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I am working on a ASME Section IX procedure qualification using A335 Grade P91

pipe. I am planning to use this Procedure Qualification (PQR) as the basis for a Welding
Procedure Specification (WPS) for a seal welding A182 Grade F91 valve body forging to
valve bonnet forging. However, I am having difficulty in obtaining the final hardness that
we are looking for. Our product engineer tells me that we need to be Max hardness of
238HB to comply with API 602 and the Max material hardness according to ASTM
A182 Grade F91. My final hardness by Vicker's method after PWHT is right around 238
with weld and HAZ usually 232HB to 243HB.

We are using a GTAW for all passes. Our filler metal wire meets the proper XFactor and
the composition of Mn+Ni is 1.29%. Preheat is around 420F/215 Deg C. with MAX
Interpass Temp is 482F/250 DegC. We are allowing the weld to cool to just under
200F/95 DegC and then I am heating (wrapping with ceramic blanket and insulation)
rapidly to 600F/315 Deg c and then 175/Hr (80 DegC/Hr) from there to 1410F
(765 DegC). We then hold at 1410F(765 degC) for 4 hours and then control cool to
600F(315 DegC) and then open insulation and let cool in air until room temperature.

I have tried a number of resources from so local metallurgists to some field welding and
heat treating professionals and they all believe that our methods are sound and we should
be getting the results that we need. I am at a loss and would appreciate any direction
anyone can offer.