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1.This is the bank which was robbed yesterday.

2.A boy, whose sister is in my class, was in the bank at that time.

3.The man who robbed the bank had two pistols.

4.He wore a mask which made him look like Mickey Mouse.

5.He came with a friend who waited outside in the car.

6.The woman who gave him the money was young.

7.The bag which contained the money was yellow.

8.The people who were in the bank were very fri ghtened.

9.A man, whose mobile was ringing , did not know what to do.

10.A woman, whose daughter was crying , tried to calm her.

11.The car, which the bank robbers escaped in , was orange.

12.The robber , whose mask was obviously too big, didn't drive.

13.The man, who drove the car, was nervous.

14.He didn't wait at the traffic lights which were red.

15.A police officer , whose car was parked at the next corner , stopped and arrested them.

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1. Ann, whose party we went to last month, has just got a job.

2. I like the course which I've chosen .

3. That's the man whose company was awarded a prize.

4. The job which you want requires many skills.

5. The chairs, which you brought to the office, are very comfortable.

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1. She's the woman who lives next door.

2. She's the woman whose husband works at that bookshop just around the corner.

3. I know a big bookshop which sells all kinds of books.

4. This is the car which bought from Ted Elliot.

5. These are the people who I invited for my party.

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1. Mrs Elliot, who had a terrible pain on her back , went to hospital .

2. Ted Elliot, whose wife left home some days ago , is telling David about his problems.

3. The new disco in Main Street, which everyone is talking about , has just opened.

4. Wordsworth, whose house was by Windermere lake , was a famous English poet.

5. My cousin Ted, who won a tennis tournament , makes our family very proud of him.

6. That high yellow building on the corner, which has a solar panel on its roof, was recently built.

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1. Thousands of people , who were innocent, have been killed in the terrorist attack.

2. The last match, which was played between two national top teams , was very good..

3. The soldiers , who came to protect the population, occupied the capital city.

4. One of my best friends has got many cousins , whose names I can¶t remember.

5. My friend John, who is very fond of animals runs the best pet shop in town.

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