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(Implement the following on Linux or Unix and use C Language)

1 General Purpose Commands.

a) Display the date in the specified dd/mm/yy format.

b) Display the calendar for the year Jan 2009
c) Display the number of users who are logged in to the network
d) Display the last date and time of reboot of the UNIX server
e) Identify the user and lists the user names, terminal line, the date of login.
f) Display details about your operating system
g) Display the help level for the cat command
h) Display the message on the screen

2 Directory Handling Commands.

a) Display the current working directory

b) Display all the files including hidden files
c) Display all the files in the sub directories
d) Create a new directory.
e) Remove the existing directory.

3 File Handling Commands.

a) To change the directory

b) To create a file in the existing directory
c) To copy the old file to new file
d) To count the number of lines, characters and words in a file.
e) To remove the file.

4 Input and Output Redirection.

a) Redirect the system date contents to a file.

b) Concatenate two files and displays the contents.
c) List the files.
d) List the files ending ‘a’
5 Pipes and Filters.
a) Display the entire file in Uppercase.
b) To extract logins of people whose login names starts with “09”
c) Display the first three lines in the file top
d) Display the last three lines in the file top.

6 Program to calculate the Area of the Triangle and Square of the number.

7 Program to check whether the number is Odd or Even.

8 Program to generate Odd Numbers from the given number.

9 Program to generate Student Mark List.

10 Program to generate Menu Driven Program.

11 Program to check whether the given number is palindrome or not.

12 Program to generate Fibonacci Series.

13 Program to calculate the Number of Vowels in a String.

14 Program to find the Sum of first ‘N’ Natural Numbers.

15 Program to find the Sum of Digits in the given number.

16 Program to perform Linear Search using function.

17 Program to print the elements of an Array using Pointers.

18 Program to find the Length of the String.

19 Program to Concatenate two Strings.

20 Program to copy the Contents of one file to another.

21 Program to find the factorial of 1!+2!+…….+n!

22 Program to convert positive number to negative number

23 Program to find the biggest of three numbers