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Interested in
participating in country
processes? Do you want
your country stories
disseminated? The
following members of the
Country Outreach Team
are ready to work with

Nicole Benedicto
 Team Leader and Outreach
Country Outreach Officer
for Latin America
The IBON/Reality of Aid country outreach
Ava Danlog
program for the broad implementation of the Outreach Officer
for Asia Pacific
Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) seeks to achieve
greater and more meaningful involvement of
Myrna Maglahus
CSOs in bringing change in aid effectiveness Outreach Officer
for Africa
policy and practice.The strategy towards this is mmaglahus@realityofaid.org
capacity development of CSOs in order for Nicolas Gloeckl
Communications Officer
them to initiate policy dialogue spaces that ngloeckl@realityofaid.org
allow for broader and inclusive participation of
various kinds of CSOs at country and local 
level.These efforts are expected to contribute

to changes in policy along a development
effectiveness approach. International
Country outreach work will
Country Outreach
be based on the country- around the World
level plans of CSOs who are
involved in aid effectiveness Africa:
and development
effectiveness advocacy. A C. African Rep. Liberia
broad range of CSOs will be Cameroon Malawi
Ghana Mozambique
encouraged to participate Kenya Nigeria
and work together to Lesotho Rwanda
engage their respective
governments, parliaments Senegal
and development partners
in the implementation and Zambia
monitoring of AAA Zimbabwe
Asia Pacific:
RoA is the partner agency of
the BetterAid in this Bangladesh Kyrgyzstan
program. IBON Cambodia Lebanon
International is China Mongolia
implementing the outreach Egypt Morocco
Indonesia Philippines
through the Reality of Aid
network. Sri Lanka
East Timor

Latin America:
Engagement Colombia Ecuador
Bolivia Honduras
Aid and Development
Effectiveness Peru