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Published by: Pierluca Martella on Apr 11, 2011
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At the top of the portlet is a list of links which allow you to navigate
around the wiki. Next to the Manage Wikis button is a list of wikis that are
currently created in the portlet. Simply click on the wiki's name to begin
browsing that wiki. After this is a set of navigation links:
FrontPage: Takes you to the main page of the main wiki.
Recent Changes: Takes you to a page which shows all of the recently

updated pages.

All Pages: Takes you to a flat, alphabetical list of all pages currently

stored in the wiki.

Orphan Pages: This link takes you to a list of pages that have no links to
them. This can happen if you take a link out of a wiki page in an edit without
realizing it's the only link to a certain page. This area allows you to review
wiki pages that are orphaned in this way so that you can re-link to them or
delete them from the wiki if they are no longer relevant.
Search: Enter a term here and click the Search button to search for items
in the wiki. If the search term is not found, a link will be displayed which
allows you to create a new wiki page on the topic for which you searched. In
general, categories start of with broad terms and eventually

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