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7:00 p.m. January 18, 2011
Aqua Water Community Room,
415 Old Austin Hwy.

1. Call to Order – Ed Skarnulis, President

2. Approval of 11/16/10 meeting minutes – Sue Lane McCulley, Secretary
a. Status of Final By Laws Changes (already approved)
3. Architectural Control Committee Report – Tom Arcy, Chair
a. Status of RV removal
4. Treasurer’s Report – Bill Haschke, Treasurer
a. Update on foreclosure notices
5. Road Committee Report - John Clark, Chair
a. Discussion of Residents’ request for speed bumps or humps
6. Member Comments
7. Old Business
a. Discussion and approval of Board and ACC agenda for Annual Meeting
b. Review and final approval of Articles of Incorporation
8. New Business
a. Bids for maintaining Association signage landscaping – Ed
b. Mulching request (attached)
9. Adjournment