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Order the words to make a question or a sentence.

Example: you / the / enjoy / didn't / meal / ?
Didn't you enjoy the meal?

1. year / vacation / go / last / you / did / on / ?


2. movie / a / isn't / this / fantastic / ?


3. instrument / play / can / a / you / musical / ?


7. speak / you / better / practice / , / more / the / you / will / the / .


8. more / uncomfortable / hotter / it / , / the / the / I / is / feel / .


Complete the sentence with one word.

Example: Your sister speaks Spanish, doesn't she?

9. You've been to France, __________ you?

10. A Will you be at the party?

B No, I __________. I wasn't invited.

11. I eat meat, but my sister __________.

12. A Billy doesn't like me any more.

B He __________ like you! He told me yesterday.

13. A I'd love to be famous.

B You __________? I'd hate it.

Complete the sentence. Use the present perfect simple or present perfect continuous form of the verb in

Example: Have you ever had (you / ever / have) an operation?

15. How long ________________________________________ (you / study) English?

16. I'm tired because I ________________________________________ (paint) the house all day.

17. I ________________________________________ (just / see) Tess at the library.

18. Sam ________________________________________ (not talk) to me recently. I don't know why.

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Choose the word that is different.
19. Sorry, I can't go out. I ________________________________________
D) (not do) my homework yet.

Complete the word(s) in the sentence. 38.

Choose the word that is different.
Example: Sally doesn't likeA)
sharing her friends. She's very possessive.
21. Josh is really s__________.B) He never changes his opinion, even when he's wrong.
a cold
22. Liz is very i___________.C)She often acts without thinking.
23. Some people say I'm r__________
D) because I don't like to show my feelings.
24. Harry wants a good job and lots of money. He's very a__________.

25. Ben's a c__________ person. He's always in a good mood.

Underline the correct word.

Example: My new boyfriend is definitely Mr. ___. He's my perfect partner.

A) Good

B) Right

C) Correct

29. James isn't my ___. He's too young, and he's very silly.
A) kind
B) match

C) type

30. I hate making ___ talk with people at parties. I never know what to say.
A) big
B) small

C) little

31. Susie is incredibly ___. She is always looking at a mirror!

A) calm
B) vain

C) wise

Choose the word that is different.

Example: A) bruise
B) blister

C) cough

D) rash
35. Choose the word that is different.
A) wound
B) X-ray

C) scan

D) operation

36. Choose the word that is different.

A) heart attack
B) stroke

C) food poisoning

D) bandage


Write the word(s) with the same sound.

pressure allergy ache checkup cough specialist

Example: jazz allergy

41. shower __________, __________

42. key __________, __________

43. chess __________

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Read the article. Underline the correct answer.

Increasingly these days, people lead busy professional lives in which they have little time for lunch, let alone time
to meet the next possible Mr. or Ms. Right. The emphasis in our lives is on making the most of our free time by
spending quality time with our family and friends. So, it's no surprise that speed dating has become so popular.
Speed dating is an organized event where busy men and women have three-minute chats with more eligible
members of the opposite sex than they would usually meet in a year. Then they decide who might or might not be a
potential partner. It's a great example of perfect time management.
Speed dating is a relatively new phenomenon. The first event was staged at a cafe in Beverly Hills, California, in
1998 and was organized by a group of Jewish students who wanted to meet other singles of the same religion.
They were sure it was a good idea and expected that a large number of people would enjoy it, but not immediately.
Within a very short time, however, it had spread everywhere, and its popularity was confirmed when a speed-
dating story line appeared in a hit comedy series on TV.
It hasn't taken sociologists very long to take an interest, either. A study carried out in 2005 discovered that it took
hardly any time at all for men and women to choose who they would like to meet again in the future. Just seconds,
in fact. This study would appear to completely undermine the argument of all those romantics who wonder how
three minutes can possibly be enough to decide whether somebody might be "the one." Interestingly, women have
a greater instinct for this than men. In a 2006 study carried out by a Scottish university, over 40 percent of women,
which was twice the percentage figure for men, had made their minds up about the person they were talking to
within 30 seconds.
Other studies have looked into how to increase your chances of success when attending a speed dating event.
These studies have produced some interesting results. For example, what you smell like could be vital. And I'm not
talking about remembering to take a shower before you go. Women are attracted to men with a similar background
and interests but with a very different scent. There's no greater turn off than a guy with an identical natural body
smell, it would seem. Height, too, seems to be important to attraction, although short men shouldn't lose all hope.
The important thing is to be a few inches taller than the woman you're trying to talk to. Being too tall can be just as
bad as not being tall enough.
What you talk about can make all the difference, too. You'd think that speaking intelligently about the latest movie
or play would impress a potential partner, but nothing could be further from the truth. No one likes someone who's
too smart. According to a recent study, it's life experiences that attract the opposite sex, so don't forget to tell them
about all those places you've been to and things you've seen.

Example: People are busier now than in the past.

A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

49. According to the writer, we have less time to meet potential partners now.
A) True
B) False

C) Doesn't say

50. Speed dating seems like an unusual activity in today's modern society.
A) True
B) False

C) Doesn't say
51. The first speed dating event aimed to bring together people of completely different backgrounds.
A) True
B) False

C) Doesn't say

52. The people who arranged the first speed dating event thought it would become popular very quickly.
A) True
B) False

C) Doesn't say

53. According to a 2005 study, when people meet for the first time, most only need a few seconds to decide if
they like someone or not.
A) True
B) False

C) Doesn't say


59. Write an e-mail to a friend describing someone you have gotten to know recently. Write 140-180
words. (8 points) Write it on a separate paper and include the following information:
- how you met
- a description of the positive and negative aspects of your new friend's personality
- what you have in common in terms of personality and interests


[AEF4 T2] Listen to Mark and his friend Claire talking about their answers to a personality quiz. According
to the quiz, which personal qualities does Mark have? Choose the five personal qualities mentioned or

60. According to the quiz, Mark is ___.

A) imaginative
B) immature

C) sincere

D) unreliable

E) loyal

F) stubborn

G) irritable

H) sociable

I) assertive

J) helpful

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Answer Key

1. Did you go on vacation last year?

2. Isn't this a fantastic movie?
3. Can you play a musical instrument?
4. What are you thinking about?
5. How many students are in your class?
6. Could you tell me where the movie theater is?
7. The more you practice, the better you will speak.
8. The hotter it is, the more uncomfortable I feel.
9. haven't
10. won't
11. doesn't
12. does
13. would
14. am
15. have you been studying / have you studied
16. have been painting / 've been painting
17. have just seen / 've just seen
18. hasn't been talking / hasn't talked
19. haven't done
20. has your brother had
21. stubborn
22. impulsive
23. reserved
24. ambitious
25. cheerful
26. immature
27. open-minded
28. insincere
29. C
30. B
31. B
32. A
33. C
34. B
35. A
36. D
37. C
38. C
39. D
40. C
41. pressure, specialist
42. ache, cough
43. checkup
44. A
45. B
46. C
47. A
48. C
49. A
50. B
51. B
52. B
53. A
54. C
55. B
56. B
57. B
58. B
59. Student's own answers.
60. A, B, D, F, H
61. A
62. B
63. A
64. C
65. C

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