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Published by: Pierluca Martella on Apr 11, 2011
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iGoogle is service provided by Google that lets users create a
customizable page and add Gadgets to that page. Liferay can serve up portlets
to be used as Google Gadgets on an iGoogle page.



Illustration 72: Liferay's forums in Facebook

Liferay Collaboration Suite

Check the box labeled Allow users to add [portlet-name] to iGoogle. Copy and
paste the URL provided into Google's Add a feed or gadget feature on the
iGoogle configuration page, and Liferay will serve that portlet directly onto
your iGoogle page. The URL provided is unique to the specific instance of the
portlet, so you could serve multiple instances of the same portlet as different
Google Gadgets.

This feature could be useful to allow users to view what's happening on
your portal at a glance, with asset publishers or custom RSS feeds. You could
also use Liferay's API to build your own portlet and provide the URL for users
to place on their iGoogle pages.

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