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Published by: Raoul Amores on Mar 18, 2011
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Permaculture Learning Group2 (PLG2

Rationale The need to address the pressing environmental & sustainability issues has become undeniably urgent today. Permaculture proposes a new perspective directed towards: “Redesigning our way of life based on Nature,” leading to simple yet effective solutions doable here and now today. PLG2 Objectives The Permaculture Learning group seeks to internalize a way of thinking and designing that leads to a sustainable way of life, based on the principles from the natural world derived by Bill Mollison & David Holmgren. The general goal of the group is to learn how to re-design one’s way of life based on Nature, and in doing so advance toward the establishment of localized eco-systems that are stable, productive and resilient. The specific output of the learning group participants is to prepare a permaculture inspired design solution for a specific personal project/s that may commence after the 8 module program, or be an update/upgrade of an ongoing project. Qualified Participants Only individuals who have proven interest & personal positive action in relation to environmental and sustainability issues are allowed to join. Furthermore, only those who genuinely seek to learn the permaculture mind & heart and approach may join the learning group so as to avoid time that could be lost in theoretical & polemical discussions. It is important that all who join the learning group have been through a suitable permaculture orientation session. Methodology In order to attain the maximum learning over the 8 module program; the following methodology shall be utilized: • 8 x 3 hour group sessions, once a week 6-9pm, dates to be agreed by group • assigned personal study materials: videos & reading materials in digital format • assigned personal learning activities between sessions • group discussions • field visit(s) • permaculture design project + presentation Organizational items • coordinator for PLG2: Emma Ramas • an attendance of no less than 18 hours is required for the issuance of the certificate of attendance • participants will need a computer to access learning materials provided in digital format • organizational meeting shall be called before the start of program • planned start of program: last week of Feb or early March 2011 Items provided for participants • Book: Earth User’s Guide by Rose Mary Morrow • DVD or USB with digital learning materials • Permaculture T shirt • Certificate of Attendance • Suitably healthy food & drink during the sessions Learning Guides Joel Lee, entrepreneur, permaculture designer and qualified technical trainor, completed Permaculture training with Geoff Lawton in NSW Australia in March 2008, several permaculture projects including KPAF in Carcar, KGZ in Kamagayan Cebu City, Elicon Café, business applications of Permaculture in partnership with Mayflower Hotels & Properties Group, founding team leader of Permaculture in Cebu, Organizer of First Philippine Permaculture Convergence Feb 2010, current CEO MRI, Founder & Managing Director of Gelato Eliseo formerly Technical Director & Trainor Don Bosco School of Printing-Makati (1992-96), formerly Production Manager Don Bosco Press-Makati (1991-96), formerly Technical Coordinator Don Bosco Out of School Youth Training Program-Labangon

pioneer of First Philippine Permaculture Convergence in Cebu Feb 2010. cut flowers. PERMACULTURE LEARNING GROUP 2 Outline 1 Introduction. outsourcing of CAD projects. Pioneer Trainor for Cut flower cultivation & techniques: Baguio. design & construction of fresh water fish pond for tilapia and hito production. cultivation of high value crops broccoli. Store manager Papua New Guinea: General merchandise. establish and supervise sustainability projects with partners under the Green Kalinga: aloe vera integrated cultivation & processing farm. builder and innovation leader. vermiculture. community infrastructure. organic pork. Woodworking. Mining Engineering practice 1987-88: Silica Mining. Market Encounter for Cut flower in HK 1995. 2007 Conceptualization & Design of Smart Eco homes. NGOs. USAID trainings for Cut Flowers in Ohio State University 1995 . Certified Natural Farming Trainor since Sept 2010. coordination & linkages with partners & communities: government agencies. a veteran community development organizer. Aklan. organic vegetables. pioneer of First Philippine Permaculture Convergence in Cebu Feb 2010. roses. beekeeper. For other payment options and arrangements. solid waste management thru MRF & composting. natural waste water treatment facilities. Pioneer CAD instructor in Cebu 1988-91. Excludes costs related to field trips. volunteers. Iligan. owner-manager Arch Raguel Construction: housing & subdivision development. disaster area rehabilitation Raoul Amores. duck. cabbage. site development.Cebu (1986-88): Machine Shop. native chicken production. Pioneer Beekeeping in Bohol. Farm Manager Greenfield Farm 1985-87: rice. Formal Beekeeping training 2001. Queen Bee rearing seminar at DMMSU La Union Aug 2003. pineapples. Davao. completed Mining Engineering 1982. coastal clean-up. livestock. permaculture applications. fruits. Gensan. implement community based programs for livelihood.000/participant paid up at start of program. Assessing our way of Life • state of our world’s affairs • issue of limits • call of the time: sustainability • permaculture perspective: ethics http://permacultureprinciples. Implemented 100% Organic Rice Production using SRI technology. please contact Joel Lee through cebupermaculture@gmail. 1996-2000 VP Omni Construct: training of first American standard of construction in Cebu using technologies & power tools. 22 yrs flower cultivation and distribution . food security project thru bayan-anihan. Industrial Electronics. design and implemented 6 earth dams. Lipa. specialized training in Offset Printing technology & Color Reproduction in Verona Italy. etc. recent convert to Permaculture & Natural Farming. Chris Fadriga. Specialized trainings on organic production of vegetables.com/ethics. coral reef rehabilitation. carnation 1995. Technical Working Group Visayas for the Philippine National Federation of Cut Flower growers (1992-97). farmer. formerly Electrical Department Head of Don Bosco Technical School-Labangon Cebu (1985-88).php 2 Permaculture Mind & Heart • web of life • permaculture approach to sustainability • references of permaculture 3 Understanding Nature’s ways . Roxas. tree growing. Cebu (1996-97) Rey Balatayo. pioneer of First Philippine Permaculture Convergence in Cebu Feb 2010. Industrial Electricity. swales and used vertivier grass for erosion control. green manuring. currently Consultant of Eco Adventure Park at Balamban Cebu: natural farming practices. vegetables. completed Permaculture training in Cabiao. General Manager Cebu Integrated Organic Agri Business 26 ha Permaculture farm operations: free range chicken. established agro forest. VP Operations Bohol Agrisources 1996-2000: Pioneer Rice Seed Producer in Bohol using foundation & registered seeds. establish new community settlements. environment. experienced flower & vegetable grower. conducted training to farmers on organic rice growing. design and use of post harvest facilities: mechanical rice/corn dryers. gerbera. corn. practice intercropping methods. Nueva Ecija June 2009. quail and turkey production. schools. full time Gawad Kalinga Coordinator since 2000: community building. implemented farm road design of 21 ha family farm. Program Honorarium Minimum attendees: 20 pax. mangrove growing.com. completed Permaculture training in Cebu in Feb 2009. apiculture. Rate: Php 8. Welding. completed Permaculture training in Cebu in Feb 2009. fruits. completed Industrial Education course major in Electro-mechanics. Cut flower training in Holland: anthurium. renewable energy for small communities. Iloilo. 1996 start of researches on Permaculture.

com/flower.org.php Permaculture Design Methods • analysis • observation • random assemblies • flow diagrams • options & decisions • limiting factors http://www.php Practical Design Solutions • personal health • home & household • farm • community Integration.com/principles. Project Presentations .htm Permaculture Applications/Application Areas • land & nature stewardship • built environment • appro tech • education & culture • health & wellbeing • finance & economics • community leadership & governance http://permacultureprinciples.4 5 6 7 8 • Gaia concept • ecodynamics • principles from the natural world • patterns in nature Permaculture Design Principles • 12 design principles/david Holmgren http://permacultureprinciples.self-willed-land.uk/permaculture/design_methods.

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