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Nursing Patient Teaching

Drug Indication Mechanism of Action Side Effects


Date ordered: Prevention and prevents the growth of a wide SKIN: Skin necrosis, 1. Prepare the
07-15-10 treatment of wound array of bacteria, as well as erythema multiforme, skin medication as - Teach patient
sepsis in patients with yeast, on the damaged skin discoloration, burning prescribed. that drug is
Generic name: second- and third- sensation, rashes, and contraindicated
Silver Sulfadiazine degree burns. interstitial nephritis. 2. Maintain sterility in patients who
when preparing and are
Brand name: administering the hypersensitive to
Flamazine medication. silver
sulfadiazine or
Dosage: 3. Administer the any of the other
Topical bid medication as ingredients in
prescribed. the preparation.
Anti-microbial 4. Document the - Instruct patient
procedure and note the to comply to the
patient’s reaction. physician’s
order on the
frequency of
application of
the drug to