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we use heat to cook food and boil water. . There many more uses of heat in everyday life.you learned that heat is a form of energy. all living things will not be able to survive. Before putting on your school uniform . Without heat .People who lives in cold climates use heat to keep their homes warm. It is a very important form of energy because every living things need heat to keep its body warm.we may sometimes use heat to dry your hair.you may have already used heat to press it. Every day. A blacksmith use heats to melt metal. Heat is very useful in our daily life.HEAT IS A FORM OF ENERGY y y In chapter 6. We use heat in so many ways in our every day life . We also use heat to dry our washing . After shower .

It is measured in joules ( J ).) y . It is measured in kelvins ( K ) or degree celsius ( 0C . y Temperature is the degrees of hotness.HEAT AND TEMPERATURE Heat is the hotness of an object.

y On the other hand.HEAT FLOWS AND ITS EFFECT Heat is one of the most important forms of energy in dairy life. the volume of a subtances decrease. y . y On expansion . liquid and gases contract when cooler. y Liquids expand more than solid while gases expand the most when heated. solid .

heat flows from the hotter to the colder object. convection and radiation. When two objects come into contact. Conduction is the flow of heat through solids. It can flow in three different ways: conduction .HEAT FLOW AND ITS EFFECTS y y y y y y y Heat can flow one place to another. Radiation is the flow of heat through vacuum. . This causes the temperature of the colder object to rise and that of the hotter object to fall. The temperature of both of the object will finally be the same. Convection is the flow of heat through liquids or gases.

NATURAL PHENOMENA INVOLVING HEAT FLOW y Natural phenomena such as sea breeze. . land breeze and the warming of the Earth by the Sun involve heat flow.

Metals are heat conductors and non.metals are heat insulators.HEAT CONDUCTORS AND INSULATORS y y y Substances which allow heat to pass through easily are called heat conductor. On the other hand . . substances that prevent heat from passing through are called heat insulators.

THE USES OF HEAT CONDUCTORS y y y y A heater is made of metal . y The cooling coils at the back of a refrigerator are made of metal . The mercury in a thermometer is a metal which can absorb and release heat easily. It conductor heat very fast and thus heat up water in a short time. It conducts heat easily to the food that it contains. The bottom of an iron is made of metal. . A pot is made of metal. It conducts heat to the clothes easily. They conduct heat to the surroundings easily.

Glove are made of heat-insulator material. Plastics are heat insulators. A vacuum flask is made of plastics and glass . They help to keep liquids in a vacuum flask hot or cold.THE USES OF HEAT INSULATORS y y y y y Igloos are houses built from ice by the Eskimos. An icebox is made of plastic. Food or drinks kept inside the icebox will remain cooled because the heat from the surroundings cannot pass through the plastic wall of the icebox easily. are used to make handles for irons and cooking utensils . Ice is a heat insulators . . Plastic and glass are heat insulator. We use them to protect our from hot surface. They protect our being injured by heat. It traps heat inside an igloo. Heat insulator. Plastics and glass. such as wood and plastic.

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