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To be the leading integrated food services group in the ASEAN region delivering consistent quality
products and excellent customer-focused service.
To maximise profitability, improve shareholder value and deliver sustainable growth
year after year.
The KFCH principles are adapted from the Yum! Dynasty Model and are known as the
KFCH Dynasty Model.

The KFCH Dynasty model is made up of five key elements:

1 OUR PASSION: To satisfy our customers every time they visit our restaurants and to do it
better than our competitors

• KFC and Ayamas offer customers delicious food, good value, and customer-focused teams
• Our associates in all our restaurants and integrated Strategic Business Units are trained to
serve customers in the best possible way

2 OUR FORMULA FOR SUCCESS: People capability comes first - satisfied customers and
profitability follow

• If we have the right people, properly trained, then satisfied customers and profitability will
• We recognize that we are a people-dependent business
• There are about 26,000 people working for the KFCH
• Our people must be more motivated, better trained, and better resourced than the
competition. This will ensure that we have happy customers, which will lead to more

3 HOW WE LEAD: Know and drive the business, and build and align teams

• Take responsibility for and be passionate about exceeding customer needs

• Be committed to executing 100% CHAMPS at the restaurants. This means ensuring that
• C : Cleanliness is maintained at our restaurants at all times
• H : We are hospitable and courteous at all times
• A : We always ensure that orders are taken accurately
• M : We maintain our restaurants to the best standards
• P : Our products are of the highest quality
• S : Our service is speedy

• Support restaurant teams with reliable services and tools

• Act like an owner
• Know and drive the business
• Understand the demands and issues affecting the business
• Demonstrate a sense of urgency to get results and improve performance
• Sort through complex issues and take appropriate action
• Continually raise the bar on your own and others' performance, via a "beat year ago"

• Build and align teams

• Use the power of people to solve problems and drive results, and invite input and
ideas from everyone
• Articulate strategy
• Continually build capability, selecting talented people and promptly addressing non-
• Communicate, communicate, communicate

4 HOW WE WIN: Be the best at providing customers with branded restaurant choice and
branded products

• Run great restaurants via

• Customer and sales mindset and behaviour
• People capability first
• High visibility leadership and coaching
• CHAMPS execution
• Processes and discipline around Profit and Loss ("P&L") and Balanced Scorecard

• Run most efficient integrated Strategic Business Units ("SBUs")

• Customer and sales mindset and behaviour
• People capability first
• High visibility leadership and coaching
• STAR audit execution
• Processes and discipline around P&L and BSC

• Differentiate the brands in everything we do

• Strategic brand analysis
• Brand identity system - identifying what we stand fort

• Drive explosive expansion

• Fully penetrate all profitable market segments
• Execute expansion and re-imaging plans and deliver on a timely basis
• Strengthen unit economics and organization capability
• Continuously explore new and innovative business channels

• Lead the way in product innovation

• Ensure world class concepts and operational execution
• Develop new and innovative product concepts
• Constantly provide customers with menu variety to stay relevant

• Convert cash flow into high value

• Get out of low return assets
• Leverage what we own
• Invest in high return opportunities

5 HOW WE WORK TOGETHER: Our leadership principles

• Customer Focus - We listen and respond to the voice of the customer

• Belief in people - We believe in people, trust positive intentions, encourage ideas from
everyone and actively develop a workforce that is diverse in style and background
• Recognition - We find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others, and have fun doing it
• Coaching and Support - We coach and support each other
• Accountability - We do what we say, we are accountable
• Excellence - We take pride in our work and have a passion for excellence
• Positive Energy - We execute with positive energy and intensity
• Teamwork - We practice team together, team apart

KFCH operates
 The KFC chain of restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei (over 540 outlets)

 The RasaMas chain of restaurants in Malaysia (over 40 outlets)

The Group also owns approximately 35 Kedai Ayamas and Ayamas Depots, making us the nation's
first branded chicken and chicken-based retail chain.

In addition, to support our core activities, we are extensively involved in poultry production and
processing, as well as a host of ancillary businesses such as vegetable farming, baking and sauce

After a successful restructuring exercise, KFCH has emerged as a strong player in the Malaysian
corporate world with a high reputation for excellent products, efficient friendly service and financial
strength. Indeed, KFCH is the only KFC restaurant operator in the world whose Western Quick Service
Restaurant market share is greater than that of McDonald's.

KFCH is part of QSR Brands Bhd (QSR Brands) – a leading, fully-integrated quick-service restaurant
enterprise and the local franchisee and operator of the KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants. QSR Brands is
in turn a subsidiary of Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad, a conglomerate focusing mainly on palm oil
operations, oleochemicals, biodiesel production and quick service restaurants.

With about 26,000 staff in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, KFCH is one of the biggest employers in
its sector.

Our Products
KFC is the largest fast-food chain in Malaysia and Brunei, serving world famous
Original Recipe fried chicken which contains secret blend of 11 herbs and
spices. Apart from serving finger-licking good food, we continuously aim for
high quality and are committed to ensure food safety by stringent control to
maintain our standards.
We cook our products well above the minimum temperature recommended by WHO. We have
developed standard procedure that would minimize risk of cross contamination between raw and ready-
to-eat products.

We provide information on the nutritional values of KFC products to assist our customers in planning a
wholesome and balanced meal. For frying all of our products, we use non-hydrogenated palm oil that
contains insignificant amount of trans fat and it is 100% cholesterol free.

We have a team of food technologists constantly experimenting with new flavors and creative concepts
to provide more value, choices and healthy options for our customers. Apart from introducing
international products into our market, we have also developed some popular local flavors designed to
enable our customers to enjoy an exciting dining experience.