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ANO: 7º TURNO: TURMA: BIMESTRE: Data: / DISCIPLINA: INGLÊS Profª: SANDRA Conteúdo: POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES/WEATHER/SIMPLE PAST/DAYS Média: Nota: Supervisora: 1)Complete as sentenças com os adjetivos possessivos corretos: a) He likes _______________ English teacher. b) They live with _________ father. c) She Works in _________ father’s store. d) I live with ________ grandparents. e) Linda likes dancincig with ________ friends. 2) ASSOCIE AS FRASES: (A) It rains. (B) It snows. (C) It is sunny. (D) It is cloudy. (E) It is hot. (F) It is cold (G) It is cool. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) Está fresco, agradável. ) Está nublado. ) Está quente. ) Chove. ) Neva. ) Está ensolarado. ) Está frio.

3) Complete com o verbo To Be no Simple Past (was ou were) 1- Mary Ann _________ my first girlfriend. 2- I _________ in Rio in February. 3- The cat ________ sick last week. 4- They ________ on vacation last July. 4) Leia o texto e responda: “There was an important historic event in 1492: Christopher Columbus and his ships were in the “New World”. It was the discovery of America. But that was a tragedy for the real first Americans: the Indians. a)O texto está : ( ) no presente ( ( ) no passado ) interrogativa

b) A frase grifada está em que forma? ( ) afirmativa ( ) negativa

5) Considerando a frase grifada, passe-a para a forma negativa e interrogativa:

a) Negativa __________________________________________________________________ b) Interrogativa

6) Leia o texto e responda: This is Sally Anderson. She is thirteen years old. Sally likes school. Her favorite subjects are history and math. There are some things Sally can’t do. She can’t act and she can’t sing. So what can Sally do? She can play basketball player. Basketball is her favorite sport. Sally is a champion basketball player!!! Sally can play the piano and the guitar. But there isn’t much time for these activities. Basketball practice is at four thirty every afternoon.

a)Sally sabe ___________________________________________________ b) O que Sally não sabe fazer? _______________________________________ 7) Cite duas estações do ano : _______________________________________ 8) Dê o significado: Thursday _______________ Go ahead _______________ Traffic Light _____________ Street __________________ Good test !!! Sandra.

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