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Besinger Drive * Carpentersville, Illinois 60110

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June 18,2008

Carrie Viehweg
State Director
Save A Life Foundation
520 E. Capitol Street
Springfield, IL 62701

RE: Save A Life Foundation Donation

Dear Ms. Viehweg,

Enclosed you will Find donation checks totaling $ 4,200.00 collected by the Village of
Carpentersville on behalf of Save A Life Foundation. I fully support your mission to
equip children "with basic life supporting first aid (LSFA) skills to empower bystanders
in aiding the injured or ill in a time of an emergency".

I look forward to the start of the program within our schools next fall and am cetlain it
will be a success.

On behalf of the Village of Carpentersville, I would like to thank you for the opportunity
you have presented to strengthen our community and support such a worthy cause.


Bill Sarto
Village President

Cc: Village Board

Fire Chief
Village Manager


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