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Liferay's configuration file, portal-ext.properties, gets stored in the
Liferay Home folder, which is generally one folder up from where your
application server is installed (see Chapter 2 for specific info for your
application server). At a minimum, this file should be backed up, but it is
generally best to back up your whole application server.
If you have followed the procedure in the previous chapter to modify
your Ehcache configuration, you will have cache configuration files in the
deploy location of Liferay. You will need to back up this location.
Liferay also stores configuration files, search indexes, cache information,
and the default Jackrabbit document repository in a folder called data in
Liferay Home. You should generally back up all of the contents of your
Liferay Home folder.

If you have modified the location where the Document Library stores
files, you should also back up this location.


Liferay's database is the central repository for all of the Portal's
information and is the most important component which needs to be backed
up. You can do this by either backing up the database live (if your database
allows this) or by exporting the database and then backing up the exported
file. For example, MySQL ships with a mysqldump utility which allows you to
export the entire database and data into a large SQL file. This file can then be
backed up. In case of a database failure, it can be used to recreate the state of
the database at the time the dump was created.
If you are using Liferay's Document Library with the Jackrabbit JSR-170
repository to store documents in a database, the Jackrabbit database should
be backed up also.

Backing Up A Liferay Installation


Maintaining A Liferay Portal

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