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  • 1.1 Subconscious Mind
  • 1.2. Empowering Our Own Lives
  • 1.3 Personal Transformation
  • 2.1 The Real Intuition
  • 2.2 Expanding Your Real Intuition
  • 2.3 Quest for Reality
  • 3.1 Human Physical Body
  • 3.2 Systems of the Human Body
  • 4.1 Introduction
  • 4.2 Aura
  • 4.3 The True Colours of Auras
  • 4.4 Auric Sight
  • 4.5 Multi-Sensory Perception
  • 4.6 Chakras
  • 4.7 An Electromagnetic Affair
  • 4.8 Influences of Auras
  • 4.9 The Energy Field
  • 5.1 Overview of Biological Functions of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)
  • 5.2 DNA Representations
  • 5.3 How to Become Immune to Karma
  • 5.4 Clearing the Heart Chakra
  • 5.5 Thought and Consciousness
  • 5.6 Awareness
  • 6.1 Know Yourself
  • 6.2 The True Relationship
  • 7.1 Intentions and Destiny
  • 7.2 Dreams and Their Recalls
  • 7.3 Emotional Healing Through the Dreams
  • 7.4 Shamanic Healing
  • 7.5 Work
  • 7.6 Oddity of Life
  • 7.7 Stress: Control, Change or Let Go!
  • 7.8 Your Past, Present and Future
  • 7.9 The Basic Survival Need
  • 7.10 The Need for a Higher Truth
  • 7.11 First We Need to Know Ourselves Better
  • 8.1 The Laws of the Universe
  • 8.2 Our Reality Within and Without
  • 8.3 Your Fear or Masked Desire
  • 8.4 Ultimate Truth About Yourself
  • 8.5 Re-adjusting an Old Belief
  • 8.6 The Role of the Ego
  • 8.7 Turning Barriers into Bridges
  • 8.8 Secret Power of Self-Detach
  • 9.1 Finding Karma
  • 9.2 Clearing Karma
  • 9.3 Aka Cords: The Unity
  • 10. Prime Mover
  • 11.1 Theory of Relativity
  • 11.2 The Void and the Origin
  • 11.3 The Path
  • 11.4 The Fire Within
  • 11.5 Collapse of the Fire Within
  • 11.6 Awakening the Fire Within
  • 11.7 Voodoo/Amulets/Oogun
  • 11.8 Witchcraft
  • 11.9 Cultism
  • 11.10 A Force in Thought Form
  • 11.11 Congregational Prayers and Rituals
  • 11.12 Sex Psychology
  • 11.13 Tradition / Religion
  • 11.14 Affirmation / Ohun
  • 11.15 Meditations
  • 11.16 Phrases




To know one-self is to seek knowledge of “What am I?” This single action cannot be compromised with anything and it must be understood well so as to live a stress-free life in any realm of existence. It is better to light a candle than cursing the darkness.

A A Adedeji



The need for a higher truth: KNOW YOURSELF Source Codes for Nothingness of Self-Estéém (ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS) Human, Know Thyself 1.1 Subconscious Mind 1.2. Empowering Our Own Lives 1.3 Personal Transformation Development of the Real Intuition 2.1 The Real Intuition Expanding Your Real Intuition 2.3 Quest for Reality Human Physical Body 3.1 Human Physical Body 3.2 Systems of the Human Body Human Subtle Body 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Aura 4.3 The True Colours of Auras 4.4 Auric Sight 4.5 Multi-Sensory Perception 4.6 Chakras 4.7 An Electromagnetic Affair 4.8 Influences of Auras 4.7 The Energy Field Thought Forms 5.1 Overview of Biological Functions of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) 5.2 DNA Representations 5.3 How to Become Immune to Karma 5.4 Clearing the Heart Chakra 5.5 Thought and Consciousness 5.6 Awareness Sexual Relationship 6.1 Know Yourself 6.2 The True Relationship Intentions and Destiny 7.1 Intentions and Destiny 7.2 Dreams and their Recalls 7.3 Emotional Healing Through the Dreams



7.4 Shamanic Healing 7.5 Work 7.6 Oddity of Life 7.7 Stress: Control, Change or Let Go! 7.8 Your Past, Present and Future 7.9 The Basic Survival Need 7.10 The Need for a Higher Truth 7.11 First We Need to Know Ourselves Better The Laws of the Universe 8.1 The Laws of the Universe 8.2 Our Reality Within and Without 8.3 Your Fear or Masked Desire 8.4 Ultimate Truth about Yourself 8.5 Re-adjusting an Old Belief 8.6 The Role of the Ego 8.7 Turning Barriers into Bridges 8.8 Secret Power of Self-Detach Karma 9.1 Finding Karma 9.2 Clearing Karma 9.3 Aka Cords: The Unity Concept of the Prime Mover 10.1 Prime Mover The Unity 11.1 Theory of Relativity 11.2 The Void and the Origin 11.3 The Path 11.4. The Fire Within 11.5 The Collapse of the Fire Within 11.6 Awakening of the Fire Within 11.7 Voodoo/Amulets/Oogun 11.8 Witchcraft 11.9 Cultism 11.10 A Force in Thought Form 11.11 Congregational Prayer and Rituals 11.12 Sex Psychology 11.13 Tradition/Religion 11.14 Affirmation/Ohun 11.15 Meditations 11.16 Phrases


this is not a religious book or a bundle of doctrinal. 13:07 4 . but an inspirational book of Knowledge that cuts across all levels. However. You Too Can Easily Create The Life You Want . the answer is at hand. Shatter The Beliefs That Are Limiting My Life.Guaranteed! If you have ever thought about why some people are successful in life and others live out their lives in failure.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM I Can Expand My Comfort Zone. if you have ever wanted to be one of those people who live their dreams. In 30-Minutes A Day. And instantly Boost My Self-Esteem Forever.

and is the spiritual path towards enlightenment. It is only by having at least a glimmer of this spirituality that we each are part of that we can aspire to the highest potential of being human. and then expanding this self5 . facing up to and taking responsibility for one's thoughts. it is beyond the ego and obsession with the self. towards discovering the truth of All That Is. to make sense of all the suffering and injustices of the survival struggle on earth.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The need for a higher truth: KNOW YOURSELF There is the need to make contact with the creative force that is beyond the human personality.even our enemies . This need has been evident in all cultures. It is the maturity of intuition. The path of personal transformation is primarily a process of becoming aware of. Spirituality is a transpersonal quality.the same essential quality that we ourselves are part of. feelings and actions. expressed by all religions. To be able to genuinely love and to forgive unconditionally. towards knowing the Most High. we need to see in all others .

To know oneself is to seek knowledge of ‘What am I?’ What I am physically and spiritually. literarily means: Seek knowledge even if you will travel afar. and begin to recognize the spirituality of humankind. Aljanna or the Kingdom of Heaven. Through understanding others better. This is very important and it must be comprehend well if we must live a stress-free life in this world and beyond. Seek and ye shall be given.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM realisation by communicating with others. is the other revelation in the Bible guiding us to look around for knowledge so as to be wise and not to seek for material things of the world. retaining integrity whatever the response. But first we need to know ourselves better. so as to reach Nivena. however misguided it might have become. It’lub l’ilima walao bi Sin. The Prophet confirmed. and further enhancing the quality of communication with everincreasing empathy and understanding. 6 . we can recognize their essential goodwill. Read! Is the first word revealed in the Qur’an.

religion or cult as people think or made to believe. because is the last 13 baktuns when the Sun’s larger cycle is complete. The years 1999-2012 are notable years. 7 . This book has been written in such away that the more you repeat reading the better your understanding of the hidden meanings of the truth. Keep up with your own copy of this book of knowledge. Your attention may be called back to a section you have read.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The need for a higher truth does not require a dogma. but not really digested well enough to comprehend the so-called present chapter. You will attain to a full awakening as you touch the last chapter. belief.

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Eledumare – The Most-High – bestowed on me distinct inspirations at this important period. Attracting loyalty and freedom. The Prophet (SAW). of the complete larger cycle of the Sun. I unify with all in order to love. Master Choa. Peace and blessings to all. Psychic Elzona. Mary Ann Bailey. Brenda Hoffman. With magnetic tone of purpose. Through them. I am guided by my own endowed powers doubled. Buddah. I seal the process of Heart. Peter Knowl. G Kumar.. 9 . The Christ. Paul Hughes-Barkow.…. All Amashida-kind.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Chalko. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Frank Homan. Tuesday L Rampa. which falls within the last 13 Baktuns.

Erase Past History Identify Your Own Path to Success Eliminate The Fears That Drain Your Power Effortlessly Embrace Your Strengths. In reading “Nothingness of Self-Esteem” you:           Stop Being Ruled By Your Past.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Human. If you must procrastinate. Anytime You Need Are Breaking Out of Your Rut! Finding The Strengths To Do Something Different Immediately Replace Your Limiting Beliefs With Empowering Beliefs Learn Quickly How To Enhance Your Intimate Relationships Understand And Practice How Successful People Handle Mistakes Differently Than Others Insure Your Children Grow Up With A Healthy Sense Of Power Are Learning To Trust And Respect Your Decisions 10 . you miss out on life. It is important to take some action each and every day. Know Thyself 1.1 Subconscious Mind As you think about your dreams and what is important to you about moving towards your ideal lifestyle. you are putting your dreams off maybe for a few years or maybe forever. And when you delay your dreams. The ideal thing is to live your dreams now before it is too late. no matter how big or small in pursuit of our dreams. you might realize that you are either moving toward or away from your dreams at all times and as often as possible.

Taking Control Of Your Life And Watch Your Dreams Come True.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM    Approach Others With A Benevolent Spirit Feel That You Can Make A Difference Are Having High Expectations For Success. 11 . Enjoying Inner Peace Succeeding In Business. When your objectives are unfold then you will be complete and enjoy a free living life by:            Eliminating Stress From Your Life And Replace It With Confidence. Get a picture of what you want. If you want to make your dreams reality. Being More Confident In Social Situations As You Meet New Friends. Enjoying Better Health Than Ever Before And Allowing Your Body To Naturally Heal Itself. Increasing Self Esteem And Self Confidence Stopping Worrying And Start Enjoying Your New Life. So Use It! One of the traits of people who are confident in their use of power and who really go for it is that they immediately take action. Make it vivid and focused and as real as possible. Meeting The Perfect Partner With A Loving Relationship. Eliminating Debt and Creating Financial Stability. Boosting Your Creativity To A Higher Paying Job. You Have Incredible Powers That Can Change Your Life. Creating Fulfilling Relationships Regardless Of Your Past. because it ought to know how to make your dream come alive. like so many before you have done. you must focus your attention on what you really desire inside your heart.

but you have never learned how to master them correctly. Taking Charge Of Your Life And Watch Obstacles Melting Away In Your Path. Imagine what would happen if we used our mind to it's fullest? We would stop getting sick and live healthier. Researchers have also proven that stress. You will develop your incredible powers personally that will yield astounding results. And if you're saying. Scientists have also proven that we only use 10% of our mind. is the number one cause of all fatigue and illness.but never really fulfilling your dreams Doctors and scientists now firmly believe that 75% of all sickness and disease starts in the mind. That means 10% of our mind is causing 75% of all sickness -. Securing A Promotion Regardless Of Seniority.and we don't even know how to use that 10% properly. which starts in the mind. You were born with these powers. Instead you go through life like an unguided missile trying different things and hoping for the best . The rest is never used properly. 12 . Researchers have also proven that people who have a healthy and positive attitude. But in order to get the most out of life you must first understand how your incredible creating powers work. no way. perhaps that has worked for others but it can't work for me. or incorporate positive thinking.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM      Eliminating Negative Feelings Towards Family And Friends And Replacing Them With True Love. more productive lives. Giving Yourself A Pay Raise As Wish. Getting A Better Job Under Conditions That You Want OR Become Your Own Boss. Harness the power of your mind and you will fulfill your purpose of this life You have abilities and powers that you're not even aware of.

manage their time better. Unfortunately most people never get their mind working for them. who want you to follow such routines. then be sincere with yourself and ask. they think that is all that it takes. If this is happening to you. cars and all sorts of the so called goodies of life. how to read. The answer is not far-fetched: Human. You were taught how to walk. plan things ahead. But no one ever taught you how to use the Power of Your Mind and Subconscious Mind. one or two affirmations. Unfortunately most people think that in order to change their life or grow as a human being all they need to do is set their goals. Know Thyself. work with a daily planner and a goal minder. Rather. 13 . become more disciplined. Besides. the mualims. No. Instead. you have been taught all kinds of things. relax and enjoy your reading of “Nothingness of Self-Esteem”. you'll learn a number of proven techniques that will generate astounding results. pastors. say their prayers. And know from now that the priests. Perhaps by visiting and praying fervently to a Deity.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM live better lives. for money. Why? It is because. Have you ever asked the question within you as: Why must it be that you do not have the same good results like your immediate brother. whereby creating things they don't want. Reading “Nothingness of Self-Esteem” will make you to develop your Intuition by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. how to write and so on. they get their mind to work against themselves. gurus. they know how to use the power of their mind. house. sister or colleague as you pray and dance the same way that he/she does? Have you ever asked that question once? If you haven’t. The fact is that throughout your life. on whom do you expect them to feed fat? On stone or what? They only want you to continue following them so that you become dependent on them. are not interested in helping you.

A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The “Nothingness of Self-Esteem’ teaches you the way of life and how to develop yourself and it follows the old adage that says: "Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day. The senses allow us to communicate with the outside world. There is nothing wrong with that. We have five senses taking in information all the time and we react through chemical exchanges happening in our body and have thoughts and feelings.2. We are born to live in a variety of different ways . the brain is the central computer in charge of it all. You will accomplish goals you never dreamed possible. yes it is true. opinions and woes. They have not been able to settle for those things that make people accept their lot. Empowering Our Own Lives The brain is the computer for the body. so to say. See the pattern. We are a body. Nature's cycles take care of it all within the Unity. substance addictions and 14 .all within certain parameters . including our emotional responses and thoughts. However. i. That may be sooner or later. co-dependent relationships. Nine (9) times out of ten (10) is all we become. 1.e. all from this same system that we call man.until the day we exit this realm of existence. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life!" You'll discover the most powerful techniques to quieten your mind and develop your instincts or intuition. There are continual external expressions and we react to them like puppets. there are some of us who have not had such an easy time of life and/or been vulnerable to other influences that have caused us to stop in our tracks. while eliminating stress and enjoying greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life.


philosophical ideas and belief systems. Some of us have stopped and asked: Eh, what is going on here? How come things are the way they are? What or who am I really? What is this place that we live in? I am here accidentally or is there some kind of purpose? Many people have looked further and spent time with others who have gained some knowledge through spending their whole lives, looking for answers to these questions. For most of us, we say: What's the point in that, we can never really know? But for others of us, we have asked and asked questions and those questions have become the most important focus of our lives. We have not wanted to stay 'scraping the bottom,' behaving and believing we are important and valuable somehow, whilst knowing that we do not really know a single thing. These people become more than just puppets here, more than just physical beings dependent on their environment, and have experienced that there are realities beyond the physical realm. That we are not just ordinary bodies of very complicated machines. Through questing and constantly challenging reality - we find new horizons. We take too much blame and we all suffer the same way, it's just that some of us can manage better than others. The more sincere we are, the harder it can be among the pool of dishonest individuals - because we can only just acting a part. It is impossible to go out of the Unity. Don't take others responses to you as an accurate gauge of who you are and what you are about - through your own selfquesting you will find a different and reliable measure. The people around you will carry on in their relatively unconscious and irresponsible manners if you have decided to opt out - it doesn't mean you have to be the same if you stay within. All you need is to try and see that they are not intending to be



that way. Those lost figures simply don't know any way to be, other than what they are being. Don't take it personally. There are millions and billions of people here and there mostly scared and out for themselves - but all in their heart of hearts, hoping for better days ahead, for a kinder world where they can relax and be as they really are - to be able to stop acting and still be accepted. The only way this can happen is if there are a few of us that can take the strain and can take these people with a pinch of salt and make a fuss out of their good points. This way, we can bring enlightenment and harmony to this world. Is enlightenment a real possibility? This is being asked because not everyone is going to change and be themselves, as they are so caught up in surviving their lives. Each one of us has a sort of ripple-effect. People meet for the first time and there are subliminal (unconscious) messages being given and received. You don't just have effect on the people you notice - your influence is far wider. If there were 500 people and 5 maniacs within them, even if all the people do try, there would still be chaos. Now take the same scenario and imagine 5 conscious people. Can you imagine the impact? This is what is going on. There are people waking up and realising that as long as we all behave so helplessly, waiting for them to be proof before we make these greater efforts, then nothing will change. For me, I have a way I want to be regardless of whether I am one in a hundred, a thousand, or the only one. Human, know thyself! When you go out to experiment with influencing others positively do it consciously. By the way, thinking about influencing others is not the same as doing it. We must begin by reclaiming the power in our own lives. Once we are free of fears, illusions and subsequent



constraints, we interact with our environment in a positive and encouraging manner and we start to recreate our lives. Begin with yourself first and all else will follow.


Personal Transformation

Take a look at your life and take inventory of the places you find yourself asking: Why do I always end up with this or that who always do this or that to me? Could it be my romantic partners, jobs, bosses, friends, cars, appliances, or even landlords? Just where is it that you find yourself in the same situation over and over again, through what seems to be no fault of your own? Once you have a completed list written down in a paper, pick one repetitive event to start with and allow for the possibility that you have helped to make this event reoccur by a belief you subconsciously hold. This may seem difficult at first, but it will be part of the wallpaper of life, invisible to one is also necessary for you to let go of the payoffs your belief in your own self-righteousness afforded you - this was probably the most difficult part of the whole transformation process and it will also be the most worthwhile. There may be other things you need to let go of, too - for instance your stubbornness must let go. On a separate sheet of paper, you may write down the thoughts and beliefs you could be holding that might consistently produce an outcome such as the one you are repetitively experiencing. Keep this piece of paper in a safe place so you can come back to it often and add new ideas. Once you have a belief that feels like it could be the most appropriate or the one that feels right, write a definition that fits with the dualistic viewpoint, where an opposite outside of you must occur in order for the event to happen.


notice how good it feels to be free of the fearful and limiting emotions of being the helpless victim and how powerful it feels to be co-creating with loving partners. As part of this list. when you channel your power away from negative. When you change. circumstances.) This new viewpoint will give you a glimpse of how powerful you really are and how. that your limiting dualistic definition of "righteousness " was for you to be right. So you may choose to enjoy your righteousness independent of what others are thinking or doing. the world around you transforms. or a word say: "righteousness". your life will get easier and easier. make sure you note that your transformation is going to benefit you in ways you cannot even imagine. The next step is to take your new and more abundant definition and apply it to past experiences. Be wise and act wisely! A final note on your transformation. For example. and empowering directions. Then write down all the ways this new definition is going to positively change your present and your future. more abundant definition. self-limiting. (This has been one of the greatest benefits of a unique transformation – for instance people.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Once you have that definition in place. belief. and things have entered my life in ways that I could not have ever imagined but also never been able to engineer. As you do that. so you too can enjoy your righteousness without a need to have or make anyone else wrong. Write down how each event plays out now that the action is being directed by the new. Your transformation is going to 18 . write another definition for your goal. that doesn't depend on an opposite or anything outside of you to experience its outcome. loving. and self-defeating directions and into positive. someone else has to be wrong and your more abundant definition of the so-called "righteousness " is that everyone embodies Cosmic righteousness.

19 . so you will know nothing of their transformation. But without the synthetic ability of consciousness that world would be non-existent. which traditionally figures as an analytic (logical) principle. Without the lack of identity it would not be possible to attain self-awareness and the world would consist only of the being-in-itself . Even the principle of identity (A=A as in 2=/=1). represents a work of consciousness and is therefore in its nature synthetic. but that it constitutes the world and that order itself is the Unity. they may just be passersbys in the street. your transformation is going to provide the opportunity for others to experience their own transformation. Some of these effects you will see. while you will never know about others. In fact. the main point: that human consciousness is not just a part of the universal order of being. for Sartre. Accept and enjoy the peace in your heart that comes with this trust.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM positively affect the people in your life. To say in a traditional way that man is an animal endowed with reason blurs. This constitution is rendered possible by virtue of the nothingness of consciousness which in the form of a lack-of-identity provides the condition for the possibility of self-deception (bad faith). Many of these people you will not even notice. Human consciousness has been defined in terms of nothingness in order to emphasize the rift between the mode of things and the mode of human existence. It is important that you trust that your transformation will have positive effects that you will be unaware of.

This is the gateway to our ‘inner world’ or intuition. reasoning and rationale. instead of waiting for your intuitive insights to arrive randomly and with scarcity why not develop this skill yourself? Can you imagine what having a more fully developed and reliable intuition would do for you? Most of us live in our heads and pay little or no attention to the feelings that we so aptly called ‘gut feelings’.moments of an insight. despite its nebulous nature. Our tummy knows far more than we give it credit for . Paying attention to our inner world requires that we press the pause button on the endless mental processing that consumes most of us.so start listening to it and you will never go astray. as opposed to logic.1 The Real Intuition Most people will tell you that intuitive moments have occurred in their lives . Intuition. flashes of inexplicable clarity defying conventional understanding. challenges reason and is strongly connected to feelings in the body rather than in the mind or head. So. Yes intuition is real and yes it is fallible and yet. it has been known to change lives. if not scary. is a gentler source of information that often defies logic. feelings and our body and with this we have taken the first crucial step to accessing our intuitive self. It allows us to focus to emotions.it may be interesting.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Development of the Real Intuition 2. to notice just how many different perspectives or internal voices going 20 . When trying to solve a problem or simply when thinking about anything .

The tyrants on the internal committee may prevent us from hearing the softer. While fear. So train your body to relax. grief. is your inner well of intuition just waiting to be used. It is important to sorting out the difference between your internal voices of fear from other calmer. stress. priest who actually has something valuable to say. fear literally interferes with true intuition.and no. mualim. wise internal guru. and even not choosing is a choice. despair. because we know that all sorts of nasty emotions. clearer source of internal thought.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM on inside . they literally drown out the gentle. old baggage and inner turmoil lies in wait to pounce the moment we shut our eyes.why? Because when our body is finally relaxed and calm. Many profound eureka or aha moments can happen in the shower. You and I are accountable for our choices. And we 21 . because power is the result of responsibility and choice. it will give you high-speed access to your guru. (for anything other than sleep). anger and their friends on the internal committee are hogging our internal bandwidth with their load and pushy behaviour. our intuition can kick in. Every choice is an act of power. softer inner teacher. or while taking a relaxing walk . relax or keep still for any significant length of time. this is not schizophrenia. Open our horizons and then use our intuition to choose paths and actions that feel the most truly aligned with our inner 'fear-free self'. we will find our intuition and inner guidance system. What most people do not realise is that. Behind the doors of any likely emotional purging. Now we must use it to actively increase our awareness of choices – to seek out new ways of seeing and new ways of being. Although it is not necessary to fully peel the onion to access your intuition. Once we have gone through all the aforementioned actions. inner exploration. But the truth is that most of us don't want to be quiet.

taken back your power and sifted through the macaroni. and Instantly Boost Your SelfEsteem Forever. because sometimes it is just macaroni! Be patient with yourself and go back a few steps and try again. amala or eba . Real Intuition is everyone's birthright. The Life You Want – This is so and Guaranteed! If you have ever thought about why some people are successful in life and others live out their lives in failure.you may be surprised to find many easily accessible nuggets of insight and wisdom waiting to enrich your life with support and guidance. After you have started paying attention. but that it was buried under morass of fear and was simply malnourished and unable to germinate to a full grown reality.you still get thoughts of last nights dinner. Shatter the Beliefs that are Limiting Your Life. If you've ever wanted to be one of those people who live their dreams. Give yourself the gift of time and space dedicated to getting to know you better . You Can Expand Your Comfort Zone.2 Expanding Your Real Intuition Don't be surprised to discover that your intuition was there all along. even after doing fancy meditation postures and tricks . 2. the answer is at hand. Dream! Dream!! Dream!!! Any veteran of the inner world will tell. fired and hired on the inner committee.and excavate the magic that lies within. 22 . that sometimes when you close your eyes and go inside. to-do lists and other garbage invading your inner sanctum. So use discernment.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM shouldn't be afraid to dream a bigger dream for yourself. peeled the onion. your inner compass is waiting for you! Yes. cleared up the inter-fear-ance.

and automatically creates the life you really want. electric bill companies. but there's a simple.3 Quest for Reality You should understand just how close you are to your dreams right now. They never make their dreams come true. Keep cool and read on. people who lack this ability still have the same yearnings and desires as everyone else yet they stay stuck and unfulfilled. I know it sounds incredible. now you can be on the way to achieving your dreams in just minutes. But until now.nasty bosses. 23 . On the other hand. Their lives are an endless series of what-if questions they ask themselves. No matter what your dream is. They live forever at the whims of others . They are fearless in their drive and will take immediate. The single most important key to living your dreams is utilizing your personal power. repeated action and will never give up until they can live their dreams.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Did you know that there is a single ingredient that separates people who are successful in life from people who are not? That component is how you harness your personal power. massive. because in just a moment. People who use their power will take their dreams and make them come true. success has never been so easy. I am going to reveal what I discovered through 21 years of research that allows you to harness your inner power and immediately attract everything you desire. harnessing this power is just a dream or fantasy. For most folks. and bring its benefits into your life at the speed of lightning. Many people feel powerless in their lives. water rate board or others trying to hold them back. But. They never discover the secret to incredible power that is hidden within them. 2. easy to use proven formula which unlocks everything your heart desires.

When using your power.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM you make it reality when you master this skill. you have a more confident feeling inside. You may be stunned when you realize just how high you can climb and how you are being held back. 24 . and you become unstoppable and indistructible. When you are freed from the prison of your fears. you become successful in your lives. Your true living body is the secret to show you the way to activate it. You'll be able to handle every obstacle along the way. And you'll be able to move in the direction of your dreams – within the first 72 hours. choose your values. it affects every aspect of your existence. When you use your power. Unless your personal power throttle is set on high. The way you set your goals. Your quest for reality will first depend on how much you know yourself. your life is entirely new. you would be able to distinguish between the super achievers and The an average person. or react to life is shaped by who and what we think we are.

1 Human body parts 25 . taken to be one.1 Human Physical Body In physics. beams. a physical body (called simply a body or even an object) is a collection of masses. slabs. roof etc). a building can be considered an object but the building also consists of many particles or elements (foundations.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Human Physical Body 3. columns. For example. Figure 3.


Specifically, a physical body is an object which can be described by the theories of classical mechanics, or quantum mechanics, and experimented upon with physical instruments. This includes the determination of a position, and in some cases the orientation in space, as well as means to change these, by exerting forces. For instance, the force of gravity will accelerate a body if it is not supported, thus causing a change of its position by falling freely. However, it should be noted that it is not necessary for there to be forces present for an object position to change - only the rate of change of the object's position, that is, its velocity, will change under the influence of forces.

Figure 3.2 Female and male human anatomy (Source: www.3dscience.com)



A human's (animal's or vegetable's) physical body is made up of organs and tissues and is a part of the total living being which in the human being may also include a psychological or spiritual component. However, whether or not a human being includes a spiritual component is entirely up to philosophical and theological debate. In Figures 3.1 and 3.2, human physical body and their parts are shown. It is therefore necessary to known the positions of human body parts as the knowledge is essential for the spiritual development. Human, know thyself!


Systems of the Human Body

In a human body system the followings are defined as: Circulatory system: pumping blood throughout the body Digestive system: processing food with mouth, stomach and intestines Endocrine system: communicating within the body using hormones Immune system: defending against disease-causing agents Integumentary system: skin, hair and nails Lymphatic system: structures involved in the transfer of lymph between tissues and the blood stream Muscular system: moving the body Nervous system: collecting, transferring and processing information with brain and nerves Reproductive system: the sex organs Respiratory system: the organs used for breathing, the lungs Skeletal system: structural support and protection through bones Urinary system: the kidneys and associated structures involved in the production and excretion of urine



Certain professions, especially medicine and physiotherapy, require the study of human anatomy (See Figure 3.2) in depth. Textbooks usually split the body into the following regional groups:  Head and Neck: includes everything above the thoracic inlet.  Upper limb: includes the hand, forearm, arm, shoulder, axilla, pectoral region and scapular region.  Thorax: contains the region of the chest from the thoracic inlet to the thoracic diaphragm.  Abdomen: everything from the thoracic diaphragm to the pelvic brim or to the pelvic inlet.  The back: about the spine and its components, the intervertebral disks and bodies  Pelvis and Perineum: the pelvis consists of everything from the pelvic inlet to the pelvic diaphragm. The perineum is the region between the genital area and the anus.  Lower limb: the lower limb is usually everything below the inguinal ligament, including the thigh, the hip joint, the leg, and the foot.

Human, know thyself! It is not only the medical or physiotherapy profession that requires in-depth knowledge in human anatomy, but every spiritually inclined individual. This is because in any spiritual unfoldment, imagination is important to activate the results during and after meditation. It is equally necessary to invoke and bring to focus any part of the body that need healing or development. The human subtle body is going to be discussed in the following chapter.


planets. If you want to know what your aura looks like.g. it has an energy field. but there are similarities on a basic level. trees. It is normally iridescent/radiant. Plants including flowers. grass. watch your own behaviour towards others. look at your cat or dog for an indication. About the therapeutic effect of animals on people. If you have no pet. If it vibrates. etc. particularly trees can influence our own energy. the dominant colouration.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Human Subtle Body 4. etc. The lower the vibration. in a full consciousness you will realize that by passing a tree your aura becomes flooded and charged with green. Wild animals have more expansive auras than their domestic counterparts. Animals have less complex but more intense coloration than humans. Surely this is true. (In parts of Africa. have an energy field. plants. Pets often have certain aura colours that are characteristic of their primary caregivers. books. animals put green and pink energy in our energy fields because they are loyal and love unconditionally and this energy finds its way to influence your energy. Although it differs from the aura of humans and animals. animals. the inhabitants 29 . crystals. This explains why animals understand their owner's language when you are able to see the telepathic energy being received and sent between owner and animal. the more fixed (stabled or simpler structure) the aura around the object is. The energy of plants. e. where there are lots of trees in the thick jungle.. That is why they say if you are stressed "hug a tree!".1 Introduction Everything has an aura.

so it is safe as long as the tree in which a life is insured is not cut off. If you try to look at the aura of a full moon . spaces and corners in the house tend to hold on to the negative energy. one needs to take a look at the ocean. when looking at.) The green energy emanating from the tree when hugged. which allows you to see the physical or etheric double. so a part of our energy resonates around the goods we feel attached to. ask yourself when recently your ego got punctured?! Think. A car can have a unique aura received often from its owner. immediately neutralizes lower unstable energies thus having a calming effect on the person and then the person again feels in harmony with himself and others or his environment. Cars. And it looks like different textures dancing on top of the waters. Most trees live 100 to 200 years. but the light energy tends to flow. At the same time a car symbolically represents our ego vehicle. There is a natural energy which flows through a house. ask and you must receive. Lower vibrations can be altered by placing crystals in these spaces or corners. With auric sight these are perceived as light and dark spots. The next time your car gets a flat tyre.you will see that there is much more going around the moon than you have ever noticed before! You may wish to slide out at a quiet night and watch! Everybody is born with the ability of auric sight. Because of the high amount of oxygen at the sea.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM insure their life as well as their children inside trees. To have a taste of what cosmic energy looks like. The dark spots tend to stay at in 1 place accumulating more of the same energy. Certain areas. It could be realized that we as human beings are emotionally attached to our earthly goods. it automatically raises your energy levels. emotional layer and 30 . reflect colours around it.

For the rest you need clairvoyant or spiritual sight which you either received as a gift or obtained through a lot of spiritual work on yourself to raise your vibrations to such a level that you can perceive higher dimensions. or if this color is much different from their parent's aura. When they don't like the color of the aura above the head. This is the belief and a typical scenario. it looks like silver/gold stripes shooting into a blockage. Within the energy field of a person it looks like bright energy. Archangels are a symbol of large hands forming an arch. no matter how much smiling the person does. Normal angels may be revealed to others in a symbol of shooting arrows like feathered wings. abiku. While naturally.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM the lower mental layers. Angels or Malaeka do not have wings in the real sense of it. they cry. ogbanje or all sorts of names. so they never lose this natural ability. The truth is that children should learn to see and read auras in our primary schools. In this area of the world (Yorubas. because if taught and developed well it would raise the world to a greater height than now. To some clairvoyants. attracts most children Children have much cleaner and stronger auras than most of adults. some people’s aura. Hence they are obliged to go back to them whenever the promised life-span elapsed. Infants frequently look above a person in front of them. The names signify that such children can communicate with their other ‘heavenly mates’ or Source Codes so to say. who are usually completely enslaved by the materialistic world and suppress their Nature by following superficial examples. Igbo in Nigeria) they are referred to as emere. Very young children (up to 5 years of age) see auras naturally. When children ‘see’ and try to tell adults of what they ‘see’ or feel. They give 31 . it is usual for parents or some adults to feel their children are going nuts. just like my wife’s.

the vibration of your field is immediately raised and expanded and to the clairvoyant eye it looks brighter and more radiant. kind and peaceful . The true living body comprises of physical and subtle body.2 Aura An aura is an oval shaped etheric emanation surrounding humans within a distance of 600 to 1300mm all around the body. Most people find it overwhelming as this love and warmth cannot be compared to any we find on earth. Angels leaves a place smelling like lavender. Angelic energy feels warm.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM these symbolic images so that one knows what energy beings he is working with.so to say. They can also make their presence known by smell or touch. To some. Chakras Zone Figure 4. 4. violets and roses. Whenever an angel or malaeka or iwin being enters your aura. loving.1 Human body aura 32 .


It is a multi dimensional energy field that contains all that was and is. It extends to become part of the cosmic universe. An aura is composed of all the colors of the spectrum. Combinations differ with individuals and are constantly shifting. The colors are representative of mental and emotional states. The human aura is a multi-dimensional energy field, which consists of closely knit electromagnetic particles of varying densities suspended around the body in several layers known as auric bodies. The aura manifests the sum and sustains our existence as an endless life force in the universe. It is an extension of our higher self and a manifestation of the cosmic nature of our being. It is the antennae of consciousness, a treasure and throve of knowledge. Imagine an advanced energy and information system that contains a true chronicle of your past- present-and future. By referring to it you can expand your awareness and discover exciting new dimensions to your existence. It is also a system that can give you new insight, growth and power into your life. Einstein said: ‘Color is light, light is energy and energy is the whole universe’. Think of the aura as a colorful light system around any object which functions, not only in a 3rd dimension but in a 4th or even 5th dimension which is timeless and therefore it is only energy that interacts with everything as well as the universe. It is alive and an ever changing energy system and non-static. It is forever communicating, interacting, responding and confirming with every impulse, in and around it. It is an energy system, which contains all of which you are and were as a body, mind and soul being. It is forever present and forever evolving as you grow and expand and experience life in all its forms. It can never dissolve since energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be altered. Everything in the Universe seems to be just a vibration. Every atom, every



part of an atom, every electron, every elementary particle, even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibrations. Hence, we may define the aura as an electro-photonic vibration response of an object to some external excitation (such as an ambient light for example). This definition is sufficient for the purpose of reading auras, providing that we can train ourselves to see the aura vibration. The most important property of the aura seems to be the fact that it contains information about the object. Aura around living (conscious) objects (people, plants and so on) changes with time, sometimes very quickly. Aura around non-living object (stones, crystals, water etc) is essentially fixed. Above facts have been observed by scientists in Russia, who have been using Kalian Effect to study auras for the last 52 years. The aura around humans is partly composed from EM (electromagnetic) radiation, spanning from microwave, infrared (IR) to UV light. The low frequency microwave and infrared part of the spectrum (body heat) seems to be related to the low levels of the functioning of our body (deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA, structure, metabolism, circulation etc.) whereas high frequency (ultra-violet or UV part) is more related to our conscious activity such as thinking, creativity, intentions, sense of humor and emotions. Russian scientists in Aura research are suggesting that our DNA can be altered, by influencing its microwave aura. The high frequency (UV) part is very important and most interesting but largely unexplored. And this part can be seen with naked eyes.


The True Colours of Auras

It is very difficult to describe the energy and colours of the 4th and 5th dimension in a 3 dimensional way. Due to the Kirlian



photography a lot of people have the impression that that is what an aura is all about and that is what the colours look like. This could not be any further from the truth. This is merely 1 dimension attained from biofeedback and the colours are reproduced to represent what the camera accesses. This camera only picks up the type of energy you currently manifest at body level. Aura can be divided in to 4 bodies; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. All these bodies have a higher dimension to them that function in the 4th and 5th dimension except the spiritual body. Spirit is 5 dimensional and there are even higher vibrations than that. All of these bodies differ from each other. The colour aspect of the aura functions within the emotional body. We truly have colourful emotions and that is why we have expressions in language using colour to describe emotions, e.g.:
  

red with anger. If one is mad the emotional aura is flooded with red. green with envy. A slummy shade of green is in the aura. having the blues. Too much blue in the emotional layer is telling you that this person is currently feeling melancholic.

Your soul's colours look completely different than the emotional colours. It looks like nothing on the earth plane. The closest description is that this aura has the same haziness a misty day about it, but then with a tint of green, blue, red, like the colours of the rainbow, sometimes more than 1 colour or even 4 colours together with the sun shining from behind to give it the radiance of the soul. The general hue, which people talk about, is still not a true colour. It is true for the personality you are on earth. This is


So what you truly are on earth is a sum total of all these bodies. There are two main types of light receptors in the human eye. The so called Rods are concentrated in the outer portion of our eyes. This part of our eyes needs a lot of exercise if you have never used it before. focused vision. rods and cones. fear and also because we use our left brain function more than the intuitive right brain as we grow up. These keep one another on their toes.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM the sum total of the flow of energy through all your chakras at whichever level it is functioning currently. projected outwards. yellows and purples. This correlates closely with the energy of the rising sun and 1st house in astrology. Cones are receptive to light in our normal visible spectrum. You can raise your level of vibration through regular meditation. Rods are receptive to shorter wavelengths of lights (those in the ultraviolet spectrum). So what does my aura look like? It depends on which auric body you are looking at. People with the same general hue normally get along with those of complementary colours like reds and greens. reds will push greens to be more active while greens will calm down the energy of the reds. 4. Cones are concentrated in the middle of our eyes. oranges and blues. They are used to see colours and objects in our everyday environment.4 Auric Sight Auric sight is a function of the eye that has been neglected or shut down by conditioning. Other ways of perceiving the aura is through the 3rd eye. In order to do that you need to let go of limiting beliefs. They are used for night vision and to detect movement. conditioning and karmic issues stored within the 3rd eye. We each have approximately 18 million rods and 3 million cones in our eyes. So we use our peripheral vision to see the aura. 36 . For instance.

it is important to develop other senses like hearing. You have heard people refer to a friend: I can feel he is in a bad mood. Seeing auras is a different way of looking.5 Multi-Sensory Perception This is using all of your senses to experience the energy. 37 .e. There is the immediate emotion a person experiences. Then there is the deeper feeling of what the emotion is doing to the person's other energies. So it is. The aura is accessible not only through sight. Normally we receive and read the energy with our left hand and give energy out with the right hand. The aura is gazed upon not look at. but feeling is the truth. smelling and touch. Seeing is believing. You get frustrated or confused. Remember you use your eyes and your intuitive mind to perceive! The secret to seeing auras is patience. Human. practicing an hour a day. The moment you tense up or stress. Alpha level functions within the super conscious and when you can maintain that level you are automatically open to perceive the energy of the aura. remembering there are always more than one (1) level to feeling. To enter that state of mind you need to relax and experience it as game of fun. In order to understand the totality of the energy and what the energy of the aura wants to communicate. Our hands are a kinesthetic sensor to feel energy.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM teaching yourself to access the alpha brain waves. Here too. for instance you can experience the emotion of raging anger and that may make feel vulnerable when you see one in a person right in front of you. know thyself! 4. by feeling the energy another person is giving off or radiating. you go back to a lower vibration and then it is very difficult to access the energy. i. Most of us are clairsentience beings.

mind and soul. responsibilities and consciousness. are energy points in our aura.6 Chakras Chakras. Note this! Crown (7th) or MEDULAR 3rd Eye (6th). Chakras focus the confluence of energy streaming down on us from the cosmos and onto the earth. mental and spiritual well being. emotional. they see as silver/gold in the aura). And this is the least developed skill in most people.2. ajna or CAVICAL Throat (5th) or DORSAL Heart (4th).A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM We can also feel the energy of a place and animals. Chakras are energy vortexes that look like wheels spinning. Because of noise or what we did not want to hear we have blocked our hearing abilities. Chakras enable us to gather process and release energy. There is a whole spectrum of sound outside our normal range of hearing abilities within the spiritual dimensions that is accessible through our inner hearing system. through which vital energy must pass in order to nourish and maintain physical. 4. There is no sense in only seeing if you cannot hear or see what the energy wants to tell you.2. Positions of chakras 38 . as represented in Figure 4. People like mediums can communicate with other dimensional beings. Each chakra has 3 layers of energy. What is so unique about this system is the gradation and regiment of energy available as we evolve through the chakras to higher levels of awareness. amahata Solar Plexus (3rd) Sacral (2nd) Root (1st) Figure 4. It is a profound system that integrates body.

Unresolved issues will stand in the way of our development and growth which work through our mental processes as well as energetic processes. be cautious! When the chakra is blocked at this level the mind needs to be engaged and committed to reprogramming negative thoughts about the past. This is the energy which can become congested in the comings and goings of everyday life. These may require a deeper therapeutic approach to work through the disturbances. infancy and early childhood. if activated and abused by negative thoughts. The middle layer relates to deeply personal emotional issues. To disturb the patterns. So. It is my wish that everyone will have at least once the opportunity to experience this. The chakras spin at such a high vibration that it is not possible to see it with auric sight alone but with an opened 3rd eye.e. i. which are locked into the energetic. Water-air combination corrodes steel. Not only can one must use the steel but must be oiled properly and adequately too. which focus around our birthing. The blockages in this field of energy come about through unexpressed emotions. express and release our feelings. so also will negative thought do to your Chakras. The deep inner layer is related to the soul path. No one can know the deep unfolding of the soul's destiny. these deep layers of energy are more likely to open and blossom when the top layers are free from congestion. When you do you will understand why the Yogis describe chakras as lotus with 39 . code would be a violation of the person's life process. Chakras can easily be blocked if they are not well activated and used rightly. Yes Chakras get ‘rusted’ or ‘corroded’ just like an abandoned steel. However. especially when we forget our spiritual nature and ignore our true purpose in life.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The top layer relates to transpersonal energy. These blockages reflect our capacity to experience.

A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM spinning petals. hence. a heart shape for the heart chakra. 40 . Balancing and Charging the Chakras While the word "chakra" has Hindu (Sanskrit) roots. It is a universal energy. which is a red square for the root chakra. Over the years some discrepancies have been noticed between how different people "define" each chakra. but the differences have only been minor. The base chakra extends down and the crown chakra extends up. (particularly the second and third chakras). and all people inhabiting physical bodies on this earth have them. The following is a general summary of understanding the physical locations and elements associated with each chakra. a crescent moon for the sacral chakra. a circle for the solar plexus. while the chakras in between have vortexes both to the front of the body and to the back. the chakras can be perceived in their symbolic representation. Certainly the colors and locations of the chakras are generally consistent. upside down triangle for the throat chakra. Through chakra meditation and learning and experience with the energetic nature of the universe. (Matter is merely slowed down or crystallized energy. the energy involved is not partial to any particular religion or belief. These energy vortexes are the channels through which spiritual energy flows through to manifest in the physical plane. a star for the 3rd eye and a skull cap for the crown chakra. our bodies are energy!) The chakras and other smaller energy vortexes (such as acupuncture points) are openings and channels for universal energy to flow into and out of the aura. we can awaken our conscious minds to our true spiritual natures.

 The third chakra is located at the solar plexus and is associated with the color gold (yellow).A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM  The first chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with red. then our physical and emotional health can be affected. open." This chakra is connected with emotion and human love. damaged.  The seventh chakra is at the crown of the head. It is the chakra that most influences intercommunication and our "personas." It is associated with wisdom and integration of our eternal selves (half education. particularly psychic vision. It is also the chakra of spiritual love and connection. religion fanatism) with our current physical selves. or muddied with residual energy. This chakra is our connection to our "higher selves" and to the "divine. When a chakra becomes blocked.  The second chakra is located in the area of the womb or spleen." It is also the link between emotion and thought. It is the chakra that governs our physical existence.  The fifth chakra is located at the throat and is a bright blue. and is violet fading to white further away from the body. This chakra is associated with thought (though some say the third chakra governs thought) and with vision. Often this 41 . which is the "color of love. It governs communication and personal magnetism. It is associated with the will or desire. bright and clean.  The sixth chakra is located at the third eye (mid-forehead) and is indigo (deep purple/blue).  The fourth chakra (the middle chakra in the chain of seven) is the heart chakra and is associated with the color green. This chakra governs creativity and emotion. It is like our umbilical cord to The Absolute. and is associated with the color orange. our bodies and our health. and also the color rose. When all the chakras are "whirling". then our chakra system is balanced.

The effects of our habits. if you eat poorly (a lot of processed food. balanced energy system. looks unending for a beginner but. Lie. you may have a bulging and bright brow chakra. This probably has its roots in our ancestors' religious aversion to the "flesh" and their focus on the rewards of "heaven. If you "close off" your emotions because they're painful or overwhelming. but a disproportionately small heart chakra or root chakra. safe and powerful.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM occurs habitually as the result of negative or incomplete belief systems. Anybody at any required time one feels empty. for instance) and don't exercise. feelings. If you are extremely centered in your intellect. the more energy can flow through your system. thoughts. it can be used to ground oneself. and continued growth on all levels. The more open. darkened and dull. beliefs. This energy is essential for vitality. use it wisely. For example. Use the power of imagination to locate each necessary parts of your body. The following exercise." The goal is a strong. stand or sit in a relaxed and comfortable position. First know yourself. Or perhaps you're cerebrally focused on finding answers to deep questions about "reality" (as I was for many years). fears and desires can be found in our chakras. your heart chakra is likely to become tight and closed and block emotional energy. 42 . clear and balanced the chakras. is very effective. In this country (Nigeria) and other Nations of the world we tend to value the upper chakras over the lower chakras. clear. You are endowed with it. Your body is the only authentic temple you have and not somebody else or any place. chances are your root (red) chakra is going to become sluggish. health. as you would for any meditation.

.) Your spine remains straight and your head aligned with your body.. Now that you are relaxed and feeling very much at peace. Take some deep breaths. Eyes are closed.and out. Another said: A-U-M. and out... cleansing and charging the chakras and allow one's own inner voice to lead the meditation. It is preferable to learn about energy and the methods of balancing.. my…and my…is the image of my. Breathe in. in this time.. in this place..and …therefore I am not material but… ” You may wish to fill in the gap by your usual name of your belief: God/Allah/PanBuh/AuraMashida. Just relax into this quiet moment.. while another recites the mantra: “There is no life.. The body should already be relaxed and the mind tranquil when beginning this meditation..A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM (Remember this fact that your body is the only authentic temple you possess. for my. In.. Spirit/ Inner Force/. truth or intelligent nor subject of matter. in this body. is all-in-all. as it enters your nose. take a moment to ground yourself here in this moment. all is infinite mind and infinite manifestations.. 43 . and out.. as it fills your lungs and then as it is expelled. Feel where your body meets the (chair/bed/floor). Become aware of your body from head to toe. but stick to one).. God/Allah/PanBuh/AuraMasishida. Follow the breath as it flows toward your nostrils. so use it wisely... All the same... The following is just one way of performing this balancing. Somebody told me he likes to recite: “Allah-Akbar-Laahu-Akbar” for 10 minutes to relax. of the heaviness of your limbs.in (six or seven counts as wished but stick to one) and out (six or seven counts. follow your breath. in. of your weight.

mentally take the pail and hurl it into the sun. You can feel this as a tingling as the energy fills your root chakra. clean away the dirt and throw it into an imaginary pail with a lid. and when the chakra is clean. Imagine the room glowing red with this energy. Allow those hands to repair any imperfections. Now turn your attention back to the root chakra. your chakra grows large and deep red and strong. a brilliant red swirling vortex of physical energy. In your mind. dirty. You are surrounded by infinite root energy. In your mind you can see your root chakra. If it is dirty. Watch it as it travels through space and then bursts into a zillion bits of energy upon solar contact. note its color and vitality. This is the root chakra. and it governs your physical body. Allow the energy to fill your chakra until it is so vital that it extends several feet out from your body. imagine your hands (or those of a guide) working on the chakra. torn. Mentally envision the chakra and note any symbolic symptoms of disease. See red swirls of energy flowing to your root chakra. or otherwise less than a perfectly brilliant red whirling vortex. 44 . As the energy swirls in. It is clean and red. feel its strength and power. study the appearance of this chakra. the area between your legs. to the area of the "womb" or spleen/lower navel (if man). Its energy is red.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Now focus on the area at the base of the spine. Allow the sun to recycle this energy back into the universe. Now turn your focus up to your abdomen. If you feel your chakra is dusty. your physical health and vitality.

Discard any imperfections in the pail.' Feel 45 . It is now clean and a bright yellow. Turn from the red chakra. charging it with vitality. and send the pail to the sun to recycle the energy. just as the red root chakra is still whirling and strong. and a bright orange. Is it clean and strong? Or is there work to be done here? Allow those invisible hands to cleanse the chakra. Take a few moments to examine this chakra. Call out to the universe for orange creative energy and feel the space around you begin to glow orange. energy to achieve my goals. Watch as your orange chakra grows and whirls. its vitality. until it extends out from your body for several feet. Note its color and appearance. This is the heart of the yellow chakra. with creativity. that of will. with clear-thought. Send the “pail” to the sun for recycling. to work for that which I value and desire. With a tingle you feel the energy begin to swirl into your chakra. It is now clean and whole. to repair or heal it. Have you been lazy of late. Note its color. Focus on the orange chakra again. that which governs will and ambition. Now return your attention to the yellow chakra. will energy. to the solar plexus. or perhaps too driven? Examine your will through this chakra. Allow the invisible hands to cleanse the chakra and heal it. send me yellow energy. discarding any imperfections or impurities in the pail. up through the orange chakra. that which controls clear thinking and creativity.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM This is the orange chakra. Take a moment to observe the chakra. 'Universe.

with compassion for our shared experiences and journey. imperfections or impurities to the pail. the green chakra. Turn your attention to the middle of your chest. to life itself. but for now. Now focus back on the heart chakra. release any pain or anger. Are there bindings holding in pain? Or is the chakra tight and hard with anger? Release any tensions. whirling.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM the yellow energy surrounding your body.. Gently allow those invisible hands to cleanse and purify the chakra.” Must you use any familiar phrase for yourself. It whirls strongly and evenly. extending several feet out from your body. They are still yours if you choose to hold them. Note its color. 46 . to the heart chakra. vitality. In your mind you can see your red/root chakra glowing. your emotional connections to others and to the universe. Send them to the sun for recycling. This chakra governs your feelings. Reflect a moment on how you've been feeling emotionally lately. and with a tingle feel the energy swirl into your solar plexus. Watch the chakra grow and glow and spin with this new energy.) send me green energy for my heart! Open my heart to the world. that I may in turn give love to others. Feel the green energy whirling into your heart. You may feel an instant wave of emotion. to all beings. so be it. Fill my heart with love energy. It is clean and a beautiful green color. your orange/womb chakra pulsing brilliantly. Say: “Universe/God/Allah/Most-High. and your yellow/solar plexus chakra glowing strongly. Examine this chakra. any impurities.

Examine the chakra for imperfections. Feel the air fill with blue universal energy. Feel your throat open with this swirling.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM From the red chakra through the orange chakra through the yellow chakra through the green chakra. center of the blue chakra which governs communication and personal magnetism. Perhaps you've been feeling shy and afraid to extend your energy in communication. 47 . to heal any imperfections and recycle them in the sun. Or perhaps you've been talking over others. Perhaps it no longer spins out of neglect/stagnation. Focus on the throat. Perhaps it is locked up due to fear. noting the color and any imperfections. swirl in and around and fill your third eye chakra with deep. Examine the chakra. your chakras are cleansed and charged and huge with energy. Allow the hands to heal and cleanse the chakra and when finished. strong blue energy. Focus on the middle of your forehead. This energy charges your aura with magnetism. the third eye. There is psychic energy available to you beyond measure. drawing others to you. send the impurities to the sun for recycling. This chakra is indigo and governs psychic vision and intuition. or not listening well. Feel the throat open as this energy swirls into the throat chakra. It is a beautiful deep indigo. vital indigo energy. Now look at the chakra. Now the chakra is clean and strong and bright blue. clean and whirling. Feel it charge the air. Perhaps you haven't been honoring your own beliefs and speaking out when you should. Allow the hands to cleanse the chakra.

Now focus your attention at the crown of your head. Note the red/root chakra. See the crown chakra grow enormous. to the yellow/solar plexus chakra. Now examine the chakra. Ask for the peace and joy of a strong crown chakra connection. This chakra is like an umbilical cord to "home.. to the green/heart chakra. This chakra is violet near the body. to the orange/womb chakra. to the deep 48 . etc. It is brilliantly violet." Reflect on your spirituality of late. to the green/heart chakra. and fully charged. Mentally reach out to that which you consider your "Source" to "The Absolute" or “The Universe”. bright. and note any mental visions as this occurs. of your soul. a loving embrace of your whole self. open and brilliant. strong. to the blue/throat chakra and the indigo/third eye chakra. Feel the violet energy flowing in. Now is a good time to ask for increased psychic power. and recycle the discarded energy in the sun. the energy flowing back to you. In my experience this chakra generally needs much less work than the others. From the red/root chakra. Feel the response. the orange/womb chakra. This chakra governs your connection to the Universe/God/Goddess/The Creator. charged and in balance. to cleanse. examine the chakra and allow any healing needed. Allow the hands to heal. whirling. glowing white around the outside. fading to white further away. to the blue/throat chakra.. Your chakras are huge. big! Move your attention up to the yellow/solar plexus chakra. All your chakras are now clean. and the white energy surround your body.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Feel the third eye open.

You are completely refreshed. a heightened intensity of emotions is being felt and people are embracing “know thyself” and “above all else be true to thyself” philosophy.like the Earth. Consequently. pelvic movement or your group dancing and clapping of hands. full of energy and vitality. almost as if there’s something in the air.3. increasing incidents of unexplained phenomena. You are full of vitality. 4. you may not want to get involved with any other meditation again. Strangely. and extra-sensory development.7 An Electromagnetic Affair Most noticeable human shifting includes the alarmingly frequent occurring nervous system disorders. the Earth’s geomagnetic field. your chakras are spinning and whirling. within the Universe. Your energy is balanced. Electromagnetism is the stuff that when the Sun emits more electromagnetic radiation. You. 49 .A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM purple/third eye to the violet/crown. and evens our body’s natural electro-magnetic field. There’s a whole lot of shifting going on as in Figure 4. After few months of practice. calm. Try it! Alternative to this is your regular alsolaat. if one energetic member shifts. all the others are likely to follow . This energy alteration affects all creatures. Evidently. See the white energy that extends up and out from the crown chakra enveloping your whole body in an egg of white energy. Me and everything else that exist within. Sun. ironbased inner core. and its frequency rate are altered. and peaceful. there’s an electromagnetic energy surge/shift now underway.

In the meantime. Their calendar reveals an important time (1999 – 2012) when the last 13 baktuns (Mayan years). displays an intense and rather abnormal fiery and explosive behavior.. Currently. the larger cycle of the Sun.electromagnetism.3 The shift It is what makes you wonder which energetic member is affecting “Ra” the Sun? Without a doubt. since 1999 to date. Listed below are a few helpful suggestions for preparing your body-mind-spirit for energy surges and shifts. exposing the basic mechanics of creation -. A time when old wisdom merges with modern knowledge. is complete. The ancient Mayan’s were wizards of time and numerology. meaning a whole lot of shifting is most likely yet to come . observe the Sun with watchful and astonished eyes as our Solar System leader “the Sun”. affecting Earth and Everyone. amongst other Geophysics and Astrophysics intelligences.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Figure 4. we are in the half-way point of this Sun cycle. we are in a spectacular and peculiar time of great change.. 50 . our modern technology.

These may include vertigo. preparing the body for easier adjustment in energy surges and shifts. nausea. yet it is not the last circle of the Sun. sitting or lying on the Earth’s natural floor. Support and enhance your body’s equilibrium During an event of electromagnetic shifting. thus. Rearrange different positions to enhance vibration in certain areas of the body. The following is an easy exercise: Stand up-right and spin your body in a left (counter clockwise) direction for a few 51 . Stretch your body and feel the internal vibrations Try this by standing up right with your feet on the floor. physical symptoms are known to occur. Electromagnetic Shift Tips Associate with the vibration of the earth’s core energy By walking barefoot. tingling of moving energy throughout body. We need to stimulate and strengthen our sensory systems in order to improve our adaptability to vibration energy surges/shifts. you are connecting to Earth by creating an energy current circuitry that improves your bio-energy system. allowing your bio-energy to flow more freely and efficiently. Hold a position that creates your body to shake or vibrate. By doing this you are activating synergistic nerve conduction. in which the difference between 7 and 20 is 13.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM A very noticeable year is the year 2007 (20:07 in the Qur’an). changes in energy level or changes in auditory and other sensory functioning. and anxiety. Now lean over and touch the floor with both hands grounded.

potassium. especially optimal nerve transmission. perhaps the most important helpful factor to state is to inculcate: Get Awareness Awareness or consciousness is a nonphysical form of potent energy that will create into physical manifestation one way or another.8 Influences of Auras Negative influences are negative thoughts. Salt and soda creates a negative ionic atmosphere.) In the midst of new changes and shifting taking place. (natural form: sodium. grounding and stabilizing your energy field. Protect and strengthen your bio-energy field by thinking wisely! 4. sonic energy waves. thus drawing toxins from the pores and balancing excessive positive charge. etc. Drink and eat electrolytes Everything in our body. This practice of sensory recalibration is most helpful for the auditorial (sense of balance) region. Use natural salts and baking soda Use natural salts and baking soda in your bath for detoxifying the body.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM spins and then pause a moment. Repeat the spin in the opposite direction (clockwise). noise. Negative thought patterns about yourself attract negative people and incidences in your life. are likely to throw off your body's balance mechanism. Eat well. calcium. operates with electrolytes. Changes in air pressure. Mental and emotional cleaning is recommended on a regular basis. 52 . drugs and then electronic equipment.

It creates tension within the fields or weakens your energy that makes it receptive for disease. If it is not a life threatening illness.3 The shift 53 . go along other routes like homeopaths and alternative medicines. Figure 4. It is advisable that if you spent a long time in these unnatural energies to balance it out by spending time in nature to restore your energy. Over long periods of time the electric energy wants to change your natural flow while your own energy wants to correlate it again. Restore the balance of your aura with the gentle music and or other nature sounds. creating a phantom effect that boomerangs back on your psyche! Electronic equipment and power lines have a different magnetic energy field that runs in the opposite direction of your natural energy force. Drugs and cigarettes and other medicine taken over a long period of time create a grayish layer in the vital energy and prevent the natural ability we have to heal ourselves from functioning at an optimum level. Remember that all disease has a mental and emotional cause and which if addressed will also clear up the disease.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Continued loud noises disturb the balance of the layers and therefore lower your vibration level. Alcohol suppresses the emotions.

natural sunlight. when you see something for yourself. 54 . wearing bright colours. Nature gave us all we need to see auras. If you probe further in the “Nothingness of self esteem” you will discover what they meant.4. people were able to see auras. Positive influences are natural sounds. There is nothing ‘paranormal’ in the Universe. On the other hand. healthy eating. meditation.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Your energy field can also be strengthened by the use of the transformation meditations. Long time ago. Advanced spiritual people such as Buddha.4 The true aura Many great people in the past complained that: we have eyes and we do not see. and decent behaviour. because some artists could actually see auras just as shown in Figure 4. Mohammed. All is required is the knowledge on how to use your senses together with your conscious effort. And you can use your knowledge to learn more and help others. Rampa and other saintly persons were covered and often seen with golden halos around their heads. You will know that you ‘know’ because you ‘know’. What we think we know on Earth now is just a tiny drop in the Ocean of Knowledge. long time ago. Figure 4. If you decide not to try. except our limited understanding of Nature. people admired things they could not explain and called them “miracles”. no longer will you need to rely on believing someone. you will never see the aura. Christ. Long.

you may be almost sure. you can be sure that such person is good and spiritually advanced. 55 . When you see a person with a gray or dark aura. good looking or well dressed he/she seems to appear. aura is our spiritual signature. even if you are bald). When you see a person with a bright. If he/she does not have it. umuyu. clean aura. It is especially important to check the aura of any religious leader. dump and stupid. Rather than create an aura of mystery around my newly acquired skill. Let’s see. Colors and intensity of the aura. you are much better on your own. No one can lie in front of you undetected. wa-hun la yah-kiluun . it manifests clearly. regardless how impressive. Watching someone's aura you can actually see the other person's thoughts before you hear them expressed verbally. Stand in front of a full length mirror. even if he/she is modest and not aware of it. that such person has unclear intentions.) When nearly everyone (including children) sees a similar thing. eloquent. watch your forehead (at the boundary of your hair-cut. With a little patience. If they do not agree with what this person is saying. they do not make any sense. educated. I consider this a part of our Nature and I say that it deserves our attention. It shows our True Nature and intentions for everyone to see. muallim or a guru. Such a person should have a clearly defined yellow-golden halo around the head. spiritual teacher.they are deaf. (but Sumu bukumu. We cannot fake the aura. you effectively see a lie every time. my approach is to show everyone what their eyes are capable of.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Anyone can see auras to some degree. Just relax and you will surely observe your own aura flying off your head. Also. master. especially around and above the head have very special meanings.

if you focus your life on follow-follow-type rituals and the flock of other people. By consciously controlling your aura you can actually heal yourself.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Joining a sect or a religion that is led by incompetent people without good auras is very dangerous for your consciousness. In such case it is necessary to re-learn everything from the beginning. cultivating fear. at least develop your inner power first and you will be better for it. Where is the danger? When the time comes to really use the information stored in your consciousness from this lifetime. By reading aura it seems possible to diagnose malfunctions in the body (diseases) long before physical symptoms become evident. Everyone has an Aura. Such attitude suppresses your True Nature. religion and political leaders have only two things in mind: money and power to control people. there may be almost nothing useful there. But most people on Earth have very weak and dull Auras. Most sect. And you can see it in their aura for yourself. jealousy and other similar emotions – I beg of you leave this material thing alone. Imagine changes on the Mother Earth if many people can see auras of their leaders and start choosing them on the basis of their auras. When people realize that their Aura is on display and many people are able to see it. Yes. And 56 . Refer to the section ‘nothingness theory’ in this book. spiritual development and our awareness of Nature. This seems to be a direct consequence of their lifelong materialistic attitude negating and suppressing the development of consciousness. Some people’s aura if perceived can make one very sad indeed for dull colour it bears. they will watch what they think. envy. healing of the physical body is nothing in comparison to what seeing and reading auras can do for our consciousness. and your aura seems to become suppressed too. However.

9 The Energy Field MerKaBa is a term translated as 'chariot' in Hebrew. MerKaBa is the force field of energy which surrounds every living thing and 'activates' when a person is in a state of Unconditional Love. (The huge chunk of land. Literarily. 4. generated by the Love of the Universe. Another sizable piece of land in the Indus Delta. It is seen to have been about two or three times larger than continental-sized India. to the south of Southeast Asia.5. if Plato was in fact speaking truthfully. including the Americas. we have forgotten how to activate this living field. everyone’s MerKaBa was activated. The conclusion is that Atlantis.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM they will try to see and improve their own Aura. In ancient Egyptian (18th dynasty) means Rotating fields of light Mer). Back in the times of Atlantis. See Figure 4. also disappeared likewise. at the end of the Pleistocene. of continental dimensions. Surely. The MerKaba is the energy field that exists around every living thing throughout the Universe. being able to recognize intentions of other people. When MerKaBa is activated around a person's body. spirit(Ka) and soul(Ba). exactly as Plato affirms.) 57 . Since the fall of Atlantis. he or she is in a place of complete protection. This continental-sized land was indeed larger than Asia Minor and Libya (North Africa) put together. became sunken when sea level rose. No other regions of the world display a similar event. the site of the second Atlantis. the entire world will become much better if all people can see and read Auras. at that occasion. In the process they will become better and wiser. could only have been located in that region of the world.

They serve to balance all chakras. The left brain on the other hand. The meditation also incorporates deep (pranic) breathing techniques.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Figure 4. Therefore the MerKaBa teaching is based on Sacred Geometry. deals with logic and linear time. which brings Life Force Energy directly into the body in the same manner before the fall of Atlantis that the dolphins and whales breathe. or the feeling aspect of the brain. We used to breathe in this manner.5 Ancient world during ice-age The activation meditation has recently been released back to humanity because we are ready for it again and it plays a vital part in the vibrational changes that we and the Mother Earth are going through. The MerKaBa Meditations facilitate deep spiritual growth and activation. and lead one into whole-brain synchronization. but over time we have forgotten how. Spherical 58 . The right brain. already knows that the ascention is possible. and remains skeptical to the possibilities of ascention. thus appeasing the left brain's doubtful nature.

MerKaBa as a 'tool for ascention' means that the MerKaBa meditation provides the means for learning to work with our energy fields and to realign ourselves with Source by creating a sacred space of Love and Joy around us. thoughts (and fears) manifest more readily when inside an activated MerKaBa. which then demands a sense of responsibility to maintain clear thoughts and actions at all times. this 'activation' would be seen as a subtle energy field that expands out around the body in a disc-like shape approximately 20 m in diameter. the use of it only in context to the MerKaBa is as follows:  To raise the energy level of physical body (mental. Therefore. It is a powerful meditation for this very reason and should be done only with the highest intentions for remaining in a love-centered focus. this particular meditation is a means to showing us how that state feels and provides an experimental understanding of how to realign our energy fields and holds the higher vibration of Love in it throughout our daily activities. The MerKaBa literally is the force field of energy which surrounds every living thing and 'activates' when a person is in a state of Unconditional Love. For the human body. As it amplifies the energy of the heart.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM breathing activates all the chakras (energy centers) in the body and has them function as one. The term 'ascentions' is one that has been widely used in a variety of contexts. Note that the energy that protects you will avenge you. etc) 59 . emotional. one finds the higher energies are what is referred to as the 5th dimension space. However. The MerKaBa also functions as a multi-dimensional force field which when activated through love will protect you from any darkness trying to invade your system. Therefore.

MerKaBa or spherical breathing brings about a complete and final bliss which comes from within and not from without. we begin to add love to all the emotions we take in from our environment and send out to others. in the Golden Age which we are entering it is more like anchoring heaven on Earth and heart’s consciousness. your intention must be pure and positive. To strengthen one’s connection to his soul and monad (single cell organism). This changes the perception of ordinary events in our lives and makes them more magical. and how you can make them manifest into what you desire to see in your reality. While many believe that the concept of ascention implies physically departing from the Earth. Ground yourself properly. Use any taught method hat is convenient for you. you should know that before you start to use a version of MerKaBa meditation. We can then more fully enjoy this Earth experience! In order to be in control of your manifest experiences. Once we bring to shift our forces of awareness up from the solar plexus/ gut level to the heart center. 60 . This is living and operating through your heart’s consciousness mind not through your negative ego mind.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM    To have ability to tune-in to higher frequencies and access information or detect subtle energies. To attain a oticeable shift to the focus of conscious awareness for awareness of other levels of reality. how they create. colourful and alive. you first must understand about what your thoughts are.

Move up the light as in 2 above Repeat Nos 2 and 3 five (5) times 4. As the light reaches the cosmos. Now. from the cosmos pass down and breathing out the light in front of your body down to the earth and from the Earth up to the cosmos breathing in. outside your body to the cosmos. Breath-in by drawing light energy from the inner core of the mother Earth and allow the energy to flow up. breath-out and draw down the light energy from the cosmos flowing down to your head (crown chakra) to the root chakra. 6. Then send the wish light into the atmosphere. lighting up your chakras. 7. 2. Repeat this process 5 times. 3. after the fifth time in 3 above. Sit cross-legged or stand erect. Sit for as long as you wish before any daily activities commences. to the inner core of the mother Earth. to your feet and down to the Earth core again. Now from top down. breathing out and bringing the light down by your left side. 61 .A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM 1. The light flows out your crown chakra and disappearing into the cosmos. repeat 5 times. Now breathing out. 5. whichever is convenient for you. circulate up the light. through your right side. bring the light and place it in your solar plexus exercising your wish (positive only). outside your body.

A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Remember: what you sow is what you reap You are your own worst enemy as you are your best friend. 62 .

Usually.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Thought Forms 5.1 Overview of Biological Functions of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) DNA contains the genetic information that allows living things to function. Genetic information in genes is transmitted through complementary base pairing. Figure 5. Alternatively. the DNA sequence is copied into a complementary ribonucleic acid (RNA) sequence in a process called transcription. grow and reproduce. For example. This information is held in the sequence of pieces of DNA called genes. when a cell uses the information in a gene. a cell may simply copy its genetic information in a process called DNA replication. this RNA copy is then used to make a matching protein sequence in a process called translation.1 The structure of part of a DNA double helix 63 .

For example.2 The two strands of DNA are held together by hydrogen bonds between bases DNA can be damaged. as shown in Figure 5. which are cross-links between adjacent pyrimidine bases in a DNA strand. books and literatures here we focus on the interactions that happen in these processes between DNA and other molecules.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The details of these functions are covered in other articles. alkylating agents and also high-energy electromagnetic radiation such as ultraviolet light and x-rays. Cytosine Phosphate dioxyribose backbone 3rd end 5th end Figure 5.1 and two strands of DNA are held together by hydrogen bonds between bases are shown in Figure 5. These include oxidizing agents.2. The type of DNA damage produced depends on the type of mutagen. On the other hand. The structure of part of a DNA double helix is shown in Figure 5. oxidants such as free radicals or hydrogen peroxide produce multiple forms of 64 .3. UV light mostly damages DNA by producing thymine dimers. by many different sorts of mutagens.

particularly of guanosine. about 500 bases suffer oxidative damage per day. as they can produce point mutations. the most damaging are double-strand breaks. in an adduct to DNA 5. It has been estimated that in each human cell. the major mutagen in tobacco smoke. it 65 . insertions and deletions from the DNA sequence. Figure 5.3 Benzopyrene. Of these oxidative lesions.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM damage. including base modifications. as well as double-strand breaks. Knowing this. And one’s mind is an energy force that continually generates these patterns of scalar waves through the process of thought. as well as chromosomal translocations. thoughts are real things. which form specific patterns of scalar frequency within the personal manifestation template In other words.2 DNA Representations Thought is define as scalar wave configurations of multidimensional vibrating patterns of bi-polar electromagnetic energy radiation.

your body will not be able to hold a certain frequency that.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM is not difficult then to understand how appropriately directed thought can directly influence one's manifest experience and reality. TV. She just doesn't have the receptors to receive this information turned on. will not be manifest in your experience. Reality is actually just a hologram that is created right through your DNA template. GSM. They do not understand because they are in a self-imposed frequency fence first of all. which happens during DNA activation then. The frequency will be blocked out as if it doesn't exist so you won't see the reality fields formed by those types of frequencies. 66 . There is no way to see something if you don't have the receivers for that frequency (Video. How thought gets transduced into externalization and holographic projection. It's like trying to explain to your great grandmother how the astronauts landed on the moon. ‘see’ but do not comprehend even when things are very loud and clear. This is exactly what happens to many individuals they ‘hear’. like a fabulous wealth. and they don't have the apparthi turned on to even receive the frequency of information that the self-Esteem is driving at. called apparthi. turned on and active. the more expanded your hologram will become. These people seem to work in a very low frequency and dealing with them requires patience to drive points home. and will not be able to comprehend it. which you are trying to see in your hologram. they will never "get" it. because you are able to bring in more dimensional levels of consciousness into your body via these frequency receivers. So it doesn't matter how many ways we try to explain to them. Osanyin) with its modulation. The more strands of DNA are active within you. If you do not have the frequency receivers in your DNA. And this is what thought manifestation is about.

we would not see the hologram. so that their senses can’t be detected by the current 3D technologies. So there are lots of things that we can't perceive with our Three-Dimensional (3D) consciousness and that is one reason why science can't "prove" yet that there is "life” on other planets. we are actually seeing a massive reality field that's filled with life and consciousness and all sorts of structures and forms and density levels and civilizations.the huge amounts of black distances between planets. Since we don't have the frequency receptors turned on for that specific frequency. then it doesn't exist. It is a vibrational frequency that our body systems are not used to perceiving so they block it out. complete DNA activation. But we don't see it all . But thought is just as physical as your physical body. we literally won't see it in our reality. By the way science is blessed by the facts of nature making it easy and real for it to travel to space. It's like when we look up into the stars and into outer space. Science tends to look at thought as one of those unquantifiable things as a result of physical "phenomena". Everything would be direct cognition and known as part of us within ourselves when we know ourselves as Source. Because the beings exist in higher harmonics of frequency. If the frequency receivers (apparthi) inside your DNA are not doing their job to receive frequency. Your body and the planet's body are just thought forms. then the frequency will be blocked out as if it doesn't exist.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Because they believe that if they can't see it with their eyes.we see deep space . If we had all of our sense receptors turned on. Even thought can be perceived if the receiver of right frequency is there 67 . so as to understand the cosmos. Space between objects is a vibrational frequency.

In fact. Things flash on and off so quickly (as now proven by our quantum physicists) that we can't see it with the senses because the senses have a certain mathematical calibration that gives them a range of vibration that they can perceive but a large part is blocked out . of not only the brains of the scientists trying to see it. think negative and receive negative. the auric clearing and karmic sessions must be embarked upon often . they are seeing a holographic projection. They are using lenses that bend light which means it's creating sound 68 . They exist in your body in form of chemical. It is as simple as that. What is happening is the things flash on and off from the source and then back to polarity so fast that they are beyond the perception. particles.Every thought that you created has a chemical reality in the body. Your thoughts are running through your blood and through your organ systems. remember. So a big part of learning manifestation is learning mental body control . They are in your body doing things. All depend on you. Think positive and receive positive. In order to prevent these discordant thought forms from manifesting as physical disease. When scientists look through microscopes and telescopes. because there is a time-thing going on within. and subatomic particles.because of the inactive apparthi (frequency receivers in the DNA).how you are going to use the physics in your body and in your mind to control your thoughts and direct your holographic reality. but also out of the range of the time distortion that you get by looking through a microscope.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Thoughts also wear chemical toga. the ones that are disharmonic are the ones that cause chemical disease in the body. A lot of what is happening when one is looking through electron microscopes at parts of atoms. They will be in some types of chemical molecular structure in your body and DNA.

which means it is changing interrelationships between templates . which are thought forms. They didn't have a problem with disposing of things like we do. they didn't bury bodies. they didn't even die. In fact. when we begin to turn on our own micro-vision.thought. In fact. They ascended when they were tired of being here. Because thought is the director of 69 .so it allows them to see certain levels of the microscopic kingdom and macroscopic kingdom that normally our sense facilities would not project out.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM waves. that were created out of the belief that we need an instrument to do this because we did not have the innate ability to see these things ourselves. because originally. they didn't die and then bury the body. If we can see these things through mechanical instrumentations. We don't need microscopes to see our microscopic particles. which is part of the natural senses that start to come with 4th strand DNA activation. The very ancient civilizations that lived thousands of years ago didn't have a lot of the so called stuff as we do now. There are all sorts of things that we could do when human consciousness was functioning within its hologram the way it was designed if the DNA was operating properly and fully activated. When certain things happened to the DNA when they did die. But the thing is. They transmuted it with frequency. "Ashes to ashes. and it wasn't because they were primitive cultures at all. we will get a much more accurate assessment of what the particles look like and how they actually behave. This is the fact as it was so I am. And the parts that wouldn't transmute would become dust. we do have these sense facilities. It would all be controlled by the most powerful source or force in the universe . and dust to dust" so you say.

it's hit or miss trying to manifest from 3rd dimensional consciousness. But again. But. and Source is still beyond the 15th dimension. this means you can embody 6 dimensional levels of consciousness (your soul's frequency).A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM frequency and everything is formed by frequency. Watch out of negative thought that has become major part in your life. start to become manifest. so therefore you are closer to fully embodying Source's energies and thus when you use your thoughts to direct this energy. When the frequencies in the planetary grids are running properly and the DNA inside your body is working properly. thought manifestation is instantaneous. if you have 6 strands of DNA active. This is the power you have to look forward to eventually and not the usual amen without a concrete base prayer. So we're actually going back in time to reclaim the knowledge and the power and the understanding that was once ours when the DNA was functioning properly. then you will create a thought field that does indeed jump out from you and in about 3 days time. so that means whatever I command to do will happen". manifestation happens much faster and more consistently. That is what we are teaching you now. If you happen to create an alignment between you and your higher levels of self and you happen to create an alignment between your particles and their angular rotation of particle spin. so yield! It also a fact that thought manifestation from a 3-D level alone (3rd strand activation which most people are now in) is a hit or miss situation. In order to be more like Source or God. The new age teachers teach you to say. 70 . does it? It's because your consciousness is still stationed in the 3rd dimension. you have to be able to embody more dimensions of frequency which happens as you activate your DNA. It doesn't really work very well. "I am He.

or future. much as a computer stores data within its memory. and the DNA operates as the electromagnetic circuitry through which that memory comes into physical manifestation. Knowing this. into forms recognizable to human perception. as a multidimensional electromagnetic program. In the practice of conscious evolution. external reality is manufactured. The holographic. within the subatomic particle structure of your cells. To gain creative control over your manifest events. much as a computer’s circuitry allows the electronic data stored in memory to be projected onto the screen. living them in imagination “as if they are happening now” within the desired time period) and expand the DNA circuitry (have your DNA Activations) in order to allow new. you are literally reprogramming the frequency patterns of your cellular content and the operational holographic program that will manifest into physical reality through the DNA. which some of 71 . present.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM DNA is the literal vessel through which the illusionary experience of physical. The DNA serves as the literal conduit through which that holographic program will project data from cellular memory into physical manifestation. you may then realize that when you are shifting your consciousness and using the imagination to program desired thought-forms into the past. upgrade the holographic thought-form program (create new visualizations of desired past. Your external reality field is the screen upon which the thought-forms that are stored within your cellular memory program will be displayed. thought-form program through which your external reality will manifest is literally stored. present. desired reality pictures to project into your world of manifest events. you must edit the cellular memory files (clear and transmute the lower pulsating particles from the body and auric field – do an auric clearing). and future events.

which is stored within the cells and made operational through your DNA. when you create “future memory” visualizations. Prior to learning manifestation skills. and you can direct the path of your evolution from your present moment in time. Create new future memories now. you are stopping those lower thought-form patterns from activating into your DNA. you are putting specific manifestation instructions into the morphogenetic field of the DNA strands you have not yet assembled. when you realize that your present focus of attention can alter and direct events in both past and future. When you release crystallized thought-forms composed of slow-pulsating particles from your present cellular structure in the Auric Clearing and Karmic Sessions. Learning how to remove undesirable morphogenetic thought-form patterns from your active holographic program. and within the present. through which they would otherwise project into physical manifestation. you must first learn demanifestation skills. It takes practice to develop skill in conscious manifestation and you must become familiar with the “feel” of your own inner focus of consciousness in the present. For those of you who have not had your DNA activated. this cellular clearing and DNA transmutation is exactly what is taking place. And this is facilitated when you have an auric clearing. Your moment of power is always in the present. You will encounter those reality pictures in manifest form once those DNA strands come into activation when you have your sessions. in order to direct your power of manifestation. By removing 72 . You can literally shift things in your present manifest experience by reprogramming the past memory impulses stored in your DNA – add new past memories and new events will manifest in the present.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM you are already doing with my sessions. is the first step in gaining mastery over the contents of your external reality field.

known as Enlightenment. like their ancestors. All life is comprised of different electrical wavelengths of Light and magnetic currents of Love at the sub-atomic. High frequency spiritual energy heals people at the cellular level by replacing damaged cells with new stem cells. combines high frequency electro-magnetic energy with an individual’s DNA to naturally create new stem cells. give free spiritual energy healing treatments to others. The 21st century descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Today. The electrical wavelengths and magnetic currents of a healthy body. An individual in the “Super-Energized” state of high frequency electro-magnetic energies. when “SuperEnergized”. These ancient healing treatments use naturally causing high frequency electro-magnetic energies to heal people of health problems. is able to focus a flow of high frequency energy to heal injuries and disease at the sub-atomic cellular level. This 73 . which contain the electromagnetic imprint for more harmoniously ordered events. A spiritual energy healer is able to focus a flow of high frequency electro-magnetic energies down to the sub-atomic cellular level. or quantum level. In advanced multi-dimensional physics. of natural stem cell replacement therapy. can be used to heal injuries and disease in oneself and others.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM slower-pulsating particles from your body systems. you make room for the addition of new morphogenetic thought-form patterns composed of faster pulsating particles. This process. the people use an ancient natural healing technique which enables us to focus a flow of high frequency electro-magnetic energies to heal ourselves and others. Quantum Mechanics adherents and Einsteinian physicists agree that the basic substance of our universe is comprised of electro-magnetic energies. String Theorists.

5. Our Light Body. A healthy body naturally replaces billions of cells on a daily basis. or a Light Body. or “what comes around goes around”. truths. comes from the electro-magnetic energy fields of our Light Body. is a body of Light.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM process enables one’s body to heal itself.3 How to Become Immune to Karma This issue of the DNA Perfection focuses on something you’ve all heard about called ‘karma’. you shall reap”. A more complete definition is decisions. (which we use to experience 3rd dimensional earthly activities). you would be so far in debt that you wouldn’t have a reprieve for a million years! An entity would never get anywhere evolutionarily speaking if that was true. The high frequency electro-magnetic energies used by our body to create new stem cells comes a little from the food that we eat and some from the air which we breathe. you get to experience. We visit our permanent Light Body at night when our temporary physical body. naturally and normally. which surrounds our physical body. however. 74 . Karma has frequently been misdefined by the poor ignorant in the New Age movement as “whatever you sow. Who we really are. Naturally occurring high frequency electro-magnetic energy is used by a healthy human physical body to create and replace the cells which a human body loses each day. is that part of us which some religions refer to as one’s Holy Spirit. A simple definition of karma is: whatever you think. And that everything that happens to them in this life is karmic debt from what they’ve done in past lives. goes asleep and we dream. This is totally ridiculous because if those were the cases. most of the high frequency energy which our body needs for constant cellular replacements.

manifest within the cellular structure of the body. In other words. These thought patterns of past selves will remain in the body. present. The slow way to release slower-pulsating thought patterns and their manifest 75 . present. Like thought and action attract and remanifest like thought and action.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM concepts. held consciously and unconsciously that creates. and in doing so you will change the contours of your present reality. by using your present focus of attention to create new thoughts and redesign those that are undesirable. Thought patterns from your past selves. alignments. contracts. Every thought you think combines with like thoughts of past and future selves. and replicate themselves in the present and future. oaths. You have the power. or karmic debt. which are composed of more dense and slower pulsating particles. influence or magnetize events and experience in current reality. to recreate undesirable events and redesign more desirable outcomes. unresolved emotions and attitudes. vows. This is frequently referred to as your karmic imprint. Your past thoughts and deeds will show themselves in your present reality. for you will train your consciousness to move backward and forward in time. to give you the manifest illusion you presently perceive. or future. the reason the world is the way it is today is because it was thought into being by a bunch of stupid people. You can become “karma immune” once you learn to master this power. whether they are coming from the past. or future. to change any thought pattern from your personal past. in your present moment. but you have the absolute power to change them. until the slower-pulsating particles of those thought patterns are raised in speed and released from the frequency patterns of which the body is composed.

which inhibit the natural process of DNA strand assembly and activation. This is the usual path of “walking through your karma”.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM discomforts from your life is to wait until the events manifest in external reality. They become stored in the DNA as minute crystallizations of energy. When you participate in accelerated DNA evolution via DNA activation. you are rapidly shifting and elevating the frequency patterns of which your body and consciousness are composed. As the earth increases in frequency. present. DNA and external reality field. and future selves. Thought patterns from the past and future become part of the particle make-up of your consciousness. or as conditions of disease in the body. bioenergetic field.5 strands assembled. The whole process of spiritual evolution on earth is about activating the complete 12 strand DNA blueprint. and that solution expands backward and forward in time to create some degree of resolution of the pattern in the past and future. Complete 12 strand DNA activation will not happen for most people until at least 2017 unless you are currently doing the 76 . But currently on earth. or walking through the cumulative thought patterns of your past. And this is precisely the purpose of the Karmic Session. until you learn to find and release them while they are still within the cellular memory imprint of your body. The fast way to change your karmic imprint is to catch those slower-pulsating thought patterns before they move into manifestation. body. all the life on the planet will naturally begin to assemble new strands. The crystallized thought patterns stored in your DNA and cellular imprint will continue to manifest within your body and before your eyes. Then you take action in the present to create a personal solution. the average person only has 3.

Continue to breathe this way. 5. Breathe in this earth energy with each breath. Breathe with every pore of your body. As you sink deeper into this relaxation.4 Clearing the Heart Chakra The heart stands at the center of all energies and unifies our being as a whole. feeling the awakening that is beginning to happen. Proper balance is the key. Know that the body itself will be refreshed and renewed and will be perfectly safe until you return. It is important to maintain a balance to all the energy centers so a healthy level of awareness is manifested in our everyday lives. A discord or imbalance in the heart chakra will adversely affect all the other centers. So far what is important is not to allow your DNA to damage beyond repair. If more concentration is given to the lower chakras then the upper energy centers will become cloudy and not function properly as well. take some peaceful breaths of cleansing and renewal. A clearing of the heart chakra will improve the interaction of all the other centers. As we begin this meditation. 77 . Feel the freedom and relaxation as you move away from your body. If more concentration is given to the upper chakras.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM accelerated DNA activations. slowly and begin to relax even more. then the lower energy centers lose sensitivity and function. It is the point around which all the energies turn. Breathe deeper and feel the breath draw not just from the air around you but also from the earth below. Feel the breath draw life into the body and the spirit. Allow the life giving energies to pour into you and renew both your body and spirit. feel yourself moving gently away from your body. Let the earth energy surround you and flow into you. Feel it pulsing through your veins and surrounding you altogether.

The closer you draw. Receive the love that is being given to you freely. You notice the graceful intricate archways of pink surrounding you. so human thought approaches equilibrium by summing up 78 .A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Now you are moving again. one note after another as the breeze goes through the arches to create this melody. Any move towards uniformity is a move towards equilibrium. Watch how they form and reform. every fiber of your being. It is part of you. As it covers you from head to toe feel the love that is radiating from the rose quartz. The color pink is as deep as it is radiant it is very pleasing to the eye and you feel yourself being drawn into it you feel yourself passing through the walls of pink and now you are suspended within. You feel a slight breeze move through and hear a sweet melody. Another breeze stirs again and you hear the harmony and this harmony comes from deep within your being. You are recharged and renewed. Now they have pulled back altogether to reveal a beautiful pink rose quartz Look closely at the color and notice the intensity of pure color that it radiates. You feel it in your heart as it vibrates throughout your entire body and spirit. Let it seep into your every pore. turning gently and constantly on themselves in an endless dance. It pulses through you with great strength in all directions at once. 5. it is you. You are very pleased and refreshed by the unique shapes and colors of the clouds. the clouds start to thin out as they start to become transparent the gracefully pull away. Allow that warmth to wash over you. You look ahead and see the clouds are denser as if they are "hiding" something.5 Thought and Consciousness The essence of thinking is that it unifies disparate behaviour. farther and farther into a field of clouds. Feel the warmth of the pink.

but it does not generate these things. Organized behaviour in natural systems. Consciousness is the experiencing or awareness of the holistic result.6 Awareness While thought is the physical process of summing patterns of mind/body systems. Thinking is the mechanical system that processes logic. Nothingness Theory distills the essence of these rules by noting that a single motivator. is sufficient to generate the patterns of behaviour common to the universe and all of its constituent systems. The definition of consciousness includes thoughtful awareness of one's self. attraction to equilibrium. Meditation is the soul of awareness that unfolds the human consciousness. and the logic and information underlying it result from the rules of existence. conceptually unifying them. This is the ultimate form of unifying summation because the self is the sum of everything that occurs within and around the body it represents. information. It also is defined as the aspect of mind that is apart from the physical or material. 5. and organizes behavior.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM complex patterns of behaviour. These processes only become meaningful when experienced. 79 . The Interpreter of the brain’s left hemisphere module assigns meaning and reasons to those thoughts and actions in the context of an unfolding story with itself as hero/protagonist. Thinking modules organize and process information and actuate behaviour. Hundreds of brain/mind modules work together in a social network to achieve this unifying process. The self is the conceptual equilibrium to which the trillions of mind/body systems of an individual human are attracted.

and others who can offer us sexual experiences that bring us to new understandings. However. Everyone is different and will have a different chemical reaction with us. Hopefully the choices we make come from a place of clarity. but he or she may be unsuitable for you emotionally. Sometimes you can have a great lover.and what brings you true happiness. In life. Life just can't work that way. One thing I do know is that there can be as many sexual experiences as there are people on this planet. and are willing to see ourselves clearly. the more we come to know who we are. or relationship. one person.to find out what is your real truth and who you really are . The most important thing is to come to know the deepest parts of yourself . the more we know who or what fits us. or lack other qualities you need and desire. Or. I would not advocate making love with millions of people to learn what we like and what fits us! This is wrong and is never the right thing to do. we grow. it means that we have to let go of taking some other road.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Sexual Relationship 6.it's a lifelong journey. someone can be unattractive to us physically. There will be people who do not interest us. There will be confusion.1 Know Yourself As with anything in life. We can't take them all. by choosing one road. 80 . but have many other qualities we appreciate. Often. As we make choices. Knowing ourselves takes time . the only way to get to that clarity is by going through life and learning about ourselves as we go. So we have to make choices.

Any experience you have will teach you something if you ask: What am I to learn about myself through this experience? And then you will begin to gather information and gain input 81 . It will show us who we are. If you feel repulsed about someone or something. and a true partnership relationship has deep complexities to it . People who repulse us represent some wound in us. and allow an intimate connection to occur. We often mistake a spark of interest or a sense that we have things in common for an immediate sexual connection or relationship. sexually or otherwise. But we can go deep on the road we do choose. we will learn to separate who we really are from what our reactions and issues are. If we are to become involved sexually.2 The True Relationship Of course. There are many levels of connections. often to end up stuck in the mud. it is wise to know more about who we are getting involved with. Then we jump in. what the situation is really about.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM There will never be the perfect road. we don't have to sleep with someone whom we are drawn to simply because we feel that there is some degree of connection going on. 6. it is a sure bet that they represent something inside of you. and you will have learned something very important about yourself.people are complex beings with all sorts of layers to them. head first. and the stuff we don't like much about ourselves. Find out what that is. and what we will be dealing with. If you feel good about someone. a place where you feel insecure about yourself. or drawn to someone or something are strong ones and can teach you a lot about yourself. The reaction of either feeling repulsed by someone or something. they represent something in yourself that you love and value. or wounded in some way. both our good stuff. And if we become wise.

We can have many experiences. But it is always good to take your time and seek the answer to the question of whether or not a relationship should turn sexual by looking deeply at what is really going on . True.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM on what road to take. It makes life a lot less confusing and can save a lot of possible distress and turmoil. A relationship may turn sexual. There are many people who advocate a swinger lifestyle these days. we gain a lot. and as we cycle through these periods. and many issues will come up for you when you do. or it may not. relationship. deeply rooted growth and change takes time. or person can be a scary thing. if we are willing to understand what is trying to transform. Deep relationships often have long cycles to them . and many relationships. Making a commitment to a certain path. you will have times when a person repulses you. It is really making a commitment to facing yourself . and times when you gain new understandings from them. as well as more difficult cycles of time that may also last for a while. It is good to have enough experience in life to know what fits you.periods of great connectedness that can last for quite a while. It may be a spectacular experience to begin with.what the connection is really all about. And even within a deeply committed relationship. and it 82 . omojaiyejaiye. and even later on there will be more rewarding sexual experiences with your partner. No one choice or person will ever give us everything.a commitment to your own growth. or it may not. Being a "Player" is seen as being cool. sexually. I think we can and do learn what fits us by being willing to face ourselves and to learn about ourselves by diving deep in a relationship through commitment. People who love one another can certainly learn to please each other sexually. and what needs to be seen and understood so that growth may occur. This is the worst sort of ego gratification.

or missing in a relationship. Often. and integrity: the strength of will to do what one says one will do. Having ethics and honor in a relationship involves loyalty. Being mature means you know yourself well enough to know what you can handle and where you're at. Everyone has feelings. and be damaged and badly wounded. Being mature means that you don't seek to harm others. Heal within and not without. discipline. as far as I am concerned. and devotion to flourish. if some or all of these issues are out of balance. insight. and strength of will. and relationships or interactions with others certainly isn't about scoring. in oneself and one's partner. like getting a high score on a video game. wisdom. A relationship is about loving another and caring for the happiness of the other as much as for one's self. many people choose to go looking outside of the relationship for someone else instead of healing what one has. or dysfunctional. choices which benefit ourselves and our partner in the best way. The only truth it is. can bleed. Going elsewhere does not solve the problem. There are issues of honor and ethics in life which we must live by to truly feel good about ourselves. To use another being for sexual purposes and to think that nothing goes on with that. making good choices. This means that we make choices which are moral. This allows the relationship to grow to be a healthy entity. honor. whatever issues and patterns they have in their lives that are good. That is real maturity. requires sound ethics.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM must be seen as being very distorted and harmful. I don't think being a swinger and allowing a lot of sexual activity in one's life is the same thing as being cool or mature. A relationship will always mirror for each person. that then it's over 83 . or big game to be bagged. A relationship. fair. and honest. People aren't trophies to be captured. and there are these same issues in a relationship. It will come up again and again until it is faced and resolved. or reflect.

Even with people we love. However. It is the human equivalent of surrendering to another. as far as I am concerned. that there is no connection. and how we treat others. of trusting another. we must choose wisely who we will allow to enter into our energetic space and whose space we are willing to connect to. It is an incredibly powerful force. is. there is a deep exchange of life force energy. Your energy is then mixed up and connected to that other person's in a way that can be detrimental.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM and nothing of importance has occurred. there are actually psychic cords that connect you to that other person.to be vulnerable and giving in a fully open and loving way. Otherwise. it is important to disconnect from being attached to their energy. as we all must keep our own energy in our own space. Be warned! Even after having sex with someone we love. and confusing for a long time. Sexuality is the joining of two beings for the purpose of creating life and pleasure. is all about. that it is meaningless. These cords allow an energy exchange to continue long after the act of sex itself is over. when one has sex with another. life. and then continue 84 . it is important not to confuse their space. It is the ultimate physical manifestation of love and connectedness. part of our energy is lost to us. We must bring our energy always back to ourselves. A deep connection does occur. unclear. or ours. Therefore. as we hopefully can allow ourselves on the spiritual level to surrender to trusting the Love of God . When one has a sexual connection with another. a profound misunderstanding of what sex. and to use it lightly seems to me to be missing out on what the journey of life is all about. It is the capacity to share oneself completely with another. by having either our energy mixed up with theirs or theirs with us. Giving ourselves pleasure is a wonderful and important thing to do.

if we have developed these other qualities of honor. thinking somehow that will bring peace and safety. and can even be extremely detrimental. there always is the chance that people who connect seemingly in a casual way can become deeply connected.to learn to honor life and to do no harm. Because sex is such an intimate act. I think we feel balanced and do not need to be looking for something "without" to make us feel better or satisfied or more alive.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM to love. If we are in balance with our masculine and feminine energies within. ultimately. and therefore hurt if sex is treated in a cavalier manner. and that means you are chasing an illusion. and one can't sustain oneself on it. It is ok to seek pleasure in a way that does not cause harm to self or others. doesn't get it. thinking it's the real thing. safe. Sex can be a fleeting pleasure on the "playing around" level. strength of will. but ultimately that is not fulfilling. I believe. ethics. And that's what a swinger lifestyle is all about . I tell you. It doesn't. and worthwhile. too much chocolate undermines health after a while as too much iyan (pounded yam) can cause uncomfortably and malaria complicity. It's a temporary fix. often we seek pleasure in a way that does cause harm. If one continues to seek fulfillment that way.using people sexually and treating it in a cavalier manner. it can become an addiction because it is seeking something you need from a place where you won't be able to get it. However. We can enjoy external pleasures. and devotion. especially if your energy is entwined with many people. but 85 . but not by being "outside" of ourselves in someone else's space. The journey of life is to learn from our experiences . which is Love. feeling loved. To think something external will fulfill what we are all really looking for. It's a set up for disaster. That's the same thing as needing to eat chocolate as soon as one feels tense or unhappy.

and full of that power which transcends time. Taking it one day at a time. we are always safe. is the answer also. if our connection to who we are is based on what is real. and drama in each and every moment. one moment at a time. Until we become safe within ourselves. personality. but you always come down from it – feeling guilty or regret. Then we no longer operate out of the pain or rage or fear we were caught in. to get the support we need to change. but it is only a temporary fix. in whatever way is right for one. or once a week. We always have the choice. Whereas we may have sex once a day. or once a month. When we face these issues in ourselves and heal them. and not anything external. When we touch the Self of being in the 86 . our knowledge of our Higher-Self.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM we don't "need" them to feel good about ourselves and our lives. It is our inner power. Finding our way to reconnect with that. which heals and serves us. and the now is always the Self. we will turn to things outside of ourselves to try to feel safe or worthwhile. we can transform the patterns that cause distress. A great sex may make you feel good for a little while. Then there is the opportunity for deep growth to occur. to choose either love. and for the relationship itself. We are always in the present or now. When we realize that maintaining a state of love and clarity within ourselves is true power and safety. both for the individuals involved. is the key. we still need to relate in a fulfilling and clear way for all the rest of the time we are together with the other person. or fear. of who we truly are. Going out to have sexual adventures may be fun. So. We have the choice. every moment. God-Self. for a while. Any dysfunctional pattern found in a relationship can be healed if people have the willingness to face it. we don't need anything external to make us feel better. It is by no means the whole answer. moment by moment. It's up to each of us.

A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM now. Read about Sex Psychology (11. and in every other moment of our lives. we surely will find that fulfillment we are seeking. when we accept what is without fear. 87 . in relationship.12). when we meet whatever shows up in the moment with love and trust. honesty and clarity.

as such. Often we declare a desire to change with great gusto and conviction. although our intentions are good. if not impossible. lasting transformation is difficult. they greatly influence your world. Why is this so? How can we make great choices and sustain permanent change? The core of the issue is that. When our values and the way in which we use them are the domain of ego. but may find that within a few days or weeks that enthusiasm (root: God within) to change has almost completely dissipated. Though you mean well. your values and the way in which they are arranged can't support or manifest your best intentions. Values are core psychological structures by which all major decisions are made and. Your intention to awaken to authentic joy. your decisionmaking structures–your values–must be capable of influencing and guiding a pure intention to awaken. Values that are selected and organized 88 . will be completely ineffective without a supportive decision-making process. and we end up essentially back at the beginning where we started. the way in which we use our values to direct those intentions is subject to both individual and collective conditioning. To sustain the conditions for awakening to authentic joy. however.1 Intentions and Destiny Conditioned values are sufficient for a successful material life. they cannot guide your intention to be free. hence. however.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Intentions and Destiny 7. the purest objectives can be misdirected by ego. Intention is classically defined as the aim or anticipated outcome of an action.

you may realize that your values are arranged by the ego to suit its ends. Conditioned values cannot direct pure intentions. Many who consider themselves genuine seekers on the path spend significantly more time engaged in activities that support the ego than they do in support of their awakening to authentic joy. if your values are focused on a productive career path. also known as freedom. What the ego calls "a balanced life" is often one of mediocrity and compromise when viewed from an awakened perspective.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM by the ego are sufficient for a successful material life. and you also have an intention to awaken to authentic joy–it will be impossible for you to manifest the latter without first being clear that your values are capable of directing that intention. The most humble of wishes would be to awaken to an authentic joy. By looking at your current life situations you can uncover proof of what you value and of what is important to you–you can determine what your current values and intentions are by simply looking at the tangible evidence for them in your life. because ego-values and awakened intentions are drawn to parallel outcomes. This sustains the conditions for awakening by reclaiming your awareness that would ordinarily be lost in ongoing attempts to resolve the outcomes of ego-based choices. 89 . Liberation from the effects of hand-me-down values is the outcome when those values are rearranged into one conscious group. but completely inadequate to support an awakening to authentic joy. For example. you must reclaim consciousness that will otherwise be consumed in a continuous struggle with ego-based outcomes. To stabilize the conditions for your pure intentions and to yield changes that your benefits. When the primary value of this single hierarchy supports and guides your intention to awaken to authentic joy that will be the outcome.

and significant choices made in the day-to-day life will give consistent and tangible proof of this arrangement. By making all major life decisions according to a primary value. security. one can align the outcome with that intention by placing a primary value. An awakened person's life is centered on a clear but on an single hierarchy of values. 90 . this becomes clear that you are "choice-less". such as freedom. but on how consistently your intentions to live such a life are directed by a conscious primary value.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM These consequences always appear in the form of good or bad karma. You will discover that awakening to authentic joy is not dependent on options or outcomes. as these will vary from one major decision to the next. transformation. the intended outcome will be realized regardless of the circumstances surrounding the decision. To create the conditions for awakening to an authentic joy. will be consistent with awakening to authentic joy. and you will approach change. Her primary value however. This will supports all other necessary aspects of living because your subsequent values can include money. over and above all other values on a single hierarchy. Eventually. such as freedom. The primary value you select for this single hierarchy always represents your interest in awakening to authentic joy marginally more important than other interests in your life. learning. creativity. Making a decision based on an awakened choice on such a conscious primary principle will produce an awakened effect. or potential. and when asked. fulfillment. etc. and the evolution of your own consciousness with unbending confidence. one could instantly identify a primary value and may. has some difficulty determining what the second and third values are. family. love. however.

on the other hand. having made a decision. The ego does this in a futile attempt to manipulate reality. Not knowing what to do. friends. hobbies. we experience great anguish and confusion in times of making important choices. you often change your mind. home. An awakened person can make major life decisions in a matter of seconds with no worries or regrets and without fear that a decision may need to be revised. or unwilling to follow through on the choices you made because you realize they were not the best ones you could have made. Because most of us are not aware of the existence of these multiple groups of values. The struggle you experience with major life decisions and their subsequent outcomes is the result of the conflict between all of these groups of ego-guiding principles. This arrangement ensures that the ego remains in firm control of your life experience. Then. but. Yes? At other times you are unable. Frequently you will shop around for opinions until you hear one that you think is the right one. family.related to career. each group will also have its own presiding primary value. or seek the opinions of others. segregates values into distinct and concurrent groups . Conditioning.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM because you now know that your intention to awaken to joy is always going to be your outcome. 91 . etc. at the time of deciding. and it is a clear manifestation that the ego is entrenched in values. For example: A working mother would have different groups of values for decisions about her job than she would for decisions about the welfare of her children. It is also important to understand that not only does each group have its own divergent agenda. is different from ‘not-Doing’ (This is expressed in another part of this book). You regularly put off some big decisions vacillate between your options.

92 . the ego easily orchestrates your actions-and your fate-as you try in vain to weigh all the options. or look to the past for patterns or to the future with tarot cards. Your future looks just like your past. You may also realize that you have essentially been doing this ever since.2 Dreams and Their Recalls The stuff that dreams are made of is the etheric energy.of-body’ travel. 7. Also.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Stressing over choices is a reflection of conditioning as it drains your attention with compelling and conflicting alternatives. lasting changes never seem to stick. and then it lets you dig it out. filled with conditioned outcomes you have to overcome. As you awaken to authentic joy. the result of a conditioned intention. it can be referred to as ‘out. The continued existence of these multiple groups of values precludes you from discovering and expressing your full potential by following through on any wholesome resolutions you may have. And as a result of this. The point of this internal struggle is to deplete your energy so that the ego can continue to manipulate you with the short-term solutions and quick fixes. Whatever the original intention may have been. It has often been called the astral light because this energy can be seen glowing with radiance in the air. consider all the alternatives. and a product of the ego. In this way. it will become apparent how the first big decision you ever made independently of your parents was based on the existence of multiple groups of values. The ego controls your decision-making process by offering you the most important conditioned values from these multiple and conflicting groups. it is now lost. and the outcome is conditioned.

The deepest levels of sleep typically occur in the first two or three hours of the night. these quickly-created thought forms will dissipate back into etheric energy over a period of hours or days – depending on its well fixed into the pelvic chakra. It actually isn't more vivid than other dreams are. Thought forms can be furniture. sometimes merging with your soul family as a nighttime reunion of likeminds. In the lighter states of sleep. The spirit realms are their home and you locate them simply by focusing upon their personality. When you move on to other scenes or awakened state. as being more vivid than a regular dream. from the physical mind's point of view. During deep sleep your spirit body can travel to higher states of consciousness. These vivid dreams are therefore easily recalled when you awaken in your physical body. This means that the conscious. which you inhabit at night during your out-of-body travels. rooms. your subconscious mind can create thought forms as quickly and easily as possible. The key to 93 . then projecting your consciousness to that location. in your physical consciousness that you are dreaming. Lucid dreaming occurs when you become aware. You are also able to meet the spirits of friends and family who have passed on from physical life.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM In your spirit body. A lucid dream is then recalled. A thought form is a projection of etheric energy into the seemingly solid form of etheric matter. scenery. This thought-powered form of travel has been traditionally called astral projection. physical mind has become engaged in the dream state. it's just that the physical mind's recollection of the dream is more vivid. even people or animals as long as your consciousness maintains enough attention to animate them. emotional issues are often worked through and resolved in the dream state.

You can gain great insights into the events of your physical life when you tell yourself.3 Emotional Healing Through the Dreams Everyone dreams and those dreams range from happy. For example. for they represent our inner thoughts and programming. you will bring the lessons of your dreams closer into your daily waking awareness. You can develop dream recall by keeping a dream diary beside your bed. storybook romances to our utmost fears and anxieties. Instead. In our dreams. With practice. 7. when frightening things happen in a dream. then we also have to accept responsibility for our dreams. they are not literally happening. The night is a time for your spirit to travel to other realms of consciousness and for self-healing to occur. places and objects. so it's important we listen 94 . rather than actual people. before you do anything else at all. your spirit body soars through other realms within your complete range of consciousness. that you will remember what you learned while you were out of your body and cruising the other realms of consciousness. then you can unravel how the symbols in the dream played out the emotional tension that you were working through. they are a playing-out of the fear issue that the dream represents and an opportunity to examine such a fear. our actions/reactions are the vehicle our emotions use to convey a message. When you focus on the emotion that the dream evoked. While your physical body sleeps and recharges for another day of waking consciousness. If it's important to take responsibility for our actions in our awake life.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM understanding dreams is that they are composed of symbols. write your dreams down in as much detail as you can. each night before bed. When you awaken each morning.

Instead of blaming some outside force. Dreams are personal information sent by the subconscious mind. it's. Coming to terms with the emotional attachment will bring healing. so this holds true for our dream world as well. our dream time is our wake up call. your emotions drive the message. But in the dream state. Remember that and your dreams will start to make more sense. What one person views as relaxing and comforting. Do some shadow work and figure it out. Allow yourself to feel the emotions coming through. If there's one phrase to remember in dream work. take responsibility and heal the parts of yourself that are demanding attention. We live in the world we create for ourselves. because we're too busy to stop and listen. The most difficult dreams to deal with are what we consider nightmares. Ironically. because that's where the key is. We can either roll over or hit snooze or wake up to the message(s) coming through. another may find stressful and harmful. These symbols are not the same for everyone. 95 . for they are raw expressions of your inner being and this is where you'll find your answers. they can be seen in a new light. Your mind is simply trying to process the information and your emotions play a vital role in resolving the conflict. unexpressed or unresolved emotions. Once you resolve the issue (emotional attachment) the nightmares will stop. You have to ask yourself what emotion you personally attach to each symbol. If you start to see your night terrors for what they are. Emotional resolution dreams reflect a past or present situation that you hold an emotional attachment to. The symbol is merely a tool you've been given to work with. we are open to receive insight we usually miss during the day.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM to them. Your dream represents symbols that will best express your emotional attachment to a situation.

Think of it as a time where you can work with your Guides one on one. What you don't resolve during your awake hours. three times towards your left side and the dream will never manifest. Emotional resolution dreams are a personal. lightly. they give us an opportunity to playout our unresolved issues in an environment we are comfortable with. Look to the emotion you carry toward that person. By paying attention to the message trying to come through. Dreams that come to you for emotional resolution take place in the 4th & 5th dimensions. 96 .A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Any time you have a nightmare spit. Every aspect of your dream is you. the message stems from your issues. it's all about emotional responses. In dreams. trying to work out your issues. Use that to your advantage. With dream work. What is the emotional reaction to the location of your dream? This could also reflect a certain time period in your life. without your ego. it could make that environment suddenly uncomfortable. for your eyes only moment in time. Look at these things for clues. So be it! Individuals that come into your dreams are sometimes aspects of yourself trying to get your attention. even if other individuals are involved in the dream sequence. you will be able to quickly work through any unresolved issues and take another step forward in life. Raw emotional release and healing will be the result. But with our emotions coming along for the ride. Treat locations the same way. Since these are so closely related to the 3rd dimension. your mind will process and relive during dream time. This is another way to release and heal situations you are currently holding on to.

is an evidence of the relationship with Spirit from the very origins of the human race. approaches to spirit. Shamanism worldwide gives us a compendium of ceremonies. Cosmos and Humanity. Shamanism as a whole is humanity's spiritual inheritance and contribution to the collective unconscious of our species and therefore it provides a firm and proven system of knowledge regarding the relationship between Nature. meditations and rituals not only to keep the connection between our soul and All-That-Is open but to develop and grow. shamanism enable and supports us to find and walk upon our own destiny. cosmos and spirit. dances. Being free of dogma and doctrine and organised spiritual institutions. Placing the flowers on the graves of our past ancestors or paintings upon cave walls to totem animal's knowledge. This recognition of the individual's right and responsibility of ones own awakening and fulfillment is but one of the very specific elements of Shamanism which establishes it as a viable means of meeting today's desire of an honest and authentic approach to self realization and ones integration in society. Inherent with the Shamanic worldview is the understanding of each person's own unique and autonomous path to reach their own purpose and truth. the nature. one of the oldest and most enduring spiritual practice.4 Shamanic Healing Shamanism. songs. It always aims to 97 . all this is a reflection of our own desire for personal and conscious union with the All-That-Is and of our spiritual quest as being an innate human drive.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM 7. Shamanic healing is a multiple connection between ourselves. which is expressed through ceremony as a way of maintaining a union with creation.

Soul retrieval When alienated from our spiritual source and have a strong feeling of a loss of soul. Methods. Extraction The old cultures believed in malevolent spirits or jins who were out to harm us or found their way into our body. Through Shamanic extraction we can change malevolent images and concepts we harbour and we are able to leave our being and consciousness and united with our own being.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM integrate our whole being within our universe. awesome. ever-moving. 98 . Divination Learning to look into the past. Many diseases and an feeling of being unwell are due to an separated connection between the soul of the individuals and it’s spiritual home. present and future. where there is no separate past. great moment of now. It is the aim of the shaman to help a person to connect to this inner integration. a soul retrieval dance can re-unite us with our soul and feel a very strong unification with our Spirit and Being. present or future. Shamanism does not dwell on past events: there is only a vast. a disconnection between ones inner and outer worlds. tools. Most cultures use the following shamanic techniques: Animal power in us Getting in touch with our animal connections and finding the power of the animal kingdom that support us in our lives struggle. that may be linked to traumatic events in our life. medicines and symbology will vary from culture to culture but all forms of shamanism intend to connect people to their own spiritual path.

And in keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life. But. if you in your pain call birth an affliction and the support of the flesh a curse written upon your head.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Healing journey To go on a shamanic journey is to find all the healing power within to overcome obstacles and clear our own pathway. and to love life through labour is to be intimate with life's inmost secret. Who among us would like to be a reed. Drumming Scientific research has proven that shamanic drumming relaxes the cardio vascular and activates the lymph system. and in your weariness you echo what was said by the weary.5 Work We must work or act so that we may keep pace with the universe and its soul and keeping the brains fresh at all time. and all urges are darkness-save when there is knowledge.one has become a stranger unto the seasons and out of life's procession. we are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music. If one is idle – doing nothing . When we work. when all else sings together in unison? When you work you fulfill a part of earth's furthest dream. assigned to you when that dream was born. You have been told in one time or the other that life is darkness. which marches in majesty and proud submission towards the infinite. 7. and all knowledges are vain-save when there is 99 . Sound and rhythm also connect with our Soul and Spirit so as find clarity and an inner strength in our path. But life is indeed darkness-save only when there is an urge. then the answer is that nothing but the sweat sweeping down your head shall wash away that which is written from the ‘Echoes of Destiny’. dumb and silent.

even as if your beloved were to eat the fruit. And what is it to work with love? And not ‘Oga-ota. So work to love and love to work. And if you sing like angels.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM work. Meaning. and love not the singing. Note that work is love made visible. it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy. For if you bake bread with indifference. oga o’ta owo alaaru yio pe’. and all work is void-save when there is love. It is to charge all things you fashion with a breath of your own spirit. 7. the universe is created from an explosion in the super condensed material and consequent expansion of material. many 100 . you muffle man's ears with ordinary noise. even if all the conditions for the creation of the universe were right at the beginning. However. It is also to sow seeds with tenderness and reap the harvest with joy. others and the Unity. It is only proper to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste. The most plausible and widely accepted theory of the creation of the universe is the 'Big Bang' theory of creation. According to this. if you don’t work for your value you miss out the love. so that your beloved are to wear that cloth and to build a house with affection for your beloved to dwell in that house. And only when you work with love can you bind yourself to your inner self.6 Oddity of Life Let us start our search for happiness from the very beginning of the universe. your grudge prepares a poison in the juice. And if you grudge the crushing of the orange. so all within the Unity will be standing about you and watching. you bake a bitter bread that feeds a half man's hunger.

too short a time for intelligent life to evolve.. the individual and the comparative magnitudes of the forces are delicately balanced otherwise the universe would not have existed. Weak nuclear force. each atom would repel the other and the entire universe would explode. Now. The four fundamental forces in the nature. are Strong nuclear force. If the density of the universe were a little more. A little slower and the cosmos would have collapsed back.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM factors had to be right for the consequent formation of the universe. Each dot. ultimately collapsing. representing a star or a galaxy on it. Had our sun been 30% larger it would have been burnt out in four billion years. contracting. If the initial density were a little bit less. It is known that our universe is expanding like a round dotted balloon. If the atom was not neutral electrically. Both the mass and the volume of a proton are incomparably larger than those of an electron. Had it been 101 . but strangely enough. If the creation of the sustained universe was a miracle. due to the force of attraction of atomic particles. and Gravitational force. Electromagnetic force. in decreasing order of intensity. then the universe would be expanding far rapidly than now and no stars and no galaxies would ever have formed. the evolution of life on it was also the same. Because of this fact atoms are electrically neutral. a little faster and the cosmic material would have long ago completely dispersed. is distancing itself from each other. these two particles have equal (though opposite) electrical charges.. Still within that range of forces. the universe would not be expanding but. if the rate of expansion of the newly created universe had differed even very minutely from what it were actually. the end of the Unity. there would have been no universe – perhaps. which is being blown out.

advanced form of life would have been impossible. high thermal conductivity while that of ice and snow is low. This is also the only radiation under which photosynthesis works and our eye is able to see. Radiations which are necessary and conducive for life fall in this narrow band. and viscosity. highest latent heat. Carbon based molecules can only survive between the limits of 120° and -20° C and earth is the only planet whose average temperatures fall within those limits. Earth may be the only planet on which there is life. impossible oddity of creation and life. coming across a range of temperatures as narrow as this is quite a difficult task because temperatures in the universe vary from the millions of degrees of the hottest stars to absolute zero (-273° C). had the sun not been a source of steady energy for billions of years. high thermal capacity. When one considers the universe as a whole. it expands (so that even if ponds etc. The first step to happiness is to realize this happy but. had planet Jupiter been too close or too far to save earth from the rain of steroids.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM smaller 95% of stars are smaller than the sun other difficulties would have followed. and even more so to have a universe full of life. had the orbit of earth around sun been a bit narrower or wider. Similarly. We are extremely lucky to have a universe. To be born as a human being is the happiest thing which could ever happen to anybody! 102 . Water has extraordinary properties conducive for life below 4° C. had moon not been so improbably large to stabilize the tilt of the Earth's axis to around 23 degrees. Nearly all of the radiation emitted by the sun falls into a single band that is 10-25 of the whole spectrum. had the solar system's position in the galaxy been too near the edge or too close to the middle. are frozen at surface underneath water is not). Since life is so improbable. etc. high surface tension.

Right? But there are some things about rush hour traffic that you can personally change. say. This is similar to the way in which nightmares are triggered off by our being in an agitated state of mind just before falling asleep. but if we die with an unpeaceful mind. like rush hour traffic.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The seeds that ripen when we die are very important because they determine what kind of rebirth we shall take. in order to lessen the stress. You can listen to music or educational 103 . which may help may be you taking a different route. More direct and indirect proofs are discussed in the later chapters. dreaming. in a state of anger. and rebirth. and waking closely resembles the process of death. for the process of sleeping. There are different types of stressful situations.7 Stress: Control. are usually beyond your control. Other stresses. The analogy of falling asleep is not accidental. You can let the interrupters know you are busy and don't have time to talk. 7. these changes are not always possible. Change or Let Go! Have you ever tried to exercise control over others until they gets stressed out? Have you ever tried to control things or events over which you had no control until may be you get tired and stressed out. or traveling at a different time. intermediate state. this will stimulate a virtuous seed and we shall take a fortunate rebirth. In that case. If we die with a peaceful mind. you have to change your attitude about the situation. like people interrupting you all the time but you can control. Which particular seed ripens at death depends upon the state of mind in which we die. Of course. this will stimulate a non‐virtuous seed and we shall take an unfortunate rebirth.

places and things when we simply cannot. if you are unable to change your route. We become so overwhelmed. That's why it is so easy to build up resentments against other people in situations or jobs when we don't think we have much control. change and 104 . Rush hour traffic won't seem as frustrating because you'll be doing something to help keep your mind off the traffic and other drivers. or your time of travel. Control your attitude. We are the ones who end up with the stress and resulting headaches! The people we try to control go home. or do I need to learn to let it go?" The "control. don't let it! Accept that. let go of the traffic. no matter how much you yell and gesture at other drivers to speed up. you have to accept the situation. or let go" concept and start putting it into practice you will be able to deal much better with stressful situations. you are powerless over everything on the road. it's important to go through the steps of control. or simply ignore us. On the job. or let go" concept is an important key to stress management. can I change it. You must accept that you cannot control the traffic. "Can I control it. with the exception of your car and your attitude. People tend to blame other people. barely giving us a thought. Once you understand the "control. that we feel like our whole life is out of control and we'll never catch up. change. In order to let go of commute stress. A stressful commute can ruin your whole day. We spend too much time worrying about things over which we have no control that we have no energy left to control the things we can. So much of our stress comes from trying to control other people. change. If you are stressed out because of others. and you can control your stress! You can learn to manage a great deal of your stress by asking looking at each stressor and asking yourself.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM tapes or books-on-tape. it impedes productivity and healthy teamwork.

Identify which stresses you can control. Change is one of the most difficult things for people to experience. what can you do in order to let go? You can view life as unexpected and exciting or your can view it as scary because you don't know what the future holds. present. and learn to let go of the things you can't. It takes time. Unless you are ready to leave your job. we are propelled into the unknown. and doesn't always happen at once just because we will it. Change scares us because whenever things change. So. and future. Letting go is a process. Pick something in your life that stresses you out." Ask yourself if the other person is actually a "stress carrier. what can you do? Can you change it? If so. much of what we "know" no longer serves us. Do you need to let it go? If so. take appropriate action. chances are you will continue working or being around the "stressful people. even when it is for our ultimate good.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM letting go. family.8 Your Past. or the planet earth." or simply has a different style. how? Perhaps you can only change or control a part of it. You have lots of opportunities to transform your past. take control or let it go. Present and Future Yes. The choice is yours! 7. Remind yourself that there are people and events you cannot control. Can you control it? If so. Its possible to change yourself-talk about the situation. We have to use our thoughts to control our emotions and our actions. All you can control is your attitude and your reactions. Take charge. we are reluctant to let go of the 105 . transformation is possible. I have experienced this myself. Unfortunately.

heroically changing the course of a pivotal event earlier in their lives.we need to experience a personal transformation. our present. or disposition. and to change our natural predisposition to life for the better . a repetitive patterns in health. specifically the beliefs that created the portions of our lives that we would like to have transformed. but very difficult. in order to experience the transformation of our past. By definition. So if we want to be transformed .to change the form of our lives and bodies. where the stars magically time travel into the past. to be transformed means we have to change. relationships.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM familiar. 106 . Unfortunately. And that changing one's past history has already happened? This type of transformation was only possible in movies. and money. we have to be able to "be" with change and the fear that may accompany it. The clues to how we can enjoy all that are found in the definition of "transformation"–a fundamental alteration in one's system of beliefs. to alter our biological and experiential composition. then. career. The definition of "transform" is to make over to a radically different form. Therefore. So in order to experience a personal transformation we need to change our beliefs. changing our beliefs can seem scarier than changing things that are external to us. we must be willing to experience fear for a short while. and then return to their present where they watch their lives and the lives of those around them happily change right in front of their very eyes. And it is often the familiar we want to change. and our future. I was always told and I believed it at the time that transforming my present and my future were possible. To allow transformation to happen. state. composition. to have a "re-do" with a clean slate.

feelings and actions.the same essential quality that we ourselves are part of. it is beyond the ego and obsession with the self. To be able to genuinely love and to forgive unconditionally. There is one further need as a self-actualization is the need for a higher truth. and further enhancing the quality of communication with ever-increasing empathy and understanding. and then expanding this self-realisation by communicating with others. to make sense of all the suffering and injustices of the survival struggle on earth.even our enemies . Spirituality is a transpersonal quality. expressed by all religions. which we can aspire to the highest potential of being human. i. towards discovering the truth of All That Is. The path of personal transformation is primarily a process of becoming aware of.10 The Need for a Higher Truth This is the need required to make contact with the creative force that is beyond the human personality. Through understanding others better.e. facing up to and taking responsibility for one's thoughts. we can 107 . It is the maturity of intuition. control and self-esteem needs and the need for self-actualization. and the needs is concerned with man's highest potential when other needs have been met –such as needs for love and affection. to find and fully express one's true self. retaining integrity whatever the response. It is only by having at least a glimmer of this spirituality that we each are part of. Maslow expresses the basic survival needs as the first priority. towards knowing God.9 The Basic Survival Need In the hierarchy of human needs. This need has been evident in all cultures.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM 7. and is the spiritual path towards enlightenment. 7. we need to see in all others .

But to continue suppressing what one truly wants is to die inside. 108 . will upset the apple cart. Try completing the following sentences. to lose integrity. This denial of feelings and true wishes or desires occurs because of fear that acting on them or communicating them will bring scorn or ridicule . to help his clients uncover and communicate their true feelings that previously were suppressed. and begin to recognize the spirituality of humankind. Move on to the next one when you have uncovered an awareness that you were previously suppressing.11 First We Need to Know Ourselves Better The psychologist Nathaniel Brandon developed a technique called Sentence Completion.in short.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM recognize their essential goodwill. And then put this self-realisation into action in your life. 7. however misguided it might have become. with as much honesty and frankness as you can muster.

is not necessarily what is happening. EVERY PERSON. I AND YOU MUST BE HIM TOO. and a dog begins barking at you. One will usually interpret an event by seeing it through whatever issues or beliefs he already have going on inside of him. That dog is a mirror of something going on inside of me. how you choose to see something. EVERYTHING IS THE MOST-HIGH. If you choose to live by the Laws which state that you create your own reality. may determine the reality you will have. the perception you have of an event. it is our choice how to interpret what happened. OR THING.1 The Laws of the Universe      TO CREATE 100% OF A REALITY WHICH NO ONE CAN CREATE BUT YOU. If one is angry enough. PLACE. but how you choose to view it. In other words. you will be able to interpret and ‘create’ things from a higher vibration state. Whatever perceptions you may have. In other words. 8. THE ALL-THERE-IS. What in me is making that dog bark at me? Then 109 . ONE EITHER IS GIVING LOVE. we are creating a perception. IT IS NEVER ABOUT ANOTHER PERSON. OR THING IS A MIRROR AND HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE A GIFT FOR YOU. AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. and then living by those perceptions. PLACE. THEREFORE. OR ASKING FOR LOVE. If you clear yourself of internal issues. Here is an example from one of my Source Codes: you are walking down the street. BUT YOU. he will likely interpret what someone says as sounding angry. THE ALL-IN-ALL.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The Laws of the Universe 8.2 Our Reality Within and Without When we attach a value and a meaning to some event. you will say to yourself: I am creating that dog barking at me.

however. You may feel constantly ashamed and guilty. you do not take responsibility and accept that whatever is going on inside of you will manifest as an event. What a mean. then you would perceive the situation more like this: I haven’t committed any offence. and that alerted you to the fact that you had to be feeling that inside of you to create it happening on the outside. in all likelihood. thinking you are evil. where you think you have done something wrong. In that way. in your outer world. create your life where things always seem to go wrong. And then nothing gets looked at internally. perhaps without knowing it. Then you have an opportunity to look within and figure out what you are feeling fearful or angry about. and relationships and life will probably become a fearful thing for you. for making them feel bad about you. and heal it. and the dog sensed your fear or anger and barked. then you will go through life hating yourself. the dog was a mirror of what you were feeling. or anger. It scared me half to death. stupid dog a bulah-bulah . 110 . The dog reacted to something fearful. If you perceive or make a decision somewhere along the way that you are a bad person and responsible for other people's emotions. You will. If. You will continue to create situations where you feel bad about yourself. That would be the way to perceive what just happened if you are willing to accept that you create your own reality. You felt fearful or angry when the dog barked. get clear. a mirror. and there is no opportunity to heal. Why did that stupid dog bark at me? Someone ought to have trained it better than to let it bark and scare people. some energy of fear or anger that it felt from you.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM you may discover that you were actually feeling a lot of fear. maybe you weren't even consciously aware at the moment that you were feeling fearful or angry about something.

if you don't believe that you even have the power to create or change anything. Other's responses to you are.in a good way that works for you. instead of themselves. Then you have the opportunity to believe and create your life in any way you choose . because victims never heal. And your life will also change when any false perceptions you have about yourself.and you change them. as well. How can they. guilt or self hatred. That is being the creator of your life. are made conscious . from what each person chooses to believe. not unconsciously.or. to create their life a certain way. there is no longer shame or blame. as soon as you give up the responsible role.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM And. in victim consciousness. that feelings and beliefs about reality can only come from within. in reality. If you remain a victim. and that someone else has the power over their life. As soon as you give up 100% responsibility for creating your own reality. thinking it is someone else's fault. You choose consciously. and when you know that others are responsible only for what they feel and believe. as soon as you think someone is doing something to you.you perceive yourself and life and others in a way that is positive and allows life to work harmoniously for you. all of this will change as your perception and understanding of how the universe works becomes clearer such as the understanding that no one can create the reality of another. you have become a victim. if they never accept that they are the ones responsible for creating life that way in the first place? You can't change something if you don't think you created it to begin with . Victims remain stuck. When you know that you are responsible only for what you believe and what you feel. You no longer believe it if others tried to blame you. what you want to believe . things don't change. and you no longer blame anyone else for your life. 111 .

It is above forgiveness.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM only a reflection of your own energy and a reflection of whatever energy you are putting out. and therefore I judge it? Then I look at the other person and think: I don't need to judge them. you must carry that energy within you. Know that if you feel anger or any other unpleasant or uncomfortable emotion. Then you have the opportunity to see what the mirror is for you. The situation just reflected what was already there in you. Acceptance says all is happening perfectly. not the victim. we immediately move into the energy of Love. and 112 . you must have a belief that you will be hurt. All is perfect. if we look at it from being the Creator. You create what you believe in. which is what we all truly want. because forgiveness implies that something has been done wrong. to see what you carry within yourself so that you can heal. and Peace. What is the mirror to me? Has instantly removed the judgment. Note that if there is no charge. all of us are really asking for love. grow. as it should. It isn't because of what someone else did. They then just play the role for you that you are expecting. They are simply being a mirror of my own issue. I then ask: What part of me do I still not love. there is only acceptance. The higher vibration is to see whatever happens as a mirror of oneself in the ‘now’ or presently: You may ask yourself this question: Am I still doing that? Where do I still hold that judgment about myself . Then there is no judgment. Acceptance is the higher vibration. Trust. or have inside of you. I ask: What in me been created that is in my reality? In reality. In other words. Whatever is happening enables us to grow. if you have a perception that someone is a hurtful person. If we look at it all as perfect. If it's complicated.where do I still think that I am not ok? I identify the judgment I am making against myself. it's not Truth.

therefore. In a thought triggers emotion you can see what kind of thoughts you are thinking. and what kind of emotion it creates. Use your five (5) senses to ask if something doesn't feel right or comfortable in the way you are responding or feeling. They move energy and bring things into motion. But it is the emotional energy. That is what our emotions do. Healing comes from taking responsibility – the 3rd law. the fuel that allows something to get created. seeing your reflection in another or in a situation is a positive and useful thing. we must generate positive emotions from clear thoughts and perceptions. in other words. The word emotion is a fascinating word. Get a new perspective. First we have our thought. If you don't like the emotion you are feeling.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM change . change the thoughts you are thinking. Lower vibration expectation judgment rejection/blame sorrow/apologizing Higher vibration Responding from compassion observing acceptance seeing the mirror 113 . to create in a positive way. or manifestation. Therefore. See how you feel. put into motion. Look at it this way: E-motion. or Energy. The force behind what we feel is what allows us to create. "I felt so strongly about that that I had to rush out and do it". or perception.

what bothers you. This exercise will help you see what your erroneous beliefs are that keep you in fear.3 Your Fear or Masked Desire To find out and work with your fear. You need to find out what your true desire is. that make you see your own issues in others and judge them for it. ALL BELIEFS THAT CAUSE YOU FEAR ARE ERRONEOUS. you have the chance to 114 . or masked desire. Check out what your fear is about. There is only growth and love. you will keep yourself in judgment. who you think did what to you. That's what makes us not want to see these issues as our self. it will fall into one or more of these categories. In reality. You will continue to create the same kind of situations.say or write the negative expression of it: all that you think is going on.. until you get out of the program and have a new perception. there is no shame or guilt. another's flaws. what keeps you in it. If you treat yourself with love. and that keep you from manifesting what you want. that create the difficulty you are in. first state what you fear . comes from feeling guilt and shame. you will reinforce the lower vibrational state of thinking it's someone else's fault.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Fear is only a mask of our true desire. The number one addiction to an erroneous core belief. you will be able to see that when you face an issue in yourself. and state that desire 100% positively: "I choose to have or create. etc.. 8. and you will keep yourself in the perception of being victimized.." There are 3 universal fears: (1) abandonment (2) not feeling worthy or good enough (3) loss of trust which is the fear of surrender Any time there is a fear.

5. until the negative program is neutralized. In order to get away from the shame. And that is the perfection of the journey. Then you become fearful that you will be punished. 4. you blame others. of what we experience. You put it out on someone or something else. 2. You feel guilty about doing that. 7. 8. that it's yours.look at what you are afraid of. See how you react to a given situation . say or write your preferred truth. 3.5 1. You feel guilty about doing that and the loop goes on.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM become even clearer. This is called projection. Here is the cycle of an erroneous core belief loop: 1. 6. as 100% positive. You feel shame. You feel guilty. expressing what you choose to create." or "I am able to love myself. 8. and you hide it all away so you're not aware the issue is really even there. including yourself. Ask: "What keeps me believing in that fear? What will happen if I let go of it? What is the pay off for keeping it? What do I get to do or not do if I keep the fear?" 115 . ever more loving. of seeing ourselves in the mirror. Re-adjusting an Old Belief Own the fear or pattern." Continue to say your positive I am statement throughout the day and for as long as you need to. You judge something or someone. Then put your highest truth in the form of an "I am" statement. wonderful human being. For example: "I am powerful" or "I am a loving. Use all positive words. or deal with it in some way.4 Ultimate Truth About Yourself Next.

Fears can be survival tools. a choice for a new perception. and we tend to want to hold onto them through our anger or other emotional reactions because it's the only way of life we've known. exactly. Be specific." You can even state how you will do it. This is the energy that sucks ways of behaving out of fear:  Being aloof.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM 2. Say: "I intend to do …. If you choose to believe in a new reality. Ask Spirit or your Higher-Self. or change it. step by step. growth and freedom. 3. Decide if you want to keep the program. decide what you want to change it to. Intention.what you intend to create. Your intention must be followed by willingness. most importantly allow yourself to feel very clearly and strongly what it would feel like to operate out of and have that new belief in your life. State your new reality in the form of "I am" 6. without judgment. you eliminate fear. 116 . What could be better than that? Fears have supported us. for guidance or help to achieve the new intention. Now. or a new thought form. 4. What would you feel? Let that feeling flow into every cell of your body. but will keep you locked in a lower vibration that doesn't help your life. If you decide to change it. observe why. And that which creates joy. If you decide to keep it. Put out your intention . 5. plus emotion creates the transformation into new ways of being and brings about the new pattern you are choosing. You must have a new belief. "E-Motion" means deep feeling and it is the energy that puts things into motion. Decide if this pattern serves you anymore.

. then you created that situation for some reason. you are caught between realities and aren't sure what to believe. What was the reason? If you are in pain. Ask: What is the gift of the mirror for me here? If you are asking why. Being an intimidator (energy makes others feel afraid of you by backing people down). If you are in fear. There is no war happening.). unless you create one by your perception. If you are in pain. It is all perfect.... If you are in resistance to something. If you are in doubt.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM     Being an interrogator (Who did this?. If you are the creator. because: 117 . you are into blaming. the mirror of that really is: you are in judgment of yourself. you are trying to be in control. you are judging. A fear of judgment is actually a desire for unconditional love. Go to your heart. Being a "poor me. instead. and you are fearing a loss of power. you are actually holding a belief that you are inadequate to deal with something. you are in resistance to something. Being someone who creates confusion for others (gets them off center).?! etc." If you find yourself worried or fearful about what other people think..?! Didn't you realize that. Why did you. What are you resisting? Identify what you are getting by holding onto the pain. Move instead to acceptance. Change the perception that there was any damage done in a given situation. It is a false belief that you will lose control or power.

either side of polarity. too. Listen to the Higher Self. We need it for our wide range of emotions. what lessons they have set up to learn for themselves. which we learn from .A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM If you identify with God.that all is One. Self sabotage is the ego in its lower vibration. the neutral point where there is no attachment. we must understand the Higher Truth . It's already working out perfectly. But. bigger than. the zero point. And everything else is God. And that is all there is.neither side of which is the real truth. Honor where someone is in their development. It is impossible to do so. 8.and that perception comes with seeing from a single eye. The ego controls emotions. The ego was designed to deal with polarity . That then creates a reality that will mirror that higher vibration state. that is power enough. It is the point in the middle. Everything is already perfect. It helps us decide what we want to experience and learn in this lifetime.in this way we learn to work with energy and use it appropriately. What you can create is responding from Peace and living from higher vibration states. The Most-High. the spiritual eye. One Energy Source . and there is no need for you to try to control anything. Using these laws will help you to allow others to express themselves. anyway. The ego's true purpose is to offer us choice by comparison.6 The Role of the Ego It is the ego which allows us to be in this reality where there is duality. if you know that you are God. while you remain at peace. That is why we see this reality with 2 eyes. 118 . The Higher Truth is larger than.

but only if he learns to welcome them as part of his journey. And the more we inwardly grow. then use your power of choice to create the reality that you prefer. learning flowers. it comes from us. The understanding of this spiritual principle allows us to disconnect ourselves from our impatience. 8.7 Turning Barriers into Bridges Only the person who never gives up in life. "I'm sick and tired of it all". the frustration fades and in its place.8 Secret Power of Self-Detach When you hear someone say. So be it! 8. what he is really saying without realizing it is that he's sick and tired of suffering from his own lack of understanding.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Accept WHAT IS as Perfection. the easier our whole life flows. makes this truly self-liberating discovery: those places that he once mistook as being impassible barriers to his happiness become as bridges to the same. This new and higher idea of disconnecting ourselves from whatever we think has us blocked leads to true self-liberation because we have never been trapped by anything outside of our own lack of understanding. For one thing. This is why even the attempt to disconnect ourselves from our present life-level already belongs to a higher level of understanding. This all becomes clear once we understand that unhappiness does not come at us. From now on you must spin your straw into gold. For instance. impatience with our level of understanding is the very level of understanding we are impatient with. Life becomes instantly better. who persists with his wish to find and fulfill the promise of himself. 119 .

A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM This new. the hardest step is always the one you have never taken before. you are getting out of your own way! Practice selfdisconnect as often as you can. then every situation in life presents you with an opportunity to win in a new way. intelligent action we are calling "self-disconnect" works for you by gradually breaking down the painful circle-ofself that is repeatedly formed by asking the problem for the solution. You must persist in spite of all forces that seem to be against your wish to break through to a New You. Remember this. the greater the possibility for walking beyond yourself. because you have stopped creating them. Believe me. freedom to take another and yet another step into the great unknown where eventually. In the truest meaning of the words. Every time you step past yourself. fear turns into fearlessness because you have disconnected yourself from yourself. the freer your days will flow and the higher your life will go. Risk only comes into account in the self-limited view of seeing life as a win/lose scenario. Barriers begin to crumble and disappear. The greater the doubt you will step across. because doubt and fear form the perimeter of all self-limiting barriers. You must persist even if it is only with your wish to be persistent. 120 . you win a little more freedom. With any true innergrowth. The more you work at this special kind of letting go. Persistence is everything in your personal work. there are no real obstacles to keep you from making it all the way to a Brand New World. with persistence. When self-discovery becomes more important than winning.

start to look inside of yourself and see where the Light is not. By feeling. just like brushing your teeth. and a feeling. or you can go looking for it. You have a thought.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Karma 9. and surrender or let-go the feeling of being bugged. Wait until you have been practicing the grounding eight times a day for at least two weeks. but after you have locked it in. not just the brain. Notice what bugs you. Every nerve and cell in the body is capable of retaining memory. It is daily hygiene. bring it into consciousness. Your thoughts can trigger it. Clear it all one day. All day. and observe it happening. Surrender those places. by living it. It is like peeling the onion – do remember this. You can detach from both. which brings another thought. or you can just let your unconscious show you what it thinks is most important first. do the grounding as usual.1 Finding Karma You can work through your karma the slow way. Then. A muscle may twitch. we mean a sensation in your body. Your body will only show your karma that is ready to be cleared. and your body provides an emotion. This is not a process you can do once and call it done. you may become 121 . You can be very methodical and start with the big toe of one foot and work your way through your body. It is by the emotional content of karma that we usually discover it. but you can also access it visually. every day there is a conversation going on between your mind and your body. Day to day events will also trigger karma. and by the next day the next layer shows up to be cleared. and another emotion.

You are an infinite spirit. and back down the front to the knot. or your body. or an ache in my back. you will follow the connections it makes through the body. your environment. Most stuff will make a complete circuit up and down of the body. By doing this I release any thing that gave me tension during the day. It is therefore preferable to do it visually. You can then visualize and clear the 122 . your ancestors. I do this every night. you may go on to clear the karma of the group ego mind of your city. You will observe the sensation with detachment. Feel the tension. you will tend to feel it in your body. up the back of the leg following it's own path to the shoulders and around one side of the head. if you are dealing with someone who has a lot of power chakra issues. by pumping my belly several times during a breathing exercise. But must feel fancy to do it. Those tension points are your karma. those karmas that have the same auras with yours at the time of your action. (Know that you will clear. Even after you clear your personal karma. you might feel a tightness around the bottom of your ribs like say you cannot take a deep full breath. and so you can watch the mind and body chatting away to each other. Yes it is a simple thing to do if you decided to do it. or a knot in your stomach. You are not only your mind. Take for example.) If you are clearing karma from someone you know by remote. where it is feeding on the energy meridians. successfully. You might trace a stomach knot's threads down one leg and through the foot into the earth. back in the heel. and surrender it. as a mild physical discomfort that draws your attention to what areas need clearing.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM aware of a place of tension inside of you. or a tingling in you head. your country. and simply surrender the tension points the body shows you.

Practice! Practice!! Practice!!! You may also use counter-clockwise tornados. so you need to let go by distracting yourself so Cosmic Reality can take it.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM whole circuit and everything attached to the knot to be removed as well. and sometimes burning up in the heart chakra or simply disappearing and to be absorbed by the Unity. will detach your attention from it. That aspect of surrender is very important if you have faith. You go left to end up at the left. Your attention to something is an attachment to it. so I use counter-clockwise vortexes 100% of the time. I'm sure everyone has had the experience of a spell having unexpected negative side effects? Counter-clockwise spin dissipates energy. and you are not going to worry about it anymore. Worry shows lack of faith. So be it! 9. Do clear your karma! It is so simple. and also shows that you believe it is handled. I seek nothingness or void. God/Spirit/Cosmic Reality will take care of it. (Usually. so it can be used to break up and remove the blockages of karma. submission and gratitude. I RRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIII all night.2 Clearing Karma Faith method Faith. Feel it flowing out your head. surrender. but sometimes. That action can result in the manifestation of Karma. Give it up to Cosmic Reality. Shifting your attention to taking a deep breath afterwards. out your feet. while somebody else prefers the opposite.) 123 . do the magic. or use the name of whatever Deity or Power you prefer. Clockwise dancing and vortexes are most often used in Wicca.

and it will change. One of the most dramatic cases of this is that one may grew 8 cm taller in a single night. is also an attachment. like “So be it” or “Amen” or “Ashe”. All of its silver linings will be showing. and your negative opinion of wanting it gone. this funny grey bit of resistance I am seeing/feeling. What is to be released might be. Everything in life. Don't worry about giving up too much. Some people don't like this idea of giving karmic crap to Cosmic Reality as a gift. gently turn your attention to where the thing you gave away used to be and you will discover you see it. there must be recognition of stuff (or the so called ‘gift” you wish to give out).A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Sometimes a release will be accompanied with muscle twitches and a desire to stretch. getting a grasp on what is to be released. What is given to Cosmic Reality. this pain in my body. First. including life itself is a gift of Spirit. Muscles tighten against the old memories of pain. 124 . Thanking Spirit for accepting the gift. or giving away something you need. Thank you is showing trust that nails the request into the Now. seals the deal. if it is still present. and relax when the memory is cleared. as all of the crap that held one in a slouched posture. surely comes back better if it is still needed. will fall away. She will give it a tune-up and hand it back. After the pause of breath. completely differently. Even If you don't like something. which It has. is that Cosmic Reality doesn't judge it. It good to know that gratitude itself can be enough to remove a blockage. apply gratitude. somehow through visualization or feeling. this feeling of doubt. This is real. this annoyance with so and so. whether we judge it as gift or garbage from our limited perspective. gift is what it is. The reason you offer it as a ‘gift’. curled protectively around his belly. is like showing faith that you believe and expect that It will and that.

Alternate phrases: “Cosmic Reality. that is related. Find and surrender those bits too. and even in other people. you did not know to release it. it will come up again and again. Like. Time and space are illusions. and clear the whole pattern from the beginning. All Yours. Likely. wherever it exists.” (breathe sigh of release) This is time travel to change the past. When the first event is cleared. and every time you see a spider it gets worse. and everything connected to it. some issues may have connections and reflections all through you. The point of power is in the 125 . in top down fashion from point of origin. It is a gift for You. as Cosmic Reality gives you an opportunity to make a choice to release it. get back insight and compassion. Cosmic Reality will know what to take. Thank you very much. so instead it got bigger from your resistance. “Cosmic Reality. please take this. all other events that came after disappear right into the now.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Give up karma. perhaps when you were a child someone put a spider down your shirt. All Yours. The event is gone as if it never existed . It is a gift for You. the universe is being created and uncreated in every moment. For example. This phrase asks Cosmic Reality to go back to before the first event occurred. Thank you very much.” (breathe a sigh of release) This clears what you can see and what you cannot see. please take this. Sometimes there will be some bits of crap still left. because your indication of this ‘gift’ didn't cover everything. After a speck of karma is first created. your past lives. and ever since then you have had a phobia about spiders. your environment.it no longer exists.

All Yours. “Cosmic Reality. Thank you very much. I release any attachments. 126 . then also surrender the hole where it used to be like bugs bunny cartoon.) Additional universal phrases of surrender: Cosmic Reality (God/Allah…) Will be Done. through your feet. Nature abhors a vacuum. used to be and fill them with Your Grace and Light.” (breathe a sigh of release) You must clear everything and everything connected with it. It is a gift for You. please take this. Surrender the karmic stuff. Thank you very much.” (Breathe in light. in top down fashion from point of origin. Cosmic Reality has it handled. please take the hole/space/place where that stuff I surrendered to You. for I am.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM now. hand them over now! “Cosmic Reality. Even though I walk in the valley of death I will fear no evil. portable holes.. It is the Will of God/Allah. It is in the hands of Fate. and using this phrase you can change the past using the power of surrender in the now. all the way back into the past.. so it is important to fill the ‘void’ with light or else a clearing session can leave you feeling kind of ‘empty’ and seeking new attachments to fill the void. and everything connected to it. It will be as Cosmic Reality Wills.

A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM 9. However. it becomes very easy to manage these cords with the power of imagination. So be aware! 127 . it becomes more important to keep the tools in order and cut cord attachments that no longer serve. and they can also become negative attachments and vampiric siphons. Everything is connected to every other thing: relationship. everything you touch. Most cords are flimsy and fade quickly. they are how we exchange empathy. and while this is a good thing in the short term. knowing about the cords is not very important because the unconscious mind takes care of them. love etc. For healers. Guardian angels (personal Malaeka) will act on your requests – so you think. they are the underlying nature of how relationships connect people. because the cords of love between people are stronger than attachments to things. it defines aka cords very elegantly. Everything you see. Even without intuition. and information. Like the apron-strings between mother and child. These etheric cords are a normal connection between friends and lovers. creates a thread of energy between you and it. in the long term it can be hard on the healer and become a crutch. As aka cords show up in the etheric. or negative addiction for the patient. When you grow an awareness of these threads.3 Aka Cords: The Unity The ‘Aka cords’ is a term from Huna mysticism. Sometimes a patient will continue to draw energy from a healer after the session is finished. For most people. They are the ‘super strings’ that are holding the universe together. professional psychics and other folks who are doing energy work. these threads of attraction are usually are only readily visible when they represent the union in relationships. attraction. gravity. love. This usually happens on an unconscious level for most people. one can do the ritual.

You may feel it. I give up my fears to Him. There are several ways to disconnect cords. It is best to be clear in your intention. will sometimes show up in your life again. Get grounded and draw in as much light as you can hold. or sense it. and only those cords. but those who are determined. by sending out a last blast of unconditional love and make the fire to manifest whatever the person on the other end needs. as I am not yet free of creative fears. or see it. Usually I may not ask who is cut. There is only fear to fear. into that space where all things begin. as said earlier. or just 128 . You may possibly get a sense of being surrounded by a crowd of people. or simply connect new cords as often as they are cut. anyways. Then ask to be shown ones that do not serve.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM This is why it is necessary to occasionally do a ritual to cut any aka cords that are not in one’s highest good. With your imagination. and cut them out of the race. first. gratitude and blessings down these cords – Use power of imagination. This method is nice and simple. and send love. and get to ride out of duality. especially with the earth's fiery crystal core. In the ritual you first ask to be shown the beneficial cords. and it comes from me. one of my Source Codes said: I simply trust in the judgment of my Higher-Self or AllThat-Is. ask to be shown all of the cords that connect you to people who are in service to your Highest Good. You may get an impression of being in the center of a big spider web or perhaps a cocoon with many threads coming from different chakras and radiating out from you in all directions. I ask that the highest good be done. so that you don't cut cords which represent win/win relationships that serve your highest good. So. Always determine to cut them out.

What is important is your intention.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM imagine it there. You do not need to know what it manifests as. Let your intention be that the recipient's higher self choose the form in which the love manifests on the other end. Then. This time. Nice bonus! Then. to replace what you gave away. and they 129 . imagine that it burns up the cord like a lit fuse. As the light goes down the cord. breathe more light into yourself. ask to be shown all of the cords that connect you to people or things that feed on your energy but do not serve your highest good. so you do not need to clear them. Be sure to offer thanks to Goddess for Her abundance that allows you to be generous. Essentially. to tell you they were thinking of you warmly. You may find that some of these people will unconsciously feel the cord being disconnected. and conclude the ritual. Thank these people for being in your life and gratefully send light and love down the cords to them. These are the cords that benefit you. and let the vision go. so that the cord is gone. once again fill yourself with as much light as you can hold. as a farewell gift of unconditional love for them that will show up on their end as whatever it is they think they need from you... Release a generous blast of the light you have drawn into yourself down the cord. it doesn't matter. Most of these are people who want something that they think you can give them. this means that the recipient's higher self or unconscious will use the energy as it thinks best. Give thanks for being shown that you are loved and supported. Do not be surprised if some old friends contact you in the days following.

you leave the cords as they are.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM might contact you in the days following and complain that you feel distant. sip slowly so they will not be abruptly and unnecessarily deflated. You would not want them to pass out while driving – would you? or anything of that nature . There will be fewer cords than before. or how much of what kind of energy you send. Others. there is another method you can use according to my Source Code. but reverse the flow and take back only your own energy that they stole from you. but you cannot control what 130 .No. repeat the exercise. Since you are just taking your own energy back. When these vampires realize (probably unconsciously) that there is no free lunch and they are no longer getting fed/rewarded through the cords. the bottomless pits will not be satisfied with your gift and will promptly a reattach to you. Imagine you are sucking on the cords like a drinking straw. Take your time at it. The cords that have been reattached will be those of the persistent bottomless pit vampires who reconnect the cords no matter how many times you cut them. In this technique. Give love to those who support you as before. like a leech dropping off. but only to take back your own stolen energy from them. They may go off and feed on someone else. ideally there will be none. Twenty four to seventy hours later. pull in their cords and stop preying on you. Be clear in your intention not to feed on their energy. and again ask to see the cords that connect you to those who do not serve your highest good. They will give up. they will detach them from you on their own. you are not going to get any junk from them. If you are dealing with this kind of persistent bottomless pit vampire. instead of sending them more energy.

though. as They think best.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM someone else does. The traditional ritual is good practice for learning about how relationships work.. Learn.. or the Earth source. on my end and plug them into the sender's higher self. as they are formed. and draw on them several times a day until the vampires give up and detach. You can only control your own energy or you tax your daily Karma unduelly. I'm not suggesting you do this. in the etheric. To do this. You are learning. I put it on autopilot. astral. I ask my guardian Angels to disconnect the cords from me. leave them attached. Then if there are still any negative cords that have been reconnected in spite of your generosity. When I get impatient with it. spiritual world. 131 .

that if an object itself is moving and it is necessarily being moved by some other object. then the motion of a body is the result of its being moved by some other body. another body moved any moved body. animals or non-living things is not solely coming to mind now. that the above argument cannot be repeated indefinitely. a system beyond the Milky Way Galaxy (a rotating disk containing about 1011 stars including our Sun) came about.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Concept of the Prime Mover 10. race to another. How? 132 . since there was nobody there in the origin. The above conclusion belongs to simple-minded and lazyminded individuals. All motions result from being moved by some other objects. Even the Pious. tribe. then the latter must necessarily be moved by something else. some objects are in motion. era. The question of evolution or creation of Man. Prime Mover If we apply the idea of causality to the study of motion of objects.. because of a sole reliance on spiritual perceptions. which change from one time. Therefore one can definitely arrive at a prime mover that is not moved by anything. i. What comes to mind is how the spiral galaxy. This notion needs to be examined logically and brought to its finality.e. In the so-called cosmological proof: that in the worlds. Saints and Prophets waver in a pool of open and logical challenges.

These would be brought forward in the discussion. vividly. So there are no eyewitness reports. it is that you give thanks. He made him complete and breathed into him of His spirit. and gave you ears and eyes . animal and other matters in this Earth. In the beginning was the word and God was the word.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Nobody was around at the origin. perhaps as at the time of creation of the Universe. Cosmogonists can reach their conclusions only on the basis of the subtle observations that are barely within reach of modern instruments. The following few observations and analyses are to be noted without any bias reference. (The Bible) Obviously this has taken us. 133 . These instruments give them vast scope within which to exercise their imaginations only. And for the created man to function properly. It is only obvious and quite clear that the Earth was in a total darkness before this command was initiated. and at the time of the creation of Man. Let there be light and there was light. and it points to the mystical relation between human and Divine Nature. back to the period of the creation of man. some features were incorporated during the ‘time’ of creation. There are two models for the creation of the Universe: Big Bang and Continuous Creation. (Qur’an) This is saying that the spirit of God is breathed into every man created. It was believed that God had made the command. . (Bible) The above statement has shown us that there was a Prime Mover. What happened before this statement was pronounced could not be ascertained. animals and other earthly things. .

A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The heaven and the earth were joined together as one unit of creation before they were cloven asunder. a Chinese scholar in the 3rd Century. Qi develops and rises. The Amashida-kinds were so powerful that they could create as wished. it is called the Heavenly River. also called Yun Han and all the stars appear. And that the universe was in existence before the so-called Aur-Amashida. jing hua floats aloft. AD) This simply means that stars are being formed by the contraction (mover) of gas clouds. Note that Qi = breath. so to say. The next question is when and where? 134 . They have lesser gods who carry off their request. through sacrifice or rituals. The above statement supports the two above references mentioned from the holy Qur’an. (African Tradition) This idea has shown that the so-called ancestors migrated from another world or space to found or husband the earth. who were the descendants of the primordial ancestors. Qi representing the context of God’s breath in this respect. This is confirmed through most of their words and doings. There was no indication of the period of and what brought about this action. to the Supreme Being. hua = essence and Heavenly River is the Milky Way. Man is born into this Existence and the tradition didn’t know any thing regarding human creation. (Qur’an) This is an obvious proof of the occurrence of the so-called “Big Bang” or the expansion of the core-centre in the evolution of the Universe. turning about following the flow. (Wu Li Lun. So there had been an existence somewhere else. They referred to their Ancestors and not a particular Deity.

the amount of matter in the Universe would double as a result of the slow drizzle of creation.000 years ago and first left the continent to begin its world wide spread 100. creation is continuing all the time and so very slowly for any known sensitive instrument can measure. Allan Wilson at the University of California. When the highly condensed hydrogen matter exploded from its own core (see Chapter 9) pressure and created showers 135 . And in the course of some billions of years. In this action.000 years ago. it is easy to trace mitochondria DNA back through the generations without having to worry about the mixing of genes from mother and father that goes on in the rest of the DNA. the galaxies would have moved apart to the point where the amount of space between them had increased or even doubled. at least) individual receive all their mitochondria from their mothers. which convert sugar and oxygen into carbon dioxide. water and the energy that runs the cell. in a proper study of mankind.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM According to a superior account. but in its mitochondria. are the descendants of bacteria that took up residence in eukaryotic cells about 18 billion years ago. Scientists have two general models for the existence of Universe: Continous Creation and Big Bang (Scientific Statement). has shown by genetics and after studying the pattern of DNA (DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID) in people now alive and produced a human family tree showing that the species emerged in Africa about 200. And since (in people. One consequence of their origin is that they carry their own genes. Wilson’s work relied on a type of DNA found not in the cell nucleus. According to the Continous Creation (CC). These structures.

but formed within the fifth energy product of the Big Bang. Behind the Matter is the Mind at work. the four energy laws came into play: Gravity.000 years ago (since whatever vision. just in a recent time of less than. be it spiritual or scientific) so as to claim who is or was the Prime Mover. So. 200. miraculous occurrence that might have happen to man must fall within the light of the formation of the Milky Ways. but broken apart due to a bang or expand continuously in space. What could be certain is the existence of Matter. the energy required in this creation is zero equivalent energy of light balanced with the negative energy of gravitational field. hanging about There have been other minor explosions. Man-made explosive matters are ones that quickly come to mind.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM of still expanding galaxies. it is absolutely unreasonable for any human being. From the above examinations and analyses. The fifth energy was formed in order to eternalize the initial outburst. So is the word: The heaven and the earth were joined together as one unit of creation before they were cloven asunder. in the presence of light space. The fission and fusions of atoms forming bombs. Visible Matter has the same 136 . such as one produced our Milky Ways. could have been released and registered between 10 to 20 billion years ago. The first ever Big Bang (of stored energy in vacuum or void) explosion. Electromagnetism. The lesson here is that both light and spirit evolved at the same time since the occurrence of the first Big Bang. Strong nuclear and Weak nuclear are acting together (Unity) in the space-less compact at the equivalent or even beyond the speed of light. The time of the bang obviously would be so negligible. A stupid question asked by feeble-minded individuals. who just came to this Realm of Existence. The word ‘join’ could mean that the total elements of the Universe were originally in a single space.


exactitude of proportion and precise method granted by the Invisible Mind. What we should bear in mind is that there is and was no such thing as injustice in the Universe. What it means here is that if we have granted the above stated premises concerning the composition of Mind and Matter, there can be no such thing as injustice. Yet seemingly unjust things are done every day and seemingly go unpunished, because the punishments are always administered. So the so-called ‘scientific ghosts’ come in i.e. vengeance is mine. The sinner who imagines his sins are undiscovered is a compound fool who deceives himself. For instance, a murderer (direct or indirect) who has secretly torn the life of his shrieking victim in some unfrequented spot, and has succeeded in hiding his crime from what we call ‘justice’ cannot escape the Spiritual Law of vengeance within the Unity. Murdered creature often returns to the Realm of Existence in human form to dodge his murderer down. No known man has ever escaped the psychic law of equity any more than we can escape the material law of gravitation. So, it unbelievable therefore to attribute the spiritual law of vengeance on the Most High or the so-called prime Mover. Not much of a Deity or a prime Mover but what you are or represent. If there is any race with superior historical pride over others, it is the Africans. Their existence was closer to the period of the so-called ‘creation’; hence they have full authority talking about the Prime-or-Nonprime Mover. As more scientific researches are proceeding, Africans are likely to be proved right. So be it! One of the oldest questions to be asked about the universe was "How did it begin?" That question always puzzled mankind. The answer to such question depended on the faith and civilisation current to the scientist.



In the early days of the Greek philosophers the universe was the making of gods and goddesses, but how they actually performed the act of creation was not to be inquired into, for such matters were considered divine and, thus, laid outside man's comprehension. The Greek plan incorporated a marvellous scientific picture of the universe, for whilst they described the motions of the planets with mathematical precision, they believed them to be, like the stars, made of some celestial material that never decayed. In ancient China, the whole universe, everything on earth and in the sky, was considered part of a giant organism. However, they envisaged a universe that was many millions of years old and, in this respect, they were close to today's view. Western civilisation has grown up under the influence of Greek ideas and also that of Chinese teachings, which insist on a single God who is creator and sustainer of the universe; a God, who is also the single God according to the Muslim faith. The Bible does not contain any scientific information of note about the universe, but it reminds us of that: In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. Galileo used to be fond of saying that the Bible teaches the way to go to heaven, not the way heavens go. The Church, in its constant attempts to keep the masses under its control, permitted no speculation into these divine matters. The misfortune of Copernicus, as a result of his statement, that it was the sun and not the earth to be the centre of the spherical universe, is well known. Even after the beginning of the modern scientific period, when Newton had worked out the motions of planets in great detail and also invented the idea of universal gravitation, people still considered the creation of the universe to be a divine act, which lies above speculation.



With the vast amount of information collected by observation of deep space in the last sixty years, as well as the development of relativity and quantum theory, scientists are at last in a position to work out how the universe began. Today, speculation and scientific research into cosmology lies outside the realm of religion, to the extent that some scientists today do not consider the creation of the universe to be a divine act altogether. However, these scientists are forgetting that when they trace the origin of the universe to its origin, or to that moment that sparked the beginning... they too concede that science becomes unable to function, for at that initial moment all the laws of physics seem to break down. The failure of some scientists to contribute this initial moment of creation to a divine force stems from the fact that they think of this initial moment as the moment when all the laws of physics break down, rather than being the moment when all the laws of physics came to be. The creation of the universe is a subject that is given great attention in the Qur’an. The huge and varied amount of information contained in the Qur’an about almost every stage and aspect of the creation continues to astound scientists today because of its very accurate agreement with 20th century knowledge. How can a book written in the 7th century contain such a rich amount of scientific information that was to be attained 14 centuries later? Much of this information was discovered only in the last fifty years! Neutral and unbiased observers do consider this to be valid evidence that such a book could never have been the product of any human being for the simple reason that, at the time, no human possessed such knowledge. All the evidence available today suggests an explosive origin to the universe that brought both space and time into


but may also have 140 . because they open up some basic facts that no one can push aside. It is the facts the Nothingness of Self-Esteem cares about. the Russian meteorologist Alexksandr Friedmann and the Belgian mathematician Georges Lemaitre. The Big Bang itself resulted from an extremely dense singularity. which could also be found in all other scriptures. most of the italics to follow are written from the Qur’an without any emphases or reference [any individuals who want to know more must read more]. The theory of the Big Bank which has successfully taken over the place of the 'Steady state' theory was worked out in the 1920's by two scientists quite independently of each other. space and time that are intimately linked together. are not known to be direct to any scientific statements. under gravitational pull. Ralph Alpher and Robert Horman indicate that the whole event took place at a very high temperature. of hot gases which was mainly hydrogen. was written openly by one of my Source Codes. This is described in the Qur’an. It must be stated here that. The creation of the universe is one of matter.) "Do not the unbelievers see that the skies and the earth were joined together and we ripped them apart?" The subsequent history of the Big Bang saw the Americans George Gamow. until proved otherwise. This is what is referred to as the ‘Big Bang’. (It is very important to know that science does not discriminate when it comes to disseminating of facts and nothing but facts. This view has been confirmed by the later discovery of the background microwave radiation. Matter and space were joined as one and then were separated in the explosion. These facts. The eventual formation of galaxies resulted as a condensation.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM existence.

This is what is known as the escape velocity. No planet would ever revolve around its mother star. which also applies to earth and." Note that the verse did not say clouds or gas. otherwise stars and also planets would have shot off in straight lines dispersing into space.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM contained helium and a few other light elements as well. working as an equating factor to the centrifugal force to induce precise orbits for all heavenly bodies. Gravity was the brilliant divine invention. The universe in its very early stages was. life would not have evolved on earth. Once these stars were formed a system had to be devised to govern their motion. thus. The kinetic energy stored in the foreword movement of these bodies could not be relied upon on its own. but smoke. which is a very accurately described as smoke are cold. it would travel upwards as a result of the kinetic energy stored in the throw but. the gas has gradually condensed into individual starts. and with the formation of galaxies. if you were to throw the ball at a very high speed (say 10km per second) it would escape the gravity of the earth and leave the earth altogether. It is the speed required for a moving body to enable it to escape the gravity of a planet or star. mass and distance of two bodies have to be worked out very precisely to induce an orbit. because the whole of life on earth is so dependent on the sun. Over the ages. thus. The speed. the gravity of the earth will overcome and the ball fall back to the ground. 141 . still in the form of hot gases which is mentioned in the Qur’an in the following verse: "Then He took hold of the sky when it was smoke. But. If you were to throw a tennis ball upwards towards the sky. eventually.

their central regions become denser and hot. its speed is reduced which reduces its kinetic energy and with some directional adjustments its kinetic energy can be equated with the earth'' gravity. All these adjustments must be very precisely executed at a precise distance and speed otherwise a correct orbit cannot be obtained.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM When an artificial satellite is placed in orbit around the earth. These reactions. what happens is that at a required distance. 142 . (All the planets that circulate around stars also revolve round the centre of gravity of their own galaxies. nuclear reactions begin.) These very accurate balances are mentioned in the following two following verses: "The sun and the moon follow courses precisely computed" and "And the sky He raised and set the balance" The orbits of the heavenly bodies are mentioned in the verse: "And the sun and the moon. As a result. to say at least seven million degrees Kelvin (K). When the material in the centre of the star has heated up sufficiently. all travelling in orbits. The next stage sees these massive newly formed stars start to shrink under their own gravitational pull. The endless intricate orbits and mathematical precision in the universe leave one in a gasp in awe. and all other heavenly bodies also obey the same rules." ‘all’ as in the last verse is not 'both' which indicates that the reference to the sun and the moon is symbolic only. which are similar to those which take place in an hydrogen bomb. while the satellite is shooting out of the earth's gravitational field. continue throughout the life of the star.

the Big Bang theory. fuel).'nuclear reactions'. but only reflect light. and a reaction which is not combustion (fire) .whose oil is well lit. and a moon giving light. and that was the background radiation which supported the Big Bang theory. The verse is a very accurate description of what goes on inside a star. This differentiation between natural light and reflected light is mentioned with the words: "Blessed is He who made constellations in the sky and placed there in a lamp. These nuclear reactions cause the stars to radiate all types of radiation into space.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM These reactions are distinctly different from ordinary combustion . This is precisely what the Qur’an speaks of with the words: "…as if it were a brilliant star……. The visible section of those waves which are found between the ultraviolet and the infra-red is the sunlight. even no fire touches it. What actually takes place inside a star is that hydrogen is converted to helium with the emission of huge energy. gave birth to yet a new concept and that was the universe is expanding- 143 . On the other hand." The verse mentions a star. a very important discovery was made. But.. from x-rays and gamma rays in the short waves all the way to the longer radio waves.as in a burning wood. planets do not emit any light of their own." In 1965. it's oil (i.e. together with the detection of the red shift in the spectrum of far away galaxies." "It is He who made the sun to lighten up and the moon that is lightened.

In the same vein. When that stage is reached. would be 144 . This conclusion is literally mentioned in the Qur’an: "and the heavens we created with might and we are expanding it” Note that the word "expanding" is used in the present tense and not in the past which again is in agreement with the fact that the expansion of the universe is a continuous process. while as light from a receding source would be shifted towards the red end of the spectrum. This phenomenon was also explained at the beginning of this section.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM this was briefly explained previously at the beginning of this chapter. was mentioned in the Qur’an. and as was mentioned before. a star like our sun will undergo a series of drastic changes. Doppler Effect applies to any waves and not only that of sound. These atomic reactions would take place inside a star for a finite time and then the star would eventually run out of energy when it has used up all its resources. When applied to light waves it was found that if the source of light is approaching its light would be shifted towards the blue end of the spectrum. That contribution of the red shift analysis meant that the universe is indeed expanding. it will expand to become a red giant. Mercury. a light received from distant galaxies have a red shift which indicate how much they were flying away from us. At the time of the Qur’an (7th century). The nearest planet. First. No one was really aware of the nature of the reactions that took place inside stars for that was to be 20th century atomic theory territory but that. it was still believed that all the stars in the sky including our sun were eternal and are made of a material that never fades or decays.

astronomers once again rely on red shift to calculate the speeds and distance of the furthest galaxies and 145 . To do so. the ocean will boil over long before the sun starts to collapse. the Qur’an uses the very accurate scientific words: "when stars lose their lustre" The finite life. is the precise term used by today's astronomers to describe that stage of a star's life. the term "collapse". it still remained necessary to calculate its age. or specific life span. that is. Also. the star would start to collapse and lose its lustre and end up as a white dwarf. Qur’an describes the end of time as follows: "When the sun is rounded" "When the stars have collapsed" "When the oceans boil over in a swell" It is very significant how the verse said "when the stars have collapsed" and not 'when the sun has collapsed'. as used in the Qur’an. Here. each one runs for an appointed time. of each star is also referred to accordingly: "He has ordained the sun and the moon. because the boiling of the oceans will be a result of the expansion of the sun (red giant stage) and not it's collapse." in its opening verse.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM swallowed up and the intense heat given off by the sun in this red giant stage would be amount to cause all the seas and oceans on earth to boil over and evaporate. signalling the end of life on earth. In other words. Whilst the Big Bang provided an explanation as to the origin of the universe.

The most distant quasars. How many days a space ship takes to reach the moon? 2) "…a day relative to your God is equivalent to a thousand years of your count. perhaps brought about by the ‘Big Bang’. and 1 year for God is 1000 x 365 = 365. is to put your mind at rest and to direct your attention to your inner-self to answer the question: “What am I?” and not to brother with “Who is the Prime Mover?” but that you are within the Unity. we are not seeing it as it is now. but as it was 14 billion years ago. (80% the speed of light). The age of the universe is also found in the Qur’an? 1) "the angels and the spirit ascend unto Him in a day. These distances give us indications to the age of the universe. which clearly indicates that that day was in the past (50. Then 50. are at distances of up to 14 billion light years (a light year being the distance travelled by light in one year).25 billion! The importance of these analyses. we are actually looking back far into the past. as brought up by one of my Source codes.000 for man = 18. The modern accepted figure for the age of the universe is a little bit more than 18 billion (thousand million) years.000 years for man. 1 day = 1000 years for man. which have velocities of some 240. the measure of which was fifty thousand years." If for God.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM quasars. When we look at that distant quasar. When we look into depth of space. 146 .000 years ago) after the angels ascend." The verse clearly said a day that ‘was’ and not a day that 'is'.000 x 50.000 km/sec.000 years of God’s = 365.

Since c2 = c x c. the Most High. The power. but what it is and how it works. to and from lesser animals and non-living things. a multiple of itself shows that one thing (body) is first attracted to itself and then to other things around it (him). Even the Mother Earth as an entity in the unity has her own kundalini. No exception. It is only when it is dormant. Negative to positive and vice versa. or the so-called ‘serpent’ remained coiled at the base of the spinal cord that Man cannot reach his set goals. one origin. that energy (E) is equal to the product of mass (m) and square speed (c) or E = mc2. And any attempt to wake it up by force will 147 . in this Realm of our Existence. but not above evil and good). Man controls other attractions.1 Theory of Relativity There is Unity. Serpent of Eden. Spinal-thread. The law of attraction indicates the unity of the whole creation. against gravity) of its ‘serpent’ towards his goal (good or evil. There is no power among men that goes beyond men. the primordial Ancestors. The name this thing is called does not matter. The speed of this motion will depend on the magnitude of the inner energy driving the resultant power of the body. This inner self is known as Kundalini.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The Unity 11. Man can accelerate motion (vertical. Let us examine the Einstein Theory of Relativity. Life Force or what have you. driven by the energy generating within men and moving randomly from man to the others and his surrounding is the maximum.

As this last condition holds. Assume that speed is a distance (s) covered in a specific time (t). while the negative energy of gravitation played a part. space-time relationship is 1. First. galaxies and clusters of galaxies are all isolated systems in space. covered by a body in motion. Simple. In the view of the above explanation. This results to the time (t) becoming smaller. Even the speed of light is finite. Then in a simple mathematical expression. there is no time in cosmos. We are not separate individuals but part of a colossal spiritual network linking all atoms and all other things that exist in this world. And at zero mass (m) such as in light. so that the speed is equal to a distance. s s ( is the space difference). it could be seen that at the absolute unity. All these are held together in the spiritual force field – The Unity. the energy (E) becomes larger and indirectly proportional to time. matter is concentrated in 148 . The existence. let’s examine if the universal energy depends on time. The more distant object corresponds to earlier times and the nearer ones to later times. where the energy is large.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM result to catastrophe. In cosmos. while velocity is directly deduced from a shift. that is. 11. In general more distant objects have greater apparent magnitudes. indicates that the distance approaches zero (or s0). it is a real phenomenon that distance always approaches zero. The relationship between distance and velocity is neither in strict proportionality nor a straight line.2 The Void and the Origin The Sun. divided by time (or c = s/t) the Energy E = m (s2/t2). the energy (E) is zero. We shall learn more of its structure and its application to obtain our goals. the Milky Way.

one cant really have them doing it all for nothing. The characteristic features of super-clusters is brought about as in nebular theory: that as long as the original gas cloud has a certain amount of angular momentum. in which everything must participate. water (moist and cold). like light. the distribution of matter is net-like and the empty space is now isolated in holes or voids. air (heat and moist) and earth (moist and dry). From this principle. while Zoroastrians called it the Unlimited Source. as it is being done in the world of Man now. The void is the Original Self. After all. the spaces between the heavenly bodies are dark and void. The African origin of belief and spirituality describes it as Nameless. It is the command and active principle of the creation. then no matter what its original shape. or darkness with consciousness or EnSof in Jewish religion. The Egyptian god. the spiritual force field. The purpose of existence is the Unity. rather. Hindus equate the void. In contrast. There is some purpose to the Universe. if one is going to have a whole battery of spirits and demons running the Universe. It has no image visible to the naked eye. Isaac Asimov gave good accounts of the reasons for creation. One state evolves to 149 . This was the idea of heavenly bodies having circular shapes. Thoth (Hemes Trismegastus) said that every existing thing is composed of the four elements: fire (dry and heat). super-clusters are not clearly demarcated. It is porous and permeates every atom including Man. in unison. the body formed after the collapse must have a symmetrical shape indicating rotation.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM the central region. Purpose for the Existence In giving some security belief. surrounded by empty space.

If they strove to be good they were outstanding to the ‘right’ in the most colossal conflict ever imagine.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM another state – cold is gradually turns to heat and heat to vapour (air). Therefore. encountering an equally powerful army under Ahriman fighting for Darkness and Evil. Destiny Destiny comes from men’s thoughts and men’s actions working within the limited circle of the Realm of our 150 . But due to the extreme warm condition in 2003. there is no question as to who will win. Some of these notions crept into other beliefs and we have the war of God versus the Devil. Science does not merely ignore the possibility of a cosmic war. They imagined the whole of existence to be engaged in a cosmic war. in particular is the ultraviolet-B radiation that can cause skin cancer and can burn marine life. when it has tried and still trying to workout the origins and the ultimate fate of the Universe. In this view however. This is an indication of gradual change in all things. the purpose of existence is the flow within the Unity. NASA said the ozone layer expanded to three times the size of Australia. so also this transformation (development) occurred in human and other things. The Zoroastrians of Persia worked out a delightfully complex scheme of the Universe. This effect of changes in things in the Universe can be felt in the ozone layer. the ozone hole reduced drastically. In science however the so-called Security Belief is assumed to be false. God must and will win. In 2000. The force was almost evenly matched and individual men could feel that with them lay the balance of power. Ahura-Mazda or Mara. leading countless spirits (other gods?) under banner of Light and Good. Ozone is the protective layer in the atmosphere that shields the Earth from the sun’s rays.

Ceramic production 151 . It is also a renunciatory technique to achieve a predetermined trancelike state – an isness.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Existence. Body breathing becomes the embodiment of the breath. Figure 9.30 hours = 13 days Figure 9. The breathing exercise becomes an entity in itself. etc). also within the Unity Existence of Man The creation of man can be likened to playing with clay to produce a product (ceramics. in Zen word. Clay + Water Product air-dried to harden Hardened product fired Air-dried to cool Final product Time 0 12 days + 30 minutes + 23. The echoes of destiny vibrate on all human beings within the Realm of Existence after the so-called creation. The Nature who wears the whole of our universe as though it were one head upon a necklace. But remember that Power isolates those who hold too much of it.1. will not deny your right to use your body and mind in the ways that seem right to you.1 expresses the making of a ceramic object. an actual state of consciousness in its own right. Clay and water (human body) have been moulded to form a green paste or mortar. It is also true that karmic (past creation) destiny vibrates on Man.

resulting in a few times. Cooling is also rapid. In cosmic creation. you are directly wishing your child well. in the scripture. by the name ‘Oloriburuku’ (One with bad luck) you are indirectly creating a realm of sub-existence for your child and a direct new existence for your self. just hu it by the word of mouth. asked the angel he’d wrestled for his name. Be and it becomes or k’un fayakuun says the scriptures. Even the so-called spirits guide their names. while the fired product is left again to cool off naturally. It is the time of firing that the paste becomes a whole and it occurred within a short period. so it shouldn’t 152 . and that was when the firewithin is formed. The suffering and smiling syndrome. ‘I-wake-into-a-wealth’. When you call ‘Mojisola!’ in Yoruba means literally. The firing takes little time. In a spiritual realm. When you will wake-up your child. Then you wonder why you are in a perpetual state of poverty and in that your supposed happymood. This is the same in Ya’Adua (a child that deserves prayer).A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The paste is then left to dry by natural air for a period of 12 days before it is fired in a kiln or sort of that. the angel kept it secret for fear that the name would give Jacob power over the angel. And when Jacob. This period is so small that it may be impossible to note not even in this Realm of Existence. Remember that the power of the name is almost limitless. Remember that a man’s voice should be his own to command. in the early morning. Africans know this source of power and they use it fully and appropriately in naming their children. says the scripture). In other words when a man calls you ‘stone’ he makes you a stone for an instant. You are indirectly wishing yourself well. When you wish for something to occur. this is the time of Hu (In the beginning was the word and the God was the word.

The combination of the two words: “human” resulted to the existence of Man. The air or wind.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM carry another man’s message hidden within its sound. our substance and our spirit. Following a simple experiment by focusing your attention on an object. In the beginning. which could be a figure or whatever.3 The Path In the beginning was the word ‘hu’ or ‘u’. and the close your eyes. a simple object for that matter. According to Sefer Yezirah. were in existence. 153 . represents the unsounded hu. Be warned! We create with our thoughts. To hu is to create (Emet) or give life to at least until the appointed time of the so-called de-creation (met or mut). the knowledge of mysteries of the cosmos will reveal to you that you too can create life. Man is out of the Existence. in the combination of the two words hu-man. Can you guess what happen? Now let us get back to our discussion before the above experiment. No hu. Man came to be by the command hu. 11. And immediately your eyes are closed. all other things. there is a gap in human consciousness and that is the so-called awareness. aside Man. But must we ponder well on this matter. An impure awareness may unbalance Man’s mind and body. And without pure awareness. Any form of disconnection of mind from body is negative. Our thoughts cannot be pure unless we wake up the ‘fuel’ or the fire within. no Man. Do your focusing at least for 20 seconds. unobstructed eyes. which is not normally visible to naked. the Book of Creation. try to recollect the image of your chosen object or figure.

jins and aliens or UFOs. the mouth is opened when ‘A’ is pronounced. But if we remember Wuli Lun. As you open with ‘A’. the so-called awareness. AUM is a word of power. A-U-M. Note that the word ‘hu’ or ‘u’ has been attributed to Man. So. 154 . that jing hua (essence) floats aloft. allowing for further action to take place. Man is intelligent homo-sapiens in this world that can control his fire within to achieve anything in this world as wished. also called Yun Han and all the stars appear) then we know that other things might have existed before the Realm of this existence. Aside Man all other things came into existence by the same action. the one understands the principle of creation. Note that open-andclose of the word AUM without the conjunction ‘U’ is impossible. turning about (and) following the flow. it is obvious that such action is closed to be relevant and complete. But our limited experience has assured us that man is the only intelligent beings in the Universe. while the pronouncement of ‘M’ closes the mouth and the gap between ‘A’ and ‘M’ is ‘U’. yes? There is this question. The gap between open-and-close affairs is the so-called awareness. a flow of air flows into your mouth. In The syllable. what is making you opening your mouth to pronounce the word ‘A”? This is the energy within that also comprises the same word ‘A’ for A-hu-man or simply AUM. Any closed action must be opened. And if you opened an action. and which is called the Heavenly River (the Milky Way). There are other beings. regarding the creation (Qi develops and rises. If one can perceive this.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM The word hu or u is also related to a sort of ‘open-and-close’ affairs.

Note that the cone point sits on vertex of another cone. knowledgeable and episteme mind to balance this unstable structure. The word position indicates that kundalini cannot be seen physically. The seat of kundalini is a form of cup. It takes a serious disciplined. ‘fire’ or simply kundalini sits at the base position of the spinal cord of man.2 Seat of the fire within A light tap or a little stir or movement of the ‘fire’ will certainly destabilize the top cup-like structural member to a point of collapse. but can be felt in a conscious or alpha state. This point-to-point of the two ‘cups’ or cones is never stable. Kundalini (Fire within) Figure 9. knowledgeable and episteme mind to balance this of the two ‘cups’ or cones is never stable.2 is like an inverted triangular figure or cone object. This is because the fire may go wild and consume the host. And hence the ‘fire’ is put out. the results is that the host (man) becomes insane. with a point downward. the ‘fire’ may die-out. as shown in Figure 9. If the top portion of the structure fell off.4 The Fire Within The Fire Within. It takes a serious disciplined. 155 .A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM 11.

something interesting is up there. litany. These sets of caterpillars seemed to be desperately trying to craw and wriggle over one another to reach the top of the pillar and Pimpe got exited. When the ‘fire’ is not excited or kindled the so-called fuel. due to so many factors to be discussed in the subsequent sections. remains unused. wriggling caterpillars that seemed to rise forever into the clouds high above.5 Collapse of the Fire Within The top as the lovely cradle of success is a stupid idea designed only for stupid. “Oh.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM It is very interesting to know that the structure will not just fall off by itself. sure. it must be awfully good because everybody is 156 . Hence the idea of daily prayers. or more so like a stick of match that is not excited or rubbed with a frictional object. shoving him aside – Bo o’lo ya fun mi. But a little thinking or even hunger will kindle the dormant fire. Ah. “What’s up over there?” Pimpe asked as one caterpillar rushed past him. mantra or religion’s activities will certainly kindle the fire. but by man himself. The house of the ‘fire’ must be protected jealously so as not to fall or destroy. who found his normal routine dull and meaningless. Pimpe. backward individuals. Pimpe among other caterpillars during their crawling spree came upon a towering column or pillar of squirming. 11. narrated by Trina Paulus and retold by Denis Whitely: There was this ‘caterpillar’. Let’s get the story. he guessed and perhaps the top of the pillar is where he will find what he’s looking for. the como’t make I pass syndrome. In the Hope for the Flower. But how and which? We shall answer these questions as we proceed.

Bimpe who was also wriggling. it was Bimpe. Pimpe started fighting his way down the pillar. He is a caterpillar and nothing can change 157 . so they parted and Pimpe went back to the wriggling up the column (pillar) trying his luck to reach the top. tall pillars with countless caterpillars trying to reach the top. Holy Heaven! He couldn’t believe his eyes. With ruthless discipline.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM rushing to get up there”. the boredom engulfed Pimpe. Pimpe stopped wriggling and looked around. he realizes that he can’t get to the absolute unless he gets rid of those who are above him. he tried to tell others that there is really nothing up there. Sometime along the line. at this time crawled off and discovered the secret of how to become a butterfly. Pimpe met a friend. All around him as far as he could see. so they got down the column and live together happily. Ah! He has only a few wiggles to the top. Bimpe. stepping and been stepped upon. As he got near the very summit of the wriggling pinnacle. the world is full of thousands of giants. Bimpe didn’t agree with him. And decided to get out of the caterpillar race. One of the crawlers sneered at Pimpe and told him how foolish and stupid he is to think if he came down he will become butterfly. saying that it was a mistake pulling out of the race to reach the top. he talked to Bimpe. The two friends fell in love with each other. he saw a very beautiful and colourful butterfly circling the pillar. Pimpe kept stepping on others to reach the top. he looked closely and verily. Soon. when he heard someone saying: ‘There is nothing up here after all!”. As he wriggled downward. Whao! He could hear the screams of falling bodies who have been displaced by the ones next in line. So Pimpe plunged into the wriggling mass of bodies to begin fighting his way up there. As he started to climb down the pillar.

The fire within get weakened in man when he tries to force himself above his capability. will blow up the powerhouse buried in the garget. Yog Sothoth – kundalini. When that happens. who have different echoes of destiny different from his. bumped into the sleeping lion. the garget becomes useless. Pimpe wavered at first. There is nothing up there that worth wriggling for. because he. Hence the fire within him would go wild and he will burn out of existence within the Unity. who could never make it to the top and jealous too.6 Awakening the Fire Within It takes a lot of energy to drive the wheel that awakens the coiled Serpent of Eden. And unless a lowcurrent electronic garget is fused (braced) or attached to a stabilizer. These two cases will show you the 158 . by so doing is trying to be outside the Unity. The so-called ‘top’ is not the lovely cradle of success that we have been hypnotized to be. and who is full of sour tastes. Imagine the action of a sleeping hungry lion when a careless gazelle. sees his prey it will jump at his prey in a sudden rush. a high current of electricity. by trying to follow others. He eventually learnt how to spin his cocoon to become butterfly. Others simply called him an idiot. but decided to go and find out from his friend how to become butterfly. Be on your guide and watch out for the usurpers as those caterpillars may have falling back to the rock of failure. who lacked tenacity. which is released suddenly and passing through the wire. 11. gliding straight ahead. It is not hard to know that when the lion wakes up.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM that. Then the fire will eventually die and such a man will be out of existence.

A love of money or surface materials leads man to a dead spiritual development. philosophic. It is my saying that: If you hate you halt but love so that you live. unless Man goes on gradually in a spiritual development. you must break through the wall around the prison of the ego and the damnation of your self importance 159 . When would human beings come to understand that they shape their fate and not fate them? They kindle their fire within.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM idea of how a dormant. will awaken kundalini and direct you towards your goal according to your inner urge. their citizens have grown beyond materials in its ordinary context. monologue. not and never by the permission or help of a priest. In a way. just to see yourself as a man to be reckoned with . It often does. they paint their pictures in engravings on the walls around them.just for the sake of it.in a society of idiots. mantras. This book will introduce you to few affirmations and dances to begin with and you must develop spiritually by yourself according to your inner urges. coiled Serpent of Eden will react to a sudden excitement. all born out of thought form coupled with good deeds and love of others of your own race and others in that order. In the developed nations of the world today. There are a lot of affirmations and dances that keep you going forever. alfa or what have you. As from today. They grow in mind-development that lead to technological advancement which everybody can witness. Prayers. You can only grow when you shun surface materials . just for others to know you as a big guy. pastor. without foundations. etc) would be out of the way. other forms of developments (scientific. With lofty words they build their castles in the air. metaphysics. This is exactly what most of our race lacked.

for instance. What is the justification for man claiming to be a servant of the Most High? To be directed by or direct the Most High? If individuals could have special power that will enable them to get something for nothing. but only do what you want. And without going too much technical about this. Ras enable you to get or build a house right in that place and get used to the noise. Once you’ve decided. Ras is an obedient servant. You as man must be sure of what you want. Note this. So Ras decides what habits man breaks or forms. we refer to it as Ras. to live in a noise-polluted area . There is a critical part of the brain that may be called the guardian of your mind. and in keeping with its functions. Someone who sticks in a failure syndrome. Living there becomes your priority. everything ranging from sights and sound to smells and touches. Ras determines moment by moment which information is going to become part of man. because Ras has uncanny ability to do only what is really important to you. Heaven helps those who help themselves.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Seize this moment for the comfort and joy of all. The straight truth is that man commands his Ras to do his bindings. we can imagine a little character sticking in mind. Never tells you what to do. or accidentprone simply blame his misfortunes to: “I am just unlucky” or 160 . it filters out the noise and you wouldn’t hear any noise anymore.all other conditions being equal. it is wish. And once your Ras was convinced that you were satisfied with your idea. if you would secure eternal life and you are not to become a torment and tyrant to your immediate neighbour. Ras however cannot controls man’s life leaving him a prisoner of forces beyond control? No. Ras is the sentinel that is responsible for filtering all incoming stimuli. The scientific term for this 100mm network of cells radiating from the brain stem is reticular activating system (RAS).

ankh. left. etc) or objects (all sacred symbols when added to other things. serpent-eatingits-own-tail. star-inthe-moon. etc. ‘holy’ or ‘poor’ water) to awaken the fire within is to make yourself infinitely vulnerable to grater cosmic powers. cultism – secret or open. The end is death – physical or spiritual. when witches were believed to have made a contract with the devil. cross. wears a cross cut in gold or silver or any other symbols for whatever purpose. positively. witchcraft. such as cutting eye in the triangle on gold and the voodooist put it on for a purpose. what to do to ignite the fire within. ouroboros. sacred heart. voodoo. white magic or voodoo practice goes back to the Middle Ages. That is the truth. or when a voodooist. you have directed me to block all positive thoughts that could lead you to success and health.7 Voodoo/Amulets/Oogun The so-called amulets or voodoo diabolical objects always represent the fullest extension of human psyche – the male human psyche in particular. so as to command Ras to carryout our bindings? Your constant habit in the use of raw power (amulets. A few ways of awakening the fire within you are briefly explained as follows: 11. The so-called amulets come on different forms: they could be ordinary symbols (eye-in-the-triangle. Even witches use amulets to boost their wayward powers. 161 . sacred chao. other than beauty or aesthetics. holy water. The Ras of such individual will simply yab by saying: Sebi it was what you have programmed me to tune in on. they were being kept. ying-yang. Black. swastika.or righthanded pentagrams. So wetin now? So now. two-opposite-triangles.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM “I think it is fate”.

the oldest religion. from someone else without any physical touch. By feeding on their victims’ fluid of life directly or indirectly. mafia. family. for the purpose of protection. The use of any of these objects.8 Witchcraft Witchcraft. Then you end up in an untimely death (physical or spiritual). kundalini fluid. before one uses amulets. in that respect. may result to insanity or uncoordinated thoughts. the user. perpetual slaves of the witches.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM osanyin or GSM). So be it! So when you indulge yourself in the use of amulets or the likes. health or wealth. 162 . you are inviting some external forces that may not be compatible with your spirit. 11. if they were used diabolically. In African context. such victims become the living-deads. is the act or craft of sucking the fluid of life. society. A witch has a sort of demon in him or her body. has qualified or made the user as a voodooist. the host must be on guard to produce enough to eat for the two. etc) that makes the live of others (race. is a voodooist. witchcraft. government. individuals) miserable in whatever form is witchcraft. one may not be practicing the oldest religion. You can as well stay healthy and wealthy without you getting indulged in any of the voodoo symbols and objects if you so wish. Whatever angle you look at it or you try to protest or dodge. The so-called demon. individual. when disturbed or made absent in the body. like any other parasite needs to feed to live. The demon grants the witch special faculties and powers for the exclusive purpose of making it easier for the witch to reach his or her victim. secret or open cult in religions. The fluid of life. Any other power (by a sect. So.

other ministries will surely attend to him or her. Make them pay tax each week at Sunday mass. this they know already. is all around. etc). Those (race. And when the number exceeds 13 (secret). One can read. At a conference in Belgium in1885. Wherever a victim of a coven may go. to sleep with someone else’s wife. So be cautious! This is a very dangerous way of awakening kundalini. seeping deeper and deeper into every atoms of our existence. World Bank. Avoid this way like a plague. the king said further. one Nzakomba and what else I don’t know. artificial democracy. King Leopold described directly how Congo should be evengelised. they split up into ministries (open) for effective operations.” said the king. narrated by Naiwu Osahon and part of which has been mentioned here for the purpose of our discussion. one Nzambi. read and read in Daily Sun of February 26 of 2004. They know that to kill. “… Sing everyday that it is impossible for the rich to enter heaven. open witchcraft (IMF. cultism.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Here is the example and one of the origins of the slavery. They speak and submit to Mungu. “is never to teach niggers how to know God. Then. As if that was not enough. individuals) who used this method to gain entrance into the affairs of others are now 163 . to lie and to insult is bad…Your essential role is to facilitate the task of administrators and industrialists”. Use the money supposed for the poor to build flourishing business centres…’ The modern slavery. A Witchcraft coven could be a secret or open cult on its own that operates within a particular number (13) of members. in one of the common messages sent to proposed colonies. King Leopold agreed that the tasks before the Reverend Fathers and his compatriots were too enormous and must be done with tactics “Your objective in Congo.

e. because your so-called success is a tormenting one that which will surely end at death. Cult is supposed to be an endeavour that has taken on forms to make in some ways acceptable to the earthly senses that is beyond earthly comprehension. and then you should expect your children to be interested in such. They want to try on whatever has made you thick. the secret one is the same. Must you. No wonder the society is full of rotten youths. Open. You find open and secrete cults. Often they employ the help of voodooists or spiritualists on their victims. be conscious.9 Cultism The proper dictionary meaning of the word ‘Cult’ is a system of religious worship i. so far as your children or even admirers can pick a trace of success in your life. Only that which does not conform to the laws of Creation can have an unusual effect. but goes a step further by flogging you without prior warning. as a father or the so-called society mother. So. when they are bold enough to threaten other with hell fire as well as the economic and spiritual flogging to those who do not partake in their practice of the obvious open witchcraft as they do. 164 . when they are afraid you will not accept their dirty tricks. So be it! protests. And just as the open cult.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM regretting it. Such ones that are not in the harmony with universe are very much evidence in the presentday cults. through confrontations. secrete. partake in a cultism or fetish practice. direct and indirect 11. in devotion to a Deity.

we must learn its power to influence us. for thoughts belong to the Unity. At all time we must speak to the Thought Form that we have created in a firm. possible and a well-understood language and in the most direct manner possible. his Universe). If you know how to use it you can create life.10 A Force in Thought Form The Thought of Man is a guide to the mysterious knowledge of the inwardness of creation. We must speak in the simplest. One must visualize exactly the results which one wants to achieve. our substances. Each person creates his own world (sub-Realm of Existence in the cosmos. Then one must call imagination or visualization into play.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM 11. Before we can use its power to influence the world around us. and be sure that it is for good. But they err. Thought became more than just the rambling monologue. Thought form can be made by anyone at all with a little practice. There must not at any time be any suspicious of negativeness or of indecision. Thought is a force that has shaped the Universe – The Unity. positive voice. 165 . that which you are accustomed to hearing within your head. To create a thought form. and by his own thinking it is taking shape by how he sees it and how he sees it depends on how he is inside and from the first moment when he begins to notice the world around him. We create with our thoughts. So be it! Act and awaken your dormant fire within. one must first decide what one want to accomplish. and our spirits. Ignorant people play with thoughts in the most careless way and think that they emerge from thoughts unaffected.

the congregation has started their ritualistic prayers. each sect in his own prayer ground. The community representatives are just wondering what or who might have kidnapped their leader. for not asking him to follow him to a ‘wakening’ ceremony organized by your friend’s brother. Off they went. so he quickly docked a slice of bread and put it in a plastic bag and shoved it inside his top jacket. And when you announced that your family should prepare and eat the little food you have and speed off to the prayer session. your wife was not happy that her junior brother could not have enough money to take to school. Your friend woke up the same morning having some grudges against you.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM 11. in the couple of hours will come to pester her life for the school fees that is not available. 166 . while Junior was so exited to talk to his friend. and his friend is seriously considering how disappointed and bad his friend would feel when he found out that he was not been invited to the ‘wakening’ ceremony of his mother who died some 25 years ago. the husband is thinking aloud what will become of a family with nothing at home to eat. The people have just decided to go into groups’ prayers. a community leader has just been kidnapped. He was ready for Kilometre23. Somehow along. ngigeed. calling the usual Spirit they were used to.11 Congregational Prayers and Rituals Parable You wake up in the morning without what to eat and you must go to your ritualistic prayer session. Few of them belong to Kilometre23. his whereabouts unknown. an unhappy wife started to think of her brother who. But suddenly in the mists of the ‘reckless’ prayers. In other area. whom he has not met for quite a long time. he will meet one of his schoolmates in the prayer ground. Junior was only too happy that. about 23 km away from home. In Kilometre23.

Therefore sex life is not unreal. but all in a random aura. the results of their so-called congregational prayers are death and agony. Its reality is even experienced in spiritual or conscious Realm of Existence. Even if a whole country murmured and cried for hundred years nothing positive is unlikely to happen. And unless the whole congregation focus its attention on a particular goal to be achieved. So the sad sister may end up receiving more funds from a friend to support her home for purchasing food item. it is very difficult that prayers of people. 167 . each person as aspired for. The only problem is that each person will receive. Your thought form is pure only in a state of silence even if you are alone. In modern civilization sex life is the focal point for all activities. The vibration at this time would be high. The whole existence of the universe moves under the principle of sex life. instead of getting enough money for her brother to school.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM In all of these. This may cloud-up and confuse his or her thoughts and may eventually send a wrong signal to RAs of the individuals. according to his or her inner urge some portions of others’ thought forms. So be it! 11. It can never work and it has not worked in million years. May we all overcome our adversaries. would be answered. different thought forms are created. the Absolute Truth. And since the majority of the people are liars. Only the material sex life is but a perverted reflection of the original fact. of diverse or unfocused thoughts. cheats. If the husband’s imagination was stronger than hers. ending up getting no definite results from their prayers.12 Sex Psychology The original and pure sex psychology is devoid of all mundane inebriety. So it may occur to others. Truth cannot be impersonal but contains a pure sex life.

alfas. as our peers and especially the religion’s organizations that are now emphasizing only the evil of sex and not teaching how well one can use sex life for creation. Unfortunately. non-spiritual and people of no conscious minds. dormant or misdirected towards evil. Therefore. ‘fire’. lesser human beings. Their own lives become entangled and their prayers not answered. Unfortunately. philosophers. who have their life force. are misreprenting their sex life when they themselves engaging in pervasive sexual harassment on the opposite sex under their command. Man’s ego should not be afraid of this. The key to a passionate life is to trust and follow the ‘fire within’ or simply ‘fire’. It is the life force. even when they fast. teachers. teachers. Sexual Energy Sexual energy is passion and aliveness. because they have stressed the impersonality of the ultimate truth. have become masters at cutting down their sexual energy. as mentioned earlier. dance or cry. So why wondering why things are not in right direction with 168 .A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Consequently. the creative force of the Universe. the lesser beings in the form of priests or alfas. heads. the impersonalist priests. These individuals use sex in its natural form to gain whatever they wish to gain. physicians and the likes have given impetus to the abominable mundane sex life. Man should know now that his sexual energy has the power to create and transform. man without information of the actual spiritual form of sex has accepted perverted material sex life as the all in all. leaders of organizations and the likes. is filled with the sexuality of the universe. gurus. Man’s life. The religionists even attributed the awakening of the ‘fire’ or the Serpent of Eden as the cause of the original sin. but against whom? If one may ask.

A man who has attained sexual disciplines is one who has risen against and above the lust of the flesh will not succumb to the lure of money so much as to loot the treasury or exhibit some other forms of corrupt tendencies It is erroneous and dangerous belief that spiritual energy and sexual energy are opposite. The idea of getting a life partner (wife or husband) is to streamline your sexual energy in one direction. weekly. Remember that Universe is pure sexual energy waiting to be tapped by fuelling the kundalini. the Fire Within. in which both spiritual and scientific energy have been released. you can overcome anything. you can create and command the world. This is never truth from the first man to this present existence. and that one should deny his sexuality in order to be more spiritual. In the developed Nations of this world. From now on. aligning your track of energy in harmony with the Universe. It is far from the truth that sex is the origin of sin. fears. In that 169 . And once you can overcome the pangs of sex. you can move mountains. it is something man must handle carefully. prejudices or negative beliefs about sex. any temptation whatsoever. monthly.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM bundles of prayers and yearly. every other thing in your life would fall into place. We are all witnesses to the effects of this action. If you can obey that cosmic rule. because you are in harmony with the Universe. clear out your old ideas. daily and hourly fasting. whereby harmonizing the energy within to the cosmic energy without. and when the two of you (unique couple) are constantly in one direction. Sex as said earlier is by divine prescription. Not only that such practice is creating a tremendous conflict within themselves and ends up blocking the very cosmic energy they were seeking. sexual energy is mostly being directed to creation.

you wouldn’t take it as the truth. since the two of you (husband and wife) are always involved in enlivening or fuelling your kundalini towards a common goal all the time. your family life becomes stable. Doing make one separate cats from dogs. fasting or praying for whatever (within the Echoes of Destiny) your minds are set on. If I ask you. in his ‘Journey to Ixtlan’ has explained in detail the power behind not-doing.)ﻋ‬ And since Nothingness is indestructible. or been-doing. but if you want to learn not-doing. parenthood. conjugal love. fraternity. Not-doing is so powerful that not until you stop the world only then can you benefit from its power. A normal person tries to affect the forces of doing by changing it into not-doing. and that action of yours is doing and what I’ve just told you is real and nothing. to use hands for physical things not for the unseen crackpots like what I have just told you.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM wise your command becomes the Unity’s or Eagle’s (so to say) command leading to Absolute Nothingness (AIN or ‫ ﻌ‬not ‫. 170 . service. Not-Doing Carlos Castaneda. servitorship. you must categorize the cats and dogs into one group – animal. by stopping the world you stop doing. in earnest to use your hands to draw energy into your being or ward-off evils. of course I am teaching you by not-doing. so that the word animal is generalized and made easy. friendship. There is no need of crying. chivalry. horror and shock. conjugal love and paternal affection and only when these are absent that the so-called material sex results in the sensual pleasure which may lead to: anger. So be it! Love exists with the presence of adoration. comedy. And since you have been taught.

Eraze your personal history completely. You are so damn important that you can afford to leave if things don’t go your way. You are probably indulging yourself in material and perversion sexual life. his endeavour is too real. Man’s problem is that he is always too real.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Not-doing is very difficult to comprehend until one masters its use and usefulness. Not even you. What for? is the next question. No one knows who you are or what you do. Nobody should know your personal history. You are weak and conceited. Erasing Self Importance You take yourself so seriously. Your feeling too big to thank the plant is doing and that’s stupid. we must thank it whenever we tamper with it. in providing us its curative tendency. his moods are too real. And unless you master and practice the following actions you are still doing. If a little plant could be generous with us. you must erase everything around you until nothing can be taken for granted. You are too damn important in your own mind that you feel justified to be annoyed with everything. because you think by so doing you have character. Ha! Emi ko. That is not it. If you hide from people. Man must erase himself. they will also hide from you. The question is. The world around us is a mystery and men are no better than anything else. From now on you must erase your self-importance. how would you know yourself then? Little by little you create a thick fog around yourself. Erasing personal History There is this secret of life you should not fail to understand and practice daily. I mean it. Really? Not I. 171 . is another illusive statement. until nothing is any longer for sure or for real.

Not before or during his findings. When one does not have personal history. Olodumare ma jen’yo ile Aye wa-o. From now on you must show people only what you care to show them without ever telling exactly how you’ve done it. so no one will know you with steadfast certainty. So. May I not come to this world like ghost. Another protesting question that crops into mind is that’s absurd. we are always on our toes. nothing that one says can be taken for a lie. Is that not it? Survive! And later you become an object of ridicule. when you are available to people. So be it! 172 . The trouble is. It doesn’t matter what you do. Scientist keeps secret during his findings and only when he has reached his concluded result that he cares to expose the findings. That’s how he sees it. Scientists are not ready to give out failed or unacceptable results. they often erase personal history in this regard. How silly! But what is wrong with that is once your folks know you. like you not revealing what you really do. and at the same time you want to keep the freshness. The so-called lie becomes lie only if you have personal history.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM You may begin with the simple thing. you’ll have to explain everything to everybody compulsorily. is the next statement. In general when nothing is for sure. And since you can’t be exited after explaining everything you have done. you are an affair taken for granted and from that moment on you won’t be able to break the tie of their thoughts. the newness of what you do. I am a scientist or I am an open person and everything must be exposed for acceptance. why shouldn’t people know me. you will say. you lie in order to keep on going. You should like the ultimate freedom of being unknown. No! I can’t keep secret.

in all ramifications. These are the scum of the Unity. with their base in old traditions. so they are really dead-alives and very awkward in their attitudes towards anybody who doesn’t believe in what they themselves have no knowledge of. without which all efforts of the ceremonies and rituals are doomed. all religions preach love. habitation etc) and attitude (worship. There is no exception. etc) of a race or community. beliefs are handed down from ancestors to posterity.13 Tradition / Religion For those free minds. we write this piece and not fanatical minds – Religious fanatics do not understand what they stand for and neither do they know much in what they practice. practices. You must stop doing. In general. No matter where the descendants migrate to they carry their tradition along with 173 . because they are dangerous to people.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Stopping the World In order to stop the world one must imbibe certain attitudes in him. that see things in an open perspective. Tradition follows the common behaviour (marriage. but to strengthen the mind of a highly spiritual man not to waver in his belief. The Truth is that all religions have been traced back to their primitive origins. Tradition is always as old as the people and race. The aspect of belief is a thing of mind. After all. They have poor awareness. The process in which opinions. 11. The so-called religious ceremonies are the moderated traditional attitudes of a race attributed to Deity or Grand Master. food. They must be discarded and avoided like plague. This is not to damn the religions of the world. the word tradition refers more to a process. The truth must be told and let the evils be damned. burial. customs. rituals.

autodidact or originator. Prayers are directed as supplication to an unknown Force or Deity. says the Bible. etc? Sets of “calculated” words are the so-called ohun. This is simple. rudra or simply ohun (African) could be a specific word or a number of words repeated to stick and 174 . where their beliefs and practices aimed at bringing people together. says the Hadith Nabiyi [the Prophet SAW]. such as: juju. while ohun is specific for awakening the Fire Within. In the above contexts.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM them. certain religions may become part of tradition of a race. Traditions do not change. as we know it. 11. Prophet. In the beginning was the word and God was the word.14 Affirmation / Ohun “Let there be light and there was” was the words to hu the creation of the world. Every single theistic religion has a particular person (Guru. the idea is the same. It is necessary to say that some religions unite all human beings together. Any religion that uses fear to bind people to any Deity is an inferior religion. the Realm of Existence. mantras. from its original inception and not as an afterthought. Teacher. Affirmations. are superior religions for that mater. All religions and sects are involved in the use of ohun to achieve one thing or the other (evil or good). there was no idea of supplication to any Deity. To whom the command ‘let” was directed is not the subject of discussion here. Ohun is far superior to prayers. scientific artifacts (such as GSM). But the question is why must it be only words – devoid of other external things. Krishna etc) as the founder. “Whatever you say trice is the truth”. Even in the case of non-theistic religion. A people’s tradition cannot be traced to its origin. voodoo. In many cases.

In praise 175 . Note that the so-called ohun are created so they can be decreated as wished. the more quickly and easily your creative visualization for your affirmation to work. acceptance. Having a strong intention then you may wish to embark upon simple statements as follow: Direct:  I am getting better and better everyday. All these three are your intention to create.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM store in Ras. a desire to create that which you have chosen to visualize. Let there be light and it was.  I rise above evil. Few examples of ohun are given below. A secret must be told here and now. positive statement that something is already so. So be it! There are three elements within you that determine how successfully you visualization in the practice of affirmation will work for you in any given situation: Desire. Just go ahead. Indirect  Just go ahead. It is a strong. the more certain you will do it. Whatever I say trice is the truth.  You are not the target.  I slip into harmony with the Universe. that you must be ready to accept your results completely. is a powerful mantra created by the Americans. belief. So it is superior to prayers. Affirmations or ohun are one of the most important elements of creative visualization. which will sieve out the old unwanted or used ones. So create! The clearer and stronger your intention is. the more you belief in yourself for what you have chosen.

and when waving in greeting to others) you are supposed to be receiving cosmic rays. And they look similar.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM  Blessing the sun. al-solaat.15 Meditations People mix the idea of prayers and meditations together. dancing. They come in different forms depending on the founder. 11. . while meditation is the enlivenment of ones body/sprits. and when you concentrate on this simple act. . When you raise up you hands (this is a practice common to all religions. you benefit from these cosmic rays. even a baby does that often. For a well normal person. . The above statements are just typical examples of affirmations. if it is done for a purpose. etc. clapping of hands. walking becomes meditation. So. Any affirmation picked for use must be repeated often. Any exercise performed physically. the moon and the earth Blessing the man who stands on the earth In blessing I walk In blessing before me I walk In blessing behind me I walk In blessing above me I walk In blessing above and about me I walk It is finished in blessing. 176 . . without the use of ritualistic materials is meditation. i. depending on a race or tribe and their common beliefs.e. invoke often as you banish often. singing in chorus. Prayer is a supplication made with a vow or covenant to a Deity. Meditation comes in many forms. Anybody can make one depending on the wants and intentions. making your body and mind work together within a frame of the Unity. This includes: Yoga. .

your middle-point region and your feet. reaching your left foot and proceeding to the right foot and elevate it by the right side reaching the top head. The so-called light you circulate round 177 . Remember to close down properly (positively) for easy opening. You can now elevate the light from your feet to the top head.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM A good example of enlivenment of the fire within is given below. given above. and in this way. Do that repeatedly in the position of your heart. bring down the light from your head pouring down through your outside left side. then read or recite any favourable affirmation preferred or used to. the opening of the computer is made easy for the next programme. Now the light is pouring out of the whole body in circulation of up-and-down three times before you close down by a pure positive thinking. Repeat three times. your pelvic region. Now putting imagination into play. Bring down the light to you’re the position of your throat and circulate the light round it. This is the same way by closing down a running programme in your computer when you have finished the days job. Visualise a ball of golden light circulating on the top of your head for few seconds. Do the circulation by pouring the light down through the outside front and elevating to the head along the back three times repeatedly. The example of a simple meditation. If you stand erect. points to a simple golden rule that you are your own worst enemy and your own best friend.

 Don’t be trapped by the need to achieve anything.  If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.16 Phrases  To compete is to prepare for failure. which must be used to the benefit of mankind.  All barriers to your expressions and happiness of life are now dissolved if you are within. This way you achieve everything. Be cautious! 11. 178 .A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM you body is the cosmic light or an extension of light from the Most High. as you prepare to proof yourself in the den of enemies.

must you have the episteme knowledge. Once in a while another road crosses yours. at these branches the crucial decisions of your life take place.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM Afterwards Why will Man boast of sensibilities superior to those apparent in the brute. If our impulses were confined to hunger. you may leave the roads of that high probability and strike out over the hills 179 . you miss the short cut. the past lying behind. whoa. Time is not a track that we run on from birth to death as inexorably as a train will follow its rails. And you are may not be aware that. with nothing left of you or of your realmof-existence you know but the continuity of your ego. Neither its path nor its future has any connection whatsoever with only the realm-of-existence we know. Yes they do. a rolling hilly surface at that. in another space-time. we are moved by every wind that blows a change of word or scene that the world may convey to us. since Man’s yesterday beside now may never be like his morrow. Man feels instinctively that time follows a straight line. But. Yes. the future lying in front. it only renders him a more necessary being. but no because. You can turn right or left into different futures. Remember that nothing may endure but mutability. Occasionally there is a switchback where one can scramble up or down a bank and skip over a few thousand or million years – if you don’t have your eyes so fixed on the road. The track we follow over the surface of time as a winding road cut trough hills. Every little way the road branches and the branches follow canyons. we might be nearly free. Then it is clear that time is analogous to a surface rather than a line. thirst and desire. If you happen to take that turn you might find yourself on another planet.

perhaps following them for a little way. you will truly meditate.A A Adedeji/NOTHINGNESS OF SELF-ESTÉÉM of possible time. In the part II of the “Nothingness of Self Esteem”. with the past ahead of you. even following them backwards. and the future behind you. So be it! 180 .

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