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Review sheet for final Exam 6/4/97 IPS

1996-1997 school year Mr. Nielsen

Chapters and sections included on the written final exam.
Solubility: solids dissolved in liquids, liquids dissolved in liquids, and gases dissolved
in liquids (chap. 4, sec. 4.2 thru 4.14, pg. 67 thru 87)
concentration: mass divided by volume (g/cm3)

saturated solution

solubility and temperature, using graphs


sulfuric acid
dissolving magnesium metal to get the gas hydrogen
dissolving magnesium carbonate to get the gas carbon dioxide
solubility of gases
dissolving carbon dioxide into water
acid rain, drinking water
Separations: liquid from liquid, solid from solid, solid from liquid, gas from
gas (chap. 5, sec. 5.1 thru 5.9, pg. 90 thru 110)
separation by boiling point
fractional distillation
separating liquids

gas? - liquid? - solid? at a certain temperature
separation by flotation
sawdust, sand, iron nails
separation by solubility
salt and sulfur
separation by solubility at different temperatures
salt and potassium compounds
paper chromatography
separation by freezing point
gases, low temperatures
definition of mixture

definition of pure substance

Review sheet for final Exam 6/4/97 IPS
Compounds, elements and reactions: decomposition, synthesis, replacement (chap. 6,
sec. 6.1 thru 6.10, pg. 112 thru 128, 132 and 133)
decomposition, generation of gases
sodium chlorate
zinc chloride
constant proportions

zinc and zinc chloride
copper ◊ burning with air ◊ formation of copper oxide
rapidly, with heat

slowly, without heat

copper oxide ◊ replacement of the oxide part with chloride ◊ formation of
copper chloride and gas
copper chloride ◊ replacement of the copper part with zinc ◊ formation
of zinc chloride and copper solid

Atomic models (chap. 8, sec.8.1 thru 8.4 and 8.6 thru 8.8, pg. 152 thru 158 and 161 thru
black box
recognizing the difference between a model and reality
fasteners and rings
constant proportions
flame spectra

element spectra
Review sheet for final Exam 6/4/97 IPS
miscellaneous methods
significant digits
scientific notation
proportions and ratios

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