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Roles are groupings of users that share a particular function within the
portal, according to a particular scope. Roles can be granted permissions to

Using the Control Panel


Illustration 24: Combined portlet pages.


various functions within portlet applications. Think of a role as a description
of a function, such as Message Board Administrators. A role with that name is
likely to have permissions to functions of the Message Board portlet
delegated to it. Users who are placed in this role then inherit those permis-

Roles are scoped by Portal, Organization, or Community. The Control
Panel makes it easy for you to assign users to Roles and to assign permissions
to Roles. You only have to go to one place: the Roles link. From there, you can
add roles scoped by Portal, Organization, or Community from one interface.
To create a Role, click the Roles link, and then click the Add button. Type
a name for your role and an optional description. The drop down box at the
bottom of the form lets you choose whether this is a Regular, Community, or
Organization role. When you have finished, click Save.
You will be back at the list of roles. To see what functions you can
perform on your new role, click the Actions button.
Edit: Click this action to edit the role. You can change its name or


Permissions : This allows you to define which Users, User Groups, or
Roles have permissions to edit the Role.
Define Permissions : Click this to define what permissions this role has.
This is outlined in the next section.
Assign Members: Takes you to a screen where you can search and select
users in the portal to be assigned to this role. These users will inherit any
permissions given to the role.
View Users : Lets you view the users who are in the Role.
Delete: Deletes the Role.

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