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b. Differentiate among all Address Resolution Techniques in a tabular


The mechanism for performing address resolution depends on the protocol and hardware
addressing schemes. However, there are three basic categories.

Table lookup Closed-form computation Dynamic message exchange

bindings or mappings are a computer's hardware address computers exchange messages

stored in a table in memory can be computed from the across a network to resolve an
which is searched when protocol address using basic address.
necessary numeric operations

The table lookup approach Closed-form computation is often Dynamic message exchange usually
requires an array where each used in networks which have consists of hosts exchanging
element contains a pair (P, H) configurable addresses and values information by agreeing to answer
where P is a protocol address are chosen to optimise the resolution requests for their
and H is the corresponding translation from protocol address addresses.
hardware address to hardware address
The chief advantage of the Protocol address based on Use network to resolve IP addresses
table lookup approach is hardware address
generality - a protocol address Data link layer derives hardware
can map to an arbitrary address from protocol address
hardware address
Use a simple list containing IP Computation involves basic Message exchange with other
address and hardware address Boolean and arithmetic computer(s) returns hardware
for each host on net. operations address to source
Data link layer looks up Data link layer derives hardware Data link layer sends message
protocol address to find address from protocol address requesting hardware address
hardware address

TCP/IP can use any of the three address resolution methods and uses the Address
Resolution Protocol (ARP) to ensure that all hosts use a common format for requests and
responses. A request message contains an IP address and requests the corresponding

hardware address; a reply message contains both the IP address and the corresponding
hardware address