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• Team briefing has following attributes: Ø It is a Consistent and Measurable process Ø It helps convey strategic and operational information .What is Team Briefing? • Team Briefing is a system of communication operated by a management information system that enables leaders and their teams to talk about things that are relevant to their work.


Need for Team Briefing .

Characteristics of Team Briefing • Meetings are face-to-face in teams of 4-15 • They may last around 30 minutes • They are presided by team leaders like the supervisor or manager • They may be held periodically with dates and time set in advance. .

Process .


§ Prevent you from deviating from t the main topic. . § For critical evaluation. § Facilitates interaction. §Small size of the audience for effective bbriefing. Commitment Crucial for successful briefing and for accomplishing any action C la rity o f P u rp o se id e th e Ta rg e t A u d ie n ce §Enables you to decide for the c contents.

 Plan & Prepare .

Structure of the Briefing .


Benefits .

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