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Published by: A Slave of Allah on Apr 02, 2011
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~~ 1c(ifl 1jt'f ~.TI(I~~t9f ~.~?< ~'J \;t~ ~.~r~ \§j~91t'jr ~~ C'f, '~llil ~F'l~t~ ~m9f <l-l1ir :;'~t\! A~~ ~l~l l}1~ I ~?<tt~ C~ml ~~~ ~r·r"l ~rtt~ I C~~l ~l~~ ~~t1rt~cr 4fi~1 ~'J t;!~Hf ~~"f~l ~1i1T i5J1Xf~1 ~i~ ~'-I~ C'1 ~'{liVJt"Jfcr '1511ir ~~T~ ~t~ C~ ~~~~ ~~WtT ~"!1:1 ~fint1 ~rn:4fi 1fi=1'Jl ~m~ c~t~l ~m i5JtXf~l ~tt4fi I

i5J'-I~ ~Pr ~r~nrl6 '1.9 ~t~, ~n~ C~, ~T~t?! ~~t~t"ll'1 ",1f1 ~~t"f '<fiT~16

~~G'I~l i5J1Pr'C<f Oil 1Jl<'f\ C~Prt~ \t;911f c~tif t2(f~fi3f>r.l ~t<y ;rT, ~t<t C~t'll i5J~,{l'J'6 c~ ~~VJ1'=f-'1 ~filr.~ ')m~ I

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( ~'Pj1l' 9)~nl CIf~01 )

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