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The World Situation..................................................... 3
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The Revelation of a Fourth Quality of Deity............ 39
The Keynote of Freedom............................................ 49
The Psychology of the Monad.................................... 53
Avatars......................................................................... 59
The Seventh Purpose of Deity.................................... 71
The Human Kingdom as a Station of Light.............. 81
The Externalisation Process......................................... 87
The Buddhic Plane and the Human Hierarchy......... 95
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Sirius......................................................................... 113
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The Transmissions

The World Situation
May 9 2001

Preparation for the Decision is everywhere. The

Wesak has been used to precipitate the crisis that allows
decisions to be made. Something is happening behind the
scenes which will bring a clear choice to many. It has to
do with the world financial system, which is all I can tell
you for now. Vulcan is impacting Venus. The archetype is
impressing itself. The Hammer is coming down and causing
the re-evaluation of values. What is more important?
Everywhere that question is being asked and the answer
wrought out in individual and group lives will result in
the hierarchical arrangement of the groups for the future.
There are not right or wrong choices, merely choices and
consequences of those choices.
This year will prove a watershed in the history of the
planet from the inner side. Seeds are being planted. Seeds
of destruction as well as seeds of construction. Endings and
beginnings upon the outer plane will all be able to trace
their roots back to this time and the decisions being made

September 12 2001
September 11

First of all I want to give a Hierarchical perspective

on the events of the day. America has long stood for
democracy and the principle of freedom in the world.
Admittedly that freedom has often been misinterpreted
at a personal level and taken to Sixth Ray extremes, but
it must be remembered that the principle is still there
nonetheless and that this principle represents the height of
what humanity is collectively able to demonstrate of this
evolutionary energy. The events of today will make it clear
to thinking men and woman everywhere that this principle
of freedom is under threat. That there are complex issues
underlying the attack are undeniable—the result of it
however will be a clear delineation in people’s minds and
hearts between those who stand for the liberation of the
human spirit and those who are attempting to enslave it.
America today is facing the biggest crisis of her
history—greater even than the Civil War and the World
War, because in this current conflict extra-planetary
forces are at play. In particular the energy of Freedom as
it streams in from Sirius. The decisions that this nation
makes over the next month will be critical for the whole
of humanity and for the purpose that the human kingdom
is designed to serve within the solar system and beyond.
Will the American nation be able to demonstrate a high
level response to this tragedy? A response that comes from
the higher solar plexus and indeed the heart, rather than a
response from the lower solar plexus of quick revenge and
retaliation driven by the energies of anguish and fear. Will
they take the path of grieving for that which they could not
control, followed by reflection and considered response?

There are no circumstances in which terrorist actions
like those perpetrated today may be justified. Having said
that, the forces of frustration in the world about economic
and political injustice have created a climate where they are
almost inevitable. Wherever human beings are willing to
give up their lives for their beliefs, however distorted, then a
blow against the fear of death is struck. What makes people
die for their beliefs rather than live for them? Prolonged
periods where they experience powerlessness, and as a result
their need for power breaks out in extreme cathartic acts
of desperation. This is Pluto opposite Saturn. The forces of
opposition to the system mobilise, whether in the case of
the individual, the nation or—as is increasingly becoming
the case—the planet as a being. The protests in Seattle, the
bombings, the Palestinian cause against Israel, are all part of
Pluto’s arrow. They are the energies of liberation operating
in a distorted sense from below upwards rather than from
the top downwards. Pluto is not a sacred planet and the
activities that arise from his energies are often destructive and
eventually purificatory due to the inherent energy of Will.
To understand Pluto and Vulcan and their connection
with Saturn and the Earth, you might consider the
Saturn represents the control developed by the
dominant personality. It is the Cosmic Moon. That is a
good thing and evolutionary up to a point. The personality,
once developed, needs to become responsive to the will of
the soul. Vulcan represents the will of the superconscious—
the soul will that is trying to impress itself upon the
dominant personality.
Pluto represents the will of the subconscious—those
energies WITHIN the three vehicles which are not aligned
with the dominant personality. They are both oppositional

to the will of the personality. They are the fires of striving
and of desperation. Both can be used to the good. However
Vulcan’s hammer must eventually control. If Pluto is able
to destroy the personal will without the will of the soul
to replace it, then anarchy and chaos result. In the rubble
caused by Pluto, look for the signs of Vulcan. Look for
those leaders to emerge sounding the note of spiritual

September 19 2001

At this time the Second Ray soul of the planet is

trying to exert influence upon the Third Ray personality.
The result as far as humanity as a whole is concerned is
the opportunity to take the First Initiation. The energies of
Vulcan and Pluto are at work to bring the resistant aspects
of the personality to the surface and break the long-lasting
and prevalent focus on materialism of which humanity on
Earth is such an exponent. One result may be the freeing
up of the world’s money supply.
What is needed from the disciples and initiates on
the planet is a demonstration of the magnetic power of
the Second Ray soul. Shamballa will awaken men from
their slumber in materialism one way or another. This is
part of the Decision being made at this time. Hierarchy
have decided that humanity is ready. That humanity can
intelligently understand and respond to the clear distinction
between the spiritual values and the material ones. The
educational work of the Hierarchy has seen to this.
Everywhere the two positions are being articulated clearly.
Whether or not humanity WILL choose is entirely up to
them. And I mean that my brother.
Hierarchy have decided that it is time to offer the
opportunity. We have set ourselves to respond as fully as
possible to help if humanity invokes our aid, which we
certainly want them to do. And we are prepared to offset
the worst effects of a decision by humanity to ignore
the spiritual opportunity and reinforce the old pattern of
security and materialism. However, humanity is genuinely
on its own in the decision-making process. How else could
it be? Everywhere leaders are coming forth on both sides
from within humanity, representing the best and worst

of the developed human mind and heart. Humanity can
and must choose its future. Hierarchy have made their
decision and it is a defining one. They have decided to trust
humanity to make the right choice for the future of the
race and the planet. Consider this.
Remember that there are much bigger plans afoot on
the planet and in the solar system than the self-centered
problems which face humanity. Hierarchy have decided to
place these larger plans at greater risk from the free will of
man than has previously been the case.
Do not think that the power of free will—humanity’s
power—can be arbitrarily applied. It cannot be given and
then withdrawn if it is not used as we would like it. That
would strike at the very root of the power itself.
Essentially, Hierarchy have decided that humanity can
be trusted. Trusted, in the final analysis, to cooperate with
the greater good. This is a tremendous statement and a
tremendous decision. We are saying that humanity has been
educated about the issues. They are informed, generally
speaking, taking humanity as a whole. Democracy requires
an informed populace. Hierarchy and the Second Ray
ashram has worked hard over the last one hundred years
to disseminate the information humanity needs to base a
decision upon. Now is the time to make that decision.
The genuine giving of a free choice is an act not only
of trust but also an act that precipitates crisis. Somewhere,
semi-consciously, humanity feels the weight of the increased
responsibility. It is this which is creating the crisis, because
humanity knows that there is no turning away from this
decision and that either way it will be terminal.
What I mean by that is: If humanity choose to
reassert the power of the Third Ray planetary personality
this will result in the end of a cycle and the pronouncement

of failure by the planetary soul to achieve its intended
results in this cycle. Of course other cycles will provide
other possibilities, but this cycle would be over, possibly
resulting in the destruction of the incarnated human family
in large part. We will have a repeat, on a smaller turn
of the spiral, of the failure on the Moon Chain, and we
collectively will demonstrate that we have yet to overcome
the karmic effects of the materialising tendency within
humanity and the planetary personality.
If humanity choose to assert the power of the
Second Ray soul, it will result in the almost immediate
externalisation of the Hierarchy (and by ‘immediate’ I
mean over the next quarter century). For this, Hierarchy
have been steadily preparing. Do you see that it cannot be
otherwise? One possibility cannot exist without the other. It
is what you would call a ‘make or break’ situation. It will
result—if successful—in humanity as a whole taking the
First Initiation and the coming into ‘birth’ of the Christ
and his Hierarchy in the heart of humanity.
I might tell you that there are those within Hierarchy
who have counselled against this decision to allow humanity
to wield that most precious of all solar energies, Freedom.
This should not concern you unduly as there are often
different points of view about the Way to proceed held
within an underlying synthesis of intent. The disagreement
arises from the very same issues inherent in the Second Ray
soul of the planet. You were told that the situation on the
Moon Chain resulted in the premature compassion of our
Planetary Logos in accepting the lives from that Chain that
had not demonstrated their readiness for the responsibility
of future evolutionary opportunities. There are those in
Hierarchy who think that humanity, now, is not ready for
the responsibility of cooperating with Hierarchy and have

therefore counselled against what they would term ‘the
overly inclusive tendencies’ of the Second Ray soul.
There are those more along First Ray lines who think
Hierarchy should either ‘take a greater hand’ in world affairs
or withdraw their ‘crisis-producing energy’ until such times as
humanity is demonstrating a greater readiness. In both cases
the result would be a limiting of the full operation of the
power of free will, while still leaving humanity free to choose
its destiny within a more circumscribed arena. This would
mean that humanity would still make a decision but would be
protected somewhat from the consequences of that decision—
resulting in a slower evolutionary process. (Humanity would
not be at risk of destruction on the one hand, and Hierarchy
would not externalise so rapidly on the other.)
Having carefully considered the issue from all
sides, the decision was taken to rely upon the positive
strengths of the Second Ray and attempt to minimise the
tendencies towards over-inclusiveness. What this means is
that the Hierarchy, in giving more freedom to humanity,
has decided to limit its own. Hierarchy will consequently
do everything that it can to aid if that aid is invoked by
humanity. On the other hand, it has been agreed to severely
limit our active influence where that invocation is not
present. Further, if humanity as a whole does not call forth
Hierarchy—which would result in the externalisation—
Hierarchy have agreed to accept the consequences of that
decision. Have you any idea what this would mean, my
brother? Some hint can be found by imagining what it is
like for the soul of an individual to look on, unable to help
while their personality pursues a self-destructive path. This
is what would occur upon a planetary scale.
In either case—the externalisation or the withdrawal—
the Second Ray soul of the planet, Hierarchy itself, will learn

dispassion. Does this strike you as strange that the Hierarchy
as a whole has something to learn, as does humanity?
The soul has much to learn from incarnation, likewise the
planetary Hierarchy has much to learn from overseeing
humanity. And in the case of this particular Hierarchy, much
karma is hidden within the history of the Planetary Logos.
The decision was taken by Hierarchy on the Wesak
full Moon following the initiating impulse in Aries. The
Libran full Moon has to do with humanity’s decision
in response to that of Hierarchy. Libra is associated
with Shamballa, and humanity’s decision will allow the
Shamballic force to be brought into play in one of its
two aspects. Either Pluto will dominate and thus purge
humanity in a rather drastic way, and therefore set the stage
for a later cycle. Or Vulcan will dominate, called forth to
anchor the Hierarchy on Earth in response to humanity’s
decision to call in collectively the assistance of the soul.
The relationships between Hierarchy and humanity are
decisive ones for this time. Will our destinies converge or
diverge? That is up to humanity at this time. The disciples
and initiates must do their very best to keep the channel
open between Hierarchy and humanity. They must do their
best to respond to the needs of humanity and the principles
of Hierarchy. They share in the responsibility of humanity,
but also in a peculiar sense the active restraint of Hierarchy.
This time marks the advent onto the world stage of a
new and potent power—the massed intent of humanity.
This brings the sign Cancer into prominence—that sign
connected with the Fifth Hierarchy and the Fourth
Initiation on higher levels. Will the World Disciple emerge
from out of the mass consciousness, or will we return to
the domination of the Matter aspect? We will find out
together, and will not need to wait for very long.

September 26 2001

The Hierarchical perspective on world events

is designed to be useful in opening your mind to an
increased cooperation. It is easy to forget that the different
kingdoms each have their unique lessons, perspectives
and opportunities. I would seek today to give you further
insight into the Plans of Hierarchy at this time. We are
all very active in response to the call from our disciples
and initiates in the world. Wherever a point of tension is
being held by a group, we are able to lend our hand and
energy. The result of this is three-fold. First, the energy
naturally has effects upon the projects these groups are
working with and the people with whom they come in
contact. Sometimes these effects are constructive, sometimes
destructive, depending upon the level of integration and
alignment in the group. Secondly, the energy has effects
upon the invoking individuals in the group. The result is
initiatory in its potential.
The third effect is less obvious—it is an effect upon
Hierarchy itself as a result of the outpouring energies. As
these energies pour out they provide a current which allows
the energies from Shamballa (and in some cases extra-
planetary energies) to pour into Hierarchy. Hierarchy are
at their own great point of tension—a tension which is
liberating members of the Hierarchy onto the higher way,
just as it is liberating members of humanity into Hierarchy.
A great funnel is thus created at this time. Thus there is a
dual movement—invocation and evocation. The call from
the lower allows the inflow from the higher. This inflow
as it moves through the lesser kingdom, heightens the
vibration of that kingdom or hierarchy and thus ‘lifts them’
into the hierarchy above.

The triangle between Hierarchy and Humanity and
Shamballa works somewhat like this: The energy from
Shamballa flowing into Hierarchy is what allows Hierarchy
to draw closer to Humanity. One group from Hierarchy are
approaching closer to Shamballa, and as they thus approach
it allows a second group from Hierarchy to approach closer
to Humanity. The analogy is with the Third, Fourth and
Fifth Hierarchies. The Third Hierarchy builds a bridge
between the buddhic plane and the monad so that the
Fifth Hierarchy is able to build a bridge between the
buddhic plane and the astral plane. This is the dual action
of manas, and Hierarchy is likewise engaged in a dual
action. As Hierarchy creates this bridge between Shamballa
and Humanity, another energy is able to be expressed as a
result of the triangular linking between these three planetary
centres—the energy of the Saving Force.
Something that has not been considered within the
esoteric thought is this: What are the inflowing energies
that allow the Hierarchy to enter upon the higher way? If
a relatively large number of Sixth Degree initiates leave, or
prepare to leave, the planetary ring-pass-not every 49 years,
what is the energy which is pouring into Hierarchy that
allows this process? Very few of them are able to take the
higher initiations in Shamballa as the number of Masters on
the First Path is limited.
The Decision taken by the Sixth Degree initiates is
deeply linked into the type of crisis which occurs. If the
majority of initiates choose a particular path (for example
we know that they will all choose together the Path of
Earth Service at a later date) then it is the energy inpouring
along that path which is what precipitates the ‘crisis’ in
humanity. In the example above, the energy of Will as it is
expressed through the Seventh Ray would be involved.

At the time of this current Decision the emphasis is
particularly upon the Fourth Path, the path to Sirius. While
this path is always emphasised in any Decision because of
its close connection to the Fourth Hierarchy, it is especially
dominant at this time. This is linked—if you could but see
the cycles—to the incoming energy of the Fourth Ray, due
to make its presence felt at the mid-point of this 49 year
cycle in the year 2025.
The externalisation of the Hierarchy, the coming
in of the Fourth Ray, the decision of the Sixth Degree
initiates, the reappearance of the Mysteries and the Sirian
energy of Freedom all form one coherent interlocking
whole that will express itself over the next fifty years.
The Sixth Ray is passing out, the Seventh Ray is
coming in and the Fourth Ray will allow the units of
the human Hierarchy, the Fourth, to become spiritually
radioactive upon the buddhic plane, the fourth plane of the
seventh cosmic plane, the cosmic physical.
It is all one beautiful interlocking pattern, and
Hierarchy are merely playing their part. The difference is
that Hierarchy are more conscious and humanity has yet to
awaken fully to their role in this great Plan.
Let me give you a line of thought which will prove
productive in this regard. In the individual process there is
a gradual replacement of the energies of the four ethers in
the etheric body with the energies of the four higher ethers.
What this means is that the fourth ether is able to transmit
buddhi, the third atma, the second monadic energy; and
the first ether at a later date will be able to transmit the
energy of the logoic plane, and the highest and the lowest
shall therefore meet. If you think this process through
upon the cosmic levels then insight will come as to the role
of Hierarchy, working as they are upon the fourth, third

and second cosmic ethers; and in particular the role of
the Fourth Hierarchy on its own plane, the buddhic. This
should give you a key to understanding the type of energy
flowing down the Fourth Path and the link between the
Sirian Logos and the Logos of our planetary scheme.
A further line of thought which will relate this
esoteric thinking to the present world crisis: Masonry as
you know, attempts to duplicate the practices of the Blue
Lodge on Sirius upon the physical plane. Masonry is ruled
by the Fourth and Seventh Rays and attempts to provide a
receptacle for the First Ray of Will, allowing it to become
a ‘seat of initiation’. The Gemini pillars have ever been the
symbol of the Masonic tradition.
When the Seventh Ray is in manifestation and the
Sun is in Aquarius—as has happened six times so far during
the Fifth Rootrace, the energy of Light Supernal is able to
be registered on the physical plane. The Seven Rays blend
their light with the Seventh Ray. This is the seventh such
event during the Fifth Rootrace. What might this mean?
The United States of America was founded under
the Masonic influence and has as its ruling energies the
astrological signs of Aquarius and Gemini. The keynote of
the soul of America is ‘Freedom’—the energy pouring in
from Sirius. Perhaps some glimpse of the energies behind
the world crisis may become evident.
The Sirian energy focused through the American soul
is pouring into the planet as a result of the Decision by the
Sixth Degree initiates. It is causing a great abstraction from
form and from materialism, which is what this energy does.
That abstraction will have great consequences for the Sixth
Ray personality of the US, an energy which is on its way
out of incarnation, and will naturally have similar effects
upon the situation in the Middle East and those races

conditioned strongly by the Sixth Ray—Russia and Japan
among them.
The result of the cooperation between the Second
Ray soul of the planet and the Second Ray soul of America
will be both a great abstraction of energy (this will take out
the Sixth Ray and make way for the Fourth) and a great
anchoring of energy (this will happen under the influence
of the Fifth and Seventh Rays). We have the four Rays of
Attribute all involved: The Seventh Ray and Fourth Ray
cycling in, the Sixth Ray cycling out and the Fifth Ray
coming in through Aquarius. If we add the Third Ray
personality of the planet and its Second Ray soul, some idea
of the potential synthesis may be grasped.
This whole process needs to be held in the context
of the Planetary Logos taking the fourth sub-initiation
of the Second cosmic Initiation. The astral polarisation
of humanity will be somewhat lifted into its buddhic
correspondence as the Sixth Ray goes out and the Fourth
Ray comes in. On the buddhic plane, humanity will
contact the higher energies of cosmic buddhi entering via
the Planetary Logos on the cosmic astral plane. These must
be directed by the Fourth Hierarchy—humanity—through
the fifth plane onto the seventh and affecting primarily the
fourth ether.
Expect this dual process of abstraction and anchoring
to occur simultaneously and consequentially. By that I mean
that the inflow and outflow are essentially linked as dual
sides of the one event. However with the forty-nine year
cycle, expect the emphasis to be on abstraction for the first
half and anchoring for the second, beginning in 2025.

October 3 2001
Libran Full Moon

The last week has been an intense one. Very little has
happened of moment on the outer planes of Earth, but in
the inner worlds there has been immense activity. Even on
the inner worlds of the outer—by this I mean the astral
and mental planes. Humanity is learning how to work
subjectively and I must tell you that our view of the current
events is very positive. The risk taken and the confidence
shown in humanity that I mentioned two weeks ago is
thus far working out. It is not only necessary to believe in
the essential divinity of others but also to correctly judge
when that essential divinity is capable of exercising control
over its instrument. Humanity at the moment is the World
Disciple, striving to prove to the soul that it is able to
hold its mind steady in the Light during crisis. If this is
maintained then an outpouring from the soul is the natural
result. All occurs under law.
This is a key understanding about the operation of
the principle of Freedom. The personal self (in this case
humanity) has freedom within its circumscribed sphere.
The consequences of exercising that freedom are expressed
in karma. When the personal self freely chooses to align
its choices with the purpose of the planetary life then
personal karma ends and planetary karma quickly begins
to work itself out. It is the work of Hierarchy to help
humanity make those choices and to aid in the process of
implementing the planetary karma and thence the higher
Will at a pace that humanity is able to handle.
Just as in the personal case, when a man begins to
work off karma rather than resist it, it may appear to outer
eyes as if his life is getting much worse. In the inner worlds
however, growth is occurring. One could say that humanity
has progressed to the point where it is developed sufficiently
as a disciple to deal on its own with some of the karma
that Hierarchy has been safeguarding it against.
Just as a parent may try to protect a teenager from
the full impact of the laws of society until they are able to
understand them and the consequences of breaking them, so
Hierarchy has parented humanity. It is time for humanity
to be released to its own destiny and that is potentially
a glorious destiny. This will also allow Hierarchy to place
more focus on its own concerns.

March 13 2002

The world situation is building to a greater point of

tension as we approach the Aries full Moon. The First Ray
energies available at this time can be used by Hierarchy
in an attempt to bring to an end certain basic tendencies
within the field of humanity by a further ‘sealing’ of the
door where evil dwells.
The situation in the Middle East has at its root an
aspect of separativeness and materialism. The origins lie
deep in humanity’s karmic past, but can be witnessed in the
actions of the present. Deep survival fears originate from the
misidentification of the soul with the form aspect instead of
the spiritual pole. As a result, spiritual principles get ignored
in the mistaken attempt to preserve the form life. The result
is merely an intensification of the misidentification with
the body, and a greater need to control the environment in
order to manage the consequent escalating fear.
The great initiation of the Crucifixion occurs when
the soul finally releases its identification with all within the
three worlds, in realisation of its source as the monad.
The monad and the body are opposites within a
greater unity. In order for the soul to bring the energies of
Spirit and Matter together, it must first choose its ‘home’.
Then it is able to use the materialising powers of the
Seventh Ray to externalise this ‘home’ on Earth.
The choice of the body (or the land as an extension
of the body) as the ‘primary’ home, results in the need to
defend it against inevitable decay and death. The fear of
death can never be allayed however. If spiritual principles
are transgressed in the attempt, then the exile from Spirit
increases and the dependence upon form increases, creating
a materialistic spiral.

Ironically, the conflict between Israel and Palestine
is a reflection on the astral plane of this higher battle.
The Palestinians, with their external homeland or ‘racial
body’ under threat, are resorting to suicide bombing—
an expression of the sacrifice of the form nature for a
supposedly ‘higher principle’ (actually the sacrifice of the
individual form for the collective form). The Israelis, feeling
their homeland or racial body under threat, are attempting
to control their environment in an effort to protect it.
This control escalates the threat. Of course both sides are
being motivated by an investment in—and thus a fear
for the loss of—their external homeland. They are not
the only ones with this investment of course—witness the
mortgage payments which drive the activity of much of the
Western world—but they are playing out its most extreme
consequences on behalf of humanity.
They represent the remnants of the Sixth Ray in its
materialistic expression. The investment in ‘form’ always
results, under the pressure of evolution, in the ‘destruction’ of
form. This is due to the First Ray energies, directed into the
form by consciousness identified with form. The First Ray is
intended to abstract the consciousness from the form, but if the
consciousness will not release the form, the form gets abstracted
as well. Sensing this, the consciousness seeks to ‘externalise’ this
destructive force upon the forms surrounding it.
We are seeing this play out now on the world stage.
The Shamballic Impact is an ‘abstracting force’ designed
to release the consciousness from form in preparation for
the incoming Seventh Ray which will then shape form
according to the Plan. Reactionary Sixth Ray energies
must be offset by the highest aspect of the Sixth Ray,
the devotion to spiritual principles regardless of the
consequences to the form, be it body or land.

Individuals embodying this highest aspect of the Sixth
Ray exist amongst both groups, and it is to them that we
can direct our energies of support at this time. But this
will not be enough. The conflict is not a localised one—it
has its origins deep within the karma of humanity, and
thus must be solved by humanity as a whole. This requires
the strengthening of the United Nations as a centre within
humanity for the direction of Will energy as an abstracting
and synthesising force.
In order to distribute this ‘abstracting force’ a triangle
is being created between Shamballa, Hierarchy and the
New Group of World Servers; the latter representing the
ajna centre. The reflection of this higher triangle is a lower
triangle between the base, solar plexus and the ajna centre.
This makes a link between Tokyo, New York and
Darjeeling as outer expressions of these energies—as
planetary centres within the Fifth Rootrace. It is kundalini
from the base centre which provides the rising Will force
for the release of the solar plexus energy to the heart. Japan
has a First Ray soul and Sixth Ray personality. The release
of the atomic bombs there during the last Shamballic
Impact has a correspondence in the human system to the
impact of the spiritual Will upon the base centre, with the
resultant release of kundalini.
It might be useful therefore, at the time of the Aries
Full Moon, to consciously create a triangle between these
three centres of Darjeeling, New York and Tokyo, with the
‘intended direction’ being the release of energy from New
York to Geneva. The ‘rising’ of energy will be directed
through the United Nations which has offices in both cities.
The United Nations must be transformed through this
rising energy into an energetic system within the human
kingdom that can be effectively overlighted by the Spirit

of Peace, thus bringing the crown and heart chakras of
humanity into a dynamic relationship.
The twin towers of New York represent the dominant
Gemini personality of America, transformed into towers of
light infused by the Aquarian soul, which offers its powers
to the whole of humanity as a redeemed expression of the
Sixth Ray, and thus helps open the planetary heart.
As conscious servers we are encouraged to see the
outer events upon the world stage within a wider context.
With understanding comes the increased power to serve.
Hierarchy needs the conscious, willing assistance of
humanity in order to triangulate the Will force pouring in
from Shamballa. It is through the aligned thought, directed
through the New Group of World Servers, that the Plan
will be brought into manifestation on Earth.
This is a call to unitedly and esoterically strengthen
the United Nations as the only human centre able to
respond to the entrenched survival-based will force within
the lower nature of humanity. This fire must be fought with
fire. The fire of the Will to liberate. The fire of the Will-to-
Good. The fire of Shamballa.

May 22 2002

Brother, today we want to work with the energy of

Love—not so much with its understanding but with its
transmission. The Christ Festival is almost upon us and
this year will be a tremendous outpouring. What is unique
about this Festival is that it is such a ‘unifying’ one for
humanity. The Christ loves. He loves like none before him,
and it is this fact which makes him unique and his work so
unifying for humanity. In Gemini the Christ stood between
Humanity and Shamballa and said ‘yes’ to both. This ‘at-
one-ment’ created a singular event in the history of the
planet. When he said yes to humanity it was not to some
sections of humanity—to enlightened humanity—it was to
ALL of humanity and subsequently to the soul life in all
kingdoms. He took upon himself the decision to love all,
knowing that the Will aspect would provide the needed
strength to carry out this momentous decision. None before
him had the courage or the greatness of heart to take
such a decision. Contemplate that decision for a moment
brother, and touch the edge of a soul’s destiny whom we all
willingly serve with such lesser love as we can muster.
The Full Moon in Gemini is when the Christ
demonstrates how far he has come in fulfilling that choice
which he made. It is when he pours forth that Love
through all the kingdoms, but in particular the human
kingdom. The effect of this great Second Ray force moving
from the monadic plane to the buddhic plane, through the
causal bodies to the astral plane, is a great upwelling of
goodwill in the day-to-day life expression of humanity. This
energy of Love originates on the cosmic buddhic plane and
is transmitted through the solar egoic lotus (the heart of the
Sun), making its way through the solar astral body via the

fourth subplane of the cosmic astral to the sixth subplane,
and from there to the monadic plane. You will note that
the sixth subplane of the cosmic astral is ruled by Gemini
(this is the subplane of love on the plane of Love), and the
monadic plane is ruled by Virgo. These are the two signs
of New Zealand and indicate the potential for this country.
Elsewhere (in Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle) I told you
that it would be the work of many of those in incarnation
at this time to link the astral and etheric body.
This is done through the work of Gemini. In the
human system the equivalent is the washing through the
heart chakra of a wave of purified astral energy which
carries with it the energy of buddhi and thus stimulates the
latent consciousness in all forms. It is this energy which
‘sacredises’ matter. On Cosmic levels this Love energy from
the heart of the Sun washes through the human atoms or
monads and subsequently into the ashrams on the buddhic
plane. It is the work of those able to make contact with
the buddhic plane to bring this energy through to the astral
and subsequently through the etheric heart centre. Humans
then become the ‘saviour’, the ‘saving force’ of the atoms
within their system and their environment in the same way
that the Christ is the ‘saviour’ of humanity. Think through
the analogies.
A further line of useful thought would be the way
in which the Cancer Hierarchy is said to ‘veil the Christ’.
Consider this in relationship to the etheric webs which
block the astral energy from working through a disciple’s
etheric body until such time as a degree of purification has
We might imagine the Christ with His head in
Gemini and His heart in Virgo on the monadic plane—
expressing through the atmic. We might imagine Fourth

Degree initiates with their ‘head’ on the monadic plane
and their ‘heart’ on the buddhic plane, expressing through
the abstract mental; and Second Degree initiates with their
‘head’ in buddhi and their ‘heart’ on the astral, expressing
through the etheric heart centre. If you build up this
picture some revelation about the Hierarchy of Love will
come, and you will be able to find your place in it more
I have outlined this pattern for consideration not
as an abstraction but for practical use. It is like a map of
the divine plumbing system whereby the waters of Life
are able to flow to all of creation. The injunction given
by the Christ at this time of the Gemini full Moon is to
‘love’. Love is an energy—a most potent energy—directed
in greater and greater degree through the Christ as the
great Heart of Hierarchy. Gemini calls us not only to be
a conduit of this Love but to ‘love intelligently’. To know
from whence Love comes—to allow ourselves to be filled
with this energy and to know where best we may direct it
as part of the great Hierarchical endeavour. Take time to
consider the plumbing so that your own garden may be
duly watered.

September 4 2002
Financial System

There are currently some momentous happenings

unfolding in the life of humanity—they are at present
behind the scenes and not yet visible to the public eye but
will emerge towards the end of a year. The success of your
own project is but one of many breakthroughs which are
in their totality the taking of an initiation by humanity
as a whole. The world financial situation has come under
a major reorientation—this as I said is not yet visible in
the outer and yet the change in the inner workings is
momentous. The control of the world’s wealth is moving
out of the hands of those motivated by materialistic
tendencies and into the hands of those who are inspired by
Hierarchy. The exact workings of this cannot be disclosed,
however it is the result of a long-term plan that has finally
been brought to fruition. It is not really possible to convey
to you the far reaching consequences of this change. Watch
and wait as the year unfolds and the outer signs of this
inner change will begin to be evidenced in the world.
Billions of dollars are working their way into bank accounts
and financial instruments, creating a great reservoir that is
going to be used for the forwarding of the externalisation
One of my fields of interest and responsibility is
with the philanthropists of the world, and plans have long
since been laid for this development. Just as the seeds of
the new schools had been planted to come to fruition
at the time of the Shamballa Impact, so the seeds of the
transformation of the world’s financial system had also
been planted. It was uncertain whether the whole global
economy might not have had to undergo a period of major
upheaval and collapse. There will certainly be difficult
times as the system adjusts, but on the whole it has been
a rather extraordinary success through using the underlying
motivating energies within the system itself to transform it.
Just as the mind can be used to get out of the mind, so
the financial markets can be used to break the hold of the
financial markets. Initiates have been working in this field
for some time, and have been able to be phenomenally
successful because of the very forces of fear and greed that
sweep the marketplace. These forces allow those who are
unaffected by them to accumulate vast wealth over the
medium term. The great irony is that the freeing up of the
financial markets, orchestrated by those who are seeking to
extend their control and influence, has actually resulted in
the liberation of vast sums of money from their control.
Mercury is the god of trickery and finance, and Mercury it
is who has managed to spirit away this source of energy like
The work of those who have been involved in this
Hierarchical project (which has involved disciples with a
great understanding of cycles and a developed intuition—
qualities required equally by esotericists) is now to secure
these funds and to build an economic base and system
which is able to operate freely behind the scenes with
as little interaction with the current financial system as
possible. Just as the School has been able to be established
in a somewhat remote area in a small country, so the new
emerging financial base must be somewhat quarantined from
what has become in reality a global economy. This new
‘pool’ must be kept safely isolated while the global system
undergoes its reorientation. A period of consolidation lies
ahead which will correspond with a period of uncertainty
and confusion in the world financial system. I might tell

you that this development of which I speak will be as
great a shock to the financial markets as the September 11
event was to the American people. It strikes at the very
foundation of the sense of security. Of course there is no
security in materialism, and after the period of adjustment
then a new economy will emerge out of the seeds which are
being planted now.

The Third Phase of the Teachings
December 19 2001

The topic this morning is time. I want to give you

a broader perspective of the teachings I am responsible for
and the way they unfold through time, and, in a peculiar
way, how they create time itself.
A Master’s consciousness is expanded in time and
space. He is able to reach out across continents and between
planets with his awareness. An important distinction to
note is the difference between ‘awareness’ and capacity to
‘influence’. Consciousness influences matter and thereby
causes its evolution due to its capacity to express the
energy of Will. A Master is ‘causal’ in the evolution of
consciousness identified with form because he combines
‘awareness’ with Will within a definite time/space ring-
pass-not. A Master may be aware of the evolution of
consciousness across millennia. He is personally responsible
however for the development of that consciousness in a
much more circumscribed manner.
For example the ashramic project that you are
involved in is a part of my personal responsibility. It is
a subset of my work in time and space. This particular
project is educational—the preparation of the minds of
men (in such a way that their hearts and actions will
be subsequently effected) so that they may collectively
and intelligently respond to the externalisation of the
Hierarchy—a collective project of the Greater Ashram. Of
course I do this in cooperation with the other Masters, but
it is my particular responsibility to be a ‘messenger’ between
Hierarchy and Humanity—a bridge builder in consciousness
at this particular time. My responsibilities are global, and

for this particular project are focused over a time window
of 350 years beginning in 1825 and concluding in 2175.
Of course there is overlap outside this time window, but as
an earthquake has an epicentre, so this particular project of
mine has a focus in both time and space.
In order for me to operate within this time/space
ring-pass-not, my consciousness must be able to be ‘free’
from it—in other words not identified with any ‘thing’
inside it, and powerful enough (operating with enough
Will) to influence the evolution and development of the
consciousness that is ‘identified’ within the container.
As I have pointed out, the specifics of the project are
the introduction into the mental field of humanity of the
Hierarchical teachings which are One but express themselves
in a three-fold manner. The first phase ran from 1825 to
1925 and had as its focal point the work done by HPB and
the Theosophical Society. The second phase ran from 1925
to 2025 and had as its focal point the work of AA Bailey
and the various projects that manifested from that work
such as the Arcane School, World Goodwill and so on. The
third stage is in preparation now and runs from 2025 to
2125; and then there will be a transition and synthesising
period of fifty years. From another perspective the project
could be said to have a 400 year ‘period’ if we include
fifty years preparation from 1775 to 1825. The point I am
making is that Hierarchical projects are definitely carried
out in time and space, have clear objectives and timeframes.
We utilise Saturn as a building and containing influence,
while those whose consciousness is thus limited sense the
restriction and seek to grow beyond it.
Because we do not know specifically how humanity
will react, the Masters follow a strategy that allows for
human free will. In the early phases we spread our influence

widely, and gradually focus that influence and attention on
a particular individual or group as we are able to ascertain
where the best and most effective response occurs. The work
done by the Blavatsky and Bailey groups (for groups they
were) was not predestined to be done by them (although
the work itself was predestined). Early in the cycle the work
was presented in consciousness to many groups around the
planet wherever opportunity arose and with various success.
A similar phase in under way now as I prepare for
the third phase of the teachings at the same time as the
second phase is culminating. Thus my preparatory work
is widespread with many groups being ‘tested’ for their
capacity; your own work finds its place among them.
In initiating this work I must be able to learn from the
results of the previous phase and at the same time make
an intelligent judgement as to the needs of humanity at
the end of the century, in the same way that the work
completed in the early twentieth century had to serve those
who are living and working now.
Principally I am working with consciousness, and
have as my implementation force those souls in incarnation
who are able and willing to respond to my ‘project’ as
a way of serving humanity and accelerating their own
effectiveness through alignment to the greater component
of Hierarchical will and wisdom that is flowing through
me, their elder brother. These workers must create for
themselves, within the aura of my ashram, particular
projects contained within my own time/space limitation.
These projects must be commeasured with the capacity
of the individual or group to carry it out, and to provide
a field of service for others to likewise operate within.
Some sense of the true nature of Hierarchical operation is
contained in these ideas.

In addition I must work with and utilise the various
energies that are available and are thus contextual to
my project. In particular the energies of the seventh ray
and of Aquarius. My project itself, in a peculiar way,
is designed to ‘set the scene’ for these energies to enter
human consciousness in such a way that will allow for the
externalisation process to take place. The manifestation
of the Brotherhood upon the physical plane requires the
intelligent manipulation of global consciousness as well
as many other skills. I must also cooperate closely with
the ashramic projects of other Masters and call upon the
energetic assistance of my own Master whose time/space
ring-pass-not is much greater than (and includes) my own
as He prepares himself to eventually be responsible for the
role of World Teacher.
These thoughts today are to encourage you to think
in expanded terms about time and space and to ascertain
where your own capacities to operate within time and
space lie—both in terms of extension of awareness and the
capacity to take personal responsibility.
Sacrifice is related to the willingness to confine one’s
consciousness to self-chosen limits in time and space for
the purpose of aiding the development of consciousness
within those limits. Think of the sacrifice required by a soul
whose proper place in ‘evolutionary time’ is to incarnate
in the sixth round, choosing to incarnate in the fourth
round. There is a requirement in any system for a certain
percentage of souls to incarnate ‘out of time’ so to speak in
order to preserve the integrity of the whole system. These
‘time travellers’ are themselves the links or bridges between
rounds and races in the same way that Hierarchy is a
bridge. Depending on the stage of evolution of the planet,
certain percentages of souls demonstrate this sacrificial

capacity in a particular manner that relates the first and
seventh round or race of any cycle, the second and sixth,
the third and fifth. The fourth round or race plays out this
same relationship with its internal cycles.
When any system is comprehended in its entirety,
then the consciousness becomes momentarily free of the
time and space limitations of the system. When this
freedom is able to be maintained at will, then the capacity
to causally influence the system begins to develop. It is
this capacity, developed gradually during the life cycle of
any system, which results in the spiral-cyclic nature of
consciousness development within the system.

May 30 2001

There are three key components of the third phase of

the teachings:

The revelation of what lies behind the term

‘Freedom’. The Rays and the Initiations taught about
Shamballa and the building of the higher antahkarana. The
third stage teaches about synthesis: The triangulation of
the three centres on the cosmic physical plane—Shamballa,
Hierarchy and Humanity—and the revelation through that
triangulation of the fourth divine Quality. This revelation
on the cosmic physical plane has its higher correspondence
in the integration and synthesis of the three vehicles of the
Solar Logos—the physical, astral and mental bodies—and
their cohesive functioning as an integrated personality as
part of the soul infusion process related to the Third cosmic
Initiation which is the goal of the Logos. What is revealed
through the three-fold Logoic personality is the Logoic soul
or ‘Love’; and this from solar triadal levels, in particular
the buddhic plane. The lower correspondence to this is the
revelation through the triangle of Shamballa, Hierarchy
and Humanity of the ‘love’ nature of the Planetary Logos.
This lesser ‘love’ flows from the cosmic astral plane via the
triangle of Earth, Vulcan and Pluto and it therefore carries
with it the germ of solar Will that will form a seed for the
next solar system. This Will is carried on the desire of the
Planetary Logos to help carry out the Solar Logoic purpose,
remembering that he is a disciple of the Logos. The
anchoring of this ‘germ’ in this the second solar system has
a correspondence to the coming of the dragon energy in the
second round of this chain. This is tied into the revelation
of the dawning fourth—the fourth Principle of deity—in

the same way that the three Buddhas of Activity eventually
reveal Sanat Kumara. The revelation is preserved for us in
the ‘eye in the triangle’ symbology of Masonry.

The second keynote is related to the origin and

psychology of the monad, just as the second phase dealt in
depth with the solar angel. Information will be given about
the ‘body’ upon the atmic plane which is the equivalent
to the monad of the causal body upon mental levels. In
addition the five higher planes will be examined, and by
these I mean the top three planes of the cosmic physical
and the lower two planes of the cosmic astral. It is these
planes that will form the field of expression for the next
system. The first system concerned itself with the lower five
planes of the cosmic physical. The failure upon the Moon
Chain has meant that consciousness was restricted within
the ring-pass-not of the lower three planes when it should
have encompassed the whole five as it has on Venus. The
second solar system should be primarily working with the
five higher planes of the cosmic physical—from the mental
plane up—which is why the consciousness of the Planetary
Logos only comes down to the mental plane. In the third
solar system the atmic plane should form the base or ‘body’
of expression. This also helps to explain why there are nine
initiations for the soul and how the ‘ten’ works upon the
More information will be given on ‘the higher way’
and the seven Cosmic Paths. Just as the buddhic plane is
the goal of the personality and the monadic plane is the
‘goal’ of the triad, so the lowest subplane of the cosmic
astral is the ‘goal’ of the monad, and there are centres to
be found there just as there are centres upon the monadic
and buddhic planes. There ‘registration’ will come in the

consciousness of an initiate when he is able to form the
antahkarana from the highest to the lowest and thus link
the centres on the seventh subplane of the cosmic astral
with his etheric centres upon the seventh subplane of the
cosmic physical. There is much more in this vein and a
book the size of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire could be written
about the subject.

The third keynote has to do with the coming Avatar

and the role that this little planet has within Cosmic Plan.
Elsewhere I have said that Earth may serve as a station
of light for this corner of the galaxy, which is quite an
extraordinary statement if you stop to think about it. What
is the potential role of this planet, what chance does it
have of fulfilling it, and what is the best way forward? The
return of the Christ and the externalisation of the Hierarchy
are part of a much vaster Plan then you can imagine. The
relevance to the human kingdom is all that man has been
able to grasp so far, but a synthetic grasp is necessary to
glimpse the whole. The human kingdom must be put
in perspective as only one in the system. Identification
with the whole will enable some faint understanding of
the purpose of that whole. This will be the most difficult
part of the teaching to get across, but in some ways the
most important for it sets before humanity something of
the purpose in which they can play a part—not only as a
kingdom but as part of a much greater ‘whole’.
Already I despair at being able to get this across
without being totally misunderstood, but that will be
my challenge and that is why it is the third part of the
third phase—in some ways the whole body of teaching
disseminated through the three phases could be said to have
as its goal the conditioning of the field of humanity so

that a seed of this Cosmic purpose could be dropped into
that soil. This seed may not be dropped until the esoteric
worldview has ‘won the day’ within the culture of the
Of course this is already true in the inner worlds.
Truth is revealed and not created. Nevertheless it will only
‘run’ human society in a conscious way once humans of their
own free will choose to accept it. Thus the externalisation
process is required first. Humans must recognise and elect
into positions of power in their culture, the representatives
of Hierarchy who are already appearing among them. They
will do this by recognising the purity of their motives, the
‘sense’ of their ideas and the demonstration of principles in
their lives. Once the key governments, businesses and social
institutions are being guided by the disciples and initiates
of the world, then the head of Hierarchy can make his
appearance and begin to reveal to an awakening world the
deeper mission that underlies the coming of the Avatar.
And so there you have the skeleton of the next
phase of the teachings that it is my responsibility to reveal
progressively to humanity. It is essential that their revelation
is progressive and that the timing is carefully attended to.
Revelation itself is a science—knowledge of the Mysteries is
a fire that needs a sustained and progressive burning if it is
to serve the society it enters into.

The Revelation of a Fourth Quality of Deity
May 30 2001

Behind the three Qualities of divinity with which we

are already familiar, theoretically at least, lies a ‘dawning
fourth’ for which the whole development of human
culture and civilisation on this planet has been merely a
This fourth Revelation will have a definite and
planned impact upon the fourth kingdom, that of the
Fourth Creative Hierarchy on this, the fourth chain, of
the fourth scheme, in a solar system of the fourth order.
This planned impact will produce potent results that
will not only affect the relationship between the human
kingdom and other kingdoms on the planet, but will have
repercussions throughout the solar system and beyond.
This fourth Quality has primarily to do with the
relevation of Purpose that is made possible by the evolution
of consciousness within time and space. It has a primary
relationship to the buddhic plane, just as the other three
Qualities (Will, Love and Intelligence) relate to fifth, sixth
and seventh planes. Divinity is slowly expressing itself from
the top down, and being revealed to us from the bottom
up. The first three fundamentals of The Secret Doctrine
are related to the higher three planes in the system and
reflected in the Qualities of deity expressed on the lower
three. On the fourth plane, the fourth Fundamental and the
fourth Quality of deity come into direct relationship.
On the buddhic plane divinity clothes itself and
begins the process of precipitation into what we call matter.
Causal bodies on the higher mental plane are the first
expression of this manifestation—they are consciousness

‘fixated’ and imbued with specific purpose—behind them
lies the quality of consciousness itself.
In this fourth round the Quality of the Solar Logos
which lies behind the manifestation of the solar system is
gradually revealing itself. In the same way, when a man finds
the quality of the Heavenly Man with which he is associated
on the buddhic plane—so a Solar Logos finds the Quality
of his cosmic ashram on the cosmic buddhic plane. He
then begins to consciously radiate that Quality throughout
his entire system, colouring everything with that Quality.
That Quality will be primarily expressed through the Fourth
Creative Hierarchy—the human—just as the quality of buddhi
is expressed, once the antahkarana has been built, through a
man’s etheric centres upon the ethers of the physical plane.
Thus the fourth kingdom, humanity, is the expression
on all the schemes of, first of all a triplicity: Active Intelligence
(developed in the last system), Love (developed in this system)
and Will (to be developed in the final system). However just
as with man, these three Qualities are the ‘vehicles’ for higher
qualities. “In that light we shall see light”.1 The etheric body
is a vehicle for manas—thus the solar systemic ethers are
activated by that innate intelligent quality of substance that
has been developed in a previous system and will allow, in the
next system, the Will of the Solar Logos to operate on the
etheric/physical plane. This links the etheric plane with the
cosmic mental plane. Similarly, the ethers are also the ‘vehicle’
for cosmic astrality. The desire of the Solar Logos flows
through the desire body of the Planetary Logos, and thus
through the chakras on the cosmic etheric—the ashrams on
the monadic and buddhic planes—and from there shapes the
consciousness of lives in the three worlds.
As our Planetary Logos masters the cosmic astral
plane—and he is in a difficult stage in the process of doing

so, taking the fourth sub-initiation of the Second cosmic at
this time—he will eventually bring his desire body under
control so that it becomes expressive of the desire body
of the Solar Logos (who is preparing for the Third cosmic
Initiation and has thus already mastered his astral vehicle).
The desire body of the Solar Logos is already able to reflect
cosmic buddhi, and this Quality is expressing through (for
example) the Venus Scheme, which has already taken the
Second cosmic Initiation. As more of this Quality (a fourth
Quality of deity) is expressed through the cosmic astral
body of the Earth Scheme, it will be stepped down into the
etheric body of the planet (and thus the ashrams) in the
following way:
• From the fourth plane of the cosmic planes, the cosmic
buddhic, being the cosmic ashramic nergy of our Solar
Logos (related to one of the Rishis of the Great Bear).
• Through the love petals of the causal body of our Solar Logos.
• To the cosmic astral plane, where it has particular effect
through resonance on the fourth subplane. This subplane is
home to the Aries Hierarchy, ruled by the planet Uranus.
• To the sixth subplane of the cosmic astral plane, home of
the Gemini Hierarchy and ruled hierarchically by the Earth.
(As an aside here, the energy also flows into the seventh
subplane of the cosmic astral plane, thus aiding in the
liberation of the Fifth Hierarchy of Cancer).
• To the ashrams on the monadic plane, home of the Virgo
Hierarchy ruled by Jupiter. (Here is the higher mystery of
the birth of the Cosmic Christ in the heart).
• To the ashrams on the buddhic plane, home of the
Scorpio Hierarchy ruled by Mercury.

This four-fold link creates a relationship between the
following signs and planets:
Aries Uranus
Gemini Earth
Virgo Jupiter
Scorpio Mercury
Mercury is the linking energy and brings the energy
of electric fire, Uranus onto the cosmic physical plane. The
principle of cosmic buddhi on the fourth plane is expressed
via aligned planetary desire through the fourth ether on the
seventh or cosmic physical plane.
Mercury is the expression of fourth ray energy and this
is, as you know, peculiarly related to the fourth kingdom
in nature, the human kingdom. It is the esoteric ruler
of Aries (hence it “leads into the mysteries”) and is also
the exoteric ruler of Gemini, which is the sign of the
major opposites as far as humanity is concerned, because
it signifies soul and personality, consciousness and form;
it is also the exoteric ruler of Virgo, the Mother of the
Christ-Child, or the form and that which indwells the
form. It is, finally, the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio,
which is the sign of discipleship.
This, therefore, brings into a close relation four great
constellations, each of which has a peculiar relation to
the dualities with which man has a definite evolutionary
concern. These are expressed in a unique manner for
humanity through Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio
and the following diagram is descriptive of the nature
of that relation:

When visualising these diagrams, the symbol should be
seen in rapid revolution. Mercury, the Messenger of the
Gods, carries to humanity a certain type of force and
this precipitates a point of crisis; it brings about the next
great revolution which will lead mankind on to new
experience, and to the revelation of the divinity which
it is the destiny of man to reveal.2
From here the line of energy makes a similar descent
through the love petals of the causal body of man, through
the astral body to the heart chakra on the second etheric
plane, to the chakras on the fourth ether and thence to the
physical body via the glands.
This is the true ‘current of healing’ which brings the
principle of cosmic buddhi all the way onto the physical
plane where it finds eventually, at the heart of every atom,
surprise surprise, cosmic buddhi. This is the equivalent to
the energy from the monad finding, via the Love aspect of
its expression, buddhi, the kundalini energy lying buried at
the base of the spine.
All is one Spirit/Matter but now, that unalterable fact
has become realised within the consciousness of all those
lives through which the energy passes. It is not so much that
cosmic buddhi is brought to the physical plane—it already
exists there and is in fact the foundation of all existence in
the three lower cosmic planes. It already forms the inherent
Life of all that is found there. It is when this is consciously
realised however, that consciousness can bring the highest
and lowest together in full realisation of their essential unity.
Cosmic buddhi and an atom, are essentially the One Life,
and as an inevitable result of that realisation the whole of
creation will eventually be consumed in this one great fire—
the fire of Agni which is the sumtotal of all the Solar Logoic
life in the three cosmic planes of manifestation.
To sum up the development in the Eternal Now
of the three solar systems through which the Solar Logos
is taking the Third cosmic Initiation and thus fusing the
Logoic triad with the Logoic personality:
• In the first system the energy of cosmic manas was
brought into contact with the cosmic physical plane
through the planetary logoi who have now become the five
Kumaras. Their combined expression has a marked effect on
the fifth and third planes of the cosmic physical plane and
is synthesised on the atmic plane.
• In the second system the energy of cosmic buddhi is being
used to master the cosmic astral plane via the planetary logoi
of this system. That mastery will eventually be expressed
through the monadic plane and the human Hierarchy on all
the schemes. The expression of this system is primarily on
the fourth and second planes, with a resonant effect upon
the sixth or astral plane. The synthetic expression on the
cosmic physical plane is via the second or monadic plane.
• In the third system the energy of cosmic manas is being
used to master and condition the cosmic mental plane,
where the planetary logoi of that system will then be
polarised. That mastery will be expressed upon the cosmic
physical plane via the first and seventh subplanes. It will
result in the bringing together of the highest and the lowest,
with the subsequent rising of Logoic kundalini, to be
synthesised on the logoic plane. Thus the solar monad works
through the solar triad to bring the Will of the Cosmic
Logos (of which our Solar Logos is a constituent part) into
expression upon the physical plane of this solar system.

It will be remembered that man, at the Second

Initiation, receives energy direct from the monad—it is
this energy of Will which allows him to master once and
for all that most troublesome of bodies, the desire body.
The reason for giving out this teaching is to prepare
mankind for the planetary equivalent of this event. The
Love aspect of the solar monad will be brought into direct
relationship with our Planetary Logos polarised on the
cosmic astral plane. That energy will be stepped down in a
four-fold manner, as described above, through the ashrams
on the monadic plane and the ashrams on the buddhic
The inflow of this energy is what will result in the
liberation of vast numbers of the human kingdom from
their causal bodies on the higher mental plane, and result in
the Fourth Creative Hierarchy becoming ‘radioactive’ within
the solar system. This process will reach a culmination at
the Judgement Day in the fifth round.
Of course, as is apparent in the microcosm, man,
initiation is the result of persistent effort over long cycles
of time within the eternal now of the soul’s fixed design,
whether it be a human soul or a solar soul. Hence the value
of humanity understanding the process when it can, in its
higher reaches, be trusted to intelligently cooperate.

The symbols of the seven Creative Hierarchies now
in manifestation are all enclosed in a circle denoting
limitation and the circumscribing of the Life. All these
hierarchies are Sons of Desire, and are paramountly an
expression of the desire for manifested life of the solar
Logos. They receive their primary impulse from the
cosmic astral plane. They are also the expression of a
vibration emanating from the second row of petals in
the logoic Lotus on the cosmic mental plane.
They are, therefore, one and all an expression of His love
nature, and it is for this reason that buddhi is found
at the heart of the tiniest atom, or what we call in this
system, electric fire. For the positive central life of every
form is but an expression of cosmic buddhi, and the
downpouring of a love which has its source in the Heart
of the Solar Logos; this is itself an emanating principle
With this overview in mind we may continue by
postulating the following four statements about the fourth
Quality of deity:
• It is related to the Fourth cosmic Path, the path to
Sirius and to the Sirian Law of Freedom.
• It is a synthetic expression of the combined life of
Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity and it is related to
the coming Avatar of Synthesis.
• Being the fourth Revelation it is related to the
Fourth Ray, the Fourth Initiation, the dawning fourth
Fundamental and the fourth Law of the Soul, the Law of

• Apart from its impact upon the fourth kingdom, the
human, it will have profound effects upon the mineral
kingdom and the physical plane.

The Keynote of Freedom
May 30 2001

• The Keynote of the personality is Intelligence

• The Keynote of the soul is Love
• The Keynote of the monad is Will
• The Keynote of the triangle of monad/soul/personality is
Each keynote is hidden as a secret source within the
heart and head of the lesser system.
The heart of the personality is the emotional body
which knows itself as desire and inherently seeks love but
does not know that it IS Love. The head of the personality
is the mind, and on the plane abstract mind is the causal
body—the seat and source of the Love principle operating
in the lower three worlds.
The heart of the triad is buddhi which knows itself as
Love and seeks Will but does not yet know itself AS Will.
The ‘head’ of the triad/soul is atma where the Fifth Degree
initiates or Masters direct the work of the Hierarchy. Atma
is the seat and source of spiritual Will operating in the
three worlds of the triad.
The heart of the monad is the monadic plane which
knows itself as Will and seeks Freedom but does not yet
know itself AS Freedom. The ‘head’ of the three-fold
monadic system is on the three higher subplanes of the
logoic plane. Logos is the seat and source of the principle
of Freedom operating in the cosmic physical plane.
Freedom could be said to be the birthright of the
monad, just as Will is the birthright of the soul and Love
is the birthright of the personality. The idea of ‘birthright’
is valid because it is the greater which gives the lesser its
‘seed’ or ‘birth’. The ‘personality’ is formed as a result of
individualisation and the ahamkara principle bestowed by
the soul. Thus when a personality is confronted with its
innermost core, it discovers Love at its very source.
The soul is built around the ‘jewel in the lotus’. This
jewel is the seed or germ of sacrificial Will that comes from
the monad. Thus when a soul is confronted with its innermost
unfoldment, it finds that it is indeed nothing but Will.
At the centre of the monadic life is a vacuum, a
kind of blackhole or emptiness which is both the ‘seed’ of
Freedom as well as the gateway out of the cosmic physical
plane altogether. For those who choose the path of Earth
Service, this gateway becomes not an exit point, but an
entry point for extra-planetary energies to flow into the
Earth Scheme. It is at the Sixth Initiation that a monad
exercises its ‘free will’ in choosing a cosmic Path to follow.
Of course a monad is not ‘free’ to leave until it has
abstracted those parts of itself which have entered into
incarnation within the lower worlds. The soul must abstract
itself from the three worlds and the monad must then
abstract the essence of the soul. All monadic energies then
coalesce into their centre, and that centre is found to be
a choice, freely undertaken, to serve the purpose of the
Planetary Logos. At this monadic ‘point of choice’ a new
decision can be taken to extend the period of service or to
abstract the monadic essence to another sphere of service.
Thus Freedom forms the very core of a human
monad, and therefore the core of a human being. Under
Leo we make three great declarations4:
• I Am—the keynote of the personality.
• I Am That—the keynote of the soul.
• I Am That Am I—the keynote of the monad.
• I Am NOT—the keynote of the monadic essence—Freedom.
It is on the logoic plane ruled by the Hierarchy
of Leo, that the Ninth Initiation is taken by those who
choose to stay in Earth Service until they have mastered
the highest subplane of the cosmic physical (an undertaking
which really belongs for the majority of monads to the
third solar system). This Initiation is called the Initiation
of Refusal. What is refused here is Being itself. The monad
is ‘Be-ness’. It is the ‘I Am’ of Spirit declaring itself in
incarnation. ‘I Am Not’ is the refusal of Being in favour of
Not Being.
Of course the experience of this is far ahead of us.
We have first to experience the Beingness or “Life more
abundant”5 which lies in the willful sacrificial heart of the
soul, let alone the ‘Not Being’ which lies in the heart of the
monad. Yet conceptually it is powerful to know that that
which we seek as the source of all Life is itself a gateway to
a Death or an abstraction beyond our comprehension.
At the ninth Initiation of Refusal, the revelation presented
to the Master concerns the nature of Being and of
existence. There is naught I can say to you which could
be in any way explanatory of Being, for Being is related to
THAT which creates, to the universal point of planetary
or solar Life which is, and has ever been, responsible
for the life of all forms from the greatest manifestation
to the smallest. When that revelation is accorded to the
initiate, he for the first time receives his initial contact
with what is called in the occult and esoteric books
“the Central Spiritual Sun.” He realises for himself that
those words concern a basic fact and are related to the
purpose of the solar system, just as “the Heart of the Sun”
revealed to him the quality of the solar system. When
it is realised that our planetary purpose is mysteriously
related to the revelation of love upon our little planet,
the Earth, through the process of creation, the concept
emerges that there is the probability that our planet has
a unique relation to the Heart of the Sun.6

The Psychology of the Monad
November 7 2001
The monad must have existed by definition at the
start of the manifested universe and be present at the end.
The monad is a spark of the One Life, and as such is
both indestructible and in a certain sense, indivisible from
the One Life itself. Certainly many of the human monads
currently incarnated on our Earth had experience in the
previous solar system. Whether they also had experience in
previous universes must lie outside our study.
So to all intents and purposes the monad, in its
essential life is not separate from the universal Life. What
we think of when we consider the monad however, is
different than this. We are taught to locate the monad on
the monadic plane and see it as the ultimate source of
life for our soul and our personality incarnate on Earth.
This of course is true, but it is also a long way from the
whole truth about the monad. From the perspective of
the cosmic astral plane for example, a human monad on
the monadic plane of the cosmic physical plane has ‘fallen’
into physical incarnation. It forms part of the physical
incarnation of a Planetary Logos, of a Solar Logos and of
a Cosmic Logos.
When the monadic life is released from incarnation
it follows a ‘path of return’ via the seven cosmic Paths to
higher cosmic planes, and eventually finds it’s ‘home’ within
the identity of a Cosmic Logos on the cosmic monadic
plane. What is it then that ‘travels’ this path of monadic
return? A distinction needs to be made between the
monadic body upon the monadic plane and the monadic

‘life’ which uses that body—just as we need to make a
distinction between the soul and the causal body.
The use of the term ‘consciousness’ is correctly applied
to the soul and to the spiritual triad. When we speak of the
monad we are speaking about ‘identification’—the transfer,
expansion, translation and transformation of identity. The
monad forms a part of the ‘Life’ thread of the greater being
in which it lives rather than the ‘Consciousness’ thread.
This distinction is important. In trying to understand the
psychology of the monad therefore, we must lift our sight
from the development of the ‘Consciousness thread’—the
antahkarana—to the development of the ‘Life thread’—the
In the microcosm man, the Consciousness thread is
anchored in the soul and the Life thread in the heart. After
the Third Initiation the monadic force is able to reach (at
times) from the monad, via the spiritual triad, directly to
and through the etheric heart centre located on the second
ether. Certain ‘atoms’ of etheric matter composing the heart
centre are able to respond to the monadic Life force and
transmit this into their environment.
We must consider this process in the macrocosm if we
are to understand something of the role of the monadic life in
this vast entity. The human monad forms part of one of the
centres of a Heavenly Man. The Heavenly Man forms part of
a Grand Heavenly Man, a Solar Logos. A Solar Logos forms
part of a Cosmic Logos. It is the capacity of the monad
for ‘identification’ which will make possible the transfer of
energy from a Cosmic Logos on his own plane, the cosmic
monadic, to his heart chakra on the systemic monadic plane.
This sentence is worthy of your deep consideration.
Let me give you an example in the microcosm. An
etheric chakra is composed of three types of substance, each

of which is responsive to three different types of energy.
The outer ‘ring’ of the chakra is responsive to personality
energy, the middle ‘ring’ to soul energy and the inner ‘ring’
to monadic energy.

A Heart Chakra
Personality ring

Soul ring
Monadic ring

If we apply the same model on the cosmic planes

we can see that the ‘heart’ centre of a Cosmic Logos is
also composed of three different types of cosmic etheric
substance, responsive to three different types of energies
through three different ‘identifications’:

A Cosmic Heart Chakra

Planetary Identity

Solar Identity
Cosmic Identity

In the same way that the causal body is three-fold,

the monad also carries within it the capacity for three

different types of ‘identification’. The cosmic sutratma is
built in ‘Life’ as a result of the alignment between the
wills of three interrelated identities. In the microcosm, the
will of the monad, soul and personality are aligned. In the
macrocosm the will of the Planetary Logos, Solar Logos and
Cosmic Logos are aligned. It is this fact that is behind the
statement that the human kingdom is meant to serve as an
outpost of light within the universe. It is a cosmic light that
is referred to, and this ‘light’ will be seen when the lesser
two lights have been well established.
As you might expect, there is a relationship between
the first three subplanes of the monadic plane, the three
types of monad, and the three rings of the cosmic chakra.
Third Ray monads are particularly responsive to the
will of the Planetary Logos and were particularly active
in the first solar system and on the Moon Chain within
this scheme. We must remember that this planet is not
a sacred planet and is in fact known as a ‘divine rebel’.
This means that there is a misalignment between the will
of the Planetary Logos and that of the Solar Logos. The
Planetary Logos is taking the Second cosmic Initiation,
seeking to master his astral body and bring his activities
into alignment with the will of the soul. This misalignment
expresses itself in the struggle of purpose and direction
between what we call ‘Moon Chain egos’ and ‘Earth
humanity’. We are seeing the struggle between the Third
and Second Rays—the rays of the Earth’s personality and
soul. We are further told that the aim of our Planetary
Logos is to carry some part of the will of the Solar Logos
into physical expression, and this he is scheduled to
accomplish in the next solar system.
The Solar Logos is taking the Third cosmic Initiation.
At this Initiation the energies of the personality and the

soul are fused and a conscious rapport is established with
the monad.
The monad of the Solar Logos is the Cosmic Logos.
Therefore we might imagine a time within the third system
when the planetary will, the solar will and the Cosmic
Logoic will are all brought into alignment. What will then
be revealed?
The analogy in the microcosm is the alignment of
personality, soul and monadic will. This releases “Life
more abundant”.7 On the planet the alignment is between
Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. When the energy in
this triangle circulates we have the appearance of the ‘Saving
Force’ wielded by the Lords of Liberation. What the cosmic
equivalent to this ‘Saving Force’ is we have no idea.
In the human system, the alignment between the
‘three wills’ releases buddhi in full measure as the “Life
more abundant” through the personality. On the planetary
level, the alignment of the ‘three wills’ releases ‘cosmic
buddhi’ as the ‘Saving Force’. This is the revelation of the
fourth Quality of deity that lies behind the Qualities of
Intelligence, Love and Will already recognised. In a cosmic
sense, might the energy released be a ‘universal buddhi’
coming from galactic heavenly men which have cosmic
logoi serving as their heart chakra?

June 13 2001

The so-called soul on the mental plane is merely

the wrapping of the buddhic entity in ahamkaric matter.
The surrender of the ‘identity’ is the way in which the
mental matter is released and the soul returns into its
group identification within the ashram upon the buddhic
plane. Your separate identity is only an illusion created
by the operation of the Law of Fixation upon the mental
plane. When you allow the Law of Magnetic Control to be
more powerful it ‘pulls the soul free’ into buddhi through
bringing the lower aspect of manas upon the mental plane
into relationship with its higher aspect upon the atmic
plane. These two aspects of manas bring the intelligent
identities of two beings into relationship with each other—
that of the human unit and that of the Heavenly Man of
which he is a part. The Heavenly Man on the monadic
plane expresses his identity on the atmic, just as the human
Hierarchy on the buddhic plane expresses—or should
I say, experiences—its identity upon the mental plane.
And the human personality, centred in the astral plane,
expresses itself on the physical. In this second solar system
the alignment between the second, fourth and sixth planes
brings these three entities into direct relationship, and the
result of that relationship brings the atmic, mental and
physical planes into alignment so that the creative Plan of
the Heavenly Man is eventually expressed upon the physical
Let me give you some simple examples. In the human
personality first. A man develops the idea that he wants
to accomplish something—let’s say climb a mountain.

This idea must be something that the emotional self is
enthusiastic about, else it will never manifest. Once there
is the desire however, the physical body is put in motion
and if the desire is strong enough it will support the body
to exceed its normal capacities—both in training for the
event and also during the ascent itself. This forcing process
results in a form of ‘initiation’ for the cells within the
physical body as they have increasingly large amounts of
‘higher’ energy flowing through them. Similarly within the
triad, when the soul has a purpose, emanating from the
atmic plane, it must gather the necessary energies upon the
buddhic plane and then express them through the mental.
The process of expressing that purpose through the causal
body is what creates the burning of the causal body. That
fire generates the ‘enlightenment’ of the mind and is the
source eventually of the ‘ideas’ which the human manifests
upon the physical plane. The same process happens on
higher levels—the solar purpose is contacted upon the
logoic plane, cohered on the monadic plane and expressed
through the atmic. This expression generates the energy
which the soul experiences as purpose and then expresses
upon the mental plane. This expression generates the energy
(ideas) which the personality experiences as purpose and
endeavours to carry out upon the physical plane. Alignment
through all these planes eventually results in the solar Will
being anchored and expressed upon the physical plane on
this planet. There you have a succinct expression of the
underlying process which the Lord of the World is trying to
carry out.
If you take the process on to cosmic planes you will
see that our Solar Logos is trying to achieve the Third
Initiation, while our Planetary Logos is reaching for the
Second. We might translate this as follows: The Solar Logos

is endeavouring to fuse the energies of soul and personality
and to thereby carry the will of his soul (aligned with the
Sirian will) into expression through his personality—Agni
and the planetary schemes expressing on the cosmic mental,
astral and physical planes. At the Third Initiation this Will
energy must reach the base chakra and awaken the solar
The work of our Planetary Logos is to take the
Second cosmic Initiation. He is attempting to Master the
energies of the cosmic astral plane so that he is able to
transmit the will of his soul—the Solar Logos—without
distortion and inversion onto the cosmic physical plane.
Thus we have an alignment of three wills upon cosmic
planes—The Sirian Logos, The Solar Logos and the
Planetary Logos. These wills have their expression upon
the first three subplanes of the cosmic physical: The logoic
plane, monadic plane and atmic plane. Once these three
wills have achieved the necessary alignment and interplay,
something far greater will be revealed through their
synthetic relationship, in the same way that the human soul
is revealed through the integrated personality. This is the
cosmic revelation that will make of this planet a ‘magnetic
centre’ in the universe.

June 6 2001

At this time of the Gemini full Moon I want to give

information about the Christ and his relationship to the
Avatar of Synthesis. In this system it is the Second Ray
which is synthetic. The system must be synthesised by and
through Love, and hence the role of the World Saviour. The
Love aspect must be strengthened by the Will however, if
synthesis is to take place. Not only must he ‘love all’ but
he must draw all towards synthetic Purpose. He must lift
all unto the Father. This statement “I, if I be lifted up, will
draw all men unto Me” is one of the most significant in
the Bible, linking as it does, Love and Will.8 Consciousness
must fully permeate matter and then arise and return to
the source. Christ has therefore a role to play that is more
significant than has been realised to date. He must open
himself to the inflowing energies from the Avatar, while
at the same time externalising through the Hierarchy. His
consciousness is being liberated from the whole cosmic
physical plane, at the same time as fully externalising on the
lowest of the physical planes. In this is the true mystery of
the ‘highest and the lowest’ and the ‘last shall be first and
the first last’. True mastery of a cosmic plane means that
all matter on that plane must be permeated. I have said
elsewhere that there are several types of initiation. Relative
mastery of a plane is established when the consciousness
is shifted from the lower four subplanes to a higher three.
Initiation is taken then on the third subplane when two-
thirds of the matter of the plane has been mastered. Two-
thirds is the ratio which symbolises the mastery of the
Second Aspect over the Third. This is why a Master is one
who has taken the Fifth Initiation and is functioning upon
the atmic plane.

There is another type of initiation however, which
marks the mastery of a whole plane. This requires that ALL
the matter of the subplanes is mastered. Herein lies the
difference between ‘freedom from a plane’ and ‘mastery of
a plane’. The first type of mastery, which involves freedom
is obtained by the consciousness struggling to liberate
itself. Once liberated however, under the very principle
of achieved freedom, the entity may choose to remain
‘confined’ within the ring-pass-not through which it has just
broken, until ALL the matter within that sphere has been
mastered. It is such a decision which gives our Planetary
Logos the appellation “the Great Sacrifice”.9
The human Hierarchy is the Fourth, and is to be found
functioning upon the buddhic plane. The initiations of the
threshold are primarily about ‘freeing’ the consciousness
of this Hierarchy from its misidentification with the lower
planes and states of matter. At the First Initiation the
consciousness is freed from identification with form, at the
Second from the emotions, and the Third from the mind.
This re-centres the identity on the buddhic plane and results
in relative mastery of the lower planes—ie. the mastery that
results from the liberation of the consciousness.
The clue to the seventh initiation which lies ahead for
such high Beings as the Christ would be of no service to
you at all. The clue to the initiation of the Transfiguration
can be of importance, as it involves the personality, and
many of you in the not so distant future (from the
angle of the aeonial life cycle of the soul) will face that.
The secret of the third initiation is the demonstration
of complete freedom from the claims and demands of
the personality. It does not involve the achievement of
a completely perfect expression of the spiritual life, but
it does indicate that the service of the initiate and his
life demonstration—regarded in a broad and general
way, from the angle of the life-tendency and of entire
dedication to humanity—remains untouched by the
limitations, still existent, of the personal lower self.10
There is still unredeemed matter in the lower bodies
however. This matter is redeemed sequentially. Once the
human Hierarchy is able to stabilise its consciousness on
the atmic plane, the result is mastery of the unredeemed
matter on the mental plane. The reabsorption of
consciousness into the identity upon the monadic plane
(note the wording) results in Mastery of the astral plane;
and finally, the shattering of the monadic identity that
occurs when the energy of the logoic plane is brought
into play, allows for the Mastery of the physical plane
resulting in the ‘burning up of dense matter’. The nuclear
explosions were a small example of this energy, released
through fission. Fusion is the release of this energy through
a Second Ray process and a ‘sun’ is an example of this
process in full expression.
The reappearance of the Christ upon the physical
plane therefore (using the vestures of the Buddha) is
the result of events upon the logoic plane of the cosmic
physical. The Avatar of Synthesis is a being who has
achieved Mastery over ALL the subplanes of the cosmic
physical plane. It is the merging of his radiation with that
of the Christ which will enable this event to take place. It
must be done through the Christ, as in this second solar
system the monadic plane is the high point of achievement,
just as in the last the atmic plane represented the high
point, and in the next solar system the radiation from the
logoic plane will permeate the whole of the cosmic physical
plane without being stepped down through the energies of
the monadic plane.
Our modern civilisation today (under the hammer of
the destroyer aspect) is being changed; old things are
passing away, having served their purpose. The new thing
is not yet noted or appreciated, though already present.
The work of preparation for the planting of the germ or
seed of the divine will on Earth is nearly over; when the
Hierarchy is externalised, and men as a whole recognise
the position on Earth of the Christ and of His church
“invisible” (the union of all souls made perfect, which is
a true description of the Hierarchy), then—in a manner
unforeseen by humanity—Shamballa will assume control,
and from the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara will
issue forth the Sower of the seed; He will sow it within
the ground prepared by humanity, and thus the future is
assured, not for the planetary Logos alone, but for that
greater Whole in which our planet plays its little part.
That moment lies ahead in the civilisation which shall
be, and in the next great race which will emerge out of
all our modern races and nations, the sowing will take
place. The next race will be a fusion of the whole, and
a world-wide recognition of the One Humanity is an
essential prerequisite of the sowing. It is the creation
of this universal recognition which will be one of the
major tasks of the reappearing Christ and His attendant
Hierarchy. When the “little wills of men” are beginning
to respond on a measurably large scale to the greater Will
of the divine Life, then the major task of Shamballa will
become possible…11

But in the last analysis, human progress is purely relative

and incidental. The factor of supreme importance is
the ability of the planetary Logos to carry out His
primary intention and bring His “project” to a sound

consummation, thus fulfilling the task given to Him by
His great superior, the Solar Logos.
The eighth and the ninth initiations (of which neither
you nor I can know practically anything) relate to the
initiations of those methods and techniques whereby
the “seed of will,” which will later flower into the third
solar system, can be nurtured and fostered and its growth
promoted. This nurturing and fostering will be the task
of a group of Masters (to be developed in the next
major race) Who, at the Initiation of Decision, the sixth
initiation, will dedicate Themselves, as a group, to the
Path of Earth Service. They will specifically and with full
enlightenment pledge Themselves to the promotion of
Sanat Kumara’s project. With this our present group of
Masters are not specifically concerned; Their task is the
application of the evolutionary process with a view to
the preparation of the field of the world for the future
divine sowing.12

August 22 2001

For the soul to work through a lower centre it must

have no attachments to the energies of the centre or the
plane that the centre is accessing. This is related to the
doctrine of avatars. An avatar has nothing to learn from
the environment in which he makes his appearance. Nor
is he manifesting under karmic obligation. There is naught
in him that resonates or ‘relates’ to the environment in
which he finds himself. There is no RELATIONSHIP
in the sense of an ‘interplay’. An avatar is merely the
embodiment of a principle. He can only appear when a
system has reached the stage where it is ready to respond
to the principle which he is embodying. The system
slowly learns to relate to the principle through being
unable to relate to he who embodies that principle! It is
like a strange new inert metal appearing. Scientists try
everything they can to test the properties of this metal.
Chemical reactions, intense heat, pressure. Finally they put
it to the test of the ultimate power they know—a nuclear
explosion—and still not a scratch. And right here, where
the scientists give up, the new metal, as an avatar, begins
to reveal something. Just by its appearance it has opened a
crack of not-knowing in the consciousness of the scientists.
They become intensely aware of the presence of mystery,
of properties heretofore unknown to them, of possibilities
unimagined. This is the function of an avatar—not to
teach through engagement, through learning the language
of the local system or trying in any way to influence that
system. Merely to become present in one system while
embodying a principle which transcends those which are
currently operating within the system of appearance. An
inert catalyst.

An avatar from Capricorn makes his appearance
once in every scheme—in the third round in the third
chain—and will remain until the fifth round in this the
fourth chain. An avatar from Sirius appears at the initiation
of a Solar Logos. The only thing an avatar could be said
to be ‘learning’ from his mission is the capacity to ‘sustain
at a distance’. An example would be of a person in a city
listening for a bell ringing in the central cathedral. The
further away from the city centre he is, the more he must
strain to catch the notes. The more he must endeavour to
tune out and be unaffected by the local noise occurring
in the suburb in which he finds himself. Sirius is like the
bell in the central cathedral and the avatar is in the suburb
of the local system. Thus there are three distinct forms of
• The Third Aspect teaching is by those who work with
you and are perhaps a little further along the path. They are
able to relate directly, almost horizontally, in that they have
recently experienced the challenges which you face and are
able to give direct practical assistance. This is summed up
by the word Intelligence and corresponds to the personality.
• The Second Aspect teaching is illustrated in the concept
of a boddhisattva: A liberated being choosing to limit
himself for the sake of lesser unliberated lives. This is a
more vertical relationship and one that occurs primarily
in consciousness and may have no outer personality form.
However it is a ‘personal’ relationship in that the helping
of the lesser lives is the ‘primary’ focus and motivation of
the sacrificing consciousness. It is the Christ principle and
summed up by the word Love and corresponds to the soul.
• The First Aspect teaching has little to do with
relationship at all and for this reason leads out of the realm
of consciousness into ‘Life’ itself. There is no intended effect
of one consciousness upon another (or others). The purpose
is not ‘relational’ and therefore the teaching occurs as a
by-product of the interaction rather than as an intended
outcome. The ‘teacher’ is focusing all his attention upon a
principle and the only way for others to relate to him is for
them to begin to relate to that principle too. This is not
really a relationship however but ‘identification’, the sharing
in the Life of a principle. This type of teaching is ‘avataric’,
is summed up by the word Purpose and corresponds to the
This latter teaching is, in effect, the refusal to relate
to anything within a system. It is the aspect of the Will
which leads to abstraction. The planets Pluto, Vulcan and
Earth all manifest a different aspect of the Will. Pluto has
a First Ray personality which leads to the destruction of
that which limits form expression. Vulcan has a First Ray
soul which leads to the destruction of that which limits the
expression of consciousness (leading to the destruction of
the causal body). Earth has a First Ray monad which leads
to the destruction of all that limits ‘Life’ expression (leading
perhaps to the destruction of the atmic body) and the
liberation of the monad onto the cosmic paths. In this way
Pluto relates to the Second Initiation, Vulcan to the Fourth
and Earth to the Sixth. Their combined influence may be
required to take the Ninth Initiation, ‘the Refusal’.
This line of thought may help to understand the
placement of the Earth in the astrological chart as the
monadic point in opposition to the Sun. In addition, if
Earth is to form the germ of Will for the next solar system,
its monadic influence upon the incarnating lives of other
schemes must be carefully considered. As the personality
when balanced reveals the soul, and the spiritual triad
reveals the monad, what will the synthesis of the three
higher planes reveal? What new revelation of deity will
appear as the central eye in the triangle of Vulcan, Earth
and Pluto? What is the Freedom which willful focus upon
Purpose eventually brings?

The Seventh Purpose of Deity
March 6 2002
The Seventh Purpose and Light Supernal
The Seventh Purpose of Deity—the manifestation of the
Will on the physical plane through the conditioning
rhythmic impact of the Plan. I have said that we are at a
unique time in the history of the Fifth Rootrace. This is
the seventh time that the energy of the Seventh Ray has
coincided with the energy of Aquarius, making possible
the breaking forth of Light Supernal upon the physical
plane. Light Supernal is the blended light of the seven Rays
coming together through the agency of the Seventh Ray.
The origin of Light Supernal is the atmic plane and this is
because it is on the atmic plane where the energies of the
First, Second and Third Aspects blend creatively to produce
the Plan.
The Plan is the most efficient combination in time
and space of the first three Aspects of deity. It is in effect,
as much of the Purpose of deity as can be lovingly and
intelligently carried out in any cycle. At the completion
of a cycle the Plan is reviewed and accelerated or slowed
according to the progress made on the lower five planes.
Atma then is the ‘manifesting purpose’ of deity as distinct
from the ‘abstracting purpose’, and this is expressed in the
Third Ray formula—“PURPOSE ITSELF AM I”.13 Atma
‘embodies’ Purpose through identification and then applies
that Purpose through the rhythmic application of energy in
the five worlds. When this Purpose, embodied by the Third
Ray is able to be carried out upon the seventh plane, then
‘Light Supernal’ is known upon Earth. Aquarius is the ruler
of the seventh plane and thus when the Seventh Ray and

Aquarius combine, a double potency is created which is
focused on the lowest of the seven planes.
If we examine this process upon cosmic levels, we
find that cosmic atma is endeavouring to express upon the
cosmic physical plane. This energy is stepped down via the
sacrifice petals of the Solar Logoic lotus, transmitted via
the sacrifice petals of the Planetary Logos and enters the
cosmic physical plane via Shamballa, the head centre of our
planet. This ‘conditioned’ cosmic Will is then passed from
the Chohans to the Masters whose job it is to formulate
the Plan—incorporating as much of that Will as is possible
considering the state of evolution on the planet.
The Solar Logos is preparing for the Third cosmic
Initiation and so he is able to express a significant amount
of cosmic Will via the sacrifice petals. This will reach
full power in the next solar system where that initiation
will take place and the Will of the solar triad will be
perfectly expressed throughout his system, completing his
‘masterpiece’. In this second system, cosmic buddhi flowing
through the logoic love petals is paramount. Nevertheless,
the Masters are being trained to respond to the cycles of
Will in order to more fully express the Love nature of the
Logos. Such a cycle is currently upon us.
The Shamballic Impact has enabled Hierarchy to
use the energy of the Will to clear the way for Love. This
Love will be expressed upon the physical plane as the
externalisation of the Hierarchy. This externalisation will
then allow for the Plan to be made manifest through the
structures of human society. In this system, Love forms
an essential part of the Plan—in fact we could say that
the Plan is Love—the expression of cosmic buddhi via
the love petals of the Logos, stepped down through the
astral body of our Planetary Logos (as he takes the Second

cosmic Initiation), stepped down through the planetary
Hierarchy upon the triadal planes and expressed—
either by overshadowing disciples or by taking physical
The keynote then of the current cycle for all disciples
and initiates seeking to cooperate with the Plan is this
‘sacrifice for love’. The Will aspect must be contacted
and expressed, but it must be expressed in such a way
that it serves the dominant note of the cycle—Love. This
Love is not a sentiment but the experience and expression
of an intelligent coherent brotherhood resulting in the
externalisation of the ashrams—those centres where the
archetypal relationship between souls is held by the Fifth
Degree initiates whose job it is to implement the Plan. Thus
the Seventh Ray and Aquarius together inaugurate the age
of the ‘externalised ashram’. At the centre of the ashram, it
is the Master who distributes ‘Light Supernal’.
The Moon is the hierarchical ruler of Aquarius and
we should consider the Moon as veiling Vulcan, Neptune
and Uranus. When the Moon veils Vulcan, the emphasis is
upon the lowest three subplanes of the physical plane, either
systemically or cosmically considered. The lunar elemental
lives must be ‘beaten into shape’ on the anvil of the
blacksmith. When the Moon veils Neptune, the emphasis
is upon the middle three subplanes. This is the triad when
considering the cosmic physical plane and the lowest two
ethers and the gaseous subplane when considering the
physical plane. Neptune veils the mystery of Makara and
brings in the relationship with Cancer, the Fifth Hierarchy
on the verge of liberation. Through Cancer the Third and
Seventh Ray energies are related. What they lack is the First
Ray which is added in Capricorn. This First Ray energy
of ‘abstracting purpose’ is brought into the five worlds via

Venus, the Fifth Ray and the causal bodies upon the fifth
plane, the mental.
When the Moon veils Uranus, the emphasis is upon
the higher three subplanes, the first three ethers. Here
the electrical energies of the Will are passed through the
etheric body and provide a storehouse of energy, a reservoir
which can be used gradually to condition the lives in the
lower five subplanes. If we apply this to the whole cosmic
physical plane we have Shamballa using the energy of
Uranus to create a storehouse of Light Supernal upon the
atmic plane. Hierarchy, utilising the redemptive energies
of Neptune, take this Light Supernal and step it down
through the ashrams upon the buddhic plane to the causal
bodies of disciples and initiates in physical incarnation.
These manifested Hierarchical workers must use Vulcan to
shape life in the three worlds according to the Plan that is
registered in their consciousness.

March 19 2003
The Seventh Purpose of Sanat Kumara

The final phase of the divine purpose is the most difficult

of all to indicate, and when I say indicate I mean exactly
that, and nothing more definite and clear. Does it mean
anything to you when I say that the ceremonial ritual of
the daily life of Sanat Kumara, implemented by music and
sound and carried on the waves of colour which break
upon the shores of the three worlds of human evolution,
reveal—in the clearest notes and tones and shades—the
deepest secret behind His purpose? It scarcely makes sense
to you and is dismissed as a piece of symbolic writing
used by me in order to convey the unconveyable. Yet I
am not here writing in symbols, but am making an exact
statement of fact. As beauty in any of its greater forms
breaks upon the human consciousness, a dim sense is
thereby conveyed of the ritual of Sanat Kumara’s daily
living. More I cannot say.14
We are so used to viewing divinity as something that
pertains to the higher planes of the solar system. We have charts
that show the ‘higher planes’ of the triad and of the monad.
We know that the three worlds of human evolution
are not a ‘principle’, and lie beneath the consciousness of
deity. In the Sixth Ray age our striving was to break our
consciousness free of the lower planes—to release ourselves
from identification with form so that we could ‘remember
ourselves’ as soul or pure consciousness. In the Seventh Ray
age the soul begins to notice the spirituality of matter, the
divinity of form—finding the deepest secret of the purpose
of Sanat Kumara hidden in the last place that we might
expect to find it, the body of his manifestation.
The Planetary Logos is taking the Second cosmic
Initiation while the Solar Logos is taking the Third. The
council chamber at Shamballa is the place where the Will of
the Solar Logos is imposed upon the will of the Planetary
Logos and we know that Sanat Kumara is a disciple of
the Solar Logos whose work it is to anchor a ‘seed of
solar Will’ in this second solar system which will form the
nucleus of the Third or Will system.
When a human being takes the Third Initiation,
the kundalini energy at the base of the spine is awakened
through the spiritual will which flows from the monad
through the atmic level of the triad, the inner petals of
the lotus and from thence to the etheric body, through the
crown chakra directly to the base.
Some clue as to the role of the planetary scheme
within the solar scheme may be thought through here,
and when it is realised that the first plane of our system is
the distributing point for the seventh plane of the cosmic
system, some touch of Light Supernal may come.
One of the difficulties that the Hierarchy has
in planning the externalisation is the lack of ability
to react to life in the three worlds. No part of their
nature responds to the flow of forces within the three
worlds, so they must necessarily work through disciples
who do have responsiveness to these forces but are also
responsive to the energies pouring in though the triad,
where Hierarchy works. These Hierarchical energies are
flowing into the abstract mental plane of humanity and
are gradually beginning to control the concrete mental
plane as well. It is this battle upon the fifth plane of
mind that reached its peak in this fifth subrace of the
Fifth Rootrace and is a forerunner of the Judgement day
in the fifth round.

This inflow of planetary triadal energies is ‘changing
the mind’ of the dominant personality of the human race
by reorienting the mind to the reality of spiritual energies
and principles. In order for this mind change to be effective
in changing the behaviour of humanity however, the
energies from the causal bodies of disciples must be able to
reach down through the concrete mental, the astral and the
etheric bodies without distortion.
This takes place through the process of the First,
Second and Third Initiations, and it with this aim in mind
that the schools of initiation are being established.
We know that when the age of Aquarius coincides
with the Seventh Ray cycle then a peculiar event can
happen—Light Supernal is known on the physical plane.
We are at the beginning of the seventh such coincidence
in the Fifth Rootrace. Aquarius brings in the Fifth Ray
and thus allows for the expression of the energies of the
fifth plane upon the seventh through the Seventh Ray. The
thoughtform created by men upon the mental plane will be
precipitated upon the physical plane. This is why it is so
important that the soul controls the mental plane. It was
during the Second World War that this battle was fought
and we know that the decision to fight it upon the physical
plane meant that it became inevitable for the Christ to
manifest in physical form. Why is this so?
When we ‘act out’ our inner thought-life, either for
good or ill, a channel of connection is made between the
mental and etheric planes. This channel is then controlled
by the forces of light (the soul) or the forces of materiality
(the uninfused personality controlled by lower desires and
survival fears).
If a man has a soul-inspired thought to donate money
to a cause and carries that into action, the result is soul

energy directed onto the physical plane. If a man has a
fear-inspired thought to steal from others and carries it out,
the result is the increased control of the physical plane by
the unredeemed personality. In both cases the ‘split’ between
mind and action is overcome, but with different results.
On the planet at the moment, the mind of humanity is
increasingly inspired, while the hand of humanity is still
‘clutching the wallet’ due to the patterns long established
through personality control.
The Fifth Ray is the ray of esoteric psychology, and
the last one hundred years have seen great leaps forward in
man’s capacity to ‘see’ into his lower nature. This ‘seeing’
creates the channel for soul energy to flow into and
redeem the form. If we could but see it, the reappearance
of the Christ is a great act of divine esoteric psychology
undertaken by the Lord of the World under the impress of
the Planetary Logos and in turn the Solar Logos.
Sending the ‘son’ into matter to be crucified by the world
is a symbol of sending the light of the soul into our own lower
nature. We send in light, which is at first rejected by the forces
in the lower nature which are driven by fear and desire. The
entry into matter by the soul results in ‘information’—the soul
learns through the process of its crucifixion what the core issue
is in the lower nature. By ‘seeing’ into it the soul understands
the problem more fully. Once this understanding occurs, the
soul connects more deeply with the monad, the source of Will,
and then drives forward into matter again. Christ returns to
Earth, coming this time with a sword.
In order for this Will to reach all the way into the
etheric/physical plane however, the Seventh Ray is needed.
This is the ray of rhythm, bringing down Vulcan’s hammer
again and again, slowly beating the matter into the shape of
the archetype of Spirit.

The mind can change instantly under Uranus. The
patterns of behaviour established over long periods of time
by mankind under the influence of an uninfused personality
must be changed through rhythm, a rhythm aligned with
divine Purpose. It is the work of disciples and initiates,
under the inspiration of Hierarchy, to align with this
rhythm in their own lives and to thereby establish it in the
The Seventh Ray is synthetic, as are the First and
the Second. Synthesis is the power to bring all things into
relationship with each other. On any Sunday—a First
Ray day—one man goes to church, another gets drunk
in front of the television, another climbs a mountain.
All are ‘abstracting to Spirit’ in the way in which their
consciousness responds to it. Their behaviours may be very
different, but there is something synthetic in the underlying
impulse. It is this deep purpose that is hidden in the
rhythms and cycles of the Purpose of deity as he shapes our
world with his pattern of impression.
It is said that on the Sun, the White Lodge and
Black Lodge are seen as one. The Solar Logos holds all of
the lives within his system in consciousness of his Second
Ray embrace. The Planetary Logos has taken on the task
of redemption of the lives that make up his form, the
planet. To do this he sends his son, the representative of
solar Love, over and over again rhythmically into matter, to
be rejected over and over again until, at last the lives still
identified with matter call him forth to stay and bring the
great Revelation of solar Purpose onto the physical plane.
Then Light Supernal is known on Earth.

The Human Kingdom as a Station of Light
July 17 2002

The objectives can (for our purposes) be stated as four

in number, but each of these is capable of re-expression
in a number of ways. They simply indicate the four
major goals which the Workers with the Plan have set
Themselves. Let us state them succinctly, and later we
can somewhat elaborate them: —
1. The first aim and the primary aim is to establish,
through the medium of humanity, an outpost of the
Consciousness of God in the solar system. This is a
correspondence, macrocosmically understood, of the
relationship existing between a Master and His group
of disciples. This, if pondered on, may serve as a clue
to the significance of our planetary work.
2. To found upon earth (as has already been indicated)
a powerhouse of such potency and a focal point of such
energy that humanity—as a whole—can be a factor in
the solar system, bringing about changes and events
of a unique nature in the planetary life and lives (and
therefore in the system itself ) and inducing an interstellar
3. To develop a station of light, through the medium of
the fourth kingdom in nature, which will serve not only
the planet, and not only our particular solar system, but
the seven systems of which ours is one. This question
of light, bound up as it is with the colours of the seven
rays, is as yet an embryo science, and it would be useless
for us to enlarge upon it here.

4. To set up a magnetic centre in the universe, in which
the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls will,
united or at-oned, be the point of most intense power,
and which will serve the developed Lives within the
radius of the radiance of the One About Whom Naught
May Be Said.15
To understand this further, we need to consider
that the human Hierarchy is the Fourth and has its
‘home’ or point of expression upon the buddhic plane or
fourth cosmic ether. The fourth cosmic ether is the plane
whereon interchange and integration occurs between the
solar systemic etheric body and the physical. In order to
understand this we need to look at the microcosm, man.
There is a time in the development where the ‘intention’
that is held within the soul must be carried out by the
man in incarnation. Leading up to the Third Initiation, the
thinker in the causal body brings in the energy of atma via
the sacrifice petals of the lotus and sends this energy through
the crown chakra to awaken the kundalini fires in the
base. The soul must now control every aspect of incarnated
existence, and the final obstacle to be overcome are those
forces of resistance that lie deep within the survival instincts
of the body itself. The will to live as a soul must overcome
the will to survive as a separated physical being. This is
why the Third Degree initiate is called the “Conquerer of
death”16 To so conquer, the energies of the first subplane of
the mental plane, augmented with atmic energy (the creative
aspect of the monadic life), must be brought into full play.
The result in the life of the man is the expression of that
quality which we call ‘sacrifice’.
Now extend the development of the microcosm to
the macrocosm. We know that the Solar Logos is preparing
to take the Third cosmic Initiation. His causal body is
working in first subplane cosmic mental matter. This energy
is being directed to the base chakra of his system which is
to be found in matter of the fourth cosmic ether or on the
buddhic plane. We might consider the Fourth Hierarchy of
humans as ‘units of kundalini’ within the solar systemic life.
Their role is to stimulate the fires in the systemic physical
body until a point in evolution is reached when these
fires can be lifted higher and thus begin burning through
the webs in order to liberate the indwelling Life from
the form. Human causal bodies are mechanisms whereby
the kundalini fire of the system maybe directed into the
physical body. Once that fire is withdrawn they become
unnecessary and are discarded as the Fourth Hierarchy shifts
its attention into the cosmic etheric body. The signal for the
release of units of kundalini into the cosmic etheric, is the
impact of energy that runs from the crown chakra to the
base carrying solar Will.
On this planet we would call this process a
‘Shamballic Impact’. In the year 2000 we had such an
‘impact’, followed by the year of Decision in 2001. The
result of these two events within our planetary life has
had significance within the solar system as a whole.
Incarnated humans tend to view all activities from their
own perspective. It may help to try and glimpse somewhat
the larger view. From the point of view of units of
consciousness within the solar ring-pass-not, the ‘units of
solar kundalini’ released from the Earth Scheme at such
times provide a stimulating and energising effect. This
energising effect is purifying to the lives on other schemes
as it tests and refines their alignment to solar Purpose.
Just as, within Shamballa there are two groups who work
together—the Registrants of Purpose and the Custodians of
the Will—so within the solar life the same duality exists.

The release of agents of ‘solar Will’ from Earth is strictly
supervised by the Custodians of Will within the ‘solar
Shamballa’ as they work with the Registrants of Purpose.
Thus from the point of view of the solar system,
the experiment with group initiation on Earth during
the Aquarian Age is a mechanism whereby units of solar
kundalini can be released to energise the solar life more
rapidly and powerfully than before. That this process of
‘solar fusion’ has effect upon the human civilisation that
exists in the three worlds upon Earth is undeniable. This
effect is barely registered however within the solar Hierarchy,
just as a Master is barely aware of events in the personality
world of a disciple’s life. All that a Master needs to know
can be deduced from the radiation of the disciple’s causal
Earth will become a ‘powerhouse’ within the solar
systemic life as the units of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy
of human souls are released more rapidly and in greater
numbers. Their radiation will eventually energise the whole
system as the Solar Logos takes the Third cosmic Initiation.
A similar effect can be looked for at this time, and
the Hierarchy is preparing itself for the taking over of
much of an extra-planetary nature owing to the almost
immediate availability of comparatively large numbers
of the sons of man.17
To follow this analogy of humans as ‘units of
kundalini’ is might be useful to consider the role of the
agnichaitans within the human system. The fires of Agni
operate upon all the planes, and within the three worlds
we consider the agnichaitans to operate upon the systemic
physical. From the cosmic perspective however, we might
consider the human Hierarchy as a particular branch of

cosmic agnichaitans who operate upon the cosmic physical
plane. Just as it is dangerous for humans to work too
closely with the agnichaitans before a certain point of
evolution, it is dangerous for the solar consciousness to
work too closely with humans! A human being is a ‘fire’
and a fire with ‘free will’. The solar consciousness must
disidentify from his system completely in order to master
and direct the human fires who live in the base chakra of
his system.
All this is tied in with Lucifer, the Path of Earth
Service and the coming of the Dragon energy in the second
round. The unique quality of Earth Service is ‘sacrifice’—the
giving up of conscious life in the higher spheres in order to
take up station in the lowest. From one perspective this can
be seen as ‘rebellion’—from another it is seen as a powerful
act of love. Only those who know beyond doubt that Spirit
is invincible and will eventually triumph, can take the
decision to exile themselves in deepest Matter.
It can be useful to give your best teacher to the class
of delinquent students. The teacher will have to draw upon
great reserves of patience and trust. He will need to be
resourceful and have a strong will. And he will need endless
compassion. His reward may be seeing some of the most
rebellious students begin to harness their energy on the side
of evolution and begin to make a significant contribution
to the wider society in which they live. We have such a
Teacher. He is the Lord of Earth and he is a direct disciple
of the Solar Logos.

The Externalisaton Process
August 7 2002

The theme today is that of the externalisation process.

The current press forward of the inner ashrams on to the
outer plane has a peculiar focus on the Seventh Ray. This is
not only because this is the ray which will be conditioning
the next two thousand years, but it is also because this ray
has a particular connection to the First Initiation which
humanity is undergoing, and also to the integration of the
etheric and the physical body with the result being the
control of the latter by the former. Let us take each of these
three points:

The Seventh Ray Age

We will not speak of the obvious changes in
emphasis that are heralded by the change from the Sixth
to the Seventh Ray Age except to emphasise again the
change in direction of spiritual focus from abstraction
to manifestation. In the Sixth Ray Age it was necessary
for the energy of abstraction to work both for humanity
to strengthen its connection with Hierarchy and for the
Hierarchy in their turn to strengthen their connection with
Shamballa. Now the tide of spiritual life has turned and a
great outpouring of the Will and Purpose of God is flowing
through the ashrams and out through advanced humanity
into the three worlds. The result of this outflow will be the
externalisation of the Hierarchy and the governance of the
Third Aspect or the personality of the planet by the Second
Aspect, the soul or the Hierarchy, in accordance with the
Will of the Planetary Logos held in Shamballa. These are
now familiar concepts and yet they are so far-reaching that
they will change almost every aspect of life on the planet
over the next two thousand years. Not all of these changes
concern humanity directly. There will, for instance, be a
major impact upon the mineral kingdom and the etheric
levels of the physical plane. Matter on all planes will
become increasingly ‘radioactive’, or to put it more simply,
matter will begin to transmit more potently the spiritual
aspect and in particular the Will, because of the direct
relationship between the First and the Seventh Rays.
With respect to the externalisation of the Ashrams,
this connection between the Seventh and First Rays is again
apparent in the connection between the coming Seventh
Ray Avatar and the Avatar of Synthesis. It is the Seventh
Ray Avatar that will bring the energy of synthesis onto the
physical plane itself, resulting in the externalisation again
of the Mystery schools. The peculiar aspect of electrical
stimulation which is necessary for initiation can once again
be applied on the outer plane.
Next century, when the seventh ray has achieved complete
manifestation and the Piscean influence is entirely
removed, the seventh ray Avatar will appear. His work
will demonstrate the law, order and rhythm of the creative
process as it works out on the physical plane, blending
spirit and matter. And as this ray is called the Ray of
Ceremonial Order or Ritual, He will be largely instrumental
in producing those conditions which will permit of the
reappearance upon Earth of the Mysteries of Initiation,
of which the Hierarchy is the custodian. He is necessarily
connected with the Great White Lodge on Sirius.18
Secondly, I referred earlier to the work of the seventh
ray in connection with the phenomena of electricity,
through which the solar system is coordinated and

vitalised. There is an aspect of electrical phenomena
which produces cohesion, just as there is an aspect
which produces light. This has not yet been recognised.
It is stated in The Secret Doctrine of H.P.B., and in A
Treatise on Cosmic Fire, that the electricity of the solar
system is threefold: there is fire by friction, solar fire,
and electric fire—the fire of body, of soul and of spirit.
Fire by friction is coming to be somewhat understood
by the scientists of the world, and we are harnessing to
our needs the fire which heats, which gives light, and
which produces motion. This is in the physical sense of
the words. One of the imminent discoveries will be the
integrating power of electricity as it produces the cohesion
within all forms and sustains all form life during the
cycle of manifested existence.19
What we might term the ‘fire of synthesis’ originates
from the Avatar of Synthesis, and its result is the cohesive
relationship of the three Rays of synthesis into One
expression. Thus the energy of Shamballa (First Ray) and
Hierarchy (Second Ray) are fused and expressed upon the
physical/etheric plane (Seventh Ray). It is this electrical
phenomena which will allow initiation to be registered
in the consciousness of human beings through the
direct stimulation of the brain via the etheric body. This
relationship is worth thinking through.

The Taking of the First Initiation by Humanity

At the First Initiation the Seventh Ray is active in the
shifting of the sacral energies to the throat chakra. I would
like to point out a direct correspondence that has not had
enough emphasis placed upon it—this is the transfer of the
financial wealth of the world into the control of the Masters

of the Hierarchy. Strictly speaking a Master who has taken
the Fifth Degree but not yet the Sixth, is a part of the
throat chakra of the planet. He has Mastered the lower five
planes and is creatively expressing the Third Aspect of the
monadic life. (We also refer to Third Degree initiates as the
throat chakra as they are expressing the First Aspect of the
personality life.)
The bulk of humanity are polarised upon the astral
plane and the energy of money (actually concretised prana)
is controlled by the desire body of humanity. The gathering
of money into the control of advanced humanity who are
polarised upon the mental plane, and the eventual offering
of it up into the direct control of the Masters who work
through the triad, is the next step immediately ahead for
the race. In order for this to happen, the antahkarana
must be strongly built between advanced humanity and the
ashrams upon the buddhic plane.
Within the human body the analogy is the gathering
of sacral energy into the solar plexus before the raising of it
via the heart to the throat chakra where the light of matter
and the light of manas meet and blend. The Seventh Ray
is necessary for this process and if we could but see it,
this process is well under way on the planet. The financial
resources are gathering into fewer and fewer hands. Those
who hold the resources are dominant personalities who are
in the process of being ‘solarised’ just as the lower solar
plexus centre must be solarised via the awakening point and
the heart. The ‘awakened point’ within the life of humanity
are those personalities who have stabilised soul contact and
are thus able to intelligently present the next step forward.
They are somewhat group conscious through contact with the
heart—Hierarchy—and are sounding the note of humanitarian
‘love’. In order to ‘break’ the energies of the lower point

‘free’ however, the energy of the Will from the soul must be
invoked. In Meditation Two the willing sacrifice of the soul
is called forth to descend into the solar plexus and lift the
energies up to the heart and from thence to the crown.
The recent Shamballa Impact and the incident in New
York last year are expressions of this process happening in
humanity. If humanity as a whole handles these energies
with wisdom the result will be a great upliftment of the
consciousness (followed by the money) of advanced humanity
towards Hierarchy and eventually towards Shamballa.
The danger with Will impacts is always the potential
for an increase in fear and therefore a consolidation and
crystallisation of the separative energies of the personality.
The antidote is ‘love’. Hierarchy are now waiting to see the
results of this impact. Is there enough ‘love’ within the body
of humanity to result in an ‘opening up’ of the powerful
personalities of the race towards the heart—Hierarchy—or
will a period of personality retrenchment result, necessitating
another rhythmic application of the Will to break up the
The outcome can be aided by those disciples in
incarnation working with the energy of conscious love to
bridge towards those who hold the world’s wealth. The
connecting of the demand with the supply through inner
meditative practices and the intelligent outer presentation
of the need to those in a position to do something to
relieve it, are essential pieces of service work for all those
seeking to bring forth the energy of synthesis at this time.
The Second Ray ashram is everywhere being complemented
by the Seventh Ray in the process of externalising. This
Seventh Ray calls forth the energy of the First Ray, through
the educational and healing energies of the Second, onto
the physical plane. Humanity must demonstrate ‘love in

action’ and thus make way for the rebirth of the Christ
energy in the heart of the human kingdom.

The Linking of the Physical and Etheric Bodies

In a planetary sense this process involves the linking
of the ashrams on the buddhic plane, being the fourth
ether, with the groups of causal bodies on the higher
mental plane representing the ‘points of inflow’ into the
three worlds. The Aquarian energies aid in the conscious
coming together of souls into causal groups to facilitate
this process. The result will be the control of the physical
body of the Logos (the three worlds) by his etheric body.
If that etheric body is able to transmit the Will of the
Logos from his causal body upon the cosmic mental plane,
the result will be the demonstration of the Will of God in
The equivalent in the human system can be seen in
the fact that it is possible for a human to take the First and
Second initiations without consciously registering the fact
within his physical brain. At the Third Initiation however,
the energy of the soul is so fused with the personality that
whatever transpires within the consciousness is ‘registered’
by the brain. This is a result of atma flowing through the
sacrifice petals of the soul into the etheric body, with the
resulting stimulation of the kundalini fires in the base and
the rising of energy from the lower chakras to the higher.
The ‘light in the head’ which is formed by the overlapping
of the three head centres has a radiatory effect upon the
physical cells of the brain. This happens via the ‘vital airs’
within the head. These vital airs are analogous to the groups
of causal bodies on the mental plane which bring the triple
light of synthesis (Light Supernal) into the three worlds via
the advanced minds of humanity.
The Procedure required for the manifestation of “light
supernal” takes place when a transitory point of synthesis
is reached and the seven energies are blended into one
great energetic Light. These seven energies have ever,
unitedly, created the “light supernal” upon the highest
levels of divine expression, but that revealing light only
finds Location when the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order
is active and in process of manifestation in the three
worlds, and necessarily, therefore, upon the seventh plane,
the physical plane. Such a manifestation inevitably takes
place in moments of planetary crisis, when the seventh
ray is active and when the Sun is in Aquarius.20
The purpose of this manifestation of Light Supernal
upon the physical plane which is just ahead of us on
the planet, is not primarily to benefit humanity as is
commonly thought from the human-centric point of view.
It is much more encompassing than this. The Solar Logos
is taking the Third cosmic Initiation. The Will of his
Second Ray soul must reach through his etheric body and
awaken the ‘secret light within the form’. The awakening
of this light will have a radioactive effect upon the physical
plane. This radiation is ‘the Will to Love’. Its primary
effects within the three worlds will be radioactivity on the
physical plane, the sharing of resources and the experience
of unity on the astral plane, and the recognition of
Hierarchy and the demonstration of brotherhood upon the
mental plane.
Humanity will thus carry out in the farthest world
the edict of their solar Lord.
When light illuminates the minds of men and stirs the
secret light within all other forms, then the One in Whom
we live reveals His hidden, secret lighted Will.

When the purpose of the Lords of Karma can find no
more to do, and all the weaving and close-related plans
are all worked out, then the One in Whom we live can
say: ‘Well done! Naught but the beautiful remains.’
When the lowest of the low, the densest of the dense,
and the highest of the high have all been lifted through
the little wills of men, then can the One in Whom we
live raise into radiating light the vivid lighted ball of
Earth, and then another greater Voice can say to Him:
‘Well done! Move on. Light shines.’21

The Buddhic Plane and the Human Hierarchy
October 10 2001

The buddhic plane is the plane of unity and at-

one-ment. There is a difference between relationship and
identification. Relationship preserves the separate identity
of the things that are being related. Identification destroys
it. In a real sense identification occurs upon the monadic
plane. The consciousness of the human and deva evolutions
meet and merge into their essential identity which is
one with the planetary life. On the buddhic plane, these
evolutions meet and relate. On the astral plane these
evolutions meet and fight. Thus these three words relate
to the second, fourth and sixth planes—identification,
relationship and conflict.
The human unit is a member of the Fourth Creative
Hierarchy expressing itself upon the buddhic plane. You
know that humans evolve through directing energy and
devas evolve through being directed. On the buddhic plane,
the realisation and acceptance of this relationship occurs,
resulting in true cooperation between the evolutions. Man
is a solar angel and yet he is not. He directs his solar
angel and is directed by it. He is both the Dweller that
stands before the Angel, and the Presence that the Angel
protects. These are the paradoxes and the mysteries of the
buddhic plane. The Fourth Initiation brings these paradoxes
to resolution, and it is this aspect of Hierarchical life that
is dealt with in the ashrams on the buddhic plane. For
the sake of clarity we might further subdivide the Fourth
Degree initiates in the ashram as follows:
• Those with their angel directed upwards to the monad
via the atmic plane.
• Those with their angel directed ‘horizontally’ upon the
buddhic plane.
• Those with their angel directed downwards into the three
On the buddhic plane the directing energy (human)
and relating energy (deva) cooperate. It is this conscious
cooperation that allows the three-fold work of the Fourth
Degree initiates. Let us make a distinction between the
work of the Third Degree initiate in the three worlds and
the work of the Fourth Degree: First and foremost the
Fourth Degree has been liberated from any identification in
the three worlds and has shattered or is in the process of
shattering the causal body. He has therefore no ‘home’, no
‘resting place’ for his consciousness in the three worlds. The
Third Degree still has an ‘investment’ in matter, albeit high
grade solar matter of the three worlds.
As man develops the will aspect, he learns to break
loose from the aura of the deva evolution, and the
major task of the Hierarchy (as far as basic essentials are
concerned) is to “provide sanctuary” to those who have
liberated themselves from the ocean of deva energies in
which their vehicles must perforce move and live and
have their being, but with which they have otherwise
no point of contact, once liberated by their own effort
and will “from the angels.”22
The Fourth Degree initiate has liberated himself
from the angels, including the solar angel, while the Third
Degree initiate is in the process of that liberation. The
Third Degree still has an ‘identity’—an identity formed as
a result of the downward activity of the Fourth and Fifth
Hierarchies. To understand this we might imagine that
a human unit exists simultaneously as an initiate on all
levels. The division in time and space has to do with the
central preoccupation and capacity for self-realisation of the
essential Life.
In this case we are discussing the work of the
Hierarchy upon the planes of the triad, and therefore
the essential identity we are speaking about is that of
consciousness. A Third Degree initiate has his consciousness
identified with the mental plane, a Fourth Degree with
the buddhic, and a Fifth Degree with the atmic plane.
The identification on a particular plane does not however
mean that there is no simultaneous consciousness upon
the other planes. For example, when in the personality,
the fact that one may be focused in the mind does not
preclude simultaneous consciousness in the etheric body,
although it may be a consciousness that is ‘unconscious’ to
the personal identity. An integrated personality integrates,
fuses and then directs the consciousness developed in each
of the three vehicles. When this is done the Third Degree
is fast approaching, and the indwelling being is close to
liberation into Hierarchy. Within Hierarchy the same
process occurs. A Master of the Fifth Degree is one who is
able to integrate, fuse and then direct the energies of the
triad. He does this by integrating the activity of the Third,
Fourth and Fifth Creative Hierarchies. Between the Third
and Fourth Degree, the integration of the Fourth and Fifth
Hierarchies takes place, and they are related to the Third.
Let me return to the three types or stages of the
Fourth Degree initiate and try to explain the process from
their perspective. Man is Mercury, the Fourth Hierarchy
directing Venus, the Fifth. While in incarnation the Fifth
Hierarchy is directed into the three worlds. Man looks
into the worlds and his consciousness falls. This is the true
man, the human soul, Mercury. However, simultaneously

(from the causal perspective) there is another man, a lesser
man, identified before the Second Degree with the astral
body and Mars. In his aspiration this lesser man notices
where the solar angel falls and pursues the object that is lit
thereby. The greater man, the human Hierarchy, looks, the
deva falls and the lesser man pursues the object that the
deva has thereby ‘ensouled’. This is the root cause of desire
and the process that underlies what humans in the three
worlds call ‘love’ and relationship.
If you take this analogy and apply it to the greater
and lesser Heavenly Men upon their own planes of
evolution, much light will be shed upon the operation of
the macrocosm.
After the pursuit of the ultimately unsatisfying and
unobtainable, the human in the three worlds begins to
think creatively and to recognise that the source of what
he seeks is his own higher self. He ceases to be a ‘son of
desire’ and becomes a ‘son of mind’. His father is himself as
the Sun, the source of light, the Fourth Creative Hierarchy.
His mother is the solar angel, the beam of light which
falls upon and focuses through the mental plane. Through
a process of identifying with his thoughts he gradually
becomes identified as the thinker, and then glimpses the
possibility that he is the director of thought itself. “THREE
MINDS UNITE” under the Fifth Ray and then a man is
in the process of liberation onto the buddhic plane. He is
able to use the causal body without ‘identifying’ with it.23
The point here is that he does not suddenly become
active upon the buddhic plane, he rather becomes aware of
the activity that he is already performing upon that plane.
He does this through identification with a higher aspect
of himself. Herein lies the truth that a man is already
a Master. This is also the reason why it is so unsafe for

the human kingdom to contact the deva evolution before
they have ‘self realised’. On the buddhic plane a man
‘realises’ himself as Mercury, able to direct Venus. Venus
is ‘the light of the soul’. Light is consciousness. Light is
substance. Consciousness is therefore substance. Humans
are not consciousness, light or substance. Humans possess
consciousness—a gift from the solar angels, but are not
consciousness. Humans direct consciousness. Humans are
Let me give you a practical example. A human
soul in an ashram upon the buddhic plane, let us say a
Second Ray ashram, directs his attention into the three
worlds with the intent to produce an effect as a result of
the working through of an idea or archetypal energy from
the buddhic plane. As a result of this directed attention
by the Fourth Hierarchy, a solar angel—member of the
Fifth Hierarchy—sacrifices itself and becomes the ‘relating
energy of that attention’ or the ‘conveyer of intention’ of
the Fourth Hierarchy. The solar angel builds out of its
own substance, the substance of light or consciousness, a
causal body upon the higher subplanes of the mental plane.
That causal body is a vehicle for the buddhic intention,
carrying the quality of the ashram into incarnation in the
three worlds. A series of seven incarnations occur in which
the incarnated soul works out the intention as a result of
essentially ‘being’ the energy of that intention itself. This of
course is not comprehended until an incarnation in which
the realisation of oneself as the source of incarnating intent
occurs. When the original ashramic purpose that brought
the human soul—with the aid of the solar angel—into a
series of incarnations is realised, the human being is thereby
‘ashramically restored’ and able to direct the remainder of
the incarnational process.

It is exactly with this process that the first of the
three types of Fourth Degree initiate is absorbed. We might
think of an initiate as someone who is at a particular stage
of realisation of his essential nature. Thus each human soul
is a Master already, and yet very few are cognisant of that
fact in time and space. Accordingly, whenever a human
being becomes an initiate of any degree his identity is
only resting at that level, and is resting there as a living
example of the heritage of us all. Therefore when we receive
‘direction’ from a Master of the Wisdom, we are merely
receiving direction from an aspect of ourselves that is at a
greater stage of self-realisation in time and space.
And so the ‘downward gazing’ Fourth Degree initiate
is working in the three worlds ‘through’ a number of Third
Degree initiates in his ashram, in order to complete the
original incarnating intention and to adjust karma generated
by his activities as a soul during the series of incarnations.
He is still consciously directing his solar angel or his
consciousness into the three worlds according to ashramic
intent, but his consciousness or solar angel no longer has
a ‘resting place’ within the three worlds and thus remains
outside ‘time and space’ as it is known in incarnational
The second type or stage of the Fourth Degree is
the directing of the solar angel in relationship upon the
buddhic plane itself. One name for the solar angel might
be ‘the bridge between two centres of intention’. It is a
relating principle, in fact the very energy of relationship
itself. Vertically the two centres of intention might be a
man’s buddhic and astral nature—his ashramic intent and
his desire. Or it might be the relationship between the
intention of an initiate and the intention of a disciple.
Horizontally this relating principle is what coheres an

ashram, both internally and within the Hierarchy as a
whole. It results in synchronous vibration of intent upon
the buddhic plane and the web of light upon the higher
subplanes of the manasic plane. Fourth Degree initiates
working in this way are responsible for the ‘integrity’ of the
ashram. They link and blend the activity of the human and
deva evolutions upon the buddhic plane so that ‘fields’ of
vibration are created and maintained. These fields are both
‘reservoirs’ of energy for those who are still polarised within
the three worlds, and ‘distribution centres’ for the energies
of Will passed down from those polarised on the higher
cosmic ethers. Their lesson is in learning to balance these
two functions of the ashram.
The result of this activity upon the buddhic plane
is what causes many of the difficulties disciples have with
relationship upon the lower planes. These lines of ‘magnetic
interplay’ are set up between ashrams, and within an
ashram between souls. They are the source of the soul
level attraction between individuals in incarnation. When
the identity of the incarnating soul is still located—evenly
partially—within the astral ring-pass-not, then desire comes
into play. The Venusian energies of relationship generated
from Mercury as part of the ashramic interplay are detected
and sought after by the Martian energies of the desire
body. Desire seeks to capture and possess the object upon
which Venus, the light of the soul, has fallen. The energy
of attraction results from a mutual projection of soul
light. This energy is best directed towards an increased
cooperation in ashramic endeavour, and will then result in a
reclamation of the projection and a transfer of solar angelic
energy or consciousness between the two human centres of
intent. We call this ‘creativity’. It is a creativity that leads
into a closer connection with the ashram.

When the energy of desire is indulged in, the result
is often a solidification of the projection, a decrease in
consciousness and ‘procreativity’ as the intent behind the
connection is thwarted and seeks independent expression
through a new vehicle. This vehicle may not necessarily be a
child but may be an activity or organisation through which
the soul intent tries to express. All creativity in the three
worlds, even when expressive of the ashram, eventually leads
to satiety and divine discontent as the soul seeks a higher
creative response.
The third activity of the Fourth Degree initiate
concerns those who are working more closely with the
Master at the centre of the ashram. It is their job to
direct and hold their intention on the Master’s will. They
are thus in training to hold and receive more and more
of the energy directed by the Chohan at the centre of
the ashram upon the monadic plane. As a result of this
training they are learning to also hold the alignment
between their expression on the buddhic plane and their
essential monadic identity on the second cosmic ether.
They do this by directing the solar angel through the
atmic plane and thereby discovering the higher nature
of manas, that expressed in the Libran Hierarchy of the
triads, rather than the Capricorn Hierarchy. It is the
discovery of the higher activity of the angel that makes
possible the eventual fusion between the evolutions upon
the monadic plane.
The establishing of relationship is the essential work
of the Fourth Degree initiate. Once the relationship is
established then a transfer of identity occurs along the
channel created out of the substance of the relationship. In
involution, the identity flows down the channel resulting
in a greater identification of Spirit with consciousness, and

then consciousness with form. In evolution, the flow along
the channel is reversed.
A Fourth Degree initiate has liberated his own
identity from confusion with the angel. He is thus able to
direct the angel as an agent of redemption—a channel or
antahkarana along which the identity of those still trapped
in the lower worlds can flow. He then learns to direct
the angel upon the buddhic plane, creating ‘reservoirs’ of
enlightenment and ‘distribution’ points for Hierarchical will.
Eventually he learns to direct the solar angel towards the
monad and thus creates the channel whereby the higher
Will can reach the ashrams. Gradually he transfers his
identity onto the atmic plane and prepares for the Fifth
And so within Hierarchy itself, defining it as the
activity of human beings endowed with consciousness
upon the three planes of the triad, there are a number of
activities that occupy the attention of the initiates there.
There are those who chiefly concern themselves with the
relationship between Hierarchy and humanity. There are
those who concern themselves with the intra- and inter-
ashramic relationships, and then there are those who seek to
maintain a relationship between Hierarchy and Shamballa:
The Master, his ministers for internal and external affairs
(the Fourth Degree initiates), and the ministers responsible
for the management of particular portfolios in the creative
work of the ashram in the three worlds—the Third Degree

The Seventh Ray and Light Supernal
October 24 2001

The Procedure required for the manifestation of “light

supernal” takes place when a transitory point of synthesis
is reached and the seven energies are blended into one
great energetic Light. These seven energies have ever,
unitedly, created the “light supernal” upon the highest
levels of divine expression, but that revealing light only
finds Location when the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order
is active and in process of manifestation in the three
worlds, and necessarily, therefore, upon the seventh plane,
the physical plane. Such a manifestation inevitably takes
place in moments of planetary crisis, when the seventh
ray is active and when the Sun is in Aquarius. Such a
combination of relationships is being established now,
for the seventh ray is rapidly coming into manifestation
and the Sun is in Aquarius, for the Aquarian Age is just
beginning. The Objective of this combination (which has
occurred six times during the period of the fifth root-race)
is to bring about illumination and the establishment of
order upon the Earth.24
The topic this morning relates the discussions on the
buddhic plane and Hierarchy to the coming Avatar. The
specific Avatar mentioned here is the Seventh Ray Avatar,
whose coming coincides with the onset of the Aquarian Age.
I have mentioned that this has happened six times before in
the Fifth Rootrace, and so this will be the seventh of a cycle
of seven convergences between these two energies.25
The Seventh Ray focuses the consciousness of an
entity, large or small, upon the physical plane. In the
macrocosm this focuses the consciousness of deity upon
the cosmic physical plane. What is crucial is whether
this consciousness is controlled by the soul or by the
personality. The Planetary Logos of Earth is taking the
Second cosmic Initiation and is polarised upon the cosmic
astral. The Seventh Ray will allow for the manifestation
of the desires of the Planetary Logos to occur upon the
physical plane, our Earth globe. The issue is whether these
desires are soul-infused and represent the aspiration of
the planetary personality, or whether they are separative
in a solar systemic sense and reflect the dominance of
the lower aspects of the personality. Remember that our
planet is a ‘divine rebel’. In taking the Second cosmic,
he must overcome the rebellious nature of his personality
and demonstrate soul control. The energies involved
are the Second Ray soul and the Third Ray personality.
The conflict is epitomised for us in the story of the
‘Wandering Jew’, and out-pictured in the current world
conflict. Will the planet demonstrate the consciousness
of Love/Wisdom, or will materiality be reinforced? This
is the planetary question and it is being fought out upon
the cosmic planes.
Aquarius focuses the energies upon the physical/etheric
plane of the cosmic physical plane, so here we have a
correspondence to the cosmic situation. Cosmic energies are
focused on the lowest plane and systemic energies are also
focused upon the lowest plane within the lowest system,
and this for the seventh time. We have here an opportunity
to encounter and master the energy which has been called
‘the lowest of the low’:
When light illuminates the minds of men and stirs the
secret light within all other forms, then the One in Whom
we live reveals His hidden, secret lighted Will.

When the purpose of the Lords of Karma can find no
more to do, and all the weaving and close-related plans
are all worked out, then the One in Whom we live can
say: ‘Well done! Naught but the beautiful remains.’
When the lowest of the low, the densest of the dense,
and the highest of the high have all been lifted through
the little wills of men, then can the One in Whom we
live raise into radiating light the vivid lighted ball of
Earth, and then another greater Voice can say to Him:
‘Well done! Move on. Light shines.’26
The little wills of men, operating upon the physical
plane, must lift the “lowest of the low”—the most
unredeemed and fearful parts of the planetary personality—
into the heights. This they can do with the aid and
assistance of cosmic energies, but the responsibility rests
with humanity. Humanity is the ‘worker in the farthest
It is fortunate that the thoughtforms created by the
average thinker do not have the power to manifest upon
the etheric and then physical planes with any real potency
before the Second Initiation has been undergone. Prior to
this time, the ‘condition of the waters’ is such that any
potency developed in the mental field is distorted and
dissipated in the astral field. Once the Second has been
taken however, the entity becomes powerful upon the
physical plane—thoughtforms can manifest and the battle
shifts to the mental plane. Here the battle is between
the powerful personality and the soul, the Dweller and
the Angel. Which energy will control the creation of the
thoughtforms which will then powerfully manifest upon the
physical plane? If we take this process onto cosmic levels we
can get a glimpse of what is ahead for this planet. When

the Second cosmic Initiation is taken then the Logos of this
planet will be able to effectively manifest his ‘plan’ upon the
physical plane. The nature of that ‘plan’ and its alignment
with the solar and cosmic ‘Plan’ will eventually produce the
great Judgement Day in the fifth round when the Logos of
Earth takes the Third cosmic Initiation.
Hierarchy represents that portion of the planetary
consciousness which has taken the Third Initiation or
higher, and is therefore controlled by the soul of the
planet and is therefore to some extent aiding in the
implementation of the ‘solar’ Plan. At the height of the
Second World War, Hierarchy were preparing to ‘withdraw’
from the planet (using that term in a broad sense). The
unredeemed parts of the planetary personality (not soul-
infused) were taking control (and had already dominated
much of Europe). In the big picture it might have been
necessary to allow the personality agenda to control, and
thus learn the lessons of rebellion. Such a lesson would
have been very painful for humanity and resulted in
the enslavement of consciousness on the physical plane.
However within the long-term evolution of planetary life
the lesson would have been learned. However the tide
turned and the forces of Light prevailed, leaving the door to
‘evil’ slightly ajar. The current crisis is another opportunity.
Will those unredeemed forces break the door open again, or
will the door be closed by humanity itself?
Whatever happens, the war is being fought in
consciousness and precipitated onto the physical plane. The
fact that humanity fought the Second World War on the
physical plane made it inevitable that the Christ would
return to the physical plane. This externalisation process
is at a stage of crisis. Will that part of humanity which
is mentally polarised and therefore in control choose soul

values and thus pave the way for a speedy externalisation
of the Hierarchy, or will personality values prevail thus
causing delay and perhaps even a withdrawal of Hierarchical
energies? The events of this cuspal period are crucial to the
next two thousand years, which will be dominated by the
energies of the Seventh Ray and Aquarius. A culture shaped
by the choices and thought-life of humanity will manifest
upon the physical plane and crystallise in Capricorn. The
nature of that culture is being decided.
The buddhic plane is central to the work of the
Seventh Ray Avatar. It is the central plane of the seventh
cosmic plane and the first of the cosmic ethers available to
man in the three worlds. It is a place of liberation and at-
one-ment. In a cosmic sense it is also the plane where the
drama of physical control takes place. As cosmic evolution
proceeds the four cosmic etheric planes become vehicles
for the energies of the four highest planes of the cosmic
system, just as in man, the microcosm, the etheric centres
become distribution points for buddhi, atma and eventually
for monadic and logoic energies. The ashrams upon the
buddhic plane become vehicles for the distribution of
cosmic buddhi via Sirius and the heart of the Sun. The
Seventh Ray Avatar strengthens this alignment and therefore
the relationship between humanity the Fourth Hierarchy
and the fourth cosmic plane via the Fourth cosmic Path.
The inpouring, manifesting energies also provide a channel
for the ascent of consciousness and are therefore part of a
systemic ‘etheric substitution’ process.
Next century, when the seventh ray has achieved complete
manifestation and the Piscean influence is entirely
removed, the seventh ray Avatar will appear. His work
will demonstrate the law, order and rhythm of the creative
process as it works out on the physical plane, blending
spirit and matter. And as this ray is called the Ray of
Ceremonial Order or Ritual, He will be largely instrumental
in producing those conditions which will permit of the
reappearance upon Earth of the Mysteries of Initiation,
of which the Hierarchy is the custodian. He is necessarily
connected with the Great White Lodge on Sirius.”27

“The rays are the seven emanations from the “seven

Spirits before the throne of God”; Their emanations
come from the monadic level of awareness or from the
second cosmic etheric plane. In a certain sense it could
be said that these seven great and living Energies are in
their totality the etheric vehicle of the planetary Logos.
The evolutionary processes can equally well be stated
to be those of eliminating the physical substance lying
between the dense physical body and the astral sentient
body, and substituting substance of the four highest
planes, the four cosmic ethers. Physically speaking, it is
this etheric substitution which enables a man successively
to take the five initiations which make him a Master of
the Wisdom.28
The seven systemic Rays emanate from the monadic
levels of awareness. There are also seven cosmic rays
emanating from the cosmic monadic plane. The seven
systemic Rays thus can be seen as subsets of the Seventh
cosmic Ray and thus we see the integrating and synthesising
power of the Seventh Ray Avatar upon the cosmic physical
plane. It is his power which will allow healing of cleavages
between the planetary etheric and physical body (the three
worlds and the four cosmic ethers)—or worded another
way, between Hierarchy and humanity—and thus provide
for a united demonstration of divinity upon the densest
physical plane.
He is a First Ray avatar when considering the
systemic planes, a Seventh Ray avatar when considering the
cosmic planes and a Second Ray avatar when considering
his emanating point and effect upon the consciousness of
the system. The First, Second and Seventh rays are of course
the major synthetic rays in this system.
Secondly, I referred earlier to the work of the seventh ray
in connection with the phenomena of electricity, through
which the solar system is coordinated and vitalised. There
is an aspect of electrical phenomena which produces
cohesion, just as there is an aspect which produces light.
This has not yet been recognised. It is stated in The Secret
Doctrine of H.P.B., and in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,
that the electricity of the solar system is threefold: there
is fire by friction, solar fire, and electric fire—the fire of
body, of soul and of spirit. Fire by friction is coming to
be somewhat understood by the scientists of the world,
and we are harnessing to our needs the fire which heats,
which gives light, and which produces motion. This is in
the physical sense of the words. One of the imminent
discoveries will be the integrating power of electricity as
it produces the cohesion within all forms and sustains
all form life during the cycle of manifested existence.
It produces also the coming together of atoms and of
the organisms within forms, so constructing that which
is needed to express the life principle. Men today are
investigating such matters as electro-therapeutics and
studying the theory of the electrical nature of the human
being. They are working rapidly towards this coming
discovery, and much will be revealed along these lines
during the next fifty years. The principle of coordination
about which men talk has reference, in the last analysis,
to this concept, and the scientific basis of all meditation
work is really to be found in this basic truth. The bringing
in of force and the offering of a channel are all mystical
ways of expressing a natural phenomenon as yet little
understood, but which will eventually give the clue to
the second aspect of electricity. This will be released in
fuller measure during the Aquarian age, through the
agency of the seventh ray. One of its earliest effects will
be the increase of the understanding of brotherhood and
its really scientific basis.29

August 8 2001

The Sirian system is central to the evolution in our

solar system and particularly on this planet, the fourth
globe in the fourth chain in the fourth scheme of a fourth
order Sun. Why should this be especially so? What is the
relationship between our Planetary Logos and the piece of
solar work he has undertaken, and the Logos of Sirius? You
have been told that Sanat Kumara is not on the Sirian line
but that Lucifer is. Lucifer here is a direct reference to Venus,
and Venus is the alter ego of Earth; just as Sirius serves that
purpose within the cosmic system. Venus correlates to the
astral permanent atom and thus in a peculiar way, synthesises
all the astral bodies of the planetary schemes in the same
way that Saturn, serving as the physical permanent atom,
synthesises the etheric/physical bodies of the schemes. In fact
in this regard, Saturn’s rings might be seen as the ‘cemetery’
of physical planets. Think this through.
So if Venus is on the Sirian line and our Planetary
Logos is a disciple of the Solar Logos, then the relationship
between the Logos of Earth and the Logos of Venus has its
higher correspondence in the relationship between the Solar
Logos and the Logos of Sirius.
Just as the Lords of the Flame came from the Venus
Chain of the Earth Scheme, so the Avatar from Sirius
arrives from the Sirian Chain of the SSSOWOIO. Think
this through in detail, correlating what we know about the
relationship between Earth and Venus and the relationship
between Sirius and the Sun. During this research, light
will come regarding the role our solar system is playing in
the cosmic system, and some faint understanding of the

role our Planetary Logos has undertaken to play in the
Solar Logoic purpose, within the Cosmic Logoic purpose.
Naught can be understood about the latter, but something
can definitely be grasped about the first two stages in this
cosmic endeavour.
Sirius allows the cosmic antahkarana to be built
between the solar system and the cosmic system in the
same way that Venus carries the ‘light’ of the Sun into the
matter of the planets. Our Planetary Logos is known as the
‘Great Sacrifice’ and we normally interpret this as meaning
a sacrifice for those on ‘Earth’, but the term needs to be
understood solar systemically. Sanat Kumara is the Great
Sacrifice within the solar system. He undertook to hold a
point of Will within the dense matter of the densest globe
within the densest chain. When the great sound went out
to form the second solar system, he undertook to hold
the darkest point, the astral kundalini of the system, so to
speak. Venus, on the other hand, took the highest point—as
the astral permanent atom associated with the highest astral
plane. Venus is the Earth’s primary and alter ego because
Venus is the redeemer come to lift the lowest into the
highest. Because it is the second system, Venus shows forth
the energies of solar love upon the second subplane of the
astral (where the Logos of Sirius is trying to now polarise
himself ). This is the astral heart centre, and will eventually
synthesise all the other schemes in ‘astral matter’ only; just
as Saturn does on the physical plane. These two planets are
the seat of two of the super principles in the solar system—
the name of the scheme which represents the mental
permanent atom has been withheld at this time, however it
might pay to investigate Mercury with this idea in mind.
Venus then, represents the astral connecting principle
between the causal body of the Solar Logos and the Earth.

The Solar Logos is focused on the Earth Scheme;—ie the
‘eye’ of the Logos is currently upon the Earth Scheme and
so Venus, directed by the ‘eye’, brings the causal level of the
mental plane and the physical levels of the mental plane
into relationship. Think this through. There are five levels
of the mental plane before causal levels are reached. These
five levels of manas were developed in an earlier system.
(The causal body of the Sun is on the first subplane of
the cosmic mental; the causal body of the Planetary Logos
is upon the third.) Thus when the ‘Sun’ looks towards
‘Earth’, Sirius, the energy of the solar systemic antahkarana,
bridges the gap between causal bodies and allows Venus
(representing the synthesised energies of previously
developed manas) to fall down into the fifth subplane of
the cosmic physical plane, where we experience that fall on
the Earth globe as the coming of the Lords of Flame and
the individualisation of animal man.
The analogy is this: When a man, causally conscious,
directs his attention—his eye—towards something on the
physical plane with appreciation, his astral body carries the
soul’s energy to that object and stimulates the consciousness
within it. When the astral body is a clear carrier of this soul
appreciation, then a channel is created that can be traced
back like this:
Cosmic buddhi
• through the love petals of the Solar Logoic lotus (heart
of the Sun)
• through the solar systemic astral permanent atom (Venus)
• via the cosmic astral plane
• through the cosmic etheric planes
• to the causal body of man on the abstract mental levels
• through the love petals of the egoic lotus
• through the astral permanent atom
• via the systemic astral plane
• to the physical object
This gaze speeds up those elemental lives which
form the gaseous subplane of the dense physical plane,
and allows them to transmute themselves into the fourth
etheric, thus liberating them. Hence Sirius is the great
energy of Freedom. It allows the energy of the cosmic
buddhic plane to form the heart of every atom, and then
for the consciousness hidden within each atom to eventually
reconnect with its source: Cosmic buddhi through Sirius
as a vehicle on cosmic mental levels, to the Sun through
Venus, to Earth, to man.
Thus man has an important role to play in the
externalising of the love of the Logos into the three worlds
of his physical body. It is man’s job to hold the end of
the cosmic antahkarana, allowing the redemptive energies
of love to flow into the dense matter of the system. The
relationship between Sirius as cosmic manas, to the Pleiades
as cosmic buddhi, is reflected in the relationship of Venus
to Neptune. Think this out. It explains why Neptune is
related to the astral plane and why the Pleiades are related
to the cosmic astral.

June 5 2002

Sirius—there is much to be taught humanity about

their relationship with this stupendous system and the role
that Earth has to play in the evolution of consciousness
within this part of the solar system. To begin with, we
must have some understanding of the relationship between
Earth, Venus, the Sun and Sirius. There is a direct link
here—just as Venus is the alter ego and bringer of Light
to the Earth, so Sirius serves this purpose to our Sun.
The Sirian force enters through the solar heart, just as the
Venusian force enters Hierarchy as the heart of ‘Earth’.
There is therefore a group of solar beings who have as
their function the maintenance of the Second Aspect
within the solar system. The solar angels are in fact an
outpouring of this solar Hierarchy. It is the heart of the
Sun therefore which is the source of the energy which
works through our planetary Hierarchy, and the heart of
the Sun is enlivened by and supported by energies flowing
from Sirius. Sirian energies aid in the evolution of the
solar lives. It is for this reason that the Sirian influence is
not felt until the Third Initiation where a man is coming
to know himself as ‘the solar angel’—or more truly as a
human soul who is being aided in his development as a
soul through the intervention and assistance of a solar
angel. As he learns all the lessons that the solar angel
has to teach him, he can then release the solar angel and
proceed to fulfil all its functions himself.
The Sirian influence is particularly potent at this time
owing to developments within the greater system of which
Sirus forms a part. Our Sun represents the heart chakra
of this greater system and it is therefore being activated
strongly in this fourth great cycle. Within the solar system

there is a triangle between Earth, Venus and Jupiter which
has to do with the activation of the solar systemic heart.
Earth is the base centre in this triangle, with Venus the
higher solar plexus centre and Jupiter as the heart. As
humans are able, at the Third Initiation, to raise their
kundalini energy to the causal body and fuse the soul and
personality, the human soul is able to spend more time in
the ashram, until eventually it is able to break out of the
causal body altogether, thus releasing the solar angel back to
the heart of the Sun. Thus Venus provides a link between
human souls in incarnation on Earth and the planet Jupiter.
When that link is made then the Venusian energy of
‘relating’ has completed its work for this cycle.
We may like to then consider the higher
correspondence. If Sirius is analogous to Venus in the lower
system, and the Sun is analogous to the Earth, then which
constellation should we look towards for the analogy to
Jupiter? Sirius here is the relating principle, the Venusian
principle linking the solar system with the Pleiades and in
particular Alcyone. In the same way that a solar angel is
‘higher’ or more advanced in evolution than a human soul,
even though it operates upon a lower plane. (The human
soul is part of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy and the solar
angel is part of the Fifth—but is really a representative of
the five liberated Hierarchies.) So Sirius is a Love principle,
a connecting principle between the constellation of the
Great Bear and the constellation of the Pleiades.
The influence of the Great Bear is felt on the cosmic
monadic plane, but with an outreach on the cosmic
buddhic plane and a reflection on the cosmic astral. The
influence of Sirius is felt on the cosmic atmic plane (but
as a representative of energies beyond the cosmic planes
altogether), with its extension onto the cosmic mental plane.

Gt Bear 1

Sirius 1 Gt Bear 2

Pleiades 1 Sirius 2 Gt Bear 3

Pleiades 2 Sirius 3

Pleiades 3

We see that the cosmic buddhic plane is the home

of the lowest aspect of the Great Bear (the Rishis shown
in the Chart on page 344 of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire),
but also the highest aspect of the Pleiades. Alcyone is the
Central Spiritual Sun in the same way that the human
soul on the buddhic plane is the Father or Spirit aspect
of the human system composed of human soul, causal
body, human personality. The causal body is the middle
principle, but only the physical aspect of a being who
has its origins much higher. Thus Sirius is the linking
factor between our Sun (the physical Sun) and the Central
Spiritual Sun (Alcyone). But the origin of Sirius is from a
plane much higher than the Pleiades. This is the mystery
of the cosmic Makara. Sirius is the representative in our
system of a principle originating outside our system, but
that has entered out of love to help the evolution of life in
this system by building out of its own substance a bridge, a
cosmic antahkarana between the Sun and Alcyone.
We might imagine that the Sirian ‘personality’
expresses upon the three planes of the cosmic triad, just as
the human personality expresses upon the three lower planes

of the cosmic physical. The Sirian ‘soul’ however remains
outside these planes, entering into incarnation through the
cosmic ‘heart’ on the cosmic monadic plane, just as the
human soul enters into incarnation through the ashram on
the systemic buddhic plane.
The equivalent in our solar system is the solar angel,
entering from the heart of the Sun through the cosmic
monadic plane (and thus through Jupiter) and taking up
expression through three Creative Hierarchies—Libra,
Scorpio and Capricorn, and their hierarchical rulers Venus,
Mercury and Saturn. Once the human soul is able to
learn through its association with the solar angel, how to
work intelligently with the energies of the triad to locate
its ashramic home on the buddhic plane and to link with
its monadic source, the work of the solar angel is done.
Similarly, once the Sirian influence has succeeded in linking
up the consciousness of this solar system with its ashramic
‘location’ on the cosmic buddhic plane (Alcyone), and then
linked this with the star in the Great Bear which is its
prototypical ashramic source, then its work is done. The
Cosmic Christ whose origin is on higher levels than we
can imagine, has completed his mission of salvation and
our solar system, as a heart chakra in a greater system,
will be linked up to its monadic source. The Life thread
of OAWNMBS and the Consciousness thread will be
functioning together.

The Initiations
August 29 2001

The Third Initiation, as you know, is regarded by the

Hierarchy as the first major initiation. And so often the
terms ‘First’ and ‘Third’ are intermingled in my writings. In
addition there is the need to distinguish between the various
types of initiation as I have laid them out in Letters On
Occult Meditation. Another factor that has not been clearly
explored before now is the process that occurs on the three
higher subplanes of the mental plane and also on the atmic
plane. The initiations on these subplanes are ‘synthetic’
in the sense that they sum up the experience on a whole
plane before the identity moves off the plane altogether.
They are like the synthesising planets, and in fact synthesise
the experience of three planes—in the case of those on the
mental plane, the three-fold personality, and in the case of
the atmic plane, the three-fold triad.
Just as the First, Second and Third Initiations are
taken on the mental plane but have major effects upon the
lower planes, so there are three initiations which take place
on the higher atmic levels but have major effects on the
mental, buddhic and atmic planes as a whole. There are also
three which take place on the three higher subplanes of the
monadic plane (this being the second system) and affect the
atmic, monadic and logoic planes respectively.
Initiation essentially has to do with the transfer of
identity into larger and larger spheres. During the period
of the first three initiations, man knows himself to be an
animal and a god; he is caught between these two realities.
The First introduces him to his god-like nature, the soul.
In the Second he must choose which part of his nature will

dominate, the lower or the higher. At the Third he must
demonstrate mastery over the lower three planes of the
personality as the soul in incarnation.
During the period of the next three initiations, man
knows himself as the liberated soul or triad. He is caught
between the call to serve those still caught in the lower
three worlds, and the call to return to the monad. At the
Fourth he sets his will to ascend.
During the final three initiations, man knows himself
to be the monad caught between his will to serve the will
of the Planetary Logos in physical incarnation, and the
call to return to higher realms of experience on the higher
cosmic planes. At the Sixth, he makes his decision.
7 9 5
6 8 4
5 7 6 3
4 5 2
3 4 3 1
2 2
1 1
There are times where I have said that entry into
the Blue Lodge occurs at the Third Initiation, and other
times when it occurs at the Fifth. The numbering systems
vary depending upon the point of view one is taking. As a
rule the more synthetic numbering is when viewing from
the top down, and the more complex it looks from the
bottom up. For example, from the Sirian perspective the
Third Degree initiate is seen as a triangle, the Fourth as a
triangle with an eye, and the Fifth as a five-pointed star
(all symbolically). From the point of view of a First Degree
initiate on Earth trying to understand the system, it all
seems more complex—there are the four sub-initiations

of the astral plane to go through before there is the
development of the mental plane. It must be remembered
that initiations which involve mastery of a plane while the
identity is on that plane, are different from those where a
lower plane is being mastered with a higher energy.
For example, the mastery of the emotional plane
while the identity is on that plane (accomplished through
the fulfillment of desire) is different than the mastery of the
astral plane from the mental plane through the infusion of
buddhi via the love petals of the lotus. Both are a type of
Second Initiation. Both involve mastery of the same plane,
the astral. The identity doing the mastery is different, as is
the type of energy employed. All these distinctions must be
taken into consideration.
So in the past when man was focused upon the
physical plane, the First Initiation was considered mastery
over the five lower subplanes, from the position of identity
on the physical plane. A so-called Second Initiation is taken
when the five lower subplanes of the astral plane have been
mastered. Much of humanity is involved in this process, as
the majority of humanity came in polarised on the fourth
subplane. In reality however, these first two initiations are
not initiations at all from a manasic perspective. The first
real initiation is the Third, and this initiation is triple,
occurring on the highest three subplanes of the mental
plane. These are the three initiations of manas which are
in effect ‘the Third Initiation’ in its totality, referring to the
mastery of the mental plane. Sometimes when I use the
term ‘Third Initiation’ I am referring to the first manasic
initiation, sometimes the third and sometimes to the whole
three-fold process. The ‘Second’ Initiation can refer to the
second manasic initiation, and on occasion the second astral
initiation of the threshold. There are also occasions when

the Second refers to the Fourth Initiation—the Third, as a
whole, being treated as the First from the perspective of the
triad. You can work out the analogies in the triad;—plane
initiations taken with the identity actually polarised on the
plane, versus ‘synthetic’ initiations taken on the highest
subplanes of the atmic plane but affecting the whole of a
triadal plane through mastery by a higher energy.

The Keynote of the Modern Mystery School
August 29 2001

The process of revelation is continuous. Humanity has

never been left without evolutionary guidance in the inner
and the outer worlds. Mystery schools are merely those
places where the cutting edge of that guidance is contacted
and tested out through experiment.
These little pockets of experimentation are like the
small mutations in nature which allow the forces of natural
selection to work in the biological world. Many appear to
be ‘failures’ in that the mutations are found to have no real
evolutionary value to the gene pool, but nature as a whole
is learning and moving forward to perfection. Humanity is
of course a part of nature—the part in fact that bridges the
inner and outer worlds. Humans are able to connect through
their consciousness, as souls connect with the One universal
life force which is guiding evolution, and as a result either
speed up the process by becoming co-creators, or—as is also
often the case in experiments—interfere with the process.
Some of these experiments are successful—pushing
forward into new and advanced ways of understanding and
living—and these become the seeds for new civilisations that
allow humanity as a whole to move forward. Throughout
time we can trace these seeds of civilisation to individuals
and small communities who were able to break new ground
in consciousness. This work of ‘soul penetration’ provides
the entry point for spiritual energy into the world. That
energy then clothes itself in esoteric formulas (like E = mc2)
for example, new ideas and concepts that then become
ritualised and formalised in ways that are more easily
assimilated into the society into which they enter.

As civilisations rise and fall these rituals and formulas
echo on through time, preserved on the physical plane in
ancient texts and monuments. They also linger in the field
of human consciousness as symbols in the collective mind,
and memories preserved in the ethers accessible through
past life recall and meditative exploration.
These are all pathways that lead us back into those
holes or entry points in the collective human psyche where
those energies first entered. Evolution proceeds however,
and the One Life makes new wholes in the web of human
thought and finds new places for the next revelations that
are needed for growth to occur.
Of course long before the new consciousness is
adopted as the official view, there have been pockets
of individuals and groups who have been living it and
demonstrating its evolutionary value on the planet. These
form the long lineage of warrior souls who have been ahead
of their time, and by their sacrifices and successes accelerate
the evolution of consciousness and help in the planting of
future spiritual seeds.
The keynote of the Mystery schools in recent times
has been the development of ‘soul’ or consciousness or
‘Love/Wisdom’. There is a new note emerging in the
modern day Mystery school—and that is the note of the
‘monad’, of Will, of spiritual power and purpose. It builds
upon and will ultimately help to synthesise the emphasis
that has previously been made upon both form and
Matter is now widely seen as a subset of
consciousness. Consciousness is gradually being revealed
as a subset of Will;—the purpose behind consciousness is
gradually emerging into consciousness itself. The previous
Mystery schools planted seeds of consciousness. That

consciousness has spread so that we now have a planet that
has gradually become more and more self-aware through
the human kingdom. That awareness is on the verge of a
planet-wide ‘self realisation’ where the planetary identity
awakes and knows itself to be a soul. Soul values will then
begin to govern upon the outer plane, and we can see signs
of that beginning to happen now.
The work of the modern day Mystery school is to
plant the seeds of Will. These seeds will flower in the future
as the widespread realisation of planetary soul purpose: The
collective comprehension and implementation of the multi-
incarnational purpose of the Earth as a conscious entity in

December 12 2001

This morning I want to speak of Shamballa and my

teachings along this line. They are the most important
aspect of the work I achieved with the help of Alice Bailey.
They are designed to help bring humanity into conscious
relationship with the Will Aspect and with planetary Purpose.
You may wish to consider the meaning of them being
released to humanity at this time. It indicates two things:
• The readiness that humanity has demonstrated to accept
• The requirement of the Planetary Logos that humanity
carry out His purpose.
It is worth contemplating these two ‘readinesses’ as
twin aspects of the same Inner reality. They mark a point
of time in the history of the planet where the planetary
personality is entering discipleship and is thus responsive to
the Will of the planetary soul and hence to the Will of the
Solar Logos. By the ‘planetary personality’ I am not here
referring to humanity but to the entity which is the centre
of consciousness polarised upon the cosmic astral plane.
Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa form a trinity on
the cosmic physical plane. Through this trinity, the energy of
higher planes is able to express through the cosmic physical.
In the human situation there are diverse forces at work within
the etheric and physical body that drive it into activity. There
are the forces inherent in matter itself, then, that when some
degree of integration occurs between the etheric and physical
body, the physical body becomes the instrument that expresses
the forces moving through the etheric body.

This is the process being carried on in the whole
cosmic physical plane as humanity and Hierarchy come into
closer relationship.
Once the etheric and the physical body become
integrated and can function as a unit, then this unit is used
to serve the consciousness operating on the higher planes.
Initially this is the desire or astral body, and then the
mental, and eventually the triadic and monadic energies are
able to direct the activity on the physical plane. A process
of energetic substitution takes place so that eventually the
four ethers in the human etheric body are under the direct
control of the four cosmic ethers.
The same process occurs upon cosmic levels. Initially
the four cosmic ethers are the recipients of energy flowing
from the cosmic astral plane, then the mental and so on.
Eventually, as solar evolution progresses, the buddhic plane
will come under the direct control of the cosmic buddhic
plane, the atmic under the control of the comic atmic,
and so on. The four ‘universal ethers’ will control the four
cosmic ethers which will control the four ethers on our
physical plane of the cosmic physical. Eventually then, man
is destined to be an instrument of the Will of the Cosmic
Logos of which our Solar Logos is a component part, of
which our Planetary Logos is a component part, and of
which we are a component part. A holographic cosmic
The entering into the etheric body of the cosmic
energies is controlled for good reason. Just as in the
human situation the thoughtforms of the average man are
not permitted to precipitate into manifestation because of
the chaos and ugliness which would subsequently result,
so on cosmic levels the thoughtforms and the desires of
a Planetary Logos do not manifest easily until there is a

degree of personality integration and alignment with soul.
This bears thinking about.
If the desires originating upon the cosmic astral plane
were allowed full expression upon the cosmic physical plane
before this integration had been achieved one can imagine
the results. We must begin to see the Being whose body of
manifestation this planet is, as a composite being, just as a
human being is a composite being. He is currently polarised
in his cosmic astral body, developing in this system the
quality of Love expressed through cosmic desire.
A human being is wont to use his physical nature
as an instrument for the carrying out of his lower desires
before (and periodically after) some degree of soul infusion
has taken place. A non-sacred planet is in the same
position. Behind the battle between the forces of Light and
the so-called Dark Brotherhood lie the events occurring
upon the cosmic astral plane. The materialistic forces are
simply those energies and entities upon the cosmic physical
plane that are under the control of forces originating on
the lower four subplanes of the cosmic astral plane, which
are in their turn controlled by entities on the lower four
subplanes of the cosmic mental plane.
The White Brotherhood on the other hand are
working with energies pouring in from the three higher
subplanes of the cosmic astral and cosmic mental planes.
They are ‘working for’ the planetary soul rather than the
planetary personality.
The planetary personality and soul come into
greater alignment as the planet enters more fully into the
discipleship required to take the Second cosmic Initiation—
in particular the mastery of the astral body. This will
eventually result in the intelligent cooperation between the
so-called White and Dark Brotherhoods as the ‘solarisation’

of the personality occurs. This will result in the lower four
subplanes of each plane being the vehicles for the carrying
out of the Will of those entities upon the higher three.
Paradoxical as it might seem, the destiny of the Black
Lodge is to effectively and efficiently carry out the Will of
the White Lodge, all under the synthetic Blue Lodge on
Sirius. But the time is not yet.
Where we are now in the planetary process is the
taking of the sub-initiation of ‘Air’ which leads to the
mastery of the fourth subplane of the cosmic astral plane.
When this occurs, and it is immanent, then the fourth
subplane of the astral will serve as relaying point via the
fourth subplane of the cosmic mental plane, for the energies
of cosmic buddhi, the fourth universal ether, to reach our
buddhic plane, the fourth cosmic ether. This in turn will
have major effects in the awakening of the etheric bodies
in human beings. It is this process which also underlies the
revelation of the fourth quality of deity. We may look to
2025 and the incoming energies of the Fourth Ray to bring
this realisation more fully into the consciousness, if not the
active expression of human life.
Thus we may see some of the importance in the
cosmic timing of things. If humanity became overly
responsive to the energies pouring in from the higher
cosmic planes before the Planetary Logos—working on
those planes—had achieved mastery, then the consequences
would be dire indeed for the ‘prisoners of the planet’.
The war in Atlantis marked the midpoint of the battle for
mastery of the fourth cosmic astral subplane. The second
World War was a recapitulation of this within the Fifth
Race, and the planetary sub-initiation immediately before us
will mark the point where mastery is achieved in the Fifth
Subrace of the Fifth Rootrace of the Fourth Round. Two-

thirds of the subplane matter of the fourth subplane of the
cosmic astral plane will have been mastered by the Planetary
Logos. When he masters two-thirds of the fifth subplane
and thus two-thirds of the whole cosmic astral plane, He
will take the Second major cosmic Initiation, and He will
do so in the next Round. The teachings on Shamballa are
given out to prepare humanity to play an active role in this
great event.
At the Second Initiation a human being receives
a brief but important contact with the monad. It is this
contact that provides the energy for the defeat of the forces
of the astral body. Between the Second and Third Initiation
a man must demonstrate his non-responsiveness to astral
energy, and he must demonstrate this through the outward
expression of his life in the three worlds. His actions must
come under mental control.
At the Second cosmic planetary Initiation the
personality of the Planetary Logos comes under increased
attention from the planetary soul on the third subplane of
the cosmic mental plane. It is this energy that will allow the
Earth to take the Second cosmic Initiation and become a
sacred planet, in demonstration.
At this time there must be a nucleus of those amongst
humanity who are capable of responding directly to the
energy of Shamballa and thus indirectly to the energies of
Will pouring forth from the Will petals of the planetary
egoic lotus on the cosmic mental plane.
This nucleus must be strong enough to hold the
activity of the human race in alignment with planetary
Will and in resistance to planetary desire. This nucleus
will be an effective global government. Today we have
only the rudimentary beginnings of such a body. For it
to form within humanity, humanity must be educated

about the Will and about Shamballa. The Externalisation
of the Hierarchy that results from this education will
lead eventually to the establishment of a divinely based
governing body on the physical plane in direct response
to Shamballa, and through Shamballa to the Will of the
Planetary Logos. When the Planetary Logos is able to
achieve this result in this, the second system, then He will
have taken the necessary preliminary steps which will allow
Him to use his body of manifestation in the next system to
anchor and express a part of the Plan of the Solar Logos.

June 12 2002

I would like to talk today about the meditative

work. The focus in the new schools will be increasingly
upon the Life aspect and the monad rather than upon
the soul or Love aspect. I have paved the way for this
with my teachings on Shamballa, and part of the new
dispensation will be further teachings on the monad, its
source, its function and the result of its impact upon
the soul. The equivalent of the Shamballa Impact upon
humanity via its advanced members is the impact of the
monadic energy on the causal body via the jewel in the
The Black Lodge works through the stimulation of the
form nature. Hierarchy stimulates the soul within the form,
and Shamballa works to stimulate the Life aspect within the
soul. I have elsewhere told you that individualisation in the
next system will be through the use of the Will, just as in
this one it is through Love, and in the last system it was
through Active Intelligence.
Third, the third method of individualisation is the one
to be followed in the next solar system, though it will
have its faint beginnings in this one. It is not based
on latent activity as in the first case, nor in electrical
polarity as in the second, but in a peculiar process of
“occult abstraction” (using the word “abstraction” in
its basic sense as “the drawing out” of essence). This
occult abstraction is brought about by an effort of the
will at present incomprehensible. The first method of
individualisation is that of the third aspect, or latent
activity, and follows the line of least resistance under
the Law of Economy; the second method is the purely
electrical one, and works under the Law of Attraction;
whilst the third method lies hidden in dynamic will and
is as yet to us impossible and incomprehensible.30
Experimentation will occur in the new schools under
the Law of Synthesis which will allow us to evaluate
the effects of ‘identification’ as it impacts the process of
The lesser process can be accelerated by the
greater; just as the soul has aided in the process of
individualisation, so the monad can aid in the process
of initiation. The mechanics of this aid are delivered via
the higher antahkarana. The Will force of the monad is
transmitted via the jewel in the lotus, resulting in the
more rapid unfoldment of the petals and thus the taking
of initiation by the man in incarnation. If the lower
antahkarana is also built, then the conscious inflow of
monadic energy along the sutratma to the heart centre
can take place. It is this inflow which can make a man a
powerhouse for the Will force upon the physical plane and
a distributor of “Life more abundant”.31 The movement of
energy along the antahkarana is always a two-way process,
and the result of inflow of monadic energy into the jewel
will be a gradual abstraction of the consciousness of the
disciple into the triadal worlds. The best analogy for the
operation of the higher antahkarana would be the electric
fire of lightning. This lightning flashes forth from the first
or logoic plane to the fifth or manasic plane, thus relating
the Hierarchies of Leo and Capricorn, two of the signs
related to the First Ray.
In the lower five worlds the soul relates the triad to
the personality as follows:

Higher manasic—lower manasic via the knowledge petals.
Buddhic—astral via the love petals.
Atmic—etheric via the sacrifice petals.
These three ‘at-one-ments’ are carried out on the
higher three subplanes of the mental plane.
The atmic plane is also dual and on the three highest
subplanes a similar process takes place concerning the five
highest planes of the system:
Third subplane—higher atmic energy is transmitted to lower.
Second subplane—monadic energy to buddhic.
First subplane—logoic energy to manasic.
Thus logoic energy finds its expression through the
jewel, resulting in the liberation of consciousness into the
triad in the same way that atmic energy finds its lowest
point of expression in the etheric crown chakra. The higher
flow of Will energy follows the path 1:5 while the lower
follows the path 3:7. When linked by the flow of the
Second Aspect or Love principle on the 2:4:6 planes, an
antahkarana from the highest to the lowest takes place.
If you extend this relationship on the cosmic physical
plane into the cosmic astral you will find the following very
useful pattern that reveals the path of action of the First
Ray or Will aspect of deity:
The Planetary Logos is polarised on the fourth
subplane of the cosmic astral plane. This is the plane
where the energy of Aries operates, ruled hierarchically
by Uranus, god of lightning. The keynote of this plane is
‘unity through effort’. This Will is focused through Gemini
into the highest three subplanes of the logoic physical plane
where the Fifth Hierarchy is on the verge of liberation.
From the logoic subplane, this Will is transferred via the
atmic plane to the three highest subplanes of the manasic
plane. Thus the Tenth Creative Hierarchy (the Fifth) is the
representative of the five liberated Hierarchies and operates
on the mental plane. It is the direct recipient of the energy
of the Will-to-be of the Planetary Logos, and he seeks to
liberate himself from the fourth subplane of the cosmic
astral onto the third. As He does so, the Fourth Creative
Hierarchy of human souls will be liberated from their causal
bodies on the mental plane.
Thus the three signs that bring in the First Ray
are related to each other: Aries, Leo and Capricorn. The
result of this inflow of energy into the mental plane is the
irradiation of causal bodies, allowing humans to bring the
Third Aspect of the monad, atma, into expression upon
the physical plane. This will be the demonstration of the
principle of Justice and the establishment upon Earth of
governance based upon spiritual Will. The Law will then be
implemented on the physical plane by men, functioning as
souls under the impression of Shamballa transmitting the
Will of the Logos.
A study needs to be made eventually of the First
Aspect of divinity and the way in which it impacts the
minds of men. To date we are still dealing with the
Consciousness aspect, but as that consciousness focuses
upon the Life aspect, it is itself transfigured through direct
experience and identification with the Life principle. The
coming Yoga of Synthesis will emphasise this ‘livingness’ of
consciousness as we approach the First Aspect by way of the

October 30 2002

The soul is as limited an expression of triadal

consciousness as the physical body is an expression
of personality consciousness. In the same way that an
individual meditating may be working intensely and yet
their physical body is quite still and inactive, the soul
considered as the triad may be working with no real activity
taking place in the causal body. Really it is the monad that
is working, no matter where the consciousness is focused.
There is only one ‘self ’ on the cosmic physical plane and
that ‘self ’ is the monad. The monad is thus the source of
‘selfhood’ for all lesser states of being in the five worlds,
with this selfhood being ‘fixated’ on the higher mental plane
as a temporary causal existence for life in the three worlds.
The monad is the source of ‘be-ness’ while the mental
plane is the source of ‘self-awareness’. To be aware of a
self necessarily means one is separate from that self. What
separates the causal body from the monad is consciousness,
and therefore all consciousness must be transcended before
Be-ness can be experienced in its fullness. Beyond that the
monad as the source of Be-ness must learn to negate being
in the same way that the soul learns to negate consciousness
and the personality learns to negate activity. The doorway to
the higher always requires the relinquishment of that which
is the source of the lower.
I want to give you one more piece of information
vital to the new teaching: The monad is to the cosmic
physical plane what the causal body is to the three worlds.
It has the same relationship to the cosmic astral and
mental planes as the causal body has to the buddhic and
atmic planes, or the physical body has to the emotional
and mental bodies. It is the physical externalisation of

an identity which originates on the cosmic mental plane,
and in fact on the cosmic monadic plane. Your body is to
the monad what the monad is to the monad of the Solar
Logos. In fact the analogy would be closer if we said the
heart centre of the body is to the monad what the monad
is to the solar monad. And even closer if we said the heart
centre, as the sum total of the energy to be found in the
central core of the seven chakras of the body. The heart
centre is the seat of the Life principle because it is able to
communicate that Life to the centre of each chakra. In a
way it could be said to BE the centre of each chakra. Think
this through with regard to the monad as forming part of
the centre in one of the seven Heavenly Men.

November 6 2002

In the next solar system the monadic plane will be

the lowest point of focus, with the expression of this focus
occurring through the higher three subplanes of the atmic
plane, in the same way that the higher three subplanes of
the mental plane are used to transmit ashramic energy in
this system. There will be no need for a lower focus by
the consciousness of the Heavenly Man because the lower
five planes will automatically respond to the impulses and
Will emerging from the monadic plane. Being and form
will AGREE as a result of the work done on triadal levels
during the second system.
When we consider the heart chakra of a high initiate,
it serves to express the Life principle emanating from the
monadic plane, clothing itself first in buddhi and then in
astrality before expressing through the etheric body. Because
there is no identity in the buddhic or astral realm, then
these vehicles serve as sheaths. The disciple is attempting to
clear any identity from the astral body so that it becomes
a clear reflector of buddhi. The Master is seeking to clear
any identification with his buddhic vehicle so that it may
become a clear transmitter of monadic force.
If we extend this process to cosmic levels we can see
that there will come a time when a clear alignment occurs
between the solar monad on cosmic monadic levels, and
the etheric ‘heart of the Sun’ as it expresses through the
seven Heavenly Men focused upon the monadic plane of
the cosmic physical plane. In the third solar system our
physical Sun will be a sun of the ‘second order’ rather than
the fourth, and will therefore be composed of matter of the
second ether of the physical systemic plane. As this process
of alignment takes place, our Solar Logos will necessarily

begin the process of abstraction from his causal body and
begin to identify with the solar triad and eventually the
solar monad.
At some long-distant point in solar evolution, the
Will of the solar monad will be able to be transmitted
directly through the etheric solar heart centre without
any ‘qualification’ by solar triadal consciousness. This
‘reabsorption’ of solar consciousness on the cosmic monadic
plane marks the beginning of pralaya at the end of the
mahamanvantara. Similarly, when the triadal consciousness
is reabsorbed by the monad in the life cycle of a human
being, the beginning of the Higher way is entered as the
Sixth Degree initiate decides upon which cosmic Path
he will leave the cosmic physical plane. Pralaya is only a
period of inactivity therefore, to any entity confined to
a manifest world. To entities that are operating in the
(relatively) unmanifest world, it is a period of activity. For
example, when the Logos shifts his focus out of the three
lower cosmic planes into the triad for a period, activity
dies out in the three worlds, and yet his consciousness is
still active. Similarly when a man sleeps, his consciousness
continues on the astral plane even though physical activity
ceases. To a liberated consciousness there is no sleep,
only a change of emphasis of activity. Similarly, when
an entity withdraws from consciousness itself there is no
discontinuity in the Life aspect, merely a time when that
Life is clothing itself in consciousness and a time when
it is freed from the limitation of consciousness. If you
extend this analogy beyond the cosmic physical plane,
you will be forced to also entertain the idea that there
may be a time when that which we call Being or Life is
being experienced, and a time of non-being or unmanifest
experience occurring.

That which we call Life, and of which man in the
three worlds knows almost nothing, is in reality just another
relative experience—the experience of Beingness expressing
on the monadic plane. Due to the fact that we are unable
to penetrate beyond this, humans extrapolate this LIFE
as absolute—as in fact the LIFE which lies behind all
existence, in the same way that aspirants assume ‘Spirit’
is anything that is impinging upon their consciousness
including the consciousness of the astral plane. Certainly
the monad can be a gateway to the greater LIFE of
OAWNMBS. In the same way, a heart chakra can be the
gateway to astral, buddhic and eventually monadic life, but
what is being experienced by a unit in the etheric heart
centre is not the same as the experience of the monad upon
its own plane. Think this through.
A useful analogy is the return of the Buddha at each
Wesak full Moon. From the perspective of the personality
life of the planet Earth, nothing is occurring apart from a
ceremony high in the Himalayas. From the perspective of
the soul or Hierarchy there is an ‘appearance’, an inflow
of energy into the planetary soul which is awaited and
experienced. At the end of the experience the Buddha
‘leaves’ from the perspective of Hierarchy. From the
perspective of Shamballa however, the Buddha merely
returns his focus to a higher sphere of activity which also
comes within the normal sphere of activity of Shamballa.
The concept of an Absolute Life is comforting to
the mind of man which would like to arrive somewhere
final, or at least feel reassured that there is somewhere final
beyond his ken. This does not make logical sense however,
as all we can truly understand is what we have experienced,
or what is passed on to us from those capable of a higher
level of experience. Beyond the manifest universe (the

seven cosmic planes) is the great unmanifest. And yet this
‘unmanifest’ is quite likely to be merely a universal astral
body from that perspective. Who is really willing to limit
the limitless by their thought or experience?
The common Theosophical perspective is that if we
can just make it back to monadic awareness then that
is it. There is really only ‘one’ monad, One Life which
permeates everything, manifest or unmanifest. Does it not
seem reasonable brother, that there are degrees of Life just
as there are degrees of consciousness, and that what is being
experienced as the ‘One Life’ by a human being may be
somewhat different than the reality experienced as the ‘One
Life’ by the ensouling entity of a constellation?
Of course it makes no sense to talk of things beyond
the understanding of man in the three worlds, let alone
beyond his experience. The universe is evolving however,
and man with it. New truths must ever be revealed to the
advancing and developing consciousness, and the next great
revelation to humanity is of that which lies beyond Life in
the same way that Life lies behind consciousness. In my
last series of teachings I endeavoured to convey something
of the Life aspect to those who were barely able to contact
soul with any real facility. Now I must attempt a similar
process at a higher turn of the spiral. Each new teaching
turns the previous teaching on its head without negating
the essential truth conveyed. You think of Shamballa as a
head centre. Try to now contemplate it as a base.

Conclusion—A Call to Synthesis
April 16 2003

I want to draw your attention today to putting

this work into proper perspective. When speaking of
the educational effort undertaken by myself over several
centuries, and more particularly the esoteric writings
through HPB and Alice Bailey, it is easy to get a distorted
view of the relative importance of this work. Indeed it
is most valuable in leading many intelligent thinkers in
Western society into a deeper relationship with the essential
underlying realities of the vast beings who are the energetic
realities in which we live. It is not by any means the only
form of esoteric truth in the world today, and nor are those
familiar with my writings in any way qualified to assume
any kind of superior status resulting from its acquisition.
On the contrary, the imparting of spiritual information
always carries with it responsibility for both the source
and the recipient. All true spiritual growth is measured
through the application of wisdom, and is obvious to those
who watch from the inner worlds in such things as causal
development. The great danger of spiritual information
that is not applied is that it can serve to inhibit growth
rather than promote it. The mind becomes stuffed with
data, stored as acquisitively as a banker stores his gold, and
distributed with the same degree of expectation of return.
Although the type of return is not in this case interest in
the monetary sense, but ‘interest’ in the sense of ‘attention’.
Humanity as a whole is beginning to be more aware of the
power of ‘attention’. Attention is soul energy, whether of
not this is understood by the entity directing the attention.
This attention is increased by using the powers of ‘mental

seduction’ which work the same way as physical seduction.
Human desires want to chase that which is withheld
from them, in the expectation that its possession will
somehow bestow upon them something which they already
unknowingly possess. The possession of money for example,
is only of value if the individual possessing it is free from
any sense that his self value or his survival depends upon
such possession. In addition, the money must be recognised
as belonging ultimately to the Christ, and must be held in
such a way that it brings benefit to humanity as a whole
and not to the individual at the expense of the collective.
The possession of esoteric wisdom follows exactly the
same rules. It is better not to learn anything and to turn
away from the esoteric tradition knowing that you know
nothing, than to acquire knowledge to artificially bolster
a lack of self-worth, or to hold captive the attention of
others who seek knowledge for self-serving ends. Just as it
is difficult to find genuine philanthropists—those who are
able to hold and distribute wealth for the collective—so it
is difficult to find initiate esotericists—those able to hold
and distribute wisdom for the benefit of their others. The
proverb that it is easier for a camel to pass through the
eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven, has
particular relevance to the Third Initiation. This initiation,
as we know, concerns the mind and the mastery of illusion.
Knowledge is gained, thoughtforms are built, and eventually
all must be given away and released in order for the
indwelling entity to pass freely onto the buddhic plane.
This one of the reasons that I have said that there
are few esotericists found among the New Group of World
Servers. Often those who come to God along the path of
service are more able to demonstrate the Love principle that
as at the core of the initiatory process than those who come

along the path of manas. If you think through the analogy
between those who control money and those who control
information, and consider the high preponderance of Moon
Chain egos in the current make-up of humanity, some light
may come on the difficulties that Third Ray types have in
releasing that which has been accumulated.
There are some hard truths here. The average
esotericist would like to believe that he is among the most
advanced of humanity simply because he has been drawn
to study esoteric matters. Further, he would like to imagine
that there are relatively few spiritual workers in the world,
and that those people who are in positions of power and
influence amongst the educational, political and economic
structures of their society are not spiritually motivated. A
case could equally be made for the reverse point of view—
that esotericists are quite simply those who require remedial
work that consists in a prolonged opening of their minds
before they are willing to open their hearts.
Esotericists can also tend to look down upon those
who are obviously motivated by financial gain, while they
themselves are motivated by the gain of abstract esoteric
information. The harvester of grain is not so different from
the harvester of corn as they both are from the sowers of
any crop. The truth is that there are very many spiritual
workers, and many of them would not label themselves as
‘spiritual’ at all. They are men and women motivated by a
sense of contribution to the whole, living lives of balance
and goodwill.
If you want to transition from an esotericist to an
occultist, then the application of wisdom is essential. An
esotericist studies the wisdom traditions. An occultist
applies them, using the mind to direct higher energies into
the world of form, spiritualising Matter as a result of the

recognition that both are one. The simplest way for the
transition to be made is to give all your possessions to
God. Or speaking in the language of esotericism, to give all
your personality acquisitions to the soul, which is your Self
and in the relinquishing of all, all is gained by your higher
identity. And then to relinquish all that the soul has gained
through its many incarnations in the three worlds and
stored away in the causal body—to give all these possessions
of consciousness to the monad, the One, to be utilised
according to divine Purpose. I, as a Second Ray worker,
would bring to your attention the Law of Repulse for the
Second Ray.
The Direction of Ray II.
The Scholar knows the truth. All is revealed to him.
Surrounded by his books, and sheltered in the world
of thought, he burrows like a mole, and finds his way
into the darkness; he arrives at knowledge of the world
of natural things. His eye is closed. His eyes are opened
wide. He dwells within his world in deep content.
Detail on detail enter into the content of his world of
thought. He stores the nuggets of the knowledge of
the world, as a squirrel stores its nuts. The storehouse
now is adequately full....Sudden a spade descends, for
the thinker tends the garden of his thought, and thus
destroys the passages of mind. Ruin arrives, destroying
fast the storehouse of the mind, the safe security, the
darkness and the warmth of a satisfied enquiry. All is
removed. The light of summer enters in and the darkened
crannies of the mind see light....Naught is left but light,
and that cannot be used. The eyes are blinded and the
one eye seeth not as yet...

Slowly the eye of wisdom must be opened. Slowly the love
of that which is the true, the beautiful and good must
enter the dark passages of worldly thought. Slowly the
torch of light, the fire of right must burn the garnered
treasures of the past, yet show their basic usefulness...
The seven ways of light must wean away the attention
of the Scholar from all that has been found and stored
and used. This he repulses and finds his way into that
Hall of Wisdom which is built upon a hill, and not
deep under ground. Only the opened eye can find this
If you think of those workers all over the world
who have connected with my writings and who have
consequently filled their minds with abstract knowledge, as
part of one ashramic mind—similar to computers that are
networked together and can thus provide far greater storage
than would otherwise be the case—then you will have a
glimpse of my work. Just as I spread the knowledge through
all the books, so I have spread the study of these books
through hundreds of thousands of minds on the planet.
And now the spade descends. Synthesis underlies the outer
form. All my writings could be synthesised by me into one
symbol, one word of power, one intention. They emanate
from one essential Purpose and have spread far and wide. I
now sound again the note of Purpose, bringing the many
back to the one, forcing all to drop whatever separative
accumulations they have acquired on the way—revealing the
underlying synthesis that pre-dated the proliferation.
Shamballa is the spade—it breaks down those
forms which have served their purpose. Christ is calling
all those who have accumulated to release. Harvesting is
to be replaced by sowing, and in this way Hierarchy will

externalise. This is having an effect on the financiers of the
world as well as on esotericists. Distribute your resources
now, or hold on to them and have them poison your
system and prevent you from accessing that which you seek
most. That which was hidden must be revealed, that which
was stored up for the future must be spent now.

Notes on the Transmission Process


It is my belief that more and more groups who have

equipped and trained their minds in the esoteric teachings
are being given opportunities to come into a more direct
alignment with the ashram and serve as transmitters for
Hierarchical energy and teaching. This would indeed be
a welcome balance to the volumes of more astrally based
messages that are becoming more prevalent as humanity as
a whole becomes increasingly responsive to the Externalising
I offer these insights from my own experience with
this work in the spirit of esoteric science and in the hope
that a fuller understanding of the processes involved may
lead to a deeper connection by students with the ‘life’ and
intent behind the teachings.
After studying the esoteric tradition and in particular
the works of Alice Bailey for twelve years I was approached
by an inner presence that I felt to be the Master DK
in January of the year 2000. This was not a generalized
energetic contact but a specific request to carry out a
particular piece of writing work connected with the general
theme of the Third Revelation that was prophesied for
the early part of this century. I had both a feeling of ‘déjà
vu’ in the sense of having already prepared and agreed
to do this work at a deeper level, combined with a sense
of trepidation as I realised something of the changes that
saying ‘yes’ to this project would precipitate in my outer
life. I sat down and wrote the following as it was impressed
on my mind.
A side note here about the way this process works for
me. It is not a dictation process in the sense that I hear
and then record individual words. It is a process whereby
the ‘idea’, the key archetypal energetic thoughtform (really
a ‘thought-essence’) is gently impressed on the mind and
then clothes itself in words that are formulated within
my mind but can be checked back in reference to the
‘archetypal thought’. It is more a communion of souls
than a communion of minds. My soul is receptive to the
inflowing energy from the soul of the Master and then
this energy clothes itself in the mind and generates words.
Naturally elements of my own personality colour what is
received but I have found that as the training progresses
this diminishes.
I have told you that the remainder of the twentieth
century was to be given over to the rebuilding of world
civilisation and the distribution of world resources. (See
Destiny of Nations.) If you could but see things from
the inner worlds you might realise how much has been
achieved. There is still the working through of the inner
victories on to the outer spheres of activity in the three
worlds, but great victories for the human spirit there
have been. Now begins that tremendous task which so
many of you who are now in incarnation are equipped
to fulfil. It is for this that I write.
I have also said that the Teaching which I have the
responsibility to deliver into the mind of mankind has
another phase to run. The work now is to anchor the
new culture—a culture based on the realities of the inner
worlds and thus in alignment with solar systemic and
cosmic energies. This new culture is founded upon the
energy of liberation—a liberation from living based on
fears concerning the survival of the form. Everywhere
the vitalising fires of spirit are breaking through into
consciousness and liberation is occurring in the hearts
of individuals, and increasingly as we enter the Aquarian
Age, in the hearts of groups.
The keynote of this emerging culture is synthesis. A
synthesis that recognises the One Life and thereby allows
the group and the individual to find their proper place
and purpose within the whole.
It is an important truism that ‘synthesis differentiates’
and it is this that allows the recognition and subsequent
demonstration of brotherhood. It is brotherhood that
is the foundation of Hierarchy, and the expression of
this brotherhood upon the outer plane is the promise
of the Aquarian Age and the result of the culture of
The direction of this emerging culture is towards
manifestation. The gift of the last two thousand years
qualified by the Sixth Ray has been the aspiration of the
consciousness, identified with matter, towards spirit. At
the cusp of the ages, significant numbers have shifted
their identity into the intangible realms and now the
great outbreath begins—the expression of consciousness,
identified with spirit, towards manifestation and the
resulting redemption of matter.
It is this great act of courage, exemplified for us in the
Christ’s decision to reappear, that forms the directional
basis for the Yoga of daring. The Externalisation of
The Hierarchy is a deliberate, intelligent, loving and
willful act of affirmation. An affirmation of the essential
non-dual nature of reality. A demonstration, through
identification, that spirit and matter are not two, but
one. This demonstration ends the gap in collective
consciousness between so-called life and death, liberating

humanity and through humanity the other kingdoms in
nature, from the clutch of fear.
The result of this emerging culture will be ‘life more
abundant’. Ultimately we are called upon to truly
Live, to allow Life to irradiate us in greater and greater
degree—a sustained burning that will eventually set the
whole Earth aflame with blue fire so that we may take
our place amongst the sacred planets and add our note
of harmony to the music of the spheres.
Along with this impression came a vision of a series
of books completed over the next twenty five years. A plan
was being laid out for me in time and space and yet the
heart, the core of this outer process was already complete.
The core assertion was an energetic ‘sound’, a fiat of
freedom, which would gradually clothe itself in ideas, and
these ideas would be written down in books and studied.
The ideas and the books were not the Teaching however,
the Teaching was the reality of the affirmation of inherent
freedom ‘sounded’ by a Being with intent to liberate those
held within the illusion of mind. Any thoughts or ideas that
clothe that ‘sound’ will have at their core that purposeful
The Teaching contains then the great Shamballic
‘sound’ stepped down by Hierarchy in such a way that it
liberates human consciousness from illusion and then makes
of it a sheath for anchoring that ‘sound’ in the depths of
In May 2000 at the time of the Wesak full moon
I travelled with eight others to the Wesak valley on the
slopes of Mt Kailas in Tibet in response to an inner call
to be present physically at the time of the Shamballic

Upon return to New Zealand I helped found an
esoteric school at Highden near Palmerston North, along
the lines of the occult schools laid out in Letters On
Occult Meditation. The core of this ‘school’ named itself in
meditation “Shamballa School”, although this name did not
apply to the outer location but to the inner group process
in the founding of the archetypal energetics. This process
was guided principally by three inner energies or Masters—
the Master Morya, the Master DK and a Seventh Ray
Master under the Master R. This triangle worked through
a coordinating point, a fourth degree initiate who we also
worked with subjectively but never met, and who had the
direct responsibility for the project.
My writing work continued in three ways. The first
part had to do with the third phase of the Teachings. This
was definitely under the impression of the Master DK
and takes the form of an esoteric and abstract treatise on
subjects that lead on from A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. The
second phase of the transmitted works deals with the group
initiatory process and is also under impression. The third
aspect has to do with individual practice and is my own
penetrative work although carried out more in alignment
with the Morya line of energy.
My experience these two ways of writing is quite
different. The DK impression writing is rhythmic and
requires surrender—the willingness to open the consciousness
in a way that allows it to be ‘thought through’. A
relationship is established by both sides. The work on
the First Ray line is sporadic and requires striving. The
consciousness must be brought to a place of intense
breakthrough either through abstraction or application to a
specific outcome in the three worlds (often both are required)
before deeper contact with the energy stream is attained.

It is my prayer that these two ways of using the
mind—as an instrument for penetration and as a vehicle for
receptivity—symbolised by the sword and the chalice, come
into greater balance in the world, allowing the reality of
what lies beyond the mind to reveal itself.

Bruce Lyon

The Transmission Process

For those particularly interested in the process of

‘receiving’, the following extracts are from Transmissions
over a two and a half year period that specifically refer
to the transmission process itself and to my preparation
and dialogue as a receiver. They are the only parts of the
transmitted material which could be deemed ‘personal’ and
relate specifically to this type of training of the mind.

April 18 2001

I want to make some personal comments now

concerning your work for me. Now, what I propose is a
regular time for transmission. The work that you are doing
on Sundays is primarily under the impression of the Master
Morya and should proceed. The release of a book on Agni
Yoga is much needed at this time. He works somewhat
differently to me in that you are required to do much more
of the penetrative work. He gives short bursts of energy
while I prefer sustained periods wherein I articulate a full
piece of work from many angles. I like to work through my
scribes rather than have them pierce the veils themselves.
The energy is inpouring rather than abstracting, if you
know what I mean. If you are willing to work in this
way we need merely make a regular rhythmic time for the
dictation. Wednesdays work well as the energy of Mercury
is conducive to my work. Shall we say an hour or two each
Wednesday from 10am onwards?
I understand about the fears you have in opening
your mind in such a fashion. Rest assured that you are
well protected and have been watched and worked on for
many years prior to this work commencing. The greatest
dangers are not from outside forces interfering with our
communication, but from forces within your own nature—
forces of doubt and pride that may seek to distort or take
over this work. Hence we use many such for our works
throughout the world and they are tested thus in the
quality of their communications and the clarity with which
they express our work.
Let us begin the training for the day. What I want
you to do is to endeavour to hold as high an energetic
point of tension as possible and then just let your fingers

do the walking. Your work is to hold the consciousness
ever in that high place and thus maintain the clear channel
through which my thoughts can pour. Yes, it is like
developing a muscle and your mind is likely to get tired,
rebel and so forth.
Remember that I said sustained effort my brother.
Your mind is learning to sacrifice. Rather than having
interesting bits of information to think about, the elemental
lives are being forced to obey and cooperate with a higher
energy which seeks to communicate not with them but
through them, and this for the benefit of humanity. Do
not worry about the quality of what is being written. Give
it a month and then review and pass judgement on the
There are many problems occupying the minds of
those who see and guide on the inside. The capacity of
humanity to handle the Will is only one of them. Another
is the response to the Love Aspect. If you could but know
the incredible force which is being generated by the return
of the Christ as the ashrams externalise. This energy is
what the world waits for but because it does not know this
consciously, except in the higher echelons of the race, then
the response to the inflow of love is largely unconscious and
forms the ‘urge to merge’ in many horizontal ways, sexuality
being the most obvious. Group formation, company
mergers, currency mergers and the like are also part of this
process. Hence you also see the need for the PUTTING
ENERGY. This you can do—you have the psychological
training, the feet on the ground, the demonstration at

Highden of a careful approach to the inner worlds. You
must find a way to communicate this in an intelligent
fashion. This will also require sacrifice my brother as you
risk the ridicule and misunderstanding of those who are
mentally polarised but not yet heart centred. Highden will
continue to grow in reputation and magnetic power. It will
attract attention. We will see to that. What you do with
that attention is crucial. Those lines of communication must
be used to put before the public an intelligent presentation
of the fact of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the new
psychology, the emphasis on group and the assistance that is
available at these crucial times.
Another factor that I would ask you to deeply
consider is the way in which your teaching is done at the
centre. No mention is to be made of these communications
to others, and this includes those close to you until such
time as it has become clear to you that the communications
are valid and make a contribution to the work. Until
then, I ask you to draw your support and strength in the
uncertainty of the process from me. If at the end of a
month of work you are not satisfied, then we will review.

May 2 2001

Disciplining the mind for this type of work is not an

easy thing, but progress is being made. You must allow time
for this contact to develop and just allow the process to
take its course. The reading from last week has not yet been
done but you will have noticed how the bits and pieces of
information I give you have worked themselves out during
the intervening time, and this should be of some use in
realising the value of persisting.
The archetypes must anchor and Highden will be
a place where this process occurs. Hold and deepen your
connection with me over time. Work at your current soul
lesson which is to become as a soul, a fire at the centre of
your project. Really learn the lessons of sacrifice and you
will be supported from the inner worlds in this.

May 9 2001

Brother, you have had a trying week. There is

much going on within Hierarchy itself, not to mention
the agitations in your own group field. I would once
again emphasise the need for the archetypes to anchor.
Archetypes, Archetypes, Archetypes. Energetic realities
seeking to impress themselves upon the material plane,
gathering and ordering forms into conformity with the law.
The forms will protest of course. Listen to the protestations
but keep your will firmly on the side of the archetypes.

May 16 2001

Well, one month has come and gone and you will be
aware of a number of responses to our work. First, it will
be apparent that the quality of the ‘channel’ varies and that
some communications are more powerful and less coloured
by the activities going on in your own field. Secondly, you
will be aware of the ‘significance’ of the communication—
regardless of the ‘meaning’. There is a difference here. The
significance refers to the ways in which the inflowing energy
shapes the consciousness aspect and affects therefore your
environing consciousness. It is this energy which lies behind
the formulated words and concepts—the transmission of
‘Life’. Thirdly, you will be aware of the ‘attractiveness’ of the
Second Ray energy—there is no repulsion experienced by
your emotional and physical vehicles in this process as there
is when the emphasis is purely mental or along First Ray
I have a few observations of my own to offer about
the interaction. It is not easy for you to ‘surrender’ your
mind in this way but curiously that is why I have chosen to
work with you. Your mind is rather impervious to the input
of others which means that the purity of my thought will
be maintained IF brother—and that is a big IF—you will
trust me enough to fully open to my impression. You trust
no-one my brother and that in a way is a good thing and
has served you well. If we are to work together however,
you must develop and strengthen your trust in me so that a
part of your mind is not second-guessing or interpreting as
you type. Another major hindrance is the attachment, the
stickiness of your astral body. Just as your mind is insular,
your emotional body is absorbing so that the environing
conditions play upon your astral nature unceasingly. You

have done much work in trying to minimise this impact
or at least not be controlled by it, however it is still a
hindrance. We can work around it by undertaking some
cleansing before beginning our work and also by ‘sealing’
the meditation room during the times of our labour. It is
important that you come to this work as little energised
by your environment as possible. Perhaps a shower and a
meditative cleansing before beginning.
Go ahead with your writing brother—let the Agni
work be completed under your name and as your project.
Use this connection for assistance and support. Perhaps later
we will work at dictation writing. Agni is peculiarly your
own work and a piece of your own soul’s karma, so proceed
on that basis. Continue however to set aside this time on
Wednesday morning and I suggest that you do something
similar for Agni. Friday is the most suitable, and then save
Sunday for the abstract work which has no expression and
yet is the rock upon which all else is built.

May 23 2001

Brother, I plan to take our work to a deeper level

today as an experiment. You will be aware of the need to
allow me greater access through your thoughtforms. What
I have to say concerns the work of Hierarchy and not so
much your work there at Highden. We are in the middle
of a planned push forward onto the outer plane and
hierarchical workers all over the world are feeling this inner
pressure. We require humanity’s conscious cooperation in
this process. The education work of the last century was
designed to condition the minds of many disciples so that
when this push came it would not be too disturbing and
disruptive to the minds of men. It is not easy to genuinely
open oneself to another kingdom. The boundaries between
them are strong and rightly so. If you could but see the
whole phenomenon of ‘impression’ encompassing as it does
so many levels from astral channelling, to the preoccupation
with UFOs, to think tanks; —everywhere mankind is
becoming receptive ‘en masse’ to impression.
Naturally this impression is being filtered through
many layers of energy both individual and collective, and
there are many attendant dangers. We have to be careful
not to increase the level of illusion and glamour as a
result of our impression. That is why we need clear minds
and personalities that are not subject to major distortion.
You have such a mind brother and we are consequently
asking for your help. Information must be able to be
spread from many different levels—not only subjective
but from living personalities able to stand up and express
that which can produce fear and ridicule, in sensible
and sensitive ways. The distorted presentations are many,
and still often do good work in the overall conditioning

process. Clear channels with relatively pure motives are few
however and needed. The emphasis is shifting from the
mere distribution of information which has been valuable
to the ‘embodiment of principles’ which will be far more
demanding and therefore more impactful on the psyche of
the race.
It is one thing to hypothesise about intelligent beings
in the inner worlds—another to actually speak on behalf
of them. Oh yes, I sense your recoil from being involved
in anything like that and question you as to your motive.
Is it not, my brother, that you fear the ridicule and
misunderstanding that is likely to be directed at you from
all corners? Are you not prideful of your independent mind
and personality? What would it mean to you to be seen
as a mere pawn in the hand of a disincarnate (or at least
distantly incarnated) entity? An entity that would be open
to much debate as to its very existence. Your motives would
be examined closely and many would find them wanting.
And you would be challenged most forcefully by your very
brothers in the esoteric community. However your work on
our behalf would cause much debate in those and wider
circles. It would be a tremendous service to our cause,
which is the cause of humanity. Only we know the sacrifice
brother—others will see the motives as seeking fame and
authority from external sources. Don’t you see the irony of
it. It is the very fact that you do not want this path as a
personality that will help protect you from the pitfalls and
more importantly my friend, protect our intended work
from taint.
As to your thoughts that it might be possible to do
it and then put it out under pseudonyms etc…well perhaps
you could tell yourself that to make it easier for a while but
you must eventually see that we are asking you to stand for

it. It is the very fact that there is someone reliable on the
physical plane who will put the most intelligent case for our
work and existence out there that is crucial to its success.
Yes the quality of the work must be there and so we will
continue to keep this work rather private until you are
sure that it is valuable and not just a figment of your own
superconsciousness or subconsciousness! Take time to think
it all through brother. Either we exist or we do not. Your
answer to that question will determine the future direction
of your life. If the answer is in the affirmative, then how
will you avoid asserting the fact in your life demonstration?
This is the edge of your own next cliff.
Me now: Ok well I have felt this coming and I
accept I have two types of reservation. Firstly the emotional
reaction of avoiding fear, ridicule and so on, as was pointed
out. It feels like a ‘cup’ I would rather not lift from that
point of view. The second is not so easy to dismiss. It is my
genuine and sincere demand that what I embark on is not
deluded. I am ready to accept ongoing growth and therefore
further revelation that may show what is attempted in a
brighter light. But the essential core of the attempt must
be real and substantial. I do not choose to have my life
expression be a source of delusion for others that leads
them along paths that mislead. There is a part of me that
needs more—even though I know about faith and have
been offered so many proofs already that I feel I ‘should’
just proceed on that basis. I have a spiritual auditor inside
me. Pluto is on my Saturn and I am demanding purity of
intent from myself and everything I am involved in. Am I
really going to stand up as a representative of ‘Masters’ that
may in fact be figments of Blavatsky’s imagination to lend
strength to her own presentation? What benefit is served by
claiming inner higher authorities? Should not the quality
of the communication speak for itself? Does truth need
bolstering by the appeal to authorities that remain unproven
to the reader’s cognition? My concern is right relations
in the human family. Is that served by the expression of
communications from another ‘kingdom’?
Ok so I realise as I am writing these doubts that my
life demonstration and experience is already proving that
on some level I have answered them satisfactorily. However
there is still the premise that I am somehow creating
these communications so that a part of me that is seeking
power and authority can elevate itself by claiming direct
communications to higher authority.
I have a good mind and have studied the teachings—
how do I know that information coming purportedly from
DK is not just an extrapolation of my own thoughts? The
telepathic test is that I receive information that I do not
have access to through other channels. That would convince
me that the communication is at least coming from
outside my conscious or unconscious identity. Transmission
from the group mind or past life accumulations are still
possibilities but by then I am already into mumbo jumbo
land so may as well proceed and recant the source later if it
reveals itself more deeply.
So I feel justified in admitting a personality reluctance
which I will work to overcome on condition that I am
convinced about the quality and source of the information.
Ok so the deal is this: I will offer up what I have developed
in this life—a soul/personality high level of integration
and respect within the worldwide esoteric community. I
will tell the truth = that the information I am receiving
is (to the best of my ability to discern) from the Tibetan
Master behind the writings of Blavatsky and AA Bailey and
is at least a part of the third transmission of the teachings

promised for the next century PROVIDED I have sufficient
proof of the quality and source of the information. If
I receive ‘keys’, ‘laws’, ‘stanzas’ etc that are not only
interesting but REVEALING in a way that logically builds
upon all that has been given before, then and only then
will I STAND UP for you. And I will stand—in gratitude
for what is being given and without complaint for the
personality arrows which will surely follow such a position.
To this I am willing to pledge myself although admittedly I
am not in whole heart about this yet but will bend myself
towards becoming so.
DK: Brother, we understand your position and would
not expect anything different. It is useful for us to be
able to dialogue in this matter as it helps to separate the
two streams of consciousness even though one (mine) is
expressing itself through the other (yours). This is part of
the mystery of ‘retention of identity’. There is no separation
between ‘my soul and thine’ and yet there is retention
of identity and ‘authorship’. Strange is it not? Are there
not times in your own experience where you are not ‘at
your best’ meaning that your consciousness is functioning
through lower vehicles which may be somewhat clouded or
If one begins to redefine one’s identity through
‘identification’ with the ashram or with Hierarchy itself,
then there will of course be times when more or less of
the Self is expressing through any one ‘self ’, but there is
no real separation of consciousness and identity. Only the
concentration of that identity and its distribution through
the component parts. We are one and yet together we are
somewhat more than apart. This works in consciousness as
well as form. So I see that it will help to explain further
the mechanism by which such communications as this can
take place—not only for your own comfort but for the
satisfaction of our ‘audience’.
The best way I can describe it is this—I ‘shine’ my
consciousness towards and through your consciousness
with intent. In this case the intent is the transmission of
the third phase of the teachings. Naturally this shining
will stimulate your own consciousness and there will be a
necessary period of ‘preparing the field’. It is not dissimilar
to the soul conditioning the three periodic vehicles. In
this case it is my soul conditioning your soul if such a
distinction can be made. This takes place upon the higher
levels of the mental plane and so therefore requires that
you are able to ‘hold your mind steady in the light of the
soul’. This then allows transmission to take place from my
soul/mind to your soul/mind. Of course the transmission is
energy and that energy will be conditioned by the quality
and intent of my soul and mind as well as your own. That
is why a clear alignment of intent is necessary. We need to
be clear up front what it is that we are trying to achieve
together. Then we need to have a functional mechanism
that allows us to connect at specific times and in specific
places (the causal body). Next we need to work on the
quality of our connection—I am used to transmitting but
must make adjustments to you as a receiver, and you must
learn how to keep the channel clear and also how to purify
your own fields so that they do not interrupt or distort the
flow of information.
I am looking forward to our work together and am
pleased by what we have achieved to date.

June 13 2001

Brother I have some personal messages. You must

spend some more time alone attempting to deepen your
connection to me, your Master, at least in this work and
also to work on developing the continuity of consciousness
which will be so important in your role within the School.
Sleep alone at least a couple of nights a week and especially
Tuesday night before our session. Read the information
on ‘surrender of the centres’ and begin to practise this
surrender, willingly undergone to allow the inflow and
control of your individual centres by the planetary ones.
This will make of you, an outpost for Hierarchy. It is a
training in the art of ‘dying so that something greater
can live through you’. It is an art that all in Hierarchy
must perfect, and involves the overcoming of the fear
that something is lost if ‘identity’ is surrendered at the
level of ‘soul’. The so-called soul on the mental plane is
merely the wrapping of the buddhic entity in ahamkaric
matter. The surrender of the ‘identity’ is the way in which
the mental matter is released and the soul returns into its
group identification within the ashram upon the buddhic
plane. Your separate identity is only an illusion created
by the operation of the Law of Fixation upon the mental
plane. When you allow the Law of Magnetic Control to be
more powerful it ‘pulls the soul free’ into buddhi through
bringing the lower aspect of manas upon the mental plane
into relationship with its higher aspect upon the atmic

July 11 2001

You have been in reaction to this process occurring

with me. It affects you at much deeper levels perhaps
than you have allowed for. Specifically the deep fears
around giving up control of your thinking processes. Try
this mantram. “I, the soul, am in complete control of my
instrument. I surrender that control of my own free will
and do so intelligently and out of love for my Master and
for the benefit of humanity.”
Well, we have had a little bit of a break and that has
allowed you time to absorb the information I have given
you and more importantly, the whole process of contacting
me and trying to express my thoughts through yours. What
do you think?
Me: I am certainly convinced enough of the process
to proceed if you think our work will be productive. My
own observations about my suitability are: Sometimes I
notice I react away from doing the work even though
all parts of me feel sustained once I am in the ‘flow’. A
discipline thing and also the fear of ‘giving up’. Also, my
emotional body can be sometimes too activated to allow for
clear communication. The process has shaken up my system
more than I would have imagined. And yes, all things
considered, I want to proceed. The leading edge is those
times when I totally open, and of course that is when the
most useful and clear information comes through, but it is
also the time that the sessions have most affect on me.
DK: My perspective is slightly different. When I ‘look’
towards you I see a light and as I shine my consciousness
upon that light it becomes more radiant and expansive.
You respond to this by recognising that you are being

impacted by energy outside your own system. Then you
reach towards me as the source of that energy with trust
and devotion. It allows my consciousness to approach more
closely to yours. The next step is for me to ask you, for a
time to let my consciousness not only pervade your field,
but take it over and direct it. This means that my mind is
directing the mental matter of your mind for the period
of the transmission. I am formulating it into new patterns
which you are then writing. Obviously, the quality of
your own thinking will have prepared the mental matter
and built into it the required capacity. I must work with
those who are already prepared and willing for me to lift
them to another level. The benefit to you is that once I
have worked through your mind, the substance will have
had its vibration raised and new connections made. The
requirements are that you surrender for a time your control
of the field. The crucial issue for me is whether or not you
will be able to do this on a sustained and regular basis. Do
you trust me enough to surrender and even if you do, will
you do so? I do not sense any problem with the capacity if
you are willing to make time and then sincerely attempt the

May 7 2002

We are beginning a new phase of work with you, both

as an individual and as a group field. Just as the time comes
when the focus of attention on the development of the
personality stops and then begins to occur as a by-product
of the use of the personality by the soul, so a similar process
occurs on higher levels. The soul builds the causal body
(develops it) over many lives and then there comes a time
when the development is complete and the causal body is
merely used as a transmitter of the energy and Purpose of
the monad. As a by-product, a result of the flow through
of energy, the causal body is thus brought to the highpoint
of its unfoldment, becomes radioactive and is eventually
destroyed in the process. This is the outcome eventually of
the ‘path of fire’. Rather than spending time building more
into the causal field through study and contemplation, the
emphasis shifts to distribution. The ‘inbreath’ of the causal
body does not arise from the three worlds any longer—it
descends from the monad. The outbreath goes into the three
worlds and also throughout the abstract mental plane. As
the ‘breath’ is brought down from the monad this allows the
‘identity’ to ascend. This is like the Seventh Ray equivalent
to an earlier Sixth Ray process when the soul attempts to
reach up or ‘breathe out’ to the monad. The link has now
been established and the flow is reversed. As monadic energy
pours into and eventually destroys the causal field, the
inner man is gradually released from the illusion of a fixed
identity. The Law of Fixation rules on the mental plane and
identity is ‘formalised’—firstly on the abstract levels as the
causal body from which the soul incarnates, and secondly,
in any one life as a personal ‘identity’ on the lower mental,
astral and etheric/physical planes.

It is monadic energy which will liberate the immortal
soul by destroying the illusions of lesser ‘identities’. This is
an important point—it is not the identity of the incarnated
soul-infused personality which is attempting to ‘ascend’
out of the mental plane. It is what is left over when those
identities have been destroyed. As an individual your work
will be to help others build this higher antahkarana—
firstly through the aspiring soul/personality and eventually
through the invoked descent of electric fire into the causal
field. Leave the work of instruction on building the lower
antahkarana between the soul and personality to others.
Attempt to spend more time ‘free’ from the causal field—
this can be done through the act of identification with the
ashram—attempt to ‘see’ your own causal body, those of
the group and those of the worldwide group with which I
am working as contents of one field. This is the view that a
Master has and can therefore support in your consciousness
if you are able to relax the ‘identity’ muscle. It is rather
like the ‘magic eye’ books—a certain relaxation of the focus
occurs and a three-dimensional image comes into view. A
certain relaxation of the identity occurs and then, firstly
the causal bodies of your group are perceived (this would
indicate a location of identity on the first subplane of the
mental plane) and then the ashram as a whole is ‘seen’
when the location of identity (or should I say when what
is left of the being once identity is taken away) is on the
buddhic plane.
All discussion about whether or not there is an
‘individual monad’ belongs to the mental plane. On
the buddhic plane there is only a shared realisation of
identity with the ashram and the perception of greater
‘identifications’ that will take place on higher levels. There
is a ‘science’ that relates to the building of the higher

antahkarana as well as the lower. Just as the soul becomes
actively involved once the personality has completed
the dedicated work of contact, so the monad becomes
actively involved once the soul/personality fusion has
reached a certain stage. Both the higher and lower strands
are completed from both directions. In fact it is only
consciousness which is being completed; the antahkarana
itself ever exists and is eventually recognised as the source of
Life itself when the consciousness is able to extend from the
monad to the base chakra of the personal self.
This higher science has everything to do with the
Shamballa mysteries. Shamballa energy is now impacting
humanity directly. This is equivalent to the monad
impacting the personality. In order to complete the triangle,
the personality must be able to respond directly, thus
closing the circuit. Man must be educated in his personal
waking consciousness about the relationship to the monad
but this must only occur when the soul and personality
have achieved a certain level of integration. The descent of
soul energy into the personal vehicles produces glamour and
illusion initially. The descent of monadic energy into the
soul produces crisis. The reverse is also true—it is the light
of the soul which is able to clear the glamours and illusions
of the personality. It is the life of the monad which is able
to resolve the crises of the incarnated soul.
Before the Second Initiation, there is no contact of
any real conscious nature with the monad. The crisis of
the astral nature at the Second degree is so great that the
point of tension created opens the channel to the monad
for the first time. Crisis invokes response. Once the disciple
understands this process they can eventually invoke monadic
energy at will. Crisis is now the result of the invocation
and not the cause. The soul is being in effect ‘evoked’ by

the monad. The inflowing ‘Life’ has become much more
attractive to the individual and this attraction is strong
enough to offset the negative experiences that the lower
nature endures as a result. This process culminates in the
Fourth Initiation.

October 15 2002

I have some personal instructions for you this

morning. I would like our work to enter into a new phase
that involves a deeper training in surrender. Up until now I
have been putting ideas into your mind and you have been
developing them yourself. For the advanced teaching that I
am intending to impart I will need to have a greater degree
of control over the process. This will mean that you must
be able to surrender more fully to my consciousness and
to allow it to express more fully without the interference
of your own mind. This is why you are experiencing an
aversion to thought and to mental processes as I seek to
liberate your consciousness from its identification with the
mental plane. In order for me to do this work you must be
able to abstract yourself—to move your soul consciousness
higher—to rest in the inner place of peace while I am
writing through you.
You will experience this as an intensely restful and
blissful experience and your training is to be able to hold
this point of inner focus and tension for longer and longer
periods. It is a definite training. The more fully you are able
to hold this inner alignment the more fully I will be able to
use your vehicles and therefore the more vital information
I will be able to deliver. If your consciousness is present
and trying to understand and filter all the information
as it comes through, then a much longer and more
laborious process results. I am in effect then limited by the
limitations of your consciousness—the result will be work
that is on the outer limits of what you are able to penetrate
into yourself, aided by my energy.
I seek to do something more however. To give
information which is beyond that which you are capable

of presently understanding—information which will be
useful to students studying in years to come. To do this I
must be able to bypass the intelligence in you which seeks
to understand, and merely express information through
you. To do this you will need to experience a greater
degree of being ‘out of control’—however if you do this
correctly your consciousness will be restored and renewed
as it rests in the high place. Your benefit will come as a
result of being able to move aside for periods of time. The
experience is somewhat like being able to die while you are
still alive. You, as a soul, merely surrender your vehicles and
return to a deeper focus in the ashram and more and more,
the monad.
This opens a greater door between inner and outer
existence, allowing you to rejuvenate yourself as a soul. You
must remember that the capacity to liberate oneself as a soul
is not necessarily related to the capacity for wisdom. At the
Third degree you are able to conquer ‘death’ and travel more
easily between the inner and outer worlds. This is a stage that
marks the end of the soul’s education in the three worlds
and the beginning of the higher education of the soul as it
seeks to work consciously in the five worlds. As a Master of
the five worlds I am able to impart information or concepts
which express this experience so that disciples will be able to
make more rapid progress as a result of preparation for what
lies ahead of them. You must learn to move aside and trust
this process without trying to control it.
The control comes from a two-fold concern. The
first is that you fear the quality and accuracy of the
information—you attempt to overcome this by filtering it
through what you already know and thus limit what can
come through. In order to overcome this fear I suggest you
take the experimental approach. Continue to use your time

on Wednesday morning for writing which you share with
your group. Then make some more time available, while
you are prepared and still fresh for cutting edge writing
where you attempt to move further aside in the process.
Share this with no one but evaluate it yourself over time—
say a month or two.
The second fear is more difficult to overcome. You
fear being ‘taken over’ by me. This is a result of your
identification with your causal body. The analogy in the
three worlds is the fear of someone else’s emotions working
through your physical body. In the latter analogy, you
must be able to say ‘no’ to the process first in order to
later surrender yourself to merging with another. When the
merging is unconscious and particularly when the merging
is against your will, then damage occurs and fear results.
You can work to overcome this fear by remembering that
you are the ‘sovereign’ of your own vehicles and have choice
over when and how they are used. The other side of the
fear is a desire to leave and not return which manifests as a
desire to be ‘taken over’ and let someone else be responsible
for your life.
This work is only possible when an individual in
the three worlds is fully responsible for their own soul
purpose and expression AND in addition makes time for
their vehicles to be available for a higher purpose—in this
case to be utilised by my consciousness in order to express
a body of teaching. The point to remember is that when
you are identified with and therefore ‘invested’ in the ‘not-
self ’ you become both protective of that ‘not self ’ and
desirous of being liberated from it at the same time. These
are conflicting impulses and they can be experienced by the
soul in relationship to the causal body as well as by the
emotional body in relationship to the physical body. The

key is disidentification resulting in disinvestment. This is the
very thing you will achieve by lifting your focus higher for
longer and longer periods to dwell in the inner sanctuary.
As a by-product of this process, you will also develop a
greater trust in me and find that your vehicles are much
more rapidly developed as a result of their brief ‘inhabiting’
by my consciousness.
So let us attempt something of this: Begin with this
seed thought —‘As a soul I am Master of my personality. It
is my field of expression and the way by which I learn to
manifest my purpose. I now willingly surrender that field
for (specific period of time) in order for it to be used by
He who is Master of me in the same way that I am Master
of my personality. This surrender is accomplished through
the active principle of Love.’

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