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Published by: Lakshmi Narasimhan on Mar 07, 2011
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~Computer Virus~

The things you MUST know

Brought to You By Sumanta Majumdar Dept. Of Electrical Engg. 2010,GNIT


‡ Virus show us loopholes in software. ‡ Most virus are targeted at the MS Windows OS . ‡ With the increasing use of the internet.Introduction ‡ About Virus ‡ Computer virus have become today¶s headline news. it has become easier for virus to spread.

such as inserting a virus into a computer system or ‡ ‡ ‡ . Trojan Horse: A computer program that appears to perform one function while actually doing something else. that is programs with exe filename extensions Payload: The disruptive instructions or message delivered by a computer virus. destroying data. Boot Sector Virus: A computer virus that infects the sectors on a disk that contain the data a computer uses during the boot process. displaying an irritating message. or otherwise disrupting computer operations.~ Classifying Computer Virus ~ ‡ A program designed to attach itself to a file. and spread from one file to another. Payloads can range from just being annoying to destroying data and files on a computer system. Macro Virus: A computer virus that infects the macros that are attached to documents and spreadsheets. reproduce. The virus spreads every time the infected disk is in the computer when it boots. ‡ ‡ File Virus: A computer virus that infects executable files.

on the order of hours to days ³Latent virus´ . Transmission time to a new host is relatively low.* Virus through the Internet * Today almost 87% of all viruses are spread through the internet.

. Denial of service (dos)«. Computer runs slower then usual. & Many More. .Symptoms of Virus Attack ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Computer no longer boots up. Files/directories sometimes disappear. PC speaker beeps periodically. System crashes for no reason. Screen sometimes flicker.

so two programs are infected. ‡ The user has no way to know that the virus ever ran. and the cycle continues. ‡ Unfortunately.~Computer Virus~ How They Spread ‡ A virus runs first when a legitimate program is executed. ‡ If it can find one. . ‡ Then the virus launches the "real program³. ‡ then other programs get infected. it modifies it to add the virus's code to the new program. ‡ The virus loads itself into memory and looks to see if it can find any other programs on the disk. they infect other programs. the virus has now reproduced itself. ‡ When the infected program o is distributed by  floppy disk  uploaded to a bulletin board  zipped and delivered as an executable. ‡ The next time either of those programs gets executed.

. ‡ Avoid programs from unknown sources (like the Internet). ‡ Stick with commercial software purchased on CDs.~Computer Virus~ How To Prevent Them ‡ Security features keep viruses away. ‡ Buy virus protection software.

~Computer Virus~ How To Prevent Them ‡ With E-mail viruses o defense is personal discipline  Never double-click on an attachment that contains an executable program  Attachments that come in as  Word files (.DOC)..JPG).XLS). are data files  and they can do no damage . spreadsheets (.GIF and . images (. etc.

 do not forward warnings if you haven¶t personally checked them out! .~Computer Virus~ How To Prevent Them ‡ Don¶t victimize yourself o learn where to find legitimate information on hoaxes. myths etc.

 simply because he knows how to use a computer.  because of expertise in another computer field. .  The person feels competent to discuss viruses because of  his job title.~Computer Virus~ How To Prevent Them Don¶t fall for the ‡ "False Authority Syndrome´ o Most people who claim to speak with authority about computer viruses have little or no genuine expertise.

buy a Mac ‡ Buy virus protection software .~Computer Virus~ How To Prevent Them ‡ E-mail is clearly the predominant vulnerability point for viruses o Current viruses are spread via security holes in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express  Free patches are available from Microsoft to address these problems  many people are reluctant to apply them. update your system with Windows Update and Office Update o or. ‡ First.

~Computer Virus~ How To Scan? .

~Computer Virus~ Anti-Virus Is Scanning .

~Computer Virus~ Finding Out A Virus .

Computer Virus ‡ Acknowledgement ‡ My special thanks goes to Sri Supriyo Ghosh (Dept. Sec. V) for helping & suggesting me about different kind of computer viruses & their characteristics. .Techno India. of BCA.

Computer Virus ‡ Be Original Kill Piracy. .

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