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p= fh > } / / I: COURT OF SPECIAL MAGISTRATE, CBI, GHAZIABAD ii (guy Name of Branch: _ SC-Il_{FIR'Nof1() Year 2008 Date: 31.05.2008) _ : (e2) Pinal Report/Chargesheet No:_ (3) Date Z «M4 @Act: ES __Sections oS Sections (itact Sections: 2s (iv) Others Acts and Sections. (05) Type of Final Form/Report ~ Not Charge sheeted for want of evidence . (06) IfFinal! >0rt Unoccurred - False/Mistake of fact/Mistake of Law/Non- : cognizat::.. Civil S tick applicable portion) (07) If Chargesheeted: Original/ Supplementary ee a (tick applicable portion) (08) Name of the 1.0. A.G.L. KAU), Rank: ADDL. SP. i (03) (a) Nameof the Complainant/Informant: Dr. Rajesh Talwar (b) Father's Name Late Dr.J.R. Talwar (10) Details of Properties/Articles/Documents recovered/Seized during the investigation and relied upon (separate list can be attached, if necessary). Lists attached i Property | Estimated [PSProperty [From 7 Disposal No. | Description | Value (in | Register No. | whom/where | | |Rs) recovered or t | -~ | selzed | . f + a z sour i | » Nationality: India (wits Date of Is Be OP seta os Slee or ti. | | c verified, iii) Dates Year of Birti {¥) Nationality: ___(vi) Passport No:____ Pate ee ee Teceofieeue ie (vii) Religion: _ —_____.(Wiii) Whether sc/st/ ope. (2) Occupation: @) Address Whether verified Provisional Criminal No, nee Regular Criminal No.(if known)_ Date of Arrest (xiv) Date of release on bail, (xv) _ Date on which forwarded to Court (xvi) Under Acts & Sections (xvil) Name(s) of bailers/sureties and address eather eat Hc ale (vil Previous convictions with case reference___ en (xix) Status of the accused (@orwarded/Bailed by Potice/Bailed by Coury Judicial Cus Absconding/Proclaimed offender) Patticulars of accused persons - not charge-sheeted (use se arate sheet for each accused) Name: Dr.Raiesh Talwar Whether ver; : (i)Pather’s Name: Late Dr J. Talwar (iii) Date Year. tint: Gv) Sex Ria aN onality “Indian (viy-Passn. (Wid Date of HD Place of? ay cet (xiv) Suspicion approved _ ay vi @ Gy (iv) (vii) Date of Issue: (ix) (xi) (xiv) (xv) Provisiona! Cciminal No, ) Status of accused (suspect)_On bail. By Court, (Balled by police/bailed by court/in judicial custody/ absconlingy proclaimed offender’. xt arrested) 3) Under Acts & Sections (xvil) Any special remarks including reasons for not charge sheeting to icient Name: Krishna Thadarai Whether verified. Father's Name : Shri Chitrabahadur (iii) Date/Year of Birth _ Sex: Male (v) Nationality : (wD) Passport No:_, (viii) Place of Issue : Religion: Hindu (x) Whether SC/ST/ OBC:__ Occupation: ___ (xii) Address : L-14, Sector25, Jalvayu Vihar, Noide. Distt. Gautar: Budh Nagar, UP, (xiii) Provisional Criminal No. Lia oi ) Suspicion approved. fa (Ye 29) Status of accused (suspect)_On bail. By Court {Bailed by police /bailed by court/in judic: \dy/ absco-: procizimed offender/not arrested) wil cat ) Under Acts & Sertions__—— i) Any special remarks including reasons (4 1 ‘ ~saa ayy on) (iv) (vii) (ix) (xi) (xii) (xiti) (xiv) (xv) (xvi) NemesRaj Kumar Wieth Father's Name: Sh. Shiv Kumar (ili) Date/Year of Birth:__ Sex:Male (v) Nationality _— (vi) Passport No. Date of Issue: _. (viii) Place of Issue = Religion; Hindu (x) Whether SC/ST/ OBC: _ Occupation:_ Address : Flat No. 35-A, Kanchanjanea Apartment, Sec-35. P.S. ‘Seo20, Noida, UP. Provisional Criminal No. Suspicion approved _ Status of accused (suspect)_On bail. By Court Bailed by police/bailed by court/in judicial custody/ absconding’ proclaimed offender/not arrested) Under Acts & Sections (xvii) Any special remarks including reasons for not charge sheeting @ Gi) Gv) (vii) (ix) isi) (si) d inns tigation Name: VijavMandla Whether verified Father’s Name : Sh, Domain Mandal (iii) Date/Year of Birta;_____ Sex: Male (v) Nationality (e) Passport No: Place of Issue Date of Issue: Religion: Hindu ‘a; Whether SC/ST OB« Occupation: Address : [22 Jalvey Vihar, Noida s vet (se) State temused suspect Te i (Ballet by policerbaited by cosiry in iulicual custody absconding broiaiined offender/not arr. 1 (vi) Under Acts & Sections es (xvi) Any special remarks inchudins: reasons tor not charge sheeting Found innocent during investigation \ G)_ Particulars of witnesses to be examined: i (Attach separate sheet, fresjuired) Name Fathers? [Date7_ occupation | Adil | Type oi | {Husband's | Yearot | i | evidence to j ! Birth | be tendered | — ae ie =LISTATTACHED (i) List of Artic! Attach separate sheet, if required), (14) TEFIR is false, indicate action taken Or proposes to he taken = 182/211 IPT aha. *€5) Result sf labs alysis : k B46) Briere Jd separate sheet tan 9 Attached Sess } 5 7) Refer Notice served _ Date. (18) Despatched on ake (1%) No. of enclosures. (20) Listofenclosures: As annexed Forwara. Bilfat! S PoticeoB) same. Nidakh,.. Mohere SP aml Signature of the Investigating Office: Submitting the Final Report/Chargesheet err creerd rani Achebe, SP AG ADDL. SU CRIME: