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As you can see, the screen defaults to the New Page tab. Because the
name of the community is selected on the left, adding a page here will add a
top level page next to the Welcome page. But you can nest pages as deeply as
you wish. If you wanted to create a sub-page under the Welcome page, all
you'd have to do is select the Welcome page first and then create your page.


Page Creation and Management

Illustration 35: Adding pages to a community is easy to do.

Web Content Management

And if you later decide you don't like the order of your pages, you can drag
and drop them in the list to put them in whatever order you want. Let's go
ahead and add another top level page and name it Collaboration. We'll use this
page for portlets such as Blogs and Wiki.
When you're finished adding your pages, you can get back to them by
clicking the View Pages button just above the page hierarchy. Let's not do that
just yet; we've got a few more options to cover.

Look and Feel

If you click the second tab, you'll be presented with an interface which
allows you to choose a theme for the site upon which you are currently
working. Themes can transform the entire look of the portal. Themes can be
created by developers and can be installed very easily by using the Plugin
Installer from the Control Panel, and this is detailed in Chapter 6.

Since we don't have any themes beyond the default one installed yet,
we'll use the default theme for our pages. Some themes have more than one
color scheme which can be selected, including the default theme. Let's
change the color scheme by selecting Themes and then clicking on the Green
color scheme. If you then go back to the site (by clicking Back to Spartan
Internet in the top left corner of the Control Panel), you'll see that some parts
of the theme are now tinged in a greenish hue.

Page Creation and Management


Illustration 36: Many themes include more than one color scheme. This allows you to keep the existing
look and feel, but give your site a bit of a different flavor than the default.

Web Content Management

Also, notice that you can choose themes for regular browsers or mobile
devices. You might create another community for mobile users attached to
the http://m.spartansoftware.com address and serve up a page that is
designed for the smaller screens on phones.
The CSS tab allows you to enter custom CSS that will also be served up by
your theme. In this way, you can tweak a theme in real time by adding new
styles or overriding existing ones.
Let's move on to the final tab under Pages.

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