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kf7\oqmdcg';f/ tof/ kfl/Psf] clt pkof]uL k':ts

For an Entrance Examination of Nepalese Police Junior

Officers (Assistant Sub Inspector ASI)

/fh]Gb| s]= ;L=

k|sfzs tyf ljt/s

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kmf]g g+=M )!–$@^^(^@

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;jf{lwsf/ M n]vsdf
d"No M $@%÷–
se/ l8hfOg M zflGt dxh{g
sDKo'6/ ;]l6Ë M >Luf]kfn dxh{g
d'b|0f M ;'hn ckm;]6 k|];

It gives me an immense joy to present this book entitled "ASI Darpan" to
my valued readers. This book has been prepared specially to cater to the
needs of the candidates who are willing to appear in the Entrance
Examination for commissioned Junior officer (ASI) in the Nepal Police.
It can also be great help to those who are interested to have some
fundamental knowledge of the Nepal Police and its selection procedures.
Furthermore, any readers who want to increase their general knowledge
and intelligent quotient will equally be benefited.
I do believe that this book helps those candidates appearing in the
Entrance Examination of the Nepal Police to come with flying colours. In
fact, it plays a pivotal role in this competitive world in making you stand
at the top. It helps the candidates tackle various problems/questions asked
by the examination board. Hence, it can be taken as a selection guide for
the applicants. The topics have been carefully and completely put in order
according to the new syllabus of the Entrance Examination for
commissioned officer in the Nepal Police as suggested by Lok Sewa
Ayog. Thorough and in depth presentation of each chapter will certainly
help the candidates have sound knowledge of the field and therefore gain
confidence for sitting for the exam.
Many hands are behind the scene that help me directly or indirectly to
make my effort fruitful. I take this opportunity to thank all of them.
During the compilation and writing of this book I have consulted various
materials and I am grateful to the writers of those materials. I have
selected and graded all the information and facts with great care and I am
solely responsible for the errors and omissions, if any. I am equally
grateful to great many readers of my previous books whose suggestions;
love and inspiration encouraged me to present this book.
I hope that this book will prove to be of immense use for those preparing
for an entrance Competitive Examination of Nepal Police. Any
constructive suggestions for the further improvement of this book are
ever heartily welcome and will be gratefully acknowledged in the
subsequent editions.

Rajendra K.C.
'Perface to the Revised Edition'
It is indeed gratifying that this book is now entering the complete rivision
once again to provide comprehensive and upto date account. The revised
edition marks a significant departure from the framework of the previous
edition. So, this edition has come up making the best effort to meet the
expectations of all also the seetions on model questions with solution and
novel ideas to problem solution and obviously new importantly every
chapter has been update and added with detailed information.
All the suggestion, critics and feedback of consultant, teachers and
students are eurolled in this revised edition. Who made valuable
suggestion and critical comments for the improvement of this book. I am
thankful to all readers of this book, Finally
Candidates will find the book in its new format less bulky and more
convient for the subjects are now more simplified. I hope that this revised
edition will be more helpful to the a readers.
It is believed that after going throughly these worked out and try yourself
readers will be able to remove all short of doubt from the mind and they
will develop confidence in them.
Silent features of this Book:
• Covers 100% course of commisssioned Junior officer (ASI) in
the Nepal Police.
• According to the latest syllabus.
• Included all important and neccessary problems.
• Included all old Questions.
• This book will further helps the candidates to make aglance of
the probles in a short span of time...
So, I request all the respected readers to point out my mistakes, If any,
and send your comments and suggestion for the furture improvement of
this book.
Wishing you "All the Best !"
Thanks !
The Writer
This Book is dedicated to
my beloved friends
Pranjali Sharma
Pragya Batham
kf7\oqmd (Syllabus)
k|x/L lgodfjnL @)$( sf] Joj:yf cg';f/ k|x/L ;+u7gdf
v'Nnf k|ltof]lutfåf/f 5gf}6 u/L gofF lgo'lQm ul/g] k|
x/L lg/LIfs kbsf] k/LIff ;DaGwdf xfn;Dd lglZrt
kf7\oqmdsf] k|sfzg gePsf] x'Fbf pQm k/LIffdf efu
lng] k/LIffyL{x¿n] k/LIffdf ;xefuL x'g lgs} cGof}nsf]
l:ylt ;fdgf ug{ kl//x]sf] ;Gbe{df of] kf7\oqmdsf]
lgdf{0f tyf k|sfzg ug]{ hdsf]{ ul/Psf] 5 . s'g} klg ;
+u7gdf of]Uo JolQmx¿sf] 5gf}6 ;+u7gsf] d"n
p2]Zo /x]sf] x'Fbf sltko cj:yfdf ljleGg sf/0fx¿n]
ubf{ of]Uo JolQmx¿ 5gf}6 x'g jl~rt /x]sf] tYo ;d]t
ljleGg cWoogx¿af6 b]lvPsf] 5 . tL ljleGg
sf/0fx¿ dWo] v'Nnf k|ltof]lutfsf] k/LIff ;DaGwdf
cfjZos hfgsf/L k|fKt ug{ g;s]sf] sf/0f k/LIffsf] t}of/L /
k/LIffdf ;lDdlnt eO{ plQ0f{ x'g lgs} g} sl7gfO{sf]
;fdgf ug{ k/]sf] tYo pQm k/LIffdf ;lDdlnt
k/LIffyL{x¿af6 a'lemg cfPsf] / k|x/L ;]jf ;DalGw
ljifox¿ ljlzi6 k|s[ltsf] x'g] / ;fdfGotM ljZjljBfnosf]
kf7\oqmd afx]ssf ljifox¿ ;d]t k/LIff lbg' kg]{ ePsf]n]
tL ljifox¿sf] ;DaGwdf lglZrt kf7\oqmdsf] dfWodåf/f
k/LIffyL{x¿nfO{ lbUbz{g lbg ;lsPsf] v08df k/LIffdf
s;/L t}of/L ug]{ / k/LIff s;/L lbg] eGg] ljifodf
k/LIffyL{x¿nfO{ ;xof]u k'Ug hfg] b]lvPsf]n] of]
kf7]oqmd k|sfzg ul/Psf] 5 .
k|x/L ;+u7gsf] nflu cfjZos kg]{ k|x/L lg/LIfs h:tf]
dxTjk"0f{ kbdf gofF lgo'lQmsf] nflu 5gf}6 ul/g]
v'Nnf k|ltof]lutfdf ;xefuL x'g cfpg]
k/LIffyL{x¿nfO{ j}1flgs 9ª\uaf6 5gf}6 u/L of]Uo, ;Ifd
/ k|ltefzfnL JolQmn] ;]jf k|j]zsf] cj;/af6 jl~rt x'g
gk/f];\ eGg] p2]Zon] o; kf7\oqmd dfkm{t
k/LIffyL{x¿nfO{ ky k|bz{g ug{ vf]lhPsf] 5 eg] csf]
{ tk{m k|x/L lgodfjnL @)$( df pNn]v ePsf] k/LIff k|
0ffnLsf ljifox¿ / k|lzIf0fsf If]q Jofks ePsf]n] k/LIfs /
k/LIffyL{ b'j}nfO{ pQm ljifo cGt/ut s] s'g ljifodf k/LIff
lng], lbg] eGg] ;Gbe{df ;d]t ;xof]u k'¥ofpg] p2]Zo o;
kf7\oqmdn] af]s]sf] 5 .
cGtdf, o; kf7\oqmdsf] dfWodåf/f k|x/L ;]jfsf] k|x/L
lg/LIfs kbsf] v'Nnf k|ltof]lutfsf] nflu ;~rfng ul/g]
k/LIffsf] lglZrt dfkb08 / cfwf/x¿ ;d]tsf] Joj:yf ePsf]
x'Fbf v'Nnf k|ltof]lutfåf/f k|x/L lg/LIfs kbdf ;]jf k|j]z
ug{ OR5's k/LIffyL{ tyf k/LIfs b'j}sf] nflu of]
kf7\oqmd pkof]uL x'g] 5 eGg] ck]Iff /fVb} k|
ltof]lutfdf ;xefuL x'g] ;a}sf] ;kmntfsf] sfdgf ub{5f}+

kf7\oqmd kl/ro M–
k|x/L lgodfjnL @)$( -;+zf]wg ;lxt_ sf] lgod !^ ;Fu
;DalGwt k/LIff / cGtjf{tfsf] nflu lglZrt ul/Psf
ljifox¿sf ;DaGwdf hfgsf/L lbg] / ToxL ljifox¿ cGt{ut
kg]{ ljifoj:t'x¿ ;DaGwdf lglZrt l;dfÍg u/L k/LIffsf] nflu
cfwf/x¿ / d"NofÍgsf dfkb08 ;d]t hfgsf/L lbg] p2]Zon]
of] kf7\oqmdsf] lgdf{0f ul/Psf] 5 .

kf7\oqmdsf] :j?k M–
k|x/L lg/LIfs -ck|fljlws_ kbsf] v'Nnf k|ltof]lutfTds
k/LIffsf] kf7\oqmdnfO{ lgDg # efudf ljefhg ul/Psf]
efu ! clgjfo{ ljifox¿ -lnlvt_
efu @ zf/Ll/s tGb'?:tL -k/LIf0f_
efu # cGtjf{tf{ -df}lvs_

kf7\oqmdsf ljifoj:t'x¿ M–
efu ! clgjfo{ ljifox¿ -lnlvt_
l;=g+= ljifo
!= g]kfnL /rgf %)
@= c+u|hL %)
#= ;fdfGo 1fg / af}l4s k/LIff -cfO=So"=_ !))-
$= g]kfn clw/fHosf] ;+ljwfg±;]jf ;DalGw ljifo !))-

efu @ zf/Ll/s tGb'?:tL -k/LIf0f_

!= :jf:Yo k/LIf0f
 zf/Ll/s ;'u7g
 :jf:Yo l:ylt
@= zf/Ll/s tGb'?:tL -k/LIf0f_
 lkmN8 tyf 6«ofs Oe]G6\;
 jfwf kf/
 ;fd"lxs ;d:of ;dfwfg
efu # cGtjf{tf{ -df}lvs_
 JolQmTj
 df}lvs cleJolQm
 ts{zlQm
 ljifout 1fg

pDd]bjf/sf nflu lgwf{l/t cfwf/e"t zt{x¿

k|x/L lgodfjnL @)$( sf] lgod !# cg';f/ k|x/L lg/LIfs
kbsf] v'Nnf k|ltof]lutfdf ;xefuL x'g] pDd]bjf/sf nflu
lgwf{/0f ul/Psf cfwf/e"t zt{x¿ b]xfo adf]lhd /x]sf 5g\
!= 5gf}6 x'g] ;fnsf] j}zfv ! ut] !*jif{ pd]/ k'u]sf] /
@# jif{ ggf3]sf] . t/ -!_ v'Nnf k|ltof]lutfdf efu lng]
k|x/L ;]jfsf /fhkq cg+lst sd{rf/Lsf] xsdf #%
jif{ ggf3]sf] .
@= s'g} :jLs[t ljZjljBfnoaf6 36Ldf k|df0fkq tx jf
;f] ;/x plQ0f{ u/]sf .
#=s'g} g}lts ktg b]lvg] kmf}hbf/L cleof]ud ;hfo
gkfPsf] .
$= /fhgLltdf gnfu]sf] .
%= s'g} Wj+;fTds ;+:yfsf] ;b:o gePsf] jf g/x]sf] .
^=cfkm"n] cWoog u/]sf] clGtd lzIf0f ;+:yfaf6 /
cfˆgf] gft]bf/ jfx]s c? @ hgf k|ltli7t JolQmx¿af6
/fd|f] rl/qsf] l;kmfl/z kfPsf] .
&= dlxnfsf] nflu 36Ldf % lkm6 / k'?ifsf] nflu 36Ldf %
lkm6 @ OGr prfO ePsf] .
*= 5flt gkm'nfpFbf #! OGr / km'nfpFbf ## OGr
ePsf] .
(= cfFvf dfOg; @ jf Kn; @ eGbf a9L sdhf]/ gePsf] .
!)= k|x/L k|wfg sfof{noaf6 tf]lsPsf] :jLs[t lrlsT;saf6
lg/f]lutfsf] k|df0f–kq kfPsf] .
!!= g]kfnL gful/s .

kf7\oqmd juL{s/0f
kf7\oqmdnfO{ k/LIffsf] k|s[lt cg';f/ lgDg #
efudf juL{s/0f ul/Psf] 5 .
!= lnlvt k/LIff k"0ff{Í #))
@= zf/Ll/s tGb'?:tL k"0ff{Í
#= cGtjf{tf{ k"0ff{Í
!= lnlvt k/LIff
lnlvt k/LIffsf] xsdf k/LIffyL{x¿nfO{ lq=lj=lj= af6
lnOg] k|df0fkq txsf] k/LIff ;/xsf] dfkb08df k/LIff
lnOg] 5 . k|x/L ;]jf ;DalGw ljifo jfx]s cGo lnlvt
k/LIffsf ljifox¿df ;f]lwg] k|Zgx¿sf] :j?k / ;f] sf]
d"NofÍg ;d]t k|df0fkq txsf] k/LIff ;/xsf] x'g]5 . k|
x/L ;]jf ;DaGwdf ;f]lwg] k|Zgx¿ k|x/Lsf] b}lgs
sfo{x¿;Fu ;DalGwt x'g] vfnsf /xg] 5g\ / ;f] sf]
pQ/sf] dfkb08 ;d]t :gfts txsf] k/LIffdf ck]Iff ul/g]
tx x'g'kg]{5 .
@= zf/Ll/s tGb'?:tL
zf/Ll/s tGb'?:tL xsdf k|x/L lg/LIfs bhf{sf] k|x/L
sd{rf/LnfO{ cfˆgf] st{Jo kfngf ug{ cfjZos kg]
{ zf/Ll/s Ifdtf k'u]sf] x'g'kg]{ 5 . o;sf] nflu
zf/Ll/s ;'u7g b]lv lnP/ zf/Ll/s Ifdtf ;d]tsf] k/LIff
lnOg]5 . o;df anaw{s, ;fxz / ;xgl;ntf h:tf kIfx¿df
k/LIffyL{x¿sf] zf/Ll/s Ifdtfsf] k/LIff x'g]5 .
k|x/L lg/LIfs kbsf] lhDd]jf/LnfO{ ;kmntfk"j{s
lgjf{x ug{ cfjZos kg]{ kIfx¿sf ;DaGwdf
k/LIffyL{x¿sf] dfgl;s kIfx¿sf ;DaGwdf dgf]j}1flgs
9ª\uaf6 k/LIff lnOg]5 . o;df k/LIffyL{x¿sf]
JolQmTj, dfgl;s l:ylt, a'4L, ts{ / ljj]ssf] ;fd'lxs ?kdf
d"Nofª\sg ul/g] Joj:yf ul/G5 .
lnlvt k/LIff
k"0f k/LIff k| k|Zg ; c+se
kq ljifo ;do
f{Í 0ffnL +Vof f/
jf]w !
; %
g]kfnL +If]kLs/0f !
k|yd %) ! 306f
/rgf lj:t[lts/0f !
l6Kk0fL !
lålto c+u|]hL %) ! ! 306f
@% ×
;fdfGo ;fdfGo
t[tL @ Ö %)
1fg tyf !)) 1fg ! 306f
o @%× Ö %)
jf}l4s 1fg jf}l4s 1fg
g]kfn nfdf] pQ/ @ × !) Ö @)
clw/fHosf %)
rf}y ] ;+ljwfg 5f]6f] pQ/ ^× % Ö #) #
f] 306f
nfdf] pQ/ @ × !) Ö @)
;]jf %)
5f]6f] pQ/ ^× % Ö #)

k|x/L ;xfos lg/LIfs -k|zf;g_ kbsf] kf7\oqmd

clgjfo{ ljifo ;DalGw kf7\oqmd
ljifoM– g]kfnL /rgf / c+u|]hL
k"0ff{Í M !))
plQ0ff{Í M #%
v08 æsÆ g]kfn /rgf
k"0ff{Í M %)
;do M () ldg]6
!= g]kfnL n]vg
-s_ lgjGw n]vgM–
 ;d;fdlos k|:tfljt lzif{sdf tf]lsPsf] z}nL / 9f+rf
adf]lhd lgaGw n]vg .
-v_ k|ltj]bg n]vg
 k|ltj]bgsf k|sf/ / k|of]hgsf] klxrfg
 k|ltj]bg n]vgsf] p2]Zo / dxTj
 ljleGg 36gf, ;df/f]x, e|d0f, tYofjnf]sg, j:t'l:ylt
cWoog / k|of]ufTds sfo{sf ;DaGwdf tf]lsP
adf]lhdsf] z}nL / 9f+rfdf k|ltj]bg n]vg .
-u_ lgj]bg n]vg
 p2]Zo
 ljz]iftf
 ;d;fdflos ljifodf tf]lsPsf] adf]lhdsf] p2]Zo k|flKtsf
nflu lgj]bg n]Vg] .
-3_ l6Kk0fL n]vg
 p2]Zo
 ljz]iftf
 n]vgljlw
 ;d;fdlos ljifodf tf]lsP adf]lhd l6Kk0fL n]Vg] .
-ª_ kqn]vg
 kl/ro
 Wofg lbg' kg]{ s'/fx¿
 ljleGg ljifodf lgodk"j{s tf]lsP adf]lhd kq n]Vg] .
 lr¶L, lgj]bg, lgdGq0ff / lj1fkg n]vgsf] cEof;

@= g]kfnL Jofs/0f
-s_ jfSo ;+Zn]if0f
 ;/n jfSoaf6 ;+o'Qm / ld> jfSo ;+Zn]if0f
 jfSo ;+Zn]if0f ubf{ x'g] ;j{gfd / c;dflksf lqmofsf]
k|of]u / ljleGg kb kbfjnLsf] nf]k
 ;/n jfSosf] gfdLs/0f, ljZn]if0fLs/0f /
lqmofof]uLs/0f .
-v_ ;df;
 kl/ro
 k|sf/
 ;df; ;+u|x
 ;df; lju|x
-u_ jfSo
 kl/ro
 k|sf/
 jfRo kl/jt{g
-3_ gfd, ;j{gfd, lqmofkb, ljz]if0f
 kl/ro
 k|sf/
 5'6\ofpg] ljlw
-ª_ lgkft
 kl/ro
 5'6\ofpg] ljlw
 k|of]usf] dxTj / p2]Zo
-r_ zAb
 kl/ro
 pTklQ
 k|sf/
 k|Too, pk;u{sf] k|of]u

#= ljljw
-s_ z'4fz'4L
 zflAbs z'4Ls/0f cEof;
-v_ jfSodf k|of]u
 ljleGGf zAbx¿ jfSodf k|of]u ug{ nufpg] .
 jfSosf] d]n .
-u_ ;+If]kLs/0f
 tf]l/Psf] cg'R5]bnfO{ cfjZostf cg';f/ ;+If]kLs/0f
ug{ nufpg] .
 uBf+zdf JoQ m ljrf/nfO{ a'+bf l6kf]6
ug{ nufpg] .
-3_ a'+bf l6kf]6
 cg'R5]baf6 tf]lsP adf]lhd a'+bf l6kf]6
ug{ nufpg] .
-ª_ pvfg 6'Ssfsf] cy{ tyf jfSodf k|of]u
 ljleGg pvfg 6'Ssfx¿ lbO{ pvfg 6'Ssfsf] efj v'Ng]
u/L jfSodf k|of]u ug{ nufpg] .
-r_ plQm kl/jt{g
 k|ToIf syg / ck|ToIf sygsf] klxrfg .
 ljleGg k|ToIf syg jfSox¿nfO{ kl/jt{g ug]{ cEof;g .
Part - 2
Subject: English
Full Marks : 50
Time: 990 Minutes
 Description
 Narrative
 Application
 Official correspondence
 Different relevant topics
 Different incidents

a. Comprehension:–
 Long question
 Short question
 Summary
b. Translation:–
 English to Nepali
 Nepali to English
 Word (Vocabulary)
 Synonym
 Antonym
 Use of word & phrases
 Single word

 Use of word & phrases
 Tense
 Article
 Voice
 Reported speech (Narration)
 Tag question
 Fill in the gaps
 Punctuation

ljifoM ;fdfGo 1fg / af}l4s k/LIff -cfO{= So"_

k"0ff{Í M !))
M #%
v08 æsÆ ;fdfGo 1fg
k"0ff{Í M %)
;do M #) ldg]6
-s_g]kfn ;DalGw ultljlw
!= P]ltxfl;s / kf}/fl0fs cWoogM–
 P]ltxfl;s, wfld{s tyf ko{6sLo b[li6n]
dxTjk"0f{ g]kfnsf :ynx¿
 ls/fFt, lnR5jL tyf dNnsfnLg g]kfn Oltxf;
 g]kfnsf] cfw'lgs Oltxf;
@= ef}uf]lns cWoogM–
 g]kfnsf] ef}uf]lns agfj6
 hg;+Vof ;DaGwL
 lxd –lzv/x¿
 gbL–gfnfx¿
 /fhdfu{x¿
#= /fhg}lts cWoogM–
 ;+;bLo cfd –lgjf{rgx¿ -@)!%, @)$*, @)%! / @)
 lgjf{rg cfrf/ ;+lxtf
 lgjf{rg If]qx¿
 Who is who
$= g]kfnL ;flxTo ;DaGwLM–
 g]kfnL ;flxTosf/x¿ ltgsf /rgfx¿
%= v]ns'bM–
 g]kfnsf] /fli6«o v]ns"bx¿ / ltgsf ljsf;qmd
 g]kfndf ;DkGg x'g] / ePsf ljleGg /fli6«o k|
 /fli6«o VoftLk|fKt v]nf8Lx¿ / v]nsf] gfd
 blIf0f PlzofnL v]ns"bdf g]kfnsf] ;xeflutf
 cGt/f{li6«o v]ns"bdf g]kfnsf] ;xeflutf
^= dxTjk"0f{ ;d;fdlos /fli6«o 36gfx¿M–
 ;fdflhs
 /fhg}lts
 cfly{s
 ljljw

-v_ cGt/f{li6«o 36gf ultljlw ;DaGwL

;fdfGo 1fg
!= ef}uf]lns cWoogM–
 ljZjsf kfFr dxfb]zx¿
 ;fs{ ;+u7g tyf ;fs{ /fi6«x¿ ;DaGwL
@= cGt/f{li6«o ;+3–;+:yfx¿
 UNO tyf o;;Fu ;Da4 ;+:yfx¿
 cGt/f{li6«o If]qLo ;+u7gx¿ h:t} (ASEAN, NATO cflb_
 UNO åf/f ljleGg b]zdf ePsf zflGt k|of;x¿
#= v]ns"bM–
 cf]nlDks v]ns"bx¿
 ljZjsk km"6an
 PlzofnL v]ns"b
 blIf0f PlzofnL v]ns"b
$= ;d;fdlos cGt/f{li6«o 36gfx¿ M–
 /fhg}lts
 wfld{s
 cfly{s
 ljljw
v08 ævÆ cfO{=So"=
k"0ff{Í M %)
;do M #) ldg]6
!= ;d:of ;dfwfg
@= ul0ftLo ;d:of ;dfwfg
#= hf]8f ldnfpg]
$= k"/f ?k n]Vg] (Full form)
%= jfSo k"/f ug]{
^= Series complete ug]{
&= vfnL 7fpF k"/f ug]{
ljifoM g]kfnsf] cGt/Ld ;+ljwfg / ;]jf ;DaGwL
k"0ff{Í M !))
plQ{0ff{Í M #%
;do M # 306f
v08 æsÆ g]kfnsf] cGt/Ld ;+ljwfg
k"0ff{Í M %)
;do M () ldg]6
v08 ævÆ ;]jf ;DaGwL
k"0ff{Í M %)
;do M () ldg]6
-s_k|x/L ;]jf ;DaGwL hfgsf/LM–
!= k|x/L kl/roM–
 P]ltxfl;s k[i7e"ld
 k|x/L ;]jfsf] k|sf/
 bHof{gL lrGx
 k|x/L ;]jfsf] kb tyf >]0fL
 e"= k"= k|x/L dxflg/LIfsx¿sf] gfdfjnL
@= ;]jf, zt{ / ;'ljwf ;DaGwLM–
 ;]jf k|j]z ljlw -lgo'lQm / cjsfz ;DaGwL Joj:yf_
 k|x/L cfr/0f
 labf ;DaGwL Joj:yf
 k|x/L sd{rf/Lsf] sfd–st{Jo / clwsf/
 k|x/L lg/LIfs bhf{n] k|fKt ug]{ sfg"gL clwsf/
 k|x/L rf}sL k|d'vsf] sfd, st{Jo / clwsf/
#= ;+u7gfTds :j?k M–
 k|x/L ;]jfsf] u7g ljlw
 sfof{nosf] :yfkgf / sfof{no k|d'v Joj:yf .
 k|x/L k|wfg sfof{nosf] dftxtdf /xg] k|x/L sfof{nox¿
 If]qLo k|x/L sfof{nosf] dftxtdf /xg] k|x/L
 3'DtL ko{6s k|x/L
 ;fd'bflos ;]jf k|x/L

-v_ ck/fw cg';GwfgM–

!= ck/fwM–
 ck/fw kl/ro
 ck/fwsf cfjZos tTj
 k|sf/
 ;fdflhs ck/fw / lgoGq0f
@= cg';GwfgM–
 kl/ro
 cg';Gwfgsf] dxTj
 cg';Gwfg ljlw
#= hfx]/L b/vf:tM–
 kl/ro
 hfx]/L b/vf:tdf v'nfpg' kg]{ s'/fx¿
 sfg"gL Joj:yf
$= d'2fM–
 kl/efiff
 k|sf/
 ;=d'=;= P]g @)$( sf] cg';"lr ! leq kg]{ d'2fx¿
 sfg'gL Joj:yf
%= kqmfp M–
 sfg"gL Joj:yf
 ljgf jf/]G6 kqmfp ug]{ sfg"gL Joj:yf
 kqmfp k"lh{
 y'g'jf k"lh{
^= vfgtnf;LM–
 kl/efiff
 sfg"gL Joj:yf
 Wofg lbg' kg]{ s'/fx¿
-u_ k|rlnt sfg"gM–
!= k|x/L P]g @)!@
@= ;/sf/L d'2f ;DaGwL P]g @)$(
#= ;jf/L tyf oftfoft Joj:yf P]g @)$(
$= nfu" cf}ifw lgoGq0f P]g @)##
%= dfgjclwsf/ cfof]u P]g @)%#
^= oftgf ;DagwL IftLk"lt{ P]g @)%#
-3_ ljljwM–
!= O06/kf]nM–
 kl/ro
 u7g ljlw
 sfd, st{Jo / clwsf/
@= ;fd'bflos k|x/L ;]jfM–
 kl/ro
 dxTj
 p2]Zo
#= k|x/L sfo{M–
 ;'/Iffsf] kl/ro tyf cfjZotf
 ;'/IffsdL{df x'g' kg]{ u'0fx¿
 k|x/L u:tL
 hg;Dks{
 va/ ;+sng
 :yflgo k|zf;g;Fusf] ;DaGw
 ;+o'Qm /fi6«;+3 cGtu{t zflGt ;'/Iffdf g]kfn k|
x/Lsf] e"ldsf

zf/Ll/s tGb'?:tL
qm=; ljifo k/LIff k| c+sef/
+= 0ffnL
!= zf/Ll/s ;'u7g gfk hfFr !)
@= zf/Ll/s Ifdtf hfFr k|of]ufTds *)
#= ;fd"lxs ;d:of k|of]ufTds !)
qm ljifo k/LIff c+s
= ; k|0ffnL ef/
!= JolQmTj cjnf]sg !)
@= df}lvs cleJolQm Ifdtf k| #)
#= ts{zlQm k| @)
$= k|lts'n kl/l:yltdf ljrlnt geO sfd k| @)
ug{ ;Sg] Ifdtf of]ufTd
%= ljifoj:t' ;DalGwt 1fg df}lvs @)

ljifo M zf/Ll/s tGb'?:tL (Obstacle)

k"0ff{Í M !))
plQ0ff{Í M#%
v08 æsÆ zf/Ll/s Ifdtf hf“r
!= lkmN8 P08 6«ofs Oe]G6\;\
Oe]G6\;\ dfkb08 >]0f
k'?if dlxnf
@)) dL6/ #);]s]08 jf ;f] #% ;]s]08 jf ;f] s
bf}8 eGbf d'gL eGbf d'gL v
#!–#% ;]s]08 #^–$) ;]s]08 ;Dd u
;Dd $!–$% ;]s]08 ;Dd 3
#^–$) ;]s]08 $% ;]s]08 jf ;f]
;Dd eGbfdfly
$);]s]08 jf ;f]
%))) @) ldg]6 jf ;f] @% ldg]6 jf ;f] s
dL=bf}8 eGbf d'gL eGbf d'lg v
@!–@% ldg]6 @^–#) ldg]6 ;Dd u
;Dd #!–#% ldg]6 ;Dd 3
@^–#) ldg]6 #% ldg]6 jf ;f]
;Dd eGbf dfly
#) ldg]6 jf ;f]
xfOhDk $ lkm6 jf ;f] #=% lkm6 jf ;f] s
eGbf dfly eGbf dfly v
#=%–$ #–#=% lkm6 ;Dd u
lkm6;Dd @=%–# lkm6;Dd 3
#–#=$ lkm6 @=% lkm6 jf ;f]
;Dd eGbfd'lg;Dd
# lkm6 jf ;f]
nËhDk !^ lkm6 jf !$ lkm6 jf ;f] eGbf s
;f]eGbf dfly dfly v
!$–!^ lkm6 ;Dd !@–!$ lkm6 ;Dd u
!@–!$ lkm6 ;Dd *–!@ lkm6 ;Dd 3
!@ lkm6 eGbf * lkm6 jf eGbf d'gL

@= afwfkf/
Oe]G6\;\ dfkb08 >]
k'?if dlxnf
:jLËKof8 !=% ldg]6 jf ;f] @ ldg]6 jf ;f] eGbf s
xfOl/d, eGbf d'gL d'lg v
kvf{n, !=^ ldg]6 b]lv @=! ldg]6 b]lv # u
el6{sn, @=% ldg]6;Dd ldg]6 ;Dd
x8N; @=^ b]lv #=% #=! b]lv $
Monkey ldg]6 ;Dd ldg]6 ;Dd
Crawling #=^ ldg]6 eGbf $ ldg]6 eGbf dfly
dfly k"/f ug{ g;Sg] k"/f ug]{ g;Sg]
k'; ck @% k6s jf ;f] eGbf @) k6s jf ;f] eGbf s
(Push Up) dfly dfly v
!% b]lv @% !) b]lv @) k6s ;Dd u
k6s ;Dd % b]lv !) k6s ;Dd 3
!) b]lv !% k6s ;Dd % k6s jf ;f] eGbf
!) k6s jf ;f] eGbf d'gL
;L6ck @% k6s jf ;f] eGbf @) k6s jf ;f] eGbf s
(Set Up) dfly dfly v
!% b]lv @% !) b]lv @) k6s ;Dd u
k6s ;Dd % b]lv !) k6s ;Dd 3
!) b]lv !% k6s ;Dd % k6s jf ;f] eGbf
!) k6s jf ;f] eGbf d'gL
k'nck !% k6s jf ;f] eGbf !) k6s jf ;f] eGbf s
(Pull Up) dfly dfly v
!) b]lv !% k6s ;Dd * b]lv !) k6s ;Dd u
% b]lv !) k6s ;Dd % b]lv * k6s;Dd 3
% k6s jf ;f] eGbf # k6s jf ;f] eGbf
d'gL d'gL

:jf:Yo kl/If0f (Medical Examination)

!= 5gf}6 k/LIffsf lgDg sbdx¿ lgwf{l/t ul/Psf 5g\ .
s= cfwf/e"t zf/Ll/s dfkb08 (Physical Base Line)
v= k|of]uzfnf kl/If0f (Lab Investigation)
u= lj:t[t :jf:Yo kl/If0f (General Health Check Up)
3= lrlsT;s af]8{sf] lg0f{o
@= k|of]uzfnf k/LIf0f (Lab Investigation)
s= Registation
v= Physical (Height, Weigh, B. P.)
u= Chest X-ray P.A.
3= Other (E.C.B., Blood Chemistry, Serology, Stool)
#=lj:t[t :jf:Yo kl/If0f (General Health Check up)
s= Registation
v= Physical (Height, Weight, B.P.)
u= Investigation
RME X-ray, P.A.
3= Dental Check Up
ª= ENT Check Up
r= Color Vision Test
5= Surgical Check up
h= Medical Check
em= Summation by Medical Board & Certification
`= Review by Medical Director

1. cfO{=So" ...................................1–58
2. g]kfnL ......................................59–126
3. English.......................................127–146
4. ;fdfGo1fg.............................147–334
5. ;+ljwfg .................................335–447
6. ;]jf ...........................................448–653
7. Interview -cGtjf{tf{_ .......654–659
8. k"/fgf k|Zgkq ......................660–700
cfO{= So"= k/LIff lbFbf
k/LIffyL{n] Wofg lbg' kg{]
 cfO{= So"= k/LIffdf ;f]lwg] k|Zg ;Vofx¿sf] t'ngfdf
;Lldt dfq ;do lbO{g] x'bf Pp6f dfq k|Zgdf pQ/
;fFr]/ ;do aaf{b kfg'{ x'b}g .
 cfO{=So"= k/LIff lb+bf olb ! g+= k|Zg cK7]/f]
nfUof] eg] t'?Gt g+= @ k|Zgdf uO{ pQ/ lbg]
sf]lz; ug{' kb{5 . olb @ g+= klg cK7]/f] eP g+=
# x'b} ;lhnf] k|Zg vf]h]/ pQ/ lbFb} hfg' kb{5 .
o;f] ubf{ k|Zg kqdf ePsf clGtd lt/sf ;lhnf k|
Zgx¿ 5'6\g kfpFb}gg\ .
 clGtd k|Zgsf] pQ/ ul/;s]kl5 ;do /x]df km]l/ z'?sf
cfkm"n] klxn] pQ/ lbg 5f8]sf k|Zgx¿sf] pQ/ n]Vg]
sf]lz; ug'{ kb{5 .
 cfO{= So"= k/LIffdf g]u]l6e dfs{ -dfO{g;_ l;i6d
x'b}g . t;y{ clGtd ;dodf cfO{k'u]kl5 klg EofOPg
eg] cGbfhsf] e/df l56f] l56f] pQ/ n]Vg klg ;lsG5 .
 ul0ftLo k|Zgdf s]lx al9 ;do nfUg] xF'bf of] ;d'xsf]
pQ/ l;WofO{ ;s]kl5 dfq klg cfO{= So"= kl/Iffdf
k]mn x'g] sd ;+efjgf x'G5 lsgeg] lrqfTds k|Zgsf]
pQ/ lbg rfF8f] x'G5 .
 cfO{= So"= k/LIffdf ;f]lwPsf k|Zgx¿sf pQ/ n]Vbf
s]/d]6 ug{' xF'b}g . :ki6 / ;kmf cIf/df n]Vg'k5{ .
 cfkm" k/LIff xn leq k:g'eGbf klxn] g} w]/} k9]/
jf ;f]r]/ lbdfunfO{ ylst gagfO+{ xNsf lbdfu kf/]/
cf/fd ;fy k/LIff xndf k:g' kb{5 .
 lrqfTds ;d'xdf ;f]lwg] k|Zgx¿df qmda4tf
-sequence_ sf] larf/ ul/ pQ/ lbg] sf]lz; ug{' kb{5 .
 cfO{= So"= kl/Iffsf] nflu ;do Hofb} yf]/} x'g]
ePsfn] ubf{ pQ/ lbFbf cflQg' x'Fb}g olb cflQof]
eg] k/LIffyL{sf] JolQmut ;f]Rg] Ifdtfdf x|f; cfpF5 .
 kl/Iffdf ;lDdlnt x'g] s'g} klg pDd]bjf/n] “d
sf]lxeGbf klg sd 5}g” eGg] b[9 ljZjf; lnPdf cfO{=
So"= kl/Iffdf cjZo plQ{0f eO{G5 .
 cfO{= So"= kl/Iffdf ;f]lwg] lqe'h / rt{'e'hsf ;+Vof
;DaGwdf k/LIffsf] ;dodf uGtL u/]/ ;do aaf{b ug{'
eGbf kl/Iffsf] tof/L ubf{sf] avt g} s07 u/]df j];
x'G5 .
 kl/Iff lbg hfFbf cfkm"nfO{ rflxg] :6]zg/L -snd, l;;f
snd, O{/]h/_ cflb tof/L xfntdf lnP/ hfg' j]z x'G5 .
 k|Zgkqx¿ s:tf cfpnfg\ / km]n kf] xf]O{g] xf] ls
eGg] wf/0ff slxn] klg lng' x'Fb}g .
 lgw{Ss ¿kdf k|Zgx¿sf] pQ/ lbb} uPdf ;kmntf xfFl;n
ug{ ufx|f] kb}{g .
tkfO{sf] af}l4s 1fg hf“r
 /ut h:t} /ftf] eP b"w h:t}  ;]tf]
 cfuf]h:t} tftf] eP lxp“ h:t}  rL;f]
 r/fsf] Kjf“v eP la/fnf]sf]  e'Tnf
 sjfkm vfg] eP slkm  lkpg]
 l;/s cf]9\g] eP h:t} uf]/vfkq  k9\g]
 kl/>dsf] gfp“ ljho h:t} cN5Lsf] gfp“  k/fho
 g]kfnsf] ;DaGw Plzofl;t eP hfkfgsf]  Plzof
 !! hgfn] km'6an eP ========== hgfn] elnan
 ufl8nfO{ Uof/]h h:t} xjfOhxfhnfO{  x\ofª\u/
 sfgn] ;'G5 eg] cf“vfn]  b]V5
 6]lnlehg x]g'{ h:t} /]l8of]  ;'Gg'
 udL{df k+vf eP hf8f]df  lx6/
 s's'/sf] 5fp/f] h:t} u}+8fsf]  s]6f, s]6L
 gf]6sf] vft eP bfp/fsf]  vlnof]
 ;Gof;Lsf] bn h:t} lj4fgsf]  ;ef
 t?nsf] 7'Gsf] eP lk+8fn'sf]  ;]nf]
 sfqmfsf] lr/f] h:t} P];]n'sf]  6f]k|f]
 /flKtsf] t'N;Lk'/ eP afUdtLsf]  sf7df8f}+
 ydf]{ld6/nfO{ tfk h:t} Jof/f]ld6/nfO{  rfk
 ef]Nufsf] Sof:lkog ;fu/ eP u+ufsf]  a+ufnsf]
 wfgsf] afnf eP s]/fsf]  a'ª\uf]÷xftf]
 d'l:ndnfO{ s'/fg h:t} lqmlZrognfO{  afOan
 /IffnfO{ ;]gf h:t} u[xnfO{  k|x/L
 8fS6/nfO{ k];]G6 h:t} g]tfnfO{  hgtf
 vfg'sf] afRg' eP hlGdg'sf]  dg'{
 kfOn6nfO{ Kn]g÷hxfh eP 8«fOe/nfO{  uf8L
 n7\7Ln] 6]Sg' h:t} sndn]  n]Vg'
 efn]nfO{ kf]yL h:t} nf]Ug]nfO{  :jf:gL
 kfpdf h'Qf eP lz/df  6f]kL
 ufO{nfO{ uf]7 h:t} 3f]8fnfO{  ta]nf
 kfgLsf] afkm eP cfuf]sf]  w'“jf
 gLa sndnfO{ h:t} An]8nfO{  /]h/
 n8fOnfO{ lagf; h:t} zflGtnfO{  ljsf;
 wd{nfO{ kfkL h:t} gfl:tsnfO{  cfl:ts
 rGb|nfO{ k[YjL h:t} k[YjLnfO{  ;"o{
 /fOkmn 6f]6f h:t} sndnfO{  d;L
 ;+uLt alx/fnfO{ h:t} ;flxTo  lg/If/
 of]Uotf hGdhft xf] eg] lzIff  cflh{t
 xKtfsf] a'wjf/ h:t} jif{sf]  >fj0f
 cGwsf/nfO{ k|sfz h:t} cgk9nfO{  u'? lzIff
 jg:kltzf:qLnfO{ ;dfhzf:qL h:t} la?jfnfO{  ;dfh
 lzjhLnfO{ a]nkq h:t} u0f]zhLnfO{  b'af]
 gfsnfO{ uGw h:t} 5fnfnfO{  :kz{
 g]kfnsf] g]KnLh h:t} lkmgNof08sf]  lkmlg;
 cUnf]df lxdfno h:t} nfdf]df  Pl08h
 tf/fdf 8u :6f/ h:t} u|xdf  z'qm
 s's'/sf] 5fp/f] h:t} u}8fsf]  s]6f]
 g]kfnsf] 8f“km] h:t} a]nfotsf]  /flag
 hxfh aGb/ufxdf h:t} sf/  Uof/]h
 lxdfn lxdfnL eP h:t} Clif  cfo{
 lqmlZrognfO{ afOan h:t} ox'bLnfO{  tf]/fx
 ndh'Ësf] a];Lzx/ h:t} dgfËsf]  rfd]
 u+ufnfO{ a+ufnsf] vf8L h:t} ef]NufnfO{ <
Sofl:kog ;fu/
 cfO;nfO{ kfgL eP 8«fO{ cfO;sf]  sfj{g
 vfgf k]6 eP em}+ OGwgsf]  OlGhg
 k|f]km];/ n]Sr/ eP em}+ 8fS6/sf]  cf}iflw
 n]vssf] ;DaGw kf7s;“u eP h:t} pTkfbssf] ;DaGw
sf];+u x'G5 <
 pkef]Qmf
 ysfO{ sfd;“u ;DalGwt x'G5 eg] v'lz s];“u ;DalGwt
x'G5 <  ;kmn
 cfzf sf] ljkl/t lg/fzf h:t} z'4 sf] ljkl/t <  cz'4
 cy{zf:qLnfO{ s[lifzf:qL h:t} wgnfO{  km;n
 ufO{sf] uf]7 h:t} 3f]8fsf]  ta]nf
 sndnfO{ d;L h:t} sftf]{;nfO{ <  6f]6f
 /fdnfO{ ;Ltf h:t} nId0fnfO{  pld{nf
 g]kfnsf] nfnLu'“/f; h:t} ef/tsf]  u'nfkm
 ;Hhgsf] d"v{ h:t} axfb'/sf]  kfgLd?jf
 alx/f]nfO{ ;+uLt h:t} cGwf]nfO{  rnlrq
 Ps v'§f gePsf] n+u8f] h:t} Ps cf“vf gePsf] sfgf]
 6]lnlehgsf] bz{s h:t} rnlrqsf]  bz{s
 5f]/f5f]/L k}bf gug]{ :qLnfO{ af“emL elgG5 eg]
5f]/f5f]/L k}bf ePsL :qLnfO{ s] elgG5 < k|hfjtL
 s'v'/fsf] kf]yLnfO{ s'v'/L elgG5 eg] kf]yL
sf]OnLnfO{ s] elgG5 <
 sfbDa/L
 b]jL b]jtfsf] gfddf lbOg] kz' ef]unfO{ aln elgG5
eg] b]jLb]jtfsf] k"hf u/L w'kaQL lbg] sfdnfO{ s]
elgG5 <  cf/tL
 s'dfn]nfO{ df6f]sf]ef“8f] h:t} ufOg]nfO{  ;f/ËL