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AMAZING Moderately (not too fast) a Words and Music by STEVEN TYLER and RICHIE SUPA, Am ‘kept the right ones ont fost my grip Teara_to crawl 1 o. # q an. gel of mer-ty to see me through all thought 1 could leave out could-n°t get out of 7 Gia and let the wrong ones in, and T hit” thefloor. be-fore you learn _to walk, ¥ my the Just could-n't is. ten fo all that right- eons 3. Fin/ab a" ass es . times in my life when 1 was 80 sick and tired of oat on the street Just go-ing in - sane tying a He. try'n to snr ~ vive, SEARS ESS {UR ESOC try'n 16 walk through wish ingthat 1 seratch-ing to stay you fin - "ly see. the fighs. when the op # ie = } TR DT Yeahs] Om | is a = mae, - ing, 5. 3 prayer_, for the des-per-ate hearts % That one fast sho's. a per - ma-nent.va-ea- | sos = EE = = $ = oe Ee = caes ee a See se FE Bg. = how high can you fly with bro oe ken wings?.. c GB Am me Ed _ Life's a jour D7 ‘F G CG GT B a ae and 1 just can’t sell just what to-mor-row brings. _. > DS. al Coda You have to des-per-ate hearts, des-per-ate hearts. Vout eid Tid, ko Guitar sola - cd ib. CG Am ce ie a = # __