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Published by: Pierluca Martella on Apr 11, 2011
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Your pages must contain something, right? The reason web pages exist
at all is to display content. Whether you're using the web to share project
information, advertise to potential customers, or demonstrate a golf


Page Creation and Management

Illustration 33: Changing Portal Settings

Web Content Management

swing—you're displaying content. And with Liferay's CMS, you'll find that the
process of loading your pages up with content is extremely easy and
straightforward, and you don't ever need to leave your browser.
Essentially, CMS is a suite of various portlets that include functionality
for creating and displaying various types of content. Don't be concerned by
the sheer number of applications you see in this category in the Add More

menu: we'll go over everything in a step-by-step fashion. We'll start by taking
a look at page creation and management.

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