP
server in the Router. The DHCP server will automatically enable your computer to use a browser to manage
the Router. The next section describes how to change the IP configuration for a computer running a Windows
operating system to be a DHCP client. If you are running another operating system, make sure your computer
is configured as a DHCP client so it can automatically obtain IP settings from the Router. Some operating
systems will automatically select the best IP settings. Consult the user manual for the operating system (OS) if
you are unsure.

2. Configure the Internet (WAN) Connection Most users will be able to complete this process using the Setup
. The Setup Wizard can be launched once you have successfully connected with the Router’s
management software. There are different methods used to establish the WAN connection to the service
provider’s network and ultimately to the Internet. Your Router may already have most of the settings
configured by default. However you will probably at least have to type in a user name and password given to
you by your ISP. You may also need to know the encapsulation and connection type required to use for your
ADSL service. Your service provider should provide all the information needed to configure the WAN

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