Volker Schuermann’s

Bollywood Dictionary
- Finally understand the dialogues in your favorite Hindi movies -

Compiled and printed in Germany, April 2001 Converted into PDF in March 2003

Volker Schuermann’s Bollywood Dictionary

It is definitly not a Hindi dictionary! One might call it a Hindustani dictionary, though. The vocabulary consist of words from quite a few different origins: Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Sanskrit, Greek and English. All those languages have been mixed together to form a new language – Hindustani. A language, the majority of Indian cinema-goers can understand. In order to help Bollywood fans living in the western parts of the world to understand the dialougues in the movies as well, I have created this dictionary. The sort-order of the vocabulary is based on latin script to make it easier to look up words. Also, the Hindustani words are not printed in Devanagari or even Urdu script but in latin letters. ITRANS is used as a transliteration scheme except of a few occasions where Urdu/Arabic words needed special transliteration treatment. Thanks to Avinash Chopde and his team for ITRANS, V.C.Tirumalai for his marvelous URDU dictionary, R. Snell and S. Weightman for their “Teach yourself Hindi” course and last but not least Krishna M. Sharma for the best Hindi Kosh I have ever seen!

Enjoy your Bollywood movies .... ... and from now on, enjoy understanding the dialogues, as well!

Volker Schuermann, April 2001, <volkers@eurodate.de>

Transliteration Scheme I (ITRANS) This is the transliteration scheme used by ITRANS version 4.00 (and higher). If you encounter any text that uses this scheme, that text can be printed in the devanagari script using the ITRANS package. Avinash Chopde, Feb 1995, <avinash@acm.org>

Vowels: a R^i e aa or A R^I ai i L^i o ii or I L^I au u aM uu or U aH

Consonants: k ch T t p y sh kh chh Th th ph r shh g j D d b l s gh jh Dh dh bh v h N^ jN N n m



x or ksh



Consonants with a nukta (dot) under them (mainly for Urdu devanagari): k kh g j p D Dh with a dot with a dot with a dot with a dot with a dot with a dot with a dot q K G z f .D .Dh

Specials/Accents: Anusvara: Avagraha: Ardhachandra: Chandra-Bindu: Halant: Ra ligature: Visarga: Om: .n, M .a .c .N .h .r (dot on top of previous askhar *--see note at end) (S like symbol basically to replace a after o) (for vowel sound as in cat or talk) (chandra-bindu on top of previous akshar) (to get half-form of the consonant - no vowel - virama) (top curve as in ii to get r sound, half r) (.r put after the intended consonant, e.g u{dhva}.r) H (visarga - looks like a colon character) OM, AUM (Om symbol)

Consonants have been shown without any vowel, add suffix "a" to produce a normal consonant, example, "jaya" or "jay" for (JA)-(YA), etc. Watch out for ambiguous input: use _ to break lexical scans, example: use "ga_ii" instead of "gaii" when you need (GA)-(VOWEL ii), because "gaii" will be parsed as (GA with dependent VOW EL ai)-(VOW EL i)! But in most cases the _ is not needed... Each devanagari letter is constructed as C + C + C + .. + V (one or more consonants, followed by a vowel). If the vowel is omitted at the end of a word, the "a" vowel will be assumed (use halant - .h to get the short form of the consonant - which is a consonant without any vowel, ex: k.h). Punctuation available: , ; : / ? ! ( ) Note that hyphen (-) is not available --- use \- in the indian text to get a hyphen. Also, use \. to get period (.), for Danda, use | or a period.


Transliteration Scheme II

V.C.Tirumalai’s URDU Dictionary, 1992, <tirumala@cae.wisc.edu>

Vowel Pronunciation Key a aa e i ee o u oo au ai : : : : : : : : : : "u" in "but" "a" in "far" "e" in "bed" "i" in "fit" "ee" in "feet" "o" in "code" "u" in "put" "oo" in "booed" "ow" in "how" "ei" in "neighbor"

Notes: 1. ' indicates a glottal stop (pronounced like "uh") in very careful speech. Normally, however, it is not pronounced at the beginning of a word and in other positions it represents 'aa'. 2. The combination 'ah' at the end of a word is pronounced like 'aa' or 'e'. For example: 'jagah' could be 'jagaa' or 'jage', i.e., the h is silent. 3. The combination 'ah' or 'aH' in the middle of a word is pronounced like 'e'. 4. n. (n period) indicates nasalization. 5. a - is used to distinguish between sh and s+h, kh and k+h, etc.

Letter 'alif be pe te Te se jeem che baRi he khe daal Daal zaal re Re ze zhe seen sheen

Transcription a b p t T s j ch H kh d D z r R z zh s sh

Remarks Could also stand for an unspecified initial vowel Does not occur in Arabic Used in native words Does not occur in Arabic and Persian Used in loan words Does not occur in Arabic Used in loan words

Does not occur in Arabic and Persian Used in loan words Does not occur in Arabic and Persian Used in native words Does not occur in Arabic


saad zaad to-e zo-e ain ghain fe qaaf kaaf gaaf laam meem noon vaa-o chhoTi he chhoTi ye: baRi ye

s z t z ' gh f q k g l m n w h y y

Used in loan words Used in loan words Used in loan words Used in loan words Could also stand for an unspecified initial vowel

Does not occur in Arabic

Stands for oo/o/au at the end of a word. In the middle it could stand for w/oo/o/au Used in native words Stand for ee/e/ai at the end of a word. In the middle it could stand for y/ee/e/ai Occurs only at the end of a word and stands for e or ai


Grammatical n.f. n.m. pron. adj. v. adv. conj. intj. prep. suff. pref. fig. plu. lit. poet. : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : noun feminine noun masculine pronoun adjective verb adverb conjunction interjection preposition suffix prefix figurative plural literal poetic

Word Origin P A T H S G : : : : : : Persian Arabic Turkish Hindi Sanskrit Greek


a.DsaTh: a.Dtaaliis: a.Dtiis: a.Ndheraa (m.): a.Ngrez (m.): a.Ngrezii (f.): a.nDaa (m.):

sixty-eight, 68 forty-eight, 48 thirty-eight, 38 dark, darkness Englishman, Englishwoman the English language egg


a.ndar (prep.) [P]: a.ndhaa: a.nguur (m.): a.nt (m.): a.ntar (m.): aHzaan (n.m.) [A]: aKabaar (m.): aTThaanave: aTThaasii: aTThaavan: aTak (n.f.) [H]: aThaaiis: aThaarah: aThahttar: aTho.n pahar: aa bood (adj.): aa'inah (n.m.) [P]: aa.NguuThaa (m.): aa.NguuThii (f.): aa.Nkh (f.): aa.Nkho.n (f.): aa.nch (n.f.) [H]: aa.nchal (n.m.) [H]: aa.ndhee (n.f.) [H]: aa.nsoo (n.m.) [H]: aaKir (m.): aaTh: aaThavaa.N: aab (n.f.) [P]: aab (n.m.) [P]: aab havaa (f.): aab-e-aa'inah (n.f.): aab-e-chashm (n.m.): aab-e-talkh (n.m.): aabaad (adj.) [P]: aabhaarii: aabroo (n.f.) [P]: aadaab (n.m.) [A]: aadaab arz (m.): aadar: aadaraNiiya: aadat (n.f.) [A]: aadh: aadhaa: aadhiiraat (f.): aadil (adj.) [A]: aadmii (n.m.) [P]: aadmiyyat (n.f.) [A]: aafaat (n.f.) [A]: aaftaab (n.m.) [P]: aag (n.f.) [H]: aage: aage chalakar: aaghosh (n.f, m.) [P]: aagrah karanaa: aagrahaayaN: aah (n.f.) [P]: aahistaa (adv.) [P]:

within, inside, inward blind grape end difference sorrows (plu. of huzn) newspaper ninety-eight, 98 eighty-eight, 88 fifty-eight, 58 obstacle, obstruction twenty-eight, 28 eighteen, 18 seventy-eight, 78 all day long, constantly nonexistent, annihilated, extinct mirror thumb finger-ring eye eyes flame, warmth, fervor, loss, grief corner of the 'dopaTTa' worn by women dust-storm, hurricane tears end, after all, at last eight, 8 eighth splendor, elegance, polish, brightness, temper(steel), lustre(gems), sharpness(sword) water climate polish of a mirror tears bitter water, tears, wine populated, inhabited, peopled, prosperous, happy grateful, indebted honor, fame, good name, dignity manners greetings respect respected, worthy of respect custom, habit, usage, practice, manner half half midnight just, sincere, righteous man (lit. offspring of Adam) humanity, human nature, civility evils, disasters, misfortunes (plu. of aafat) sun flame, fire (fig. anger, passion, love, lust) forward, ahead, hereafter in future, from now on embrace, lap, bosom to insist the month Agrahayan (Nov-Dec) sigh softly, leisurely, slowly


aaj (m.): aajakal: aajiz (adj.) [A]: aakaash (m.): aakhaaz (n.m.) [P]: aakhir (adj.) [A]: aalaap (n.f.) [H]: aalam (n.m.) [A]: aalasii: aali (adj.) [A]: aalim (adj.) [A]: aam (adj.) [A]: aam (m.): aam taur par: aana.nd (m.): aanaa: aap (pron.) [H]: aapas me.n: aaqibat (adv.) [A]: aaqibat (n.f.) [A]: aaqil (adj.) [A]: aara'ish (n.f.) [P]: aara.nbh (m.): aara.nbh karanaa: aaraa (adj.) [P]: aaraam (n.m.) [P]: aaraam karanaa: aaraam se: aaraam-kursii (f.): aarzoo (n.f.) [P]: aas (n.f.) [H]: aas-paas: aasaan (adj.) [P]: aasaanii (f.): aasaanii se: aasamaan (m.): aashaa (n.f.) [S]: aashchary (m.): aashhaa.Dh (m.): aashiq (n.m.) [A]: aashiyaa.n (n.m.) [P]: aashnaa (n.m.) [P]: aashuftah (adj.) [P]: aashvin (m.): aasim (n.m.) [A]: aasmaan (n.m.) [P]: aasmaani (adj.) [P]: aasoodah (adj.) [P]: aasraa (n.m.) [H]: aatish (n.f.) [P]: aatmaa (n.f.) [S]: aavaaraa (m.): aavaarah (adj.) [P]: aavaarah (n.m.) [P]: aavaaz (n.f.) [P]: aavaazah (n.m.) [P]: aavashyak: aavashyakataa (f.): aayandah (adj.) [P]:

today nowadays powerless, weak, helpless, dejected sky commencement, outset, beginning last, final conversation, preparatory tuning world, universe, regions, public, beauty, period lazy, lethargic high, sublime, exalted, grand learned, wise, intelligent common, public, general, ordinary (plu. 'awaamm) mango generally, usually joy, pleasure to come self, selves, respectful term of address with one another, mutually finally, at last end, conclusion, future life wise, sensible decoration, adornment, beauty beginning to commerce, begin embellishing, adorning rest, repose, respite, relief, ease, comfort to rest comfortably, easily armchair yearning, desire, wish, longing longing, desire, hope, faith, shelter, refuge near about light, facile, easy ease easily sky desire, hope, longing surprise the month Ashar (Jun-Jul) lover, suitor nest, house aquaintance, friend, lover perplexed, careworn, distracted, confused the month Ashvin (Sep-Oct) sinner, culprit heaven, sky heavenly, celestial, azure opulent, rich, satisfied means of subsistence, protection, shelter fire soul, spirit, mind loafer without home wanderer, vagrant, destitute noise, sound, cry, shout, voice rumor, fame, report, reputation necessary necessity, need hereafter, in the future


aayu (f.): aaz (n.f.) [P]: aazaad (n.f.) [P]: aazaadii (f.): aazardah (adj.) [P]: aazim (adj.) [A]: aazmaa'ish (n.f.) [P]: ab (adv.) [H]: ab kii baar: abad (n.f.) [A]: abas (adj.) [A]: abd (n.m.) [A]: abhii: abhii tak: abhilaashhaa (f.): abnaa' (n.m.) [A]: abr (n.m.) [P]: abroo (n.m.) [P]: absaar (n.m.) [A]: abtar (adj.) [P]: achaanak: achchhaa: achchhii tarah se: adaa (n.f.) [A]: adaa (n.f.) [P]: adaalat (n.f.) [A]: adam (n.m.) [A]: adhik: adhik se adhik: adhikaar (m.): adhikaarii (m.): adhimaas (m.): adhyaapak (m.): adib (n.m.) [A]: afsaanah (n.m.) [P]: afsos (n.m.) [P]: afsurdah (adj.) [P]: agahan: agalaa: agar (conj.) [P]: agarache: agast: aghlaat (n.f.) [A]: aghyaar (n.m.) [A]: aisaa: aise: aish (n.m.) [A]: aiyaash (adj.) [A]: ajab (adj.) [A]: ajab (n.m.) [A]: ajanabii (m.): ajeeb (adj.) [A]: ajnabee (n.m.) [A]: akbar (adj.) [A]: akelaa: akelaapan: akhbaar (n.m.) [A]: akhz (n.m.) [A]: aksar (adj.) [A]:

age ardent desire, lust, covetousness free, unrestrained freedom, independence annoyed, dejected, uneasy, gloomy, sad determined, resolute trial, experiment, testing, proving now, presently this time eternity useless, profitless, trifling, idle slave, servant of God right now yet, up to now desire sons (plu. of ibn) cloud eyebrow eyes (plu. of basr) ruined, scattered, worthless suddenly good well payment of debt, settlement charm, grace, beauty court of justice, tribunal, justice, law non-existence, nothing, annihilation much, more at the most right, authority official leap month teacher learned, man of letters tale, legend, fiction regret, remorse, dejection melancholy, depressed month of Agrahayan (Nov-Dec) next if, in case although August mistakes (plu. of ghalat) strangers, rivals (plu. of ghair) of such a kind, thus, so thus, so, in this way pleasure, delight, luxury, enjoment luxurious, rakish, addicted to pleasure wonderful, amazing, strange, rare wonder, astonishment stranger wonderful, surprising, rare, admirable, unique stranger, foreigner, alien greatest (sup. of kabir) alone loneliness news, newspaper grasping, seizing, taking most, much, many, frequent


aksar (adv.) [A]: aksar: aktuubar (m.): al (art.) [A]: alag: alamaarii (f.): aleem (adj.) [A]: alfaaz (n.m.) [A]: almo.Daa (m.): amR^itasar (m.): amaanat (n.f.) [A]: amalan (adv.) [A]: amerikaa (m.): amiir: ammaa.N (f.): anaath (m.): andaazah (n.m.) [P]: anjaam (n.m.) [A]: anjuman (n.f.) [P]: anpa.Dh: apanaa: apanaanaa: aprail (m.): aql (n.m.) [A]: arazii (f.): arazii denaa (t.): are: arjmand (adj.) [P]: armaan (n.m.) [P]: arsh (n.m.) [A]: arth (m.): arz (n.f.) [A]: arz (n.f.) [A]: as-haab (n.m.) [A]: as.nbhav: asaa.D: asaas (n.f.) [A]: asad (n.m.) [A]: asal me.n: asalii: asar (n.m.) [A]: asar pa.Dnaa (p.): asbaab (n.m.) [A]: asfaar (n.m.) [A]: ashfaaq (n.m.) [A]: ashk (n.m.) [P]: ashqiyaa' (n.m.) [A]: asir (n.m.) [A]: asl (n.m.) [A]: asli (adj.) [A]: aspataal (m.): asqaam (n.m.) [A]: asraar (n.m.) [A]: assii: asuvidhaa (f.): atf (n.m.) [A]: atfaal (n.m.) [A]: atr (n.m.) [A]: atyant:

frequently, usually, generally, often often, usually October the separate, apart cupboard, almirah wise, learned words (plu. of lafz) Almora Amritsar something given in trust, deposit, security practically, truly America rich, wealthy Mother, Mummy orphan measurement, guess, rough estimate end, conclusion, result, issue assembly, meeting, society, council illiterate one's own to adopt, make one's own April intellect, reason, knowledge application to apply Oh!, Hey!, Come off it! exalted desire, yearning, wish roof, canopy, highest heaven meaning, sense, money land, region, earth petition, request, exposition, review lords, masters (plu. of saahib) impossible the month Asarh (Jun-Jul) foundation lion in fact, actually real, genuine mark, sign, trace, effect, influence to effect causes, motives, means voyages, travels (plu. of safar) favors (plu. of shafaq) tearS cruel, heartless (plu. of shaqi) prisoner, captive root, foundation, essence (plu. usool) original, genuine, real, true hospital evils, weaknesses, defects (plu. of suqm) secrets (plu. of sirr) eighty inconvenience kindness, favor, affection, present children, offspring (plu. of tifl) perfume extremely


aulaad (n.f.) [A]: auqaat (n.f.) [A]: auqaat (n.m.) [A]: aur: aur koii: aur kuchh: aurat (n.f.) [A]: avaam (n.m.) [A]: avakash (m.): avashy: avwaal (adj.) [A]: azaab (n.m.) [A]: azal (n.f.) [A]: azeem (adj.) [A]: azeez (adj.) [A]:

children (plu. of walad) status, position times (plu. of waqt) and, more someone else, some other something else woman, wife, nudity populace, common people (plu. of 'aam) leisure, leave, free time certainly first, excellent, best torment, pain, punishment eternity, without beginning great, high in dignity, large dear, beloved, honored, respected, worthy

bR^ihaspati (m.): bR^ihaspativaar (m.): ba (prep.) [P]: ba.Daa: ba.De-buu.Dhe (m.): ba.Dhanaa: ba.Dhyaa: ba.NTanaa: ba.NTanaa: ba.Ndhanaa: ba.Nh (f.): ba.Nkaa: ba.nba_ii (f.): ba.nd: ba.nd honaa (t.): ba.nd karanaa (i.): ba.ndagi (n.f.) [P]: ba.ndar (m.): ba.ndhu (m.): ba.ndhuvar (m.): ba.ndish (adj.) [P]: ba.nduuq (m.): ba.ngalaa (f.): baGal (f.): baGichaa (m.): baHaal (adj.) [A]: baHs (n.f.) [A]: baRhiyaa (adj.) [H]: baa (prep.) [P]: baa.Dh (f.): baa.nkaa (adj.) [H]: baab (n.m.) [A]: baabaa (m.): baabul (n.m.) [H]: baachiit (f.): baad (n.f.) [P]: baad: baad me.n: baadah (n.m.) [P]: baadal (n.m.) [H]: baadiyah (n.m.) [A]:

Thursday Thursday by, with, from, in, into, to, on, upon, for, upto big elders to increase, advance fine, excellent, of good quality to be distributed, shared, divided to distribute, share out to be tied, fastened arm crooked, bent Bombay closed to close to close devotion, worship, service monkey kinsman, brother kinsman composition, elegance of style, plan, obstruction gun the Bengali language side, flank, armpit garden (small) status quo, refreshed, happy dispute, argument, debate, controversy superior, of good quality, expensive with, by, possessed of flood curved, crooked, sly, cunning door, gate, chapter, topic, subject grandfather father conversation, dialogue, negotiation wind, air, breeze later afterwards, later wine, spirits cloud(s) wilderness, desert


baadiyah (n.m.) [P]: baadshaah (n.m.) [P]: baagh (n.m.) [P]: baagh (m.): baahar: baaiis: baal (m.): baal (m.): baal baa.Nka na honaa: baal-bachche (m.): baalaTii (f.): baalak (m.): baalam (n.m.) [S]: baam (n.m.) [P]: baan (suff.) [P]: baanave: baano (n.f.) [P]: baap (m.): baaqee (adj.) [A]: baaqee (n.f.) [A]: baaqii (f.): baar (n.m.) [H]: baar (n.m.) [P]: baarah (n.m.) [P]: baarah: baareek (adj.) [P]: baarish (n.m.) [P]: baarish honaa: baasaTh: baat (n.f.) [H]: baat: baat karanaa se: baate.n honaa: baavan: baayaa.N: baaz (adv.) [P]: baaz (n.m.) [P]: baaz (suff.) [P]: baazaar (n.m.) [P]: baazaar garam honaa: baazaaree (adj.) [P]: baazii (n.f.) [P]: baazichah (n.m.) [P]: baazoo (n.m.) [P]: bachaanaa: bachanaa: bachapan (m.): bachchaa (m.): bad (adj.) [P]: bad akhtar (adj.): bad anjaam (adj.): bad chalan (adj.): bad du'aa (n.f.): bad khvaab (n.m., f.): bad m'aash (adj.): bad naam (adj.): bad naseeb (adj.): bad sirat (adj.):

goblet, cup emperor, king garden, orchard, grove tiger outside twenty-two, 22 child hair to escape unhurt children, family bucket child a lover, sweet-heart, husband upper storey, terrace, balcony signifying keeper or guardian ninety-two, 92 lady, gentlewoman father remaining, lasting residue, remainder, arrears remaining, left over, remainder time, turn, chance, opportunity, delay, obstacle burden, load, permission, grief, court time, turn, about, in regard of twelve, 12 fine, slender, delicate, difficult, subtle rain to rain, rain to fall sixty-two, 62 word, saying, speech, tale, news, question, business, proposal, point, gossip, substance thing, matter, idea, thing said to talk, converse a conversation to take place fifty-two, 52 left (direction) again, back, refusing falcon denotes doer, agent market, bazaar to be doing brisk business common, low, vulgar, relating to the market sport, game, wager, turn (in a game) toy, fun, sport arm, fold of a door, flank of an army to save, rescue to be saved, escape, survive childhood child bad, wicked, evil unfortunate having a bad end of bad conduct, ill-mannered, immoral curse, malediction nightmare roguish disreputable, notorious, ignominous unfortunate, unlucky ill-tempered


bad soorat (adj.): bad tar (adj.): badal (n.m.) [A]: badalanaa: badan (n.m.) [A]: badhaaii (f.): badlaa (n.m.): badmaash (m.): badr (n.m.) [A]: baghaavat (n.f.) [A]: baghal (n.f.) [P]: bahaadur (adj.) [P]: bahaanah (n.m.) [P]: bahaar (n.f.) [P]: bahan (f.): bahanoii (m.): bahattar: bahin (f.): bahut: bahut-saa: bahuu (f.): bai.nk (m.): baiThaa: baiThaanaa: baiThanaa: bairaa (m.): baisaakh (m.): bait (n.f.) [A]: bait (n.m.) [A]: bajaanaa: bajanaa: bakhshish (n.f.) [P]: bakht (n.m.) [P]: baksaa (m.): balaa (n.m.) [A]: balki (?.): banaanaa: bananaa: bandah (n.m.) [P]: baraabar (adj.) [P]: baraabar [H]: baraamdaa (m.): bardaasht (n.f.) [P]: bardaasht karanaa: barf (f.): barkat (n.f.) [A]: barsaat (n.f.) [H]: bas (adj.) [P]: basa.nt (m.): basanaa: basar (n.f.) [A]: baseraa (n.m.) [H]: bashar (n.m.) [A]: basheer (adj.) [A]: bast (n.m.) [P]: bataanaa: battii (f.): battiis: bayaabaan (n.m.) [P]:

ugly worse, inferior exchange, change, substitution to change body congratulations, felicitations exchange, retaliation, revenge rogue, villain full moon revolt, rebellion, disloyalty armpit, side brave, valiant, high-spirited excuse, pretext, evasion, reason spring, prime, bloom, beauty, glory, delight sister sister's husband seventy-two, 72 sister very, much, many much, quite a lot daughter-in-law, wife bank sitting, seated to make sit to sit waiter, "bearer" the month Vaisaakh (Apr-May) couple, verse house, abode to play (an instrument) to resound, ring, chime gift, donation, reward, alms, tip good fortune, luck, prosperity box calamity, distress, trial, misfortune but rather to make to become, be made slave, servant, individual, man equal, even, level, alike, opposite, accurate constantly, continuously verandah endurance, tolerance, patience to tolerate, endure, stand snow, ice abundance, prosperity, blessing, auspiciousness rain, rainy season sufficient, enough, plenty spring season to settle, inhabit, be situated sight, vision, the eye roosting, a night's lodging, shelter man, mortal a messenger of good news obstacle, knot, asylum, sanctuary to tell light, lamp thirty-two, 32 desert, wilderness


bayaaliis: bayaan (n.m.) [A]: bayaasii: bazm (n.f.) [P]: be 'izzat (adj.): be (pref.) [P]: be Hadd (adj.): be Hayaa (adj.): be a.ndaazah (adj.): be aabroo (adj.): be adab (adj.): be bas (adj.): be chain (adj.): be daad (n.f.): be daagh (adj.): be dard (adj.): be fikr (adj.): be gham (adj.): be gunaah (adj.): be hosh (adj.): be hunar (adj.): be i'tibaar (adj.): be iHtiyaati (n.f.): be ikhtiyaari (n.f.): be imaan (adj.): be imtiyaaz (adj.): be insaaf (adj.): be ittifaaqi (n.f.): be jaan (adj.): be jurm (adj.): be kaar (adj.): be kas (adj.): be khabar (adj.): be khataa (adj.): be khud (adj.): be ma'ni (adj.): be naam (adj.): be naseeb (adj.): be nazir (adj.): be pardah (adj.): be parvaa (adj.): be qadr (adj.): be qaraar (adj.): be qusoor (adj.): be rahm (adj.): be riyaa (adj.): be saaz (adj.): be sabab (adj.): be sabr (adj.): be sakhtah (adj.): be sharm (adj.): be taab (adj.): be taaqat (adj.): be taasir (adj.): be tameez (adj.): be vafaa (adj.): be vajh (adj.): be vaqoof (adj.): be zaar (adj.):

forty-two, 42 description, statement, account eighty-two, 82 assembly, company (at a feast or entertainment) without honor or respect without, void of endless, boundless shameless, impudent, bare-faced unlimited, endless dishonorable rude, unmannerly helpless, weak restless, uneasy iniquity, injustice, oppression spotless, without blemish, innocent without feeling, pitiless, merciless free from care or worry happy, without sorrow innocent, guiltless unconscious unskilled untrustworthy, discredit incautiousness helplessness, without choice faithless, liar, cheat indiscriminating unfair, unjust discord, disunity lifeless faultless idle, unemployed, useless friendless, lonely uninformed, ignorant, stupid faultless, innocent enraptured, in ecstasy, delirious, senseless meaningless, absurd without name, character or reputation unfortunate unequalled, matchless, unique unveiled, immodest, exposed heedless, indifferent, above want worthless uneasy, restless, unsettled innocent, not guilty merciless, cruel without guile, candid, sincere without tools or apparatus without cause or reason impatient artless, unaffected, natural, plain shameless, immodest restless, powerless, impatient powerless ineffectual, useless indiscreet, rude, uncultured faithless, ungrateful, treacherous without cause foolish, stupid, dolt disgusted, displeased


be zabaan (adj.): be zar (adj.): beTaa (m.): beTii (f.): bechaaraa: bechanaa: bedaar (adj.) [P]: begaanah (adj.) [P]: behatar: bekaar: beshak: bevaquuf (m.): bezaar (adj.) [P]: bha_ii: bhaa.Njaa (m.): bhaa.Njii (f.): bhaabhii (f.): bhaado.n (m.): bhaadrapad (m.): bhaag (m.): bhaaganaa: bhaaii (m.): bhaanaa: bhaarat (m.): bhaarat sarkaar (f.): bhaaratavarshh (m.): bhaaratiiy (m.): bhaarii: bhaashhaa (f.): bhaav (m.): bhagavaan (m.): bhagavadgiitaa (f.): bhaiyaa (m.): bhatiijaa (m.): bhatiijii (f.): bhavadiiy, bhavadiiyaa: bhaya.nkar: bhe.nT (f.): bhejanaa: bheshh (m.): bhii: bhii .. bhii: bhii.D (f.): bhii.D-bhaa.D (f.): bhiitar: bhikhaarii (m.): bhinn: bhojan (m.): bhojan karanaa: bhool (n.f.) [H]: bhool bhulayyaa.n: bhuukh (f.): bhuulakar bhii: bhuulanaa: bhuut (m.): bi (prep.) [A]: biga.Danaa: bii.Dii (f.): biich (m.):

dumb, speechless, modest destitute, poor son daughther, girl poor, wretched, helpless to sell awake, alert, vigilant strange, alien, foreign better useless, out of work, unemployed of course foolish, fool displeased, angry, out of humor eh, well, etc. sister's son sister's daughter brother's wife the month Bhaadrapad (Aug-Sep) the month Bhaadrapad (Aug-Sep) part, portion to run, flee, escape brother to fill; to be filled India the Indian Government India Indian heavy language rate, price God Bhagavad Gita brother brother's son brother's daughter yours sincerely, yours faithfully terrible, fearful gift; meeting to send appearance, guise also, too; even both .. and crowd hustle and bustle inside, within beggar different food to eat, dine forgetfulness, omission, mistake, lapse, fault a maze, labyrinth hunger even by mistake to forget ghost by, with, from, in, into, near, on, for, towards to be spoiled, to lose temper small cigarette rolled in leaf middle


biich me.n: biimaar: biimaarii (f.): biis: biitanaa: biivii (f.): bijalii (f.): bikanaa: bilakul: billaur (n.m.) [P]: billii (f.): bimaar (adj.) [P]: biraadarii (f.): bisaat (n.f.) [A]: bismil (n.m.) [P]: bistar (n.m.) [P]: bitaanaa: bolanaa: bood (n.f.) [P]: botal (f.): braahmaN (m.): braj bhaashhaa (f.): brek (m.): bu.Dhiyaa (f.): buKaar (m.): buaa (f.): buddhuu (m.): budh (m.): budhavaar (m.): bukhaar (n.m.) [A]: bulaanaa: buland (adj.) [P]: bunyaad (n.f.) [A]: buraa: burii tarah se: buu.Dhaa: buujhanaa: buzurg (adj.) [P]: byoraa (m.):

meanwhile, in the meantime ill illness twenty, 20 to pass, be spend (of time) wife electricity, lightning to be sold absolutely crystal, crystal glass, transparent cat sick, ill community, fraternity bedding, carpet, chess board, extent, capacity sacrificial animal, a lover bed, bedding to spend, pass (time) to speak, say being, existence bottle Brahmin (priestly caste) Braj Bhaashaa (Hindi dialect) brake old woman temperature, fever aunt, father's sister foolish, fool Wednesday Wednesday steam, temperature, fever, rage to call, invite high, lofty, sublime, exalted, tall, loud foundation bad badly old (of people) to understand great, venerable, aged, noble, elderly details, particulars

cashm (n.f.) [P]: cha.Dhnaa: cha.Nd (n.m.) [H]: chaa.ndani (n.f.) [H]: chaa.ndi (n.f.) [H]: chaabii (f.): chaachaa (m.): chaadar (n.f.) [P]: chaah (n.f.) [H]: chaahanaa: chaahe .. chaahe: chaahe .. yaa: chaahi_e: chaakar (m.): chaal (n.f.) [H]: chaalaak (adj.) [P]: chaalaakii (f.):

eye, hope to climb, rise, mount, board the moon moonlight silver, wealth key paternal uncle a sheet, veil, waterfall desire, love, affection, need, choice to wish, want whether .. or whether .. or wanted, needed servant, menial servant gait, walk, custom, trick, strategem clever, expert, cunning, nimble craftiness, cunning


chaalak (m.): chaaliis: chaaq (adj.) [T]: chaaqoo (n.m.) [P]: chaaquu (m.): chaar: chaarah (n.m.) [P]: chaav (m.): chaaval (m.): chaay (f.): chacheraa bhaaii (m.): chacherii bahin (f.): chachii (f.): chah (suff.) [P]: chahal-pahal (f.): chain (n.m.) [H]: chait (m.): chaitr (m.): chakaa.n (adj.) [P]: chal basanaa: chalaa aanaa: chalaa jaanaa: chalaanaa: chalanaa: chama.Dii (f.): chamak (n.f.) [H]: chaman (n.m.) [P]: chammach (m.): chand (adj.) [P]: chapaatii (f.): chappal (f.): charaagaah (n.f.) [P]: charaagh (n.m.) [P]: chashm-o-chiraagh (m.): chashmaa (m.): chasm-e-baddoor: chasmak (n.m.) [P]: chau.Daa: chau.nsaaTh: chau.ntiis: chaubiis: chaudah: chauhattar: chauraanave: chauraasii: chauthaa: chauvan: chavaaliis: cheez (n.f.) [P]: cheharaa (n.m.) [P]: chetavanii (f.): chetavanii denaa: chhaH: chhaThaa: chhaapanaa: chhaataa (m.): chhaatii (f.): chhaatr (m.): chhabbiis:

driver forty, 40 active, alert, healthy, fat, hale and hearty a small knife knife four, 4 remedy, cure, help, aid, resource fondness, enthusiasm, zeal rice tea cousin, son of chaachaa cousin, daughter of chaachaa aunt (wife of chaachaa) used to form dimunitives hustle and bustle ease, comfort, rest, peace the month Caitra (Mar-Apr) the month Caitra (Mar-Apr) dropping, distilling to die to come along to go along, set off, leave to drive, to run, manage to move, go skin glitter, splendour, flash, gleam flower garden spoon how many, how much, few, how often, how long chappatti sandal meadow, pasture lamp light of the eye, dearly beloved glasses, spectacles God preserve from evil eyes! wink, winking, misunderstanding, spectacles wide, broad sixty-four, 64 thirty-four, 34 twenty-four, 24 fourteen, 14 seventy-four, 74 ninety-four, 94 eighty-four, 84 fourth, 4th fifty-four, 54 forty-four, 44 thing, commodity face, visage, a mask warning to warn six, 6 sixth, 6th to print umbrella chest pupil, student twenty-six, 26


chhah: chhai: chhapanaa: chhappan: chhattiis: chhihattar: chhii.nknaa: chhiyaaliis: chhiyaanave: chhiyaasaTh: chhiyaasii: chho.Dnaa: chhoTaa: chhoTaa-moTaa: chhu.Daanaa: chhuTTii (f.): chhuTanaa: chhuunaa: chi.Diyaa (f.): chi.Diyaaghar (m.): chiTThii (f.): chiinii (f.): chiiz (f.): chilaahaT (f.): chillaanaa: chilman (n.m.) [H]: chira.njiiv: chitha.Daa (m.): chitvan (n.f.) [H]: choT (f.): choT lagnaa: chor (m.): chorii (f.): chukaanaa: chukanaa: chunaav (m.): chunanaa: chup: chup rahanaa: chust (adj.) [P]:

six, 6 six, 6 to be printed fifty-six, 56 thirty-six, 36 seventy-six, 76 to sneeze forty-six, 46 ninety-six, 96 sixty-six, 66 eighty-six, 86 to leave, abondon, give up small insignicant, trifling, minor to get freed holiday, leave, release from work to leave, be left to touch bird zoo letter, note sugar thing cry, call to cry out a venetian blind blessed with long live rag look, glance, appearance injury, blow, hurt to get hurt thief theft to pay a bill, settle a debt to be finished, to be settled, paid election, selection to choose, pick quiet, silent to be quiet, stay quiet alert, active, clever, quick, tight

dR^ishy (m.): da'vaa (n.m.) [A]: da'vat (n.f.) [A]: da.ngaa (m.): daa'im (adj.) [A]: daa.Nt (m.): daaKil honaa: daad (n.m.) [P]: daadaa (m.): daadaa-daadii (m.): daadii (f.): daagh (n.m.) [P]: daahinaa: daakhil (adj.) [A]: daal (f.): daam (n.m.) [H]:

scene claim, law suit, charge, demand, accusation invitation, banquet riot perpetual, permanent tooth to be admitted, enter justice, appeal, revenge, praise paternal grandfather paternal grandparents paternal grandmother scar, blemish, stain, calamity, grief, loss right (of direction) entering pulse, lentil price, value


daam (n.m.) [P]: daamaad (f.): daaman (n.m.) [P]: daanaa (adj.) [P]: daanish (n.f.) [P]: daanistah (adv.) [P]: daar (n.m.) [A]: daar (n.f.) [P]: daar (suff.) [P]: daaraa (n.m.) [P]: daaroo (n.f.) [H]: daaroo (n.f.) [P]: daastaan (n.f.) [P]: daf'a (n.f.) [A]: dafaa (m.): dafn (n.m.) [A]: daftar (m.): daghaa (n.f.) [P]: dakhl (n.m.) [A]: dakshhiN (m.): dam (n.m.) [P]: dar (n.m.) [P]: dar (prep.) [P]: daraaz (adj.) [P]: daraaz (f.): darbaar (n.m.) [P]: darbaar (m.): dard (n.m.) [P]: dard karanaa (i.): darjan (m.): darkhvaasht (n.f.) [P]: darmiyan (n.m.) [P]: dars (n.m.) [H]: darshan (m.): darvaazaa (n.m.) [P]: darya (n.m.) [P]: das: dastoor (n.m.) [P]: dau.D (f.): dau.Danaa: daulat (n.f.) [A]: daur (n.m.) [A]: davaa (n.m.) [A]: davaa (f.) [H]: davaaKaanaa (m.): dayaa (f.): deedaar (n.m.) [P]: deedah (n.m.) [P]: deen (n.m.) [A]: deevaanah (n.m.) [P]: deevaar (n.f.) [P]: dehaant (m.): dekhabhaal (f.): dekhanaa: denaa: der (f.): der honaa: der se: desh (m.):

net, snare daughter's husband skirt, foot of a mountain, a lap wise, learned knowledge, science, learning knowingly house, country gallows, a piece of wood having, holding holder, sovereign, king alcohol medicine, remedy story, fable, tale time, turn, section, class time, occasion burial, concealment office deceit, treachery, delusion entrance, access, reach, skill south breath, vitality, moment, edge of a sword door, gate, entrance in, into, within, to, about, by long, tall, extended drawer court (royal) royal court pain, affliction, sympathy, compassion to hurt a dozen request, petition, appeal middle, midst, interval sight, view, look sight, view door, gate a large river, sea ten, 10 custom, usage, manner, rule race to run riches, fortune, happiness, cause, means revolving, period, cycle, orbit medicine medicine pharmacy, dispensary pity, mercy, compassion sight, interview the eye faith, religion madman a wall death, demise care, supervision to see, look to give delay, lateness, periode of time to get late late country, region


devar: husband's younger brother devaraanii (f.): wife of husband's elder brother dha.ndhaa (m.): occupation, business, work dhan (m.): wealth dhanyavaad (m.): thanks, thank you dharm (m.): faith, religion, righteous duty dharmapatnii (f.): wife dhiire-dhiire: slowly, gradually dhobii (m.): washerman dhokhaa (m.): deceit, trickery dhokhaa denaa: to deceive, dupe dhonaa: to wash (clothes) dhuaa.N (m.): smoke dhulanaa: to be washed dhuup (f.): sunshine dhuup khaanaa: to bask in the sun, enjoy the sun dhyaan (m.): attention dhyaan se: attentively diikhanaa: to be seen, appear diivaalii (f.): Diwali, festival of the lamps diivaar (f.): wall dikhaaii denaa, pa.Danaa: to appear, seem, come into sight dikhaanaa: to show dikhanaa: to be visible, be seen dil (n.m.) [P]: heart, soul, courage, generosity, wish dil (m.): heart dil aavar (adj.): brave, valiant dil band (adj.): charming, attractive dil chasp (adj.): interesting, pleasing, delightful dil daar (adj.): charming, beloved dil daar (n.m.): sweetheart dil daari (n.f.): consolation dil doz (adj.): heart-piercing dil fareb (adj.): charming, alluring, enticing, beautiful dil figaar (adj.): melancholy dil geer (adj.): melancholy dil kash (adj.): attractive, winning dil kharaash (adj.): heart rending dil laganaa: to feel content, feel at home dil lagi (n.f.): amusement, diversion dil navaaz (adj.): soothing (the mind) dil rubaa (adj.): fascinating, alluring dil rubaa (n.m.): sweetheart dil shaad (adj.): cheerful dil sokhtah (adj.): grieved, suffering dil soz (adj.): touching, pathetic, passionate, ardent dilaanaa: to cause to be given dilaasaa (n.m.) [P]: consolation, encouragement dilachasp: interesting dilbar (adj.): lovely, sweetheart dimaagh (n.m.) [A]: brain, intellect, airs, conceit din (m.): day din bhar: all day long din-ba-din: day by day diqqat (n.f.) [A]: difficulty, intricacy, minute point diqqat (f.): difficulty, trouble disa.nbar (m.): December diyaar (n.m.) [A]: country, region do: two, 2


dobaaraa: dono.n: door (adj.) [P]: dopahar: dost (n.m.) [P]: du'aa (n.f.) [A]: duHkh (m.): duaa (f.): dubalaa: dubalaa-patalaa: dukaan (f.): dukaanadaar (m.): dukhanaa: duniyaa (f.) [A]: dupaTTaa (m.): durghaTanaa (f.): durr (n.m.) [A]: durusht (adj.) [P]: durust (adj.) [P]: dushman (n.m.) [P]: dushnaam (n.f.) [P]: dushvaar (adj.) [P]: duudh (m.): duur (f.): duusaraa: duzd (n.m.) [P]: dvaaraa:

again, a second time both, the two distant, remote, far midday, noon friend, lover blessing, prayer, wish sorrow, distress, suffering prayer, good wishes thin, weak scrawny, "lean and thin" shop shopkeeper to hurt, ache world scarf accident pearl rough, hard, rigid, oppressive, fierce right, proper, well, safe, precise enemy abuse, invective difficult milk far, distant, distance second, other thief by, by means by, by means of

Daabar (n.m.) [H]: Daak (f.): Daak ghar (m.): Daak khaanaa (m.): DaakTar (m.): Daakaa (n.m.) [H]: Daalanaa: Dagar (n.f.) [H]: Dar (n.m.) [H]: Darnaa: De.Dh: Dhaabaa (m.): Dhaaii: Dher (m.): Dhuu.N.Danaa: Dibbaa (m.): Draaivar (m.): Duubanaa (i.):

lake, pond, water pot post post office post office doctor robbery to pour, put, cast path, road fear to fear, be afraid of one an a half small cafe, food stall two and a half heap, pile, mass to look for, search, trace train compartment driver to sink, drown

e_ar i.nDiyaa: ek: ek dam: ek saath: ekaadh: ekaaek: ekataa (f.):

Air India one, a at once, suddenly, completely together a few, one or two all of a sudden, suddenly unity


faa'idah (n.m.) [A]: faa'iq (adj.) [A]: faakhir (n.m.) [A]: faaqah (n.m.) [A]: faash (adj.) [P]: faasilah (n.m.) [A]: faayadaa (m.): faazil (adj.) [A]: fahm (n.m.) [A]: faisalah (n.m.) [A]: faiz (n.m.) [A]: fakhr (n.m.) [A]: falaanaa: falak (n.m.) [A]: faqr (n.m.) [A]: faramaanaa: faravarii (f.): fareb (n.m.) [P]: farishtah (n.m.) [P]: farmaa'ish (n.f.) [P]: farmaan (n.m.) [P]: faro (adj.) [P]: farq (n.m.) [A]: farsh (m.): faryaad (n.f.) [P]: farz (n.m.) [A]: fasanah (n.m.) [P]: fatvaa (n.m.) [A]: fauj (n.f.) [A]: fauran (adv.) [A]: faza' (n.f.) [A]: fazl (n.m.) [A]: fida (n.m.) [A]: fidaa'ee (n.m.) [A&P]: figaar (adj.) [P]: fikr (n.m., f.) [A]: fikr karanaa: film (f.): firaaq (n.m.) [A]: firdaus (n.m.) [A]: fitnah (n.m.) [A]: fitrat (n.f.) [A]: foTo (m.): foTo khii.nchanaa: fon karanaa: fughaa.n (n.m.) [P]: furqat (n.f.) [A]: fursat (n.f.) [A]: fuvaad (n.m.) [A]:

benefit, profit, utility superior, great a boaster starvation, fasting, poverty apparent, known, notorious distance, space, separation advantage, profit, gain superfluous, accomplished person, virtuous understanding, intellect settlement, decree, decision liberality, grace, bounty glory, honor, pride, egotism so-and-so, such-and-such sky, heaven, fortune, fate poverty to speak out, make a request February deceit, trick, fraud angel, apostle, prophet, messenger order for goods, requisition, pleasure, will mandate, order, royal decree down, below, under difference, distance, separation, defect floor complaint, cry duty, moral obligation, statute romance, tale, fable judicial decree army, crowd, multitude immediately, quickly, directly lamentation, wailing excellence, virtue, reward, wisdom sacrifice, devotion, ransom, exchange lover wounded, sore, afflicted, confused opinion, notion, care, concern, anxiety, counsel to worry, be anxious film separation, anxiety, absence, distance garden, paradise sedition, revolt, mischief, temptation nature, creation, deceit, intrigue, wisdom photograph to take a photograph to telephone clamor, lamentation, cry of distress separation, disunion, absence (of lovers) opportunity, leisure, rest, recovery, spare time, free time the heart

ga.Nvaanaa: ga.nbhiir: ga.ndaa: ga.ngaa (f.): gaNesh (M.):

to lose, waste deep, serious dirty the river Ganges elephant-headed god Ganesh


gaa.Dii (f.): gaa.Nv (m.): gaa.Nvavaalaa (m.): gaal (m.): gaalii (f.): gaalii denaa: gaanaa (m.): gaanaa: gaay (f.): gaayak (m.): gaihaa.n (n.m.) [P]: galaa (m.): galaa baiaThanaa: galii (f.): gap (f.): gap-shap (f.): gar.D (m.): garadan (f.): garaj (f.): garam: garbh (m.): garbh honaa: gard (n.f.) [P]: gardan (n.f.) [P]: gardish (n.f.) [P]: garm (adj.) [P]: garmii (f.): garmii pa.Dnaa: gati-vidhi[yaa.N]: gavaah (n.m.) [P]: gavaahee (n.m.) [P]: gavaaraa (adj.) [P]: gaz (n.m.) [P]: gazeedah (adj.) [P]: ge.nd (f.): geer (adj.) [P]: gesoo (n.m.) [P]: gha.Dii (f.): gha.nTaa (m.): gha.nTii (f.): ghaa'ib (adj.) [A]: ghaaT (m.): ghaalib (adj.) [A]: ghaalib (adv.) [A]: ghaas (f.): ghaba.Daanaa: ghaddaar (adj.) [A]: ghaflat (n.f.) [A]: ghair (adj.) [A]: ghair (adv.) [A]: ghair (n.m.) [A]: ghair (prep.) [A]: ghairat (n.f.) [A]: ghalat (adj.) [A]: ghaleez (adj.) [A]: gham (n.m.) [A]: gham deedah (adj.): gham gusaar (n.m.): gham khvaar (adj.):

car, train village villager cheek abuse, invective, insult to abuse, insult song to sing cow singer the world, the universe throat, neck, voice to have a hoarse voice lane, alleyway gossip gossip, tittle-tattle,chit-chat railway guard neck thunder, roar warm, hot womb to be pregnant trifle, dust the neck revolution, circulation, misfortune, vagrancy hot, burning, ardent, choleric, lively heat, summer (when plural) to get hot (of weather) working activities, behaviour a witness testimony, evidence palatable, agreeable, pleasant, nice a yard measure stung, bitten ball taking, holding, seizing, conquering tresses, locks watch, clock hour bell hidden, absent bathing place at river etc. victorious, predominant often, likely, most probably grass to worry, be nervous, panic disloyal, treacherous negligence, drowsiness, stupor other, different, alien, bad besides stranger, foreigner without, except, but, save honor, modesty, bashfulness, envy, enmity wrong, incorrect, inaccurate dirty, filthy, gross, coarse, obscene grief, sorrow, concern, care afflicted, grieved comforter consoling


ghammaaz (n.m.) [A]: ghanishh_Th: ghar (m.): ghar par: gharaz (n.f.) [A]: gharib (adj.) [A]: ghash (n.m.) [A]: ghaur (n.m.) [A]: ghazal (n.f.) [A]: ghii (M.): ghisaa-piTaa: gho.Daa (m.): ghuTnaa (M.): ghubaar (n.m.) [A]: ghulaam (n.m.) [A]: ghumaanaa: ghuroor (n.m.) [A]: ghusanaa: ghussah (n.m.) [A]: ghuumanaa: giit (m.): gilah (n.m.) [P]: giraa.n (adj.) [P]: giraanaa: girah (n.f.) [P]: giraoo (n.m.) [P]: gird (n.m.) [P]: girdaab (n.m.) [P]: giriftaar (adj.) [P]: giriyaa.n (adj.) [P]: girnaa: giryah (n.m.) [P]: god (f.): golii (f.): golii maarnaa: goraa (m.): gosh (n.m.) [P]: goshah (n.m.) [P]: gosht (m.): goyaa (adj.) [P]: griishhm (m.): guftgoo (n.f.) [P]: gul (n.m.) [P]: gul badan (adj.): gul dastah (n.m.): gul sitaa.n (n.m.): gul zaar (n.m.): gulaab (n.m.) [P]: gulshan (n.m.): gum (n.m.) [P]: gum gashtah (adj.): gum naam (adj.): gum raah (adj.): gum sum (adj.): gumaan (n.m.) [P]: gunaah (n.m.) [P]: guru (m.): guru_vaar (m.): gusaar (adj.) [P]:

informer, tattletale, back-biting close, intimate house, home at home intention, meaning, design, view, want poor, destitute, strange, innocent, wonderful stupor, fainting deep thought, meditation, close attention ode, poem clarified butter, ghee worn out horse knee vapor, fog, mist, dust, vexation slave, boy, youth to make round, revolve, turn pride, vanity to enter anger, passion, rage, anxiety, grief to tour, visit, wander around, turn song complaint, blame, reproach, lamentation precious, costly, dear, important, heavy to drop, let fall knot, joint, knuckle pledge, pawn round, circumference, environs whirlpool, abyss, vortex captured, seized, smitten, prisoner, captivated weeping, crying to fall, drop weeping, lamentation, crying, plaint lap tablet, pill, bullet to shoot fair, white person, European the ear corner, angle, cell, privacy meat speaking, eloquent summer conversation, discourse rose, flower, ornament, brand delicate, graceful a bouquet rose-garden flower-bed, garden the rose a flower or rose garden lost, missing, distracted lost, wandering nameless, anonymous, unknown, inglorious astray, lost, wicked, depraved still, silent doubt, surmise, fancy, pride, opinion, distrust fault, sin, crime, guilt teacher, spiritual guide Thursday taking away, dissipating, removing


gustaakhee (n.f.) [P]: guzaarah (n.m.) [P]: guzaarish (n.f.) [P]: guzar (n.f.) [P]: guzarnaa: guzeedah (adj.) [P]: gyaarah:

rudeness, arrogance, audacity living, subsistence, passage, abode petition, request, explanation a pass, a living, a road to pass (time), to pass away selected, chosen eleven, 11

Gaayab: Gaayab honaa: Gaayab karanaa: Galat: Galatii (f.): Gariib: Gussaa (m.): Gussaa honaa [par]:

disappeared, missing to disappear, go missing to make off with wrong, mistaken mistake poor anger to get angry

ha.Dtaal (f.): ha.Dtaal karanaa: ha.Nsanaa: ha.Nsii (f.): ha.Nsii-mazaaq karanaa: ha.ngaam (n.m.) [P]: ha.ngaamah (n.m.) [P]: haDDii (f.): haa'ilah (adj.) [A]: haa.Nk (f.): haa.Nkanaa: haadi (n.m.) [A]: haal (m.): haalaa.Nki: haalah (n.m.) [A]: haalat (f.): haamoon (n.m.) [P]: haar (n.f.) [H]: haar (n.m.) [S&P]: haaranaa: haath (n.m.) [H]: haath aanaa: haathii: haatif (n.m.) [P]: haaviyah (n.m.) [A]: hadaf (n.m.) [A]: haftaa (m.) [P]: hai: hai'at (n.f.) [A]: hai.n: hairaan: hakaazah (adv.) [A]: hal (m.): hal karanaa: halaak (adj.) [A]: halaak (n.f.) [A]: halakaa: ham (conj.) [P]:

strike to strike, come out on strike to laugh laughter to laugh and joke season, time, period tumult, riot, uproar, confusion, disorder bone terrible, horrible calling aloud to call aloud, urge on guide, leader, director condition, state although halo, nimbus, circle round the moon condition, state desert, plain, level ground loss, defeat, fatigue necklace, garland to be defeated, lose hand, arm, clutches, power, slap, reach to come to hand elephant angel, voice from heaven the lowest region of hell target, goal, object a week is; are (with tuu) astronomy, face, figure;commission, delegation are perplexed similarly solution to solve ruined, destroyed ruin, destruction, slaughter, death light (of weight, color, etc.) also, likewise, together, with, similar


ham: ham batn (adj.): ham batn (n.m.): ham bazm (adj.): ham dard (n.f.): ham jalees (adj. ): ham jolee (n.f. ): ham mazhab (adj.): ham nasheen (n.m.): ham raah (n.m.): ham raaz (adj.): ham saayah (n.m.): ham saaz (adj.): ham safar (n.m.): ham taa (adj.): ham zabaa.n (adj.): hamaaraa: hameshaa: hameshaah (adv.) [P]: har (adj.) [P]: har baar (adv.): har dam (adv.): har ek (adj.): har jaa'ee (adj.): har koii: haraa: harek: hargiz (adv.) [P]: hariyaalii (f.): harj (n.m.) [A]: haryaalee (n.f.) [H]: harzah (adj.) [P]: hastaakshhar (m.): hasti (n.f.) [P]: hatauRa (n.m.) [H]: hatauRee (n.f.) [H]: hathelee (n.f.) [H]: hathyaar (n.f.) [H]: haul (n.m.) [A]: havaa (n.f.) [A]: havaa (f.): havaaii Daak (f.): havaaii aDDaa (m.): havaaii jahaz (m.): havas (n.f.) [A]: hazaa (pron.) [A]: hazaar (m.): hazl (n.m.) [A]: heeraa (n.m.) [H]: hema.nt (m.): hibah (n.m.) [A]: hidaayat (n.f.) [A]: hii: hijr (n.m.) [A]: hijrat (n.f.) [A]: hilaal (n.m.) [A]: himmat (n.f.) [A]: hindii (f.): hindustaanii:

we related by blood blood-relation, close ally of the same society sympathizer, partner in adversity close friend playmate, equal, peer, friend coreligionist playmate, associate fellow-traveller confidant neighbor friendly, unanimous fellow-traveller equal, alike unanimous, of the same language our, ours always always all, every, each every time every moment every one vagabond, faithless everyone green every, each ever, never greenery, verdure tumult, sedition, trouble, loss, harm, injury greeness, freshness, grass nonsense, absurd, frivolous, vain signature; "signed" life, existence sledgehammer small hammer palm of the hand tool, weapon terror, horror, fright wind, breeze, air, atmosphere air, wind, breeze air mail airport aeroplane ambition, desire, lust this a thousand joke, jest, pleasantries diamond winter gift, bequest, grant instruction, guidance, righteousness only (etc.) separation, absence from one's country separation, flight (flight of the Prophet from Mecca to Medina) new moon, the crescent spirit, mind, courage, desire, design Hindi Indian


hinduu: hiraas (n.m.) [P]: hisaab (m.): hissaa (m.): hitaishhii (m.): hituu (m.): ho: hoTal (m.): holii: holii khelanaa: honaa: hosh (n.m.) [P]: huboot (n.m.) [A]: hujoom (n.m.) [A]: humaa (n.m.) [P]: humaayun (adj.) [P]: hunar (n.m.) [P]: hushyaar (adj.) [P]: huu.N: huzuur: Haadisah (n.m.) [A]: Haakim (n.m.) [A]: Haal (n.m.) [A]: Haalat (n.f.) [A]: Haatim (n.m.) [A]: Haazir (adj.) [A]: Habeeb (n.m.) [A]: Hadd (adv.) [A]: Hadd (n.f.) [A]: Hads (n.m.) [A]: Hairaan (adj.) [A]: Haiseeyat (n.f.) [A]: Hakeem (n.m.) [A]: Halaal (adj.) [A]: Hamlah (n.m.) [A]: Haqeeqat (n.f.) [A]: Haqq (adj.) [A]: Haraam (adj.) [A]: Haraarat (n.f.) [A]: Haseen (adj.) [A]: Hashmat (n.f.) [A]: Hasrat (n.f.) [A]: Hausalah (n.m.) [A]: Havaalah (n.m.) [A]: Havaas (n.m.) [A]: Hayaa (n.f.) [A]: Hayaat (n.f.) [A]: Hazm (n.m.) [A]: Hazrat (n.m.) [A]: Hiddat (n.f.) [A]: Hifaazat (n.f.) [A]: Hijaab (n.m.) [A]: Hikmat (n.f.) [A]: Himaayat (n.f.) [A]: Hirs (n.f.) [A]: Hisaab (n.m.) [A]: Hisaar (n.m.) [A]: Hissah (n.m.) [A]: Hizaaqat (n.m.) [A]:

Hindu fear, terror, confusion, sorrow, disappointment rate, account, calculation part, portion well-wishing; well-wisher well-wishing; well-wisher are (with tum) hotel, cafe Holi (springtime festival) to celebrate Holi to be, become sense, mind, understanding decline, downfall, descent crowd, mob, tumult, assault, attack eagle, phoenix, bird of Paradise august, royal, fortunate skill, art intelligent, alert, awake am your honour, sir accident, occurence, calamity, misfortune ruler, governor, judge, an official state, condition, narrative, circumstance condition, state, circumstance (plu. Haalaat) generous (derived from Haatim Tai) present, ready, in attendance beloved, sweetheart, comrade, friend very, at most, utmost point boundary, limit novelty, innovation amazed, confounded, perplexed, worried rank, capacity, merit, status, prestige wise man, doctor, philosopher legal, permitted attack, assault, invasion truth, reality, narration, condition just, truth, right unlawful, forbidden heat, fever, ardor, fervor, zeal beautiful, elegant, charming, handsome state, dignity, pomp, retinue regret, intense sorrow, desire, longing capacity, courage, spirit, resolution, desire charge, custody, care the senses modesty, shame life, existence firmness of mind, resolve dignity, a title of respect sharpness, fury, acrimony, poignancy guarding, security, safety veil, modesty, bashfulness, night wisdom, knowledge, cleverness, device protection, patronage, support, defence eager, greediness, desire, ambition reckoning, account, computation, rate, sense fort, enclosure, fence share, portion, lot Intelligence, wisdom


Hoor (n.f.) [A]: Hoorriyat (n.f.) [A]: Hubb (n.f.) [A]: Hudood (n.m, f.) [A]: Hukm (n.m.) [A]: Husn (n.f.) [A]: Husool (n.m.) [A]: Huzn (n.m.) [A]: Huzoor (intj.) [A]: Huzoor (n.m.) [A]:

virgin of Paradise, nymph emancipation, freedom love, friendship, desire, affection, wish boundaries, penal laws order, decree, statute, law beauty, elegance acquisition, profit, advantage, achievement grief, sadness, sorrow Your Highness! presence of superior authority

i'jaaz (n.m.) [A]: i'laam (n.m) [A]: i'tibaar (n.m.) [A]: i'tiraaz (n.m.) [A]: i.nDiyaa (m.): i.nglai.nD (m.): i.ntazaar (m.): iHsaan (n.m.) [A]: iHsaas (n.m.) [A]: iHtiyaaj (n.f.) [A]: iHtiyaat (n.f.) [A]: ibaadat (n.f.) [A]: ibaarat (n.f.) [A]: ibn (n.m.) [A]: ibrat (n.f.) [A]: ibtidaa' (n.f.) [A]: ibtilaa (n.m.) [A]: ibtisaam (n.m.) [A]: ichchhaa (f.): idhar: idhar-udhar: idraak (n.m.) [A]: iffat (n.f.) [A]: ifraat (n.f.) [A]: iftikhaar (n.m.) [A]: iisavii san: ijaazat (n.f.) [A ]: ijaazat (f.): ijaazat denaa: ikahattar: ikasaTh: ikatiis: ikattiis: ikhlaas (n.m.) [A]: ikhtiyaar (n.m.) [A]: ikkiis: iktaaliis: ikyaanave: ikyaasii: ikyaavan: ilaaj (n.m.) [A]: ilaaqaa (m.): ilaaqah (n.m.) [A]: illat (n.f.) [A]: ilm (n.m.) [A]: iltifaat (n.m.) [A]:

miracle, marvel, wonder announcing, notifying trust, confidence, faith, reliance objection, criticism, protest India England wait beneficence, favor, good deed feeling, emotion need caution, heed prayers, devotion composition, style, diction son warning, admonition commencement, beginning trial, misfortune, suffering smile, cheerfulness wish here, over here here and there, hither and thither perception, comprehension purity, chastity excess, exuberance, plenty honor, glory, repute, distinction christian year permission, leave, sanction permission to permit seventy-one, 71 sixty-one, 61 thirty-one, 31 thirty-one, 31 sincerity, purity, love, selfless worship choice, option, power, influence, control, authority twenty-one, 21 forty-one, 41 ninety-one, 91 eighty-one, 81 fifty-one, 51 cure, treatment, antidote, remedy area, district, locality jurisdiction, area, tenure fault, defect, bad habit, illness, pretext, basis knowledge, science, doctrine regard, kindness, favor, friendship


imaan (n.m.) [A]: imaarat (n.f.) [A]: imtahaan (m.): imtiHaan (n.m.) [A]: imtiyaaz (n.m.) [A]: in'aam (n.m.) [A]: inaad (n.m.) [A]: inakaar (m.): inakaar karanaa se: inkaar (n.m.) [A]: inqilaab (n.m.) [A]: insaan (n.m.) [A]: insaaniyyat (n.m.) [A]: intikhaab (n.m.) [A]: intiqaam (n.m.) [A]: intizaam (n.m.) [A]: intizaar (n.m.) [A]: iqbaal (n.m.) [A]: iqraar (n.m.) [A]: iqtizaa' (n.m.) [A]: iraadaa (m.): iraadah (n.m.) [A]: irfaan (n.m.) [A]: irshaad (n.m.) [A]: isaliae: isbaat (n.m.) [A]: ishaarah (n.m.) [P]: ishfaaq (n.m.) [A]: ishq (n.m.) [A]: ishraaq (n.m.) [A]: ishrat (n.f.) [A]: ishtahaar (m.): ishtihaar (n.m.) [A]: ishtiyaaq (n.m.) [A]: isii liae: ism-e shariif (m.): israaf (n.m.) [A]: israar (n.m.) [A]: istemaal (m.): isti'faa (n.m.) [A]: isti'maal (n.m.) [A]: itaab (n.m.) [A]: itanaa: itavaar (m.): itlaaf (n.m.) [A]: itmaam (n.m.) [A]: ittiHaad (n.m.) [A]: ittifaaq (n.m.) [A]: ittifaaqaan (adv.) [A]: ittihaam (n.m.) [A]: ittikaa' (n.m.) [A]: ityaadi: iz-haar (n.m.) [A]: izaafaa (m.): iztiraab (n.m.) [A]: iztiraar (n.m.) [A]: izzat (n.f.) [A]:

belief, faith, creed, conscience building, edifice examination examination, test, trial, proof, experiment discrimination, discernment, distinction gift, reward, largesse enmity, obstinacy refusal, denial to refuse denial, contradiction revolution man, human being, mankind humanity, civility selection, choice, election revenge, reprisal management, order, method, arrangement waiting (anxiously), expectation prosperity, good fortune, success, confession promise, pledge, confession, declaration, covenant requirement, need, demand intention aim, object, will, desire knowledge, science, wisdom instruction, order, command, guidance so, therefore, because of proof gesture, symbol, wink, sign compassion, kindness love, excessive passion dawn, day break, lustre pleasure, enjoyment, mirth, society advertisment notification, poster, reputation, renown longing, craving, desire that's why, for this very reason good name waste, extravagance obduracy, persistence, obstinacy use resignation application, usage, use rebuke, reproach, anger, displeasure so much, so many, this much, this m Sunday loss, ruin, decay completion, perfection union, alliance agreement, concord, chance, event, opportunity accidentally charge, imputation, blame dependence, reliance etc., and so on disclosure, proclamation, statement, testimony increase, rise restlessness, perturbation, anxiety helplessness, agitation, constraint honor, esteem, glory, reputation


ja'l (n.f.) [A]: ja.Nbhaaii (f.): ja.Nbhaaii lenaa: ja.ngal (m.): ja.ngalii: jaa'edaad (n.f.) [P]: jaa'iz (adj.) [H]: jaa.Daa (m.): jaadoo (n.m.) [P]: jaagbaa: jaagir (n.f.) [P]: jaahil (adj.) [A]: jaam (n.m.) [P]: jaan (n.f.) [P]: jaan parnaa: jaanaa: jaanaa-pahachaanaa: jaanakaarii (f.): jaananaa: jaanavar (m.): jaanee (adj.) [P]: jaanee (n.m.) [P]: jaaree (adj.) [A]: jaati (f.): jaazib (adj.) [A]: jab: jab bhii: jab ki: jab se: jab tak: jabee.n (n.f.) [P]: jafaa (n.f.) [P]: jagah (f.): jahaa.N: jahaa.N kahii.n: jahaan (n.m.) [P]: jahaannum (n.f.) [A]: jahaaz (n.m.) [A]: jaisaa: jaise hii .. vaise hii: jaise ki: jalaal (n.m, f.) [A]: jalaanaa: jalanaa: jaldii (f.): jaldii se: jalvah (n.m.) [A]: jamaa karaa: jamaal (n.m.) [A]: janaab (intj.) [A]: janaazah (n.m.) [A]: janataa (f.): janavarii (f.): jang (n.f.) [P]: janm (m.): janmaashhTamii (f.): janmadin (m.): jannat (n.f.) [A]:

counterfeit yawn, yawning to yawn jungle, wilderness wild property, estate, assets legal, permitted cold, winter (if plural) magic, conjuring, charm, effect of evil spirits to be awake a fief ignorant, illiterate, barbarous goblet soul, life, mind, vigor, sweetheart, beloved, dear one to seem to go well-known, widly recognized knowledge, information to know animal of or relating to life a beloved, a lover running, flowing, current, continuing species, caste, type alluring, attractive when whenever while since when until the forehead oppression, injustice, injury place where, in which place wherever the world hell ship, vessel like, similar to, such as as soon as .. then as, as if splendor, majesty to burn (tr), set alight to burn, be lit, to burn with jealo quickly, early, hurry quickly lustre, splendour, display, show to deposit beauty, elegance sir!, your honor! corpse, funeral the public, the people January battle, war birth Krishna's birthday birthday paradise, garden


janshruti (f.): japanaa: jarman: jashn (n.m.) [P]: javaab (n.m.) [A]: javaab denaa: javaahir (n.m.) [A]: javaan (adj.) [P]: jay (f.): jazb (n.m.) [A]: jazbah (n.m.) [A]: jeTh (m.): jeTh (m.): jeThaanii (f.): jeb (f.): jeevan (n.m.) [H]: jel (f.): jhaa.Dnaa: jhaga.Daa (m.): jhamelaa (m.): jhijhak (f.): jho.npa.Dii (f.): jhuuTh (m.): jidhar: jigar (n.m.) [P]: jii (m.): jii chaahanaa: jii haa.N: jii nahii.n: jiibh (f.): jiijii (f.): jiinaa: jiitanaa: jiivan (m.): jis se ki: jism (n.m.) [A]: jitanaa: jo: jo bhii: jo koii: jo kuchh: jo.D (m.): jo.Dnaa: josh (n.m.) [P]: juTanaa: judaa (adj.) [P]: judaaee (adj.) [P]: julaaii (f.): jumbish (n.f.) [P]: junoon (n.m.) [A]: jurm (n.m.) [A]: jurmaanah (n.m.) [P]: justjoo (n.f.) [P]: juun (m.): juutaa (m.): jyo.nhii .. tyo.nhii:

tradition, legend to repeat (the name of God) German a feast, celebration answer, equal, parallel, match to answer jewls, gems (plu. of jauhar) young, youth, young man, soldier victory allurement, attraction passion, rage, desire, feeling husband's elder brother the month Jyesth (May-Jun) wife of jeTh pocket life, existence jail to sweep, dust quarrel mess, botheration, turmoil hesitation hut lie wherever, in which direction liver, heart, soul, mind mind, heart to desire yes no tongue sister to live, be alive to win life by which, whereby, so that body as much as, as many as that which, which, who, if whoever, whatever whoever whatever joint to join, add, accumulate, save up heat, zeal, enthusiasm, passion, lust to be engaged in work separate, apart, asunder, peculiar separation, absence July movement madness, insanity crime, guilt fine, penalty search, inquiry June shoe as soon as .. then


kR^ipaa (f.): kR^ipaa karke: kR^ipaapatr (m.): kR^ipayaa:

kindness kindly, please kind letter please

k_ii: ka buraa maanaa: ka.nbal (m.): ka.njuus: ka.npanii (f.): kaTanaa: kaThin: kaThinaaii (f.): kaa aadar karanaa: kaa aana.nd lenaa: kaa dehaant honaa: kaa ilaaj karanaa: kaa istemaal karanaa: kaa janm honaa: kaa piichhaa karanaa: kaa prayog karanaa: kaa varNan karanaa: kaa vivaah honaa: kaa zikr karanaa: kaa.NTaa (m.): kaa.Ngres (f.): kaa.Npanaa: kaa, ke darshan karanaa: kaa, kii i.ntazaar karanaa: kaaGaz (m.): kaafi (adj.) [P&A]: kaafi: kaafir (adj.) [A]: kaafir (n.m.) [A]: kaafur (n.m.) [A]: kaaghaz (n.m.) [P]: kaahil (adj.) [A]: kaahish (n.f.) [P]: kaakaa (m.): kaakii (f.): kaal (m.): kaalaa: kaalej (m.): kaam (n.m.) [P]: kaam yaab (adj.): kaamraan (adj.): kaan (m.): kaar (n.m.) [P]: kaar (f.): kaarKaanaa (m.): kaaraN (m.): kaartik (m.): kaarvaan (n.m.) [P]: kaasah (n.m.) [P]: kaash (intj.) [P]: kaashif (adj.) [A]: kaatib (n.m.) [A]:

several to take amiss, take offence (at) blanket miserly, mean firm, company to be cut difficult, hard difficulty to respect to enjoy to die to treat to use to be born to follow, chase, pursue to use to describe to marry to mention, to refer to thorn, fork the Congress Party to tremble, shiver to see, have vision of to wait for paper, a piece of paper sufficient, enough quite, quite a few, enough, very impious, ungrateful infidel, sweetheart, mistress camphor paper, letter, document lazy, slow, indolent, relaxed, tardy, ailing anxiety, pining, decline, decay father's elder brother wife of father's elder brother time, season black college work, palate, desire, object, purport, design, intention prosperous, successfulhappy, satisfied successful, fortunate, happy, blessed ear affair, work, labor, duty, profession car factory, workshop reason, cause the month Kartik (Oct-Nov) caravan, large company of pilgrims cup, goblet, bowl would that! discoverer, revealer scribe, writer


kaatik (m.): kaazib (adj.) [A]: kab: kabaDDii: kabeer (adj.) [A]: kabhii: kabhii kabhii: kabhii nahii.n: kabootar (n.m.) [P]: kabz (f.): kachchaa: kadah (n.m.) [P]: kafan (n.m.) [A]: kahaa.N: kahaanii (f.): kahalaanaa: kahanaa: kahii.n: kahii.n aur: kahii.n bhii: kahii.n na kahii.n: kahii.n nahii.n: kaif (n.m.) [A]: kaifiyyat (n.f.) [A]: kaimraa (m.): kaisaa: kaise: kal (m.): kalaam (n.m.) [A]: kam (adj.) [P]: kam bakht (adj.): kam karanaa: kam se kam: kamaal (n.m.) [A]: kamaan (n.f.) [P]: kamar (n.f.) [P]: kamaraa (m.): kamazor: kamazorii (f.): kamee (n.f.) [P]: kameenah (adj.) [P]: kamzor (adj.): kandah (adj.) [P]: kanyaa (f.): kapa.Daa: karam (n.m.) [A]: karanaa: kareem (adj.) [A]: karo.D (m.): karttavy (m.): kas (n.m.) [P]: kasab (n.m.) [A]: kasal (n.m.) [A]: kashaakash (n.f.) [P]: kashhT (m.): kashhT denaa: kashish (n.f.) [P]: kashti (n.f.) [P]: kasr (n.f.) [A]:

the month Kartik (Oct-Nov) false when? a childeren's game great, large, immense sometime, ever sometimes never pigeon, dove constipation unripe, raw, uncooked, crude, rough a place (usually a suff.) shroud where? story to be called to say somewhere, somewhat somewhere else, somewhat more anywhere somewhere or other nowhere intoxication narrative, circumstances, explanation, situation camera of what kind? how? yesterday, tomorrow discourse, oration, a work, composition, objection deficient, few, little, rare, scanty, less unfortunate, wretched to reduce at least excellence, perfection, miracle, art bow, arch, spring waist, girdle, zone, army flank, arch room weak weakness deficiency, loss, abatement, reduction, dearth mean, vulgar, base, defective weak, feeble, powerless carved, engraved girl, daughter, virgin cloth, garment kindness, favor, bounty, clemency to do bountiful, generous, merciful, epithet of God a crore, ten million duty man, person profession, trade laxity, cowardice, depression, sickness struggle, dilemma, contention, grief and pain trouble to give trouble drawing, attraction, allurement ship, boat, vessel, tray breach, loss, affliction


kasrat (n.f) [A]: kasuur: kathaa (f.): kaul (n.m.) [H]: kaun: kaunasaa: kavi (m.): kavitaa (f.): ke a.ndar: ke aage: ke aas-paas: ke alaavaa: ke anusaar: ke baGair: ke baad: ke baahar: ke baare me.n: ke badle me.n: ke bajaay: ke bhiitar: ke biich me.n: ke binaa: ke chaaro.n taraf: ke dvaaraa: ke kaaraN: ke kinaare: ke laayaq: ke li_e: ke maare: ke niiche: ke paas: ke pahale: ke piichhe: ke ruup me.n: ke saamane: ke saath: ke sivaay: ke uupar: ke yahaa.N: ke yogy: keenah (n.m.) [P]: kelaa: keval: kha.Daa honaa: kha.Dii bolii (f.): khaa.Nsanaa: khaa.Nsii (f.): khaa.Nsii aanaa: khaak (n.f.) [P]: khaalis (adj.) [A]: khaam (adj.) [P]: khaamosh (adj.) [P]: khaanaa (m.): khaanaa: khaanah (n.m.) [P]: khaandaan (n.m.) [P]: khaanum (n.f.) [P]: khaas (adj.) [A]: khaataa-piitaa:

abundance, excess, bulk fault, guilt (religious) narration mouthful, morsel who? which? poet poem, poetry inside, within in front of, before around, in the vicinity of besides, apart from, as well as according to without after outside about, concerning in place of, in exchange for instead of inside, within between, amidst, among without all around by, by means by because of at, on the side of worthy of, worth for because of, on account of, through below, beneath close, near to before behind in the form of, as opposite with except for, but for on top of at the place of worthy of, worth malice, rancor, enmity banana only to stand standard modern Hindi to cough cough to have a cough dust, earth, ashes pure, genuine, sincere(friend) raw, green, inexpert, immature, vain silent food to eat house, room, compartment, partition family, lineage, dynasty lady, princess, wife special, particular, private, noble, unmixed well-to-do, prosperous


khaatir (n.f.) [A]: khabar (n.f.) [A]: khafaa (n.f.) [A]: khafaa (adj.) [P]: khair (adj.) [A]: khair (adv.) [A]: khair (n.f.) [A]: khajaalat (n.m.) [A]: khajaalat (adj.) [P]: khalaas (n.m.) [A]: khalish (n.f.) [P]: khanjar (n.m.) [A]: kharaab (adj.) [A]: khareed (n.f.) [P]: khastah (adj.) [P]: khataa (n.f.) [A]: khatm (adj.) [A]: khatm (n.m.) [A]: khatrah (n.m.) [A]: khatt (n.m.) [A]: khayaal (n.m.) [A]: khazaa.n (n.f.) [P]: khed (m.): khel (m.): khelanaa: khet (m.): khi.Dkii (f.): khidmat (n.f.) [A]: khii.nchanaa: khilaaf (n.m.) [A]: khilaaf (prep.) [A]: khilaanaa: khilaunaa (M.): khiyaaban (n.m.) [P]: khizaanah (n.m.) [P]: kholanaa: khonaa: khoob (adj.) [P]: khood (n., adj.) [P]: khoodi (n.f.) [P]: khoon (n.m.) [P]: khoorsheed (n.m.) [P]: khoosh (adj.) [P]: khuda (n.m.) [P]: khulaa: khumaar (n.m.) [A]: khurram (adj.) [P]: khushk (adj.) [P]: khutbah (n.m.) [A]: khvaab (n.m.) [P]: khvaahish (n.f.) [P]: khvaar (adj.) [P]: ki: ki mulaaqaat honaa se: kidhar: kii baGal me.n: kii dekhabhaal karanaa: kii jagah: kii koshish karanaa:

the heart, mind, memory, sake, behalf, choice, favor news, information, report, rumor, notice concealment, secrecy angry, displeased good, best very well welfare, happiness shame, bashfulness happy, auspicious, blessed deliverance, redemption, freedom prick, pain, anxiety, apprehension dagger bad, depraved, ruined, spoiled, wretched, obscene purchase wounded, broken, sorrowful mistake, slio, oversight, error finished, done conclusion, seal danger, fear, risk letter, note, mark thought, imagination, opinion, care, respect autumn, decay, old age regret game to play field, farming land window service, office, duty to pull, drag, draw opposition, contraiety, falsehood against to feed, make play, cause to blosso toy flower-bed, flower garden treasury, treasure to open to lose, to be lost good, excellent, beautiful, amiable self, private, personal, own egotism, vanity, presence of mind blood, murder sun pleasing, happy God open intoxication happy dry, withered, cynic sermon, oration, introduction sleep, dream desire, request, demand wretched, deserted, friendless, poor that, or to meet which way? where? next to, alongside to look after, care for in (the) place of to try to


kii mR^ityu honaa: kii madad karanaa: kii marammat karanaa: kii ni.ndaa karanaa: kii or: kii prasha.nsaa karanaa: kii puujaa karanaa: kii shaadii honaa: kii shikaayat karanaa se: kii taariif karaa: kii talaash karanaa: kii taraf: kii tarah: kii tulanaa karanaa: kilo (m.): kinaaraa (m.): kinaarah (n.m.) [P]: kiraayaa (m.): kis samay: kis tarah se: kisvat (n.f.) [A]: kitaab (n.m.) [A]: kitanaa: klaas (m.): ko: ko chho.Dkar: koT (m.): koft (n.f.) [P]: koh (n.m.) [P]: kohanii (f.): koii: koii na koii: koii nahii.n: konaa (m.): koshish (n.f.) [P]: kshhaN (m.): kuTiyaa (f.): kuaa.N (m.): kuchalanaa: kuchh: kuchh aur: kuchh na kuchh: kuchh nahii.n: kufr (n.m.) [A]: kul (adj.) [A]: kulii (m.): kulii karanaa: kumaarii (f.): kursii (f.): kurtaa (m.): kuudnaa: kvaar (m.): kyaa: kyo.n: kyo.nki:

to die to help to repair, mend; to beat up (slang) to blame, condemn towards to praise to worship, adore to marry to complain to praise to search for, look for towards like to compare kilo(gram) bank, edge, border shore, river bank, edge, margin, limit rent, fare at what time? how? in what manner? dress, appearance, habit, figure, form, manner book, writing, despatch how much? how many? class to (etc.) apart from coat beating, pain, vexation, grief, gilding mountain, hill elbow some, any, someone, anyone, (, w num someone or other nobody corner attempt, endeavor, labor, exertion moment hut well to crush, trample, to be crushed some some more, something else something or other nothing paganism, infidelity, profanity all, complete, entire, aggregate, universe porter to hire a porter unmarried girl, Miss chair kurta, loose-cut shirt to jump the month Ashvin (Sep-Oct) what why? because


empty, vacant, free


Kaalii-haath: Kaas: Kaas taur par: Kaasakar: Kaasiyat (f.): Kaavi.nd (m.): Kabar (f.): Kabardaar (f.): Kair: Karaab: Karch (m.): Karch karanaa: Kariidnaa: Kat (m.): Katm honaa (i.): Katm karanaa (t.): Kud: Kudaa haafiz: Kush: Kushii (f.): Kushii se: Kuub: Kuubasuurat: Kuun (m.): Kyaal (m.):

empty-handed special specially, particularly specially special quality, characteristic husband news watchful, watch out! well, anyway bad, faulty expenditure, expenses to spend to buy letter, correspondence to end to finish oneself goodbye happy happiness, pleasure happily, gladly good, abundant, very very well, ver beautiful blood opinion, thought

la.Dka (m.): la.Dkii (f.): la.Dnaa: la.nbaa: la.nbaa-chau.Daa: la.ngar (n.m.) [P]: laHzah (n.m.) [A]: laa (suff.) [A]: laa chaar (adj.): laa javaab (adj.): laa vaaris (adj.): laa'iq (adj.) [A]: laaThii (f.): laabh (m.): laadnaa: laakh (m.): laal: laanaa: laaparavaah: laaparavaahii (f.): laash (n.f, m.) [T]: laayaq: laazim (adj.) [A]: lab (n.m.) [P]: lafz (n.m.) [A]: lagaam (n.f.) [H]: lagaanaa: lagaataar: lagabhag: laganaa: laka.Dii (f.):

boy girl to fight tall (of people, trees) huge, vast anchor, cable, rope, public kitchen, alms the twinkling of an eye, moment, glance no, not, by no means, without helpless, destitute, forlorn, disabled rendered speechless, silenced heirless worthy, suitable, able, qualified, decent staff, stick, truncheon profit, advantage to load 100000, lac, lakk red to bring careless carelessness corpse capable, worth, suitable, worthy necessary, compulsory, important the lip, edge, margin, shore, bank word, saying bridle, rein to apply, attach continuously about, approximately to be applied, to seem, to begin to wood; stick


lakhapati (m.): lamHah (n.m.) [A]: lang (n.m.) [P]: laoo (n.f.) [H]: lapakanaa: larzaa.n (adj.) [P]: lassii (f.): lataafat (n.f.) [P]: lateefah (n.m.) [A]: latmah (n.m.) [A]: lauH (n.f.) [A]: lauTanaa: lazzat (n.f.) [A]: lekh (m.): lekin: lenaa: letaanaa: letanaa: liTaanaa: lifaafah (n.m.) [A]: likhanaa: liyaaqat (n.f.) [A]: log: lokpriy: lughat (n.m.) [A]: luknat (n.f.) [A]: lutf (n.m.) [A]:

wealthy person, millionaire minute, moment lameness, limp candle flame, ardent desire, attachment to rush forward, pounce termbling, tremulous, fearing lassi (a yoghout drink) pleasantness, elegance, subtility pleasantry, witticism, joke slap, blow plank, board, table, tablet, title page to return (intr) taste, flavor, enjoyment, pleasure article, paper but to take to make lie down to lie down to make lie down cover, envelope, wrapper, secret to write worth, ability, merit, skill people popular tongue, speech, dialect, word, dictionary stammering, speech impediment kindness, favor, grace, pleasure

mR^ityu (f.): ma'loom (adj.) [A]: ma'mool (adj.) [A]: ma'nee (n.m.) [A]: ma'shooq (n.m.) [A]: ma.Ngvaanaa: ma.ndir (m.): ma.ngal (m.): ma.ngalvaar (m.): maHabbat (n.f.) [A]: maHboob (adj.) [A]: maHboob (n.m.) [A]: maHboobah (n.f.) [A]: maHboos (adj.) [A]: maHdood (adj.) [A]: maHfil (n.f.) [A]: maHfooz (adj.) [A]: maHjoob (n.m.) [A]: maHroom (adj.) [A]: maHsood (adj.) [A]: maHsoos (adj.) [A]: maHzooz (adj.) [A]: ma_ii (f.): maa (adv.) [A]: maa Haul (n.m.): maa ba'd (adj.): maa faat (adj.): maa varaa (adj.): maa.N (f.):

death known, evident, clear governed, prepared, customary meaning, intent, signifcance, reality, essence beloved, sweetheart to order, ask for, buy temple Tuesday Tuesday love, friendship loved, lovely lover, friend, sweetheart mistress, sweetheart confined, imprisoned limited, bounded, finite congregation, assembly kept safe, guarded, secure, memorized modesty, shame, bashfulness deprived, unlucky, prohibited, disappointed envied, hated felt, perceived, sensible pleased, delighted, rich, contented May which, what, that which, whilst, during... surroundings, environs following what is past or dead what is beyond or behind mother


maa.N-baap (m.): maa.Ng (f.): maa.Nganaa: maa.Ns (m.): maaf karanaa: maagh (m.): maah (n.m.) [P]: maah jabeen (adj.): maah paaraa (adj.): maah taab (n.m.): maah vash (adj.): maahir (adj.) [A]: maal (n.m.) [A]: maal (m.): maalik (n.m.) [A]: maalik (m.): maaluum: maamaa (m.): maamalaa (m.): maamii (f.): maamuulii: maananaa: maananiiy: maani' (n.m.) [A]: maano.n: maar (f.): maar khaanaa: maarch (m.): maarnaa: maas (m.): maatR^ibhaashhaa (f.): maataa (f.): maataa-pitaa (m.): maatam (n.m.) [A]: maathaa (m.): maayoos (adj.) [A]: machchhar (m.): machchharadaanii (f.): madaar (n.m.) [A]: madad (n.f.) [A]: madad (f.): madhosh (adj.) [A]: madhur: maflook (adj.) [A]: maftoon (adj.) [A]: magar (conj.) [P]: magar: maghloob (adj.) [A]: maghroor (adj.) [A]: maghz (n.m.) [P]: maha.Ngaa: mahaatmaa (m.): mahal (m.): mahasuus karanaa: mahattv (m.): mahattvapuurN: mahiinaa (m.): mahiine ke mahiine: mahilaa (f.):

parents demand to demand, ask for meat to pardon, forgive the month Maagh (Jan-Feb) the moon, month a beautiful person handsome, beloved moonlight having a face as beautiful as the moon skilled, expert, master, excel riches, property, merchandise, revenue goods, produce, stuff, property master, lord, owner, God boss, proprietor, master known maternal uncle matter, affair wife of maternal uncle ordinary, commonplace to accept, agree, believe revered, respected impediment, hinderance, objection, stopper as though, as if beating to undergo a beating March to beat, hit, kill month mother tongue mother parents mourning, grief forehead without hope, disappointed mosquito mosquito net circumference, orbit, station, dependence help, assistance, reinforcement, wages help intoxicated, astonished sweet, melodious indigent, beggarly, destitute tempted, enamored, charmed, mad (with love) unless, perhaps, except, but, however but conquered, subdued proud, arrogant brain, pith, intellect expensive saintly; saint palace to feel, experience importance important month month by month lady


mahoday: mahodayaa: mahtaab (n.m.) [P]: mai (n.f.) [P]: mai kadah (n.m.): mai khaanah (n.m.): mai.n: maidaan (n.m.) [A]: mailaa: majaal (n.f.) [A]: majabuur: majabuur karanaa par: majma' (n.m.) [A]: majnoo.n (adj.) [A]: majrooh (adj.) [A]: makaan (n.m.) [A]: makhboot (adj.) [A]: makhmal (n.m.) [A]: makhmoor (adj.) [A]: makkaar (adj.) [A]: makkhan (m.): maknoon (adj.) [A]: malaal (n.m.) [A]: malaamat (n.f.) [A]: malamaas (m.): malool (adj.) [A]: namaste (f.): mameraa bhaaii (m.): mamerii bahin (f.): man (m.): man karanaa: mana' (n.m.) [A]: manaa: manaa karanaa: manaanaa: manish (n.f.) [P]: mantrii (m.): manzar (n.m.) [A]: manzil (n.f.) [A]: manzoor (adj.) [A]: maqaal (n.m.) [A]: maqaam (n.m.) [A]: maqbarah (n.m.) [A]: maqbool (adj.) [A]: maqsad (n.m.) [A]: maqsood (adj.) [A]: marammat (f.): maranaa: marazii (f.): mard (n.m.) [P]: mareez (n.m.) [A]: marghoob (adj.) [A]: marhalah (n.m.) [A]: marham (n.m.) [A]: marhoom (adj.) [A]: mariiz (m.): marmar (n.m.) [G]: marqoom (adj.) [A]: martabah (n.f., m.) [A]:

sir madam moonlight wine, liquor bar, tavern bar, tavern I open field, battlefield, ground dirty power, strength, stability, opportunity helpless, compelled to compel congregation, assemblage, crowd, collection insane, madly in love wounded, hurt, smitten house, place, habitation mad, insane velvet intoxicated, drunk cunning, artful, deceitful butter hidden, concealed sadness, grief, langor, fatigue censure, rebuke leap month sad, depressed, tired, bored greetings, goodbye maternal cousin maternal cousin mind, heart to feel at home prohibition, refusal, hindrance, forbidding forbidden, prohibited to forbit, prohibit to celebrate (festival, holiday) heart, mind, soul, magnanimity, pride minister countenance, visage, sight, aspect, scene day's journey, destination, storey, house admired, chosen, approved, accepted, granted word, speech, saying, proverb dwelling, station, position, basis tomb, grave accepted, chosen, grateful intention, purpose, aim, goal, desire intended, proposed repair to die wish, preference man, male, hero, husband patient desired, beautiful stage, inn, day's journey, difficulty ointment, salve, cure dead, deceased patient marble written, inscribed degree, office, class, order


masaalaa (m.): masal (n.f.) [A]: mash'al (n.f.) [A]: mash_huur: mashhoor (adj.) [A]: masroor (adj.) [A]: mast (adj.) [P]: mat: matalab (m.): matin (adj.) [A]: matlab (n.m.) [A]: matrook (adj.) [A]: matvalaa (adj.) [A]: mauj (n.f.) [A]: maujood (adj.) [A]: mauqa' (n.m.) [A]: mauqaa (m.): mausaa (m.): mausam (n.m.) [A]: mausii (f.): maut (n.f.) [A]: mazaa (m.): mazaa aanaa: mazaa lenaa: mazaaq (n.m.) [A]: mazaaqiyaa: mazaar (n.m.) [A]: mazaduur (m.): mazah (n.m.) [P]: mazboot (adj.) [A]: mazhab (n.m.) [A]: mazloom (adj.) [A]: me.n: me.n se: me.nDhak (m.): me.nh (m.): mehamaan (m.): mehanat (f.): meharabaanii (f.): melaa (m.): meraa: mez (f.): miHnat (n.f.) [A]: miThaaii (f.): miThaas (f.): mihmaan (n.m.) [P]: mihrbaani (n.f.) [P]: miiTar (m.): miiThaa: miil (f.): milaanaa: milanaa se: milanaa-julanaa se: milanasaar: minaT (m.): misaal (adj.) [A]: mitr (m.): mizaaj (n.m.) [A]: mizaaj (m.):

Spice proverb, example torch, lantern famous noted, famous, reported, proclaimed glad, cheerful, pleased drunk, intoxicated do not meaning; motive, selfinterest strong, solid, vigorous, obstinate object, aim, meaning, motive, wish, desire abandoned, obsolete, rejected intoxicated, inebriated wave, surge, enjoyment, ecstasy, caprice, plenty present, existing, at hand, ready occasion, opportunity, place, situation opportunity, chance, occasion husband of maternal aunt season, time, weather maternal aunt death, mortality pleasure, fun to enjoy, have fun to enjoy joke, taste, relish, perception witty, funny, humorous shrine, tomb, grave labourer taste, relish, enjoyment, pleasure strong, firm, resolute, valid religion, sect, doctrine injure, oppressed, wronged in from amongst, out of frog rain guest hard work, labour kindness fair my, mine table labor, toil, difficulty, trial sweet, sweetmeat sweetness guest favor, kindness meter sweet mile to bring together, unite, mix to meet; to be available to associate, mix, resemble friendly, sociable minute simile, likeness, metaphor, example friend mixture, temperament, humor, pride mood, temperament


mo.D (m.): mo.Danaa: moHzoon (adj.) [A]: moTaa: mol-bhaav karanaa: mom (n.m.) [P]: moojib (n.m.) [A]: mu'aahid (n.m.) [A]: mu'ijzah (n.m.) [A]: mu.Dnaa: mu.Nh (m.): muHaafiz (n.m.) [A]: muHallah (n.m.) [A]: muHsin (n.m.) [A]: muHtaj (adj.) [A]: mua'yyid (adj.) [A]: mubaahaat (n.m.) [A]: mubaarak (adj.) [A]: mubtada (n.m.) [A]: mudaam (adv.) [A]: muddat (n.f.) [A]: mufeed (adj.) [A]: muflis (adj.) [A]: muft (adj.) [P]: muft me.n: muhaajir (n.m.) [A]: muhallaa (m.): muhlat (n.f.) [A]: mujrim (adj.) [A]: mujrim (n.m.) [A]: mukaddar (adj.) [A]: mukarrar (adv.) [A]: mukh: mukhtasar (adj.) [A]: mukhy: mukti (f.): mulaa'im (adj.) [A]: mulaaqaat (n.f.) [A]: mulaazim (n.m.) [A]: mulk (n.m.) [A]: mumakin (adj.) [A]: mumtaaz (adj.) [A]: munHasir (adj.) [A]: munaasib (n.f.) [A]: muqaabil (adj.) [A]: muqaabilaa karanaa se: muqaddam (adj.) [A]: muqaddar (n.m.) [A]: muqarrar (adj.) [A]: muqir (adj.) [A]: muraad (n.f.) [A]: murchchhaa (f.): murdah (adj.) [P]: murshid (n.m.) [A]: musaafir (n.m.) [A]: musaafir (m.): musalamaan (m.): museebat (n.f.) [A]: mushkil (adj.) [A]:

bend, turning, fold to turn grieved, vexed fat, coarse to bargain, haggle wax cause, reason ally, confederate miracle to turn face, mouth protector, guardian, guard quarter(of a city), street, ward patron, benefactor needy, poor, defective corroborative, confirmatory contending for glory, boasting, arrogance auspicious, blessed, felicitation commencement, principle eternally, always, continually period(of time) profitable, beneficial, useful poor, indigent, bankrupt free, gratis free of charge refugee, emigrant locality, area of town retarding, delay, respite, leisure criminal, culpable, faulty felon, criminal, sinner turbid, muddy, sullen, gloomy, vexed repeatedly, again mouth, face concise, abbreviated main, principal, chief liberation, salvation soft, tender, gentle, placid meeting, encounter, interview, visit servant, aide nation, realm, territory possible, feasible exalted, eminent, chosen surrounded, besieged, dependent, resting proper, suitable, fit, apt, congruous opposite, converse, against, matching to compete, compare antecedent, prior, superior, chief fate, destiny, predestination established, fixed, certain, customary, permanent confessing, admitting, acknowledging desire, will, intention, vow, tenor, meaning fainting dead, weak, decrepit teacher, spiritual guide traveller, stranger traveller Mulim misfortune, calamity, adversity, evil difficult, intricate, hard, painful


mushkil (f.) [A]: mushkil se: musiibat (f.): muskaraanaa: muta'assib (adj.) [A]: mutaHammil (adj.) [A]: mutaassif (adj.) [A]: mutabassim (adj.) [A]: mutaqbiq (adj.) [A]: mutaraddid (adj.) [A]: mutavaqqi' (adj.) [A]: muu.Ngaphalii (f.): muurti (f.): muyassar (adj.) [A]:

difficulty with difficulty, barely difficulty, calamity to smile prejudiced, partial, superstitious affable, tolerant, patient, passive sorrowful, repentant, grieving smiling, laughing conformable, suitable, like, in accordance with hesitant, perplexed, wavering, grieved expecting, hopeful peanut idol, image, statue facilitated, easy, possible, feasible

na: na .. na: na jaane: na'eem (n.f.) [A]: na'sh (n.f.) [A]: na.nbar (m.): naTakhaT: naa (pref.) [P&H]: naa aashnaa (adj.): naa chaar (adj.): naa cheez (adj.): naa daani (n.f.): naa daanistah (adv.): naa daari (n.f.): naa deedah (adj.): naa fahm (adj.): naa farmaan (adj.): naa gavaar (adj.): naa insaafi (n.f.): naa ittifaaqi (n.f.): naa jaa'iz (adj.): naa kaam (adj.): naa kas (adj.): naa khushi (n.f.): naa laa'iq (adj.): naa ma'loom (adj.): naa manzoor (adj.): naa mard (adj.): naa mumkin (adj.): naa muraad (adj.): naa paa'idari (n.f.): naa pasand (adj.): naa qaabil (adj.): naa qadr (adj.): naa raasti (n.f.): naa raazi (n.f.): naa saaf (adj.): naa saaz (adj.): naa saboor (adj.): naa samajh (adj.): naa shaad (adj.): naa shinaas (adj.):

not neither .. nor God knows, who knows pleasure, ease, tranquility coffin, corpse, bier number naughty, mischievous no, not, termination of the infinitive not acquainted, stranger helpless, destitute, forlorn trifling, insignificant, worthless ignorance unwittingly, unknowingly poverty greedy stupid disobedient unpleasant, unpalatable injustice discord, disagreement unlawful unsuccessful worthless, base disagreeableness, displeasure unworthy, unsuitable, improper unknown disallowed unmanly impossible disappointed inconstancy, frailty disliked, unacceptable, offensive unfit, unworthy, incapable unappreciative dishonesty discontent unclean, impure, unchaste indisposed, dissonant, uncivil impatient, restless ignorant, dull, foolish cheerless, joyless, dull ignorant


naa shukr (adj.): naa taaqat (adj.): naa tamaam (adj.): naa tars (adj.): naa tavaani (n.f.): naa ummeedee (n.f.): naa yaab (adj.): naa'ib (n.m) [A]: naa'o (n.f.) [H]: naa-onosh (n.m.) [P]: naach (n.m.) [H]: naachanaa: naadim (adj.) [A]: naadir (adj.) [A]: naafiz (adj.) [A]: naak (suff.) [P]: naak (f.): naak bahanaa: naakhun (n.m.) [P]: naalaan (adj.) [P]: naalish (n.f.) [P]: naam (n.m.) [P]: naamah (n.m.) [P]: naamak: naanaa (f.): naanaa-naanii (m.): naanii (f.): naar (n.f.) [A]: naaraaz: naashtaa (m.): naasoot (n.m.) [A]: naataa (n.m.) [H]: naatii (m.): naatin (f.): naaz (n.m.) [P]: naazish (n.f.) [P]: naazuk (adj.) [P]: nabbe: nabi (n.m.) [A]: nabz (n.f.) [A]: nadeem (n.m.) [A]: nae sire se: nafarat (n.f.) [A]: nafarat karanaa se: nafs (n.m.) [A]: nagar (m.): naghmaah (n.m.) [A]: nahaanaa: nahii.n: nahii.n to: najeeb (adj.) [A]: najm (n.m.) [A]: nakbat (n.f.) [A]: nakhraah (n.m.) [A]: nal (m.): nam (adj.) [P]: nam (n.m.) [P]: namaaz (n.f.) [A]: namak (m.):

ungrateful weak, feeble incomplete hard-hearted, severe, pitiless weakness, inability hopelessness, despair scarce, rare assistant, deputy boat, ship, vessel carousing, feasting dance to dance penitent, ashamed, bashful rare, singular, precious having effect, piercing affected with, full of nose have a runny nose nail, claw lamenting, moaning complaint, accusation name, title, honor, fame, renown treatise, book, history named maternal grandfather maternal grandparents maternal grandmother fire, hell displeased, angry breakfast humanity, human nature relationship, alliance, kin, affinity daugther's son daughter's daugther coquetry, airs, pride, elegance, softness, delicacy pride, arrogance thin, slender, fragile, delicate ninety, 90 a prophet the pulse intimate friend from a new beginning aversion, disgust, fright, terror to hate soul, spirit, essence city, town melody, song, musical note to bath, wash oneself no, not otherwise praiseworthy, noble, generous star, planet, fortune, horoscope calamity, misfortune airr, coquetry, trick, pretence, swagger pipe, tap moist, wet, damp moisture, wetness, dampness prayer salt


namakiin (m.): namaskaar (m.): namaste (f.): namoonah (n.m.) [P]: namuunaa (m.): nanad (f.): nanadoii (m.): naoo (adj.) [P]: naql (n.f.) [A]: naqli (adj.) [A]: naqsh (n.m.) [A]: naqshah (n.m.) [A]: nar (n.m.) [S&P]: nargis (n.f.) [P]: narm (adj.) [P]: naseeHat (n.f.) [A]: naseeb (n.m.) [A]: naseem (n.f.) [A]: nashaah (n.m.) [P]: nasheen (adj.) [P]: nashtaa karanaa: nataa'ij (n.m.) [A]: nateejaa (n.m.) [A]: nau: nau bahaar (n.f.): nau javaani (n.f.): nau nihaal (n.m.): naubat (n.f.) [A]: naukar (m.): naukar-chaakar (m.): naukarii (f.): naukarii karanaa: nava.nbar (m.): navaasii: navaazish (n.f.) [P]: nayaa: nazaafat (n.f.) [A]: nazaakat (n.f.) [P]: nazaarah (n.m.) [A]: nazar (n.f.) [A]: nazar aanaa: nazar dau.Daanaa: nazdeek (adj.) [P]: nazm (n.f.) [A]: nazm (n.m.) [A]: neelaam (n.m.) [(Port.)]: nek (adj.) [P]: ni'am (n.f.) [A]: ni.ndaa (f.): nigaah (n.f.) [P]: nigaah baan (n.m.): nigaar (n.m.) [P]: nihaa.n (n.m) [P]: nihaal (n.m) [P]: nii.nd (f.): nii.nd aanaa: niiche: niilaa: nikaT:

salty, savoury snacks greetings, goodbye greetings, goodbye example, sample, specimen example, specimen, type husband's sister husband of husband's sister new, fresh, raw narration, tale, mimicing, copying, aping artificial, spurious, counterfiet painting, picture, map, mark portrait, model, design, example man, male Narcissus, the eye of a mistress smooth, tender, soft, slow advice, counsel, admonition fortune, fate, destiny Zephyr, gentle breeze intoxication, pride, arrogance sitting to have breakfast results, consequences (plu. of nateejah) result nine, 9 early spring youth, prime of life sapling, young man turn, time servant servants and domestics service, job to server, do a job November eighty-nine, 89 kindness, favor, patronage new purity, neatness neatness, elegance, politeness sight, view, vista look, glance, favor, motive, view, countenance to come into sight, be seen, appear to look around near poetry, verse order, arangement auction good, lucky, virtuous, pious favors, benefits blame, speaking ill of, condemnatio look, glance, sight, custody, care protector, guard painting, picture, sweetheart, beloved latent, hidden, secret, sapling sleep to feel sleeply, fall asleep under, beneath, below blue near


nikaah (n.m.) [A]: nikaalanaa: nikalanaa: nim (adj.) [P]: ninyaanave: niraalee (adj.) [H]: nisaar (n.m.) [A]: nisbat (n.f) [A]: nishaan (n.m.) [P]: nishaanee (n.f.) [P]: nishachay karanaa: nivedan (m.): niyaaz (n.f.) [P]: niyoosh (adj.) [P]: niyyat (n.f.) [A]: nizaam (n.m.) [A]: noTis (m.): noor (n.m) [A]: nuktah (n.m.) [A]: nuktah been (adj.): nuktah cheen (adj.): nuktah daan (adj.): numaa'ish (n.f.) [P]: nuqsaan (n.m.) [A]: nusrat (n.f.) [A]:

matrimony to take out, extract, bring out to emerge, come, go out middle, half ninety-nine, 99 unequalled, rare, strange throwing, dispersion, scattering, sacrifice relation, affinity, attribute, comparison mark, sign, signal, emblem, target, scar, trace mark, sign, souvenir, keepsake to decide, resolve request, submission desire, plea, poverty, need listening, hearing intention, purpose, will, aim order, arrangement, custom, system notice light subtlety conceit, point of wit, epigram hypercritical captious sagacious show, display, sight, spectacle loss victory

o (conj.) [P]: o.Dhnaa: oTh (m.):

and to cover, wrap, wear lip

pa.Daa: pa.Danaa: pa.Dhaaii (f.): pa.Dhaanaa: pa.Dhanaa: pa.Dosii (m.): pa.nDit (m.): pa.ndrah: paTTii (f.): paTTii baa.Ndhanaa: paa (n.m.) [P]: paa ba.nd (n.m): paa maal (adj.): paa yaab (adj.): paa.Nch: paa.Nchavaa.N: paa.Nv (m.): paa.Nv kii u.Ngalii (f.): paaTh (m.): paagal (adj.) [H]: paagal (m.): paaii (f.): paalanaa: paanaa: paanii (n.m.) [H]:

lying to fall, lie study, studies to teach to read, study neighbour learned man, pandit fifteen, 15 bandage to apply a bandage leg, foot, root of a tree fettered, bound, subjugated trodden under foot, ruined fordable, within man's depth five, 5 fifth, 5th foot, leg toe lesson, reading mad, insane, idiotic, distressed mad, crazy, madman pie, 1, 3 of an old paisaa to rear, bring up to find, obtain water, rain, lustre, character, honor


paanii pa.Dnaa: paar (n.m.) [H]: paar daari (n.f.): paas (n.m.) [P]: paas: paas baan (n.m.): pachaanaa: pachaanave: pachaas: pachaasii: pachahattar: pachapan: pachchiis: pad (m.): pad (m.): padhaaranaa: paga.Dii (f.): pahaa.D (m.): pahachaananaa: pahalaa: pahale: pahale-pahal: pahananaa: pahar (m.): pahloo (n.m.) [P]: pahuu.Nchaanaa: pahuu.Nchanaa: pai.nsaTh: pai.ntaaliis: pai.ntiis: paidaa honaa: paidal: paighaam (n.m.) [P]: paikeT (m.): paimaan (n.m.) [P]: pair (m.): paisaa (m.): pak (adj.) [P]: paka.Dnaa: pakaanaa (t.): pakeezah (adj.) [P]: pakkaa: pal (n.m.) [H]: pala.ng (m.): palaTanaa: palak (n.f.) [H]: panaah (n.f.) [P]: pannaa (m.): par: par: par se: para.ntu: paradaa (m.): paraknaa (v.) [H]: paraso.n: parastish (n.m.) [P]: paravaah (f.): paravaah karanaa: pardah (n.m.) [P]:

to rain opposite bank, the end, termination favor, partiality, favoritism custody, regard, supervision nearby guard, sentinel to digest ninety-five, 95 fifty, 50 eighty-five, 85 seventy-five, 75 fifty-five, 55 twenty-five, 25 lyric poem, hymn position, office to grace (a place by arriving) turban mountain, hill to recognise, identify first previously, ago, (at) first for the first time to wear, put on 8th part of a day, 3-hour periode side, advantage, flank of an army to convey, cause to reach, deliver to reach, arrive at sixty-five, 65 forty-five, 45 thirty-five, 35 to be born, produced on foot message, news, advice packet promise, agreement, oath, confirmation foot money, 1, 100 of a rupee pure, holy, immaculate, chaste, undefiled to catch, grab, hold to cook pure, clean, neat ripe, cooked, well-made a moment bed to turn over, turn back eyelash, a moment, an instant protection, asylum, refuge page but on, at (etc.) from on but curtain, purdah to examine, to test the day before yesterday, tomorrow worship concern, care, heed to care curtain, screen, veil, secrecy, privacy


pareshaan (adj.) [P]: pareshaan: parichay (m.): parichay karanaa: pariikshhaa (f.): pariikshhaa denaa: parivaar (m.): parivash (adj.) [P]: parvaanah (n.m.) [P]: parvarish (n.f.) [P]: pasa.nd (f.) [P]: pasa.nd karanaa [P]: pashachim (m.): pashemaan (n.f.) [P]: pasinaa (n.m.) [H]: pataa (m.): pataa chalanaa: patalaa: pati: patidev (m.): patnii (f.): patohuu (f.): patr (m.): paudhaa (m.): paun: paunaa: paune: paushh (m.): pavitr: payaam (n.m.) [P]: pe.D (m.): pe.nsil (f.): peT (m.): peshaab (m.): peshaab karanaa: peshaab-ghar (m.): peshaah (n.m.) [P]: pha.Nsanaa: phaTanaa: phaa.Dnaa: phaagun (m.): phaalgun (m.): phailanaa: phal (m.): phe.nkanaa: phepha.Daa (m.): pheriivaalaa (m.): phernaa: phiikaa: phir: phir bhii: phirnaa: phuul (m.): phuuphaa (m.): phuuphii (f.): pi.njaraa (m.): pichhalaa: piiTh (f.): piichhaa (m.):

troubled, distracted, distressed worried, anxious introduction, acquaintance to introduce examination to sit an examination family fairy-like, beautiful moth, lover, warrant, permission fostering, rearing, sustenance, protecting pleasing, favourite, liking to choose, prefer, like western, west penitent, repentant, ashamed perspiration, sweat address to become aware of, learn of thin, slender husband husband wife son's wife letter, paper plant three-quarters, 3, 4 three-quaters, 3, 4 a quarter to, less a quarter the month Paus (Dec-Jan) pure, sacre, holy message tree pencil stomach urine to urinate toilet, urinal craft, trade, profession to be involved, caught up to be torn, split to tear, split, cleave the month Phaalgun (Feb-Mar) the month Phaalgun (Feb-Mar) to spread fruit to throw lung hawker to turn, return tasteless, dull, unsweetened then, again even so to turn, return, wander flower husband of father's younger sister father's younger sister cage previous, last back rear part, pursuit


piichhe: behind, after piilaa: yellow piinaa: to drink, smoke pilaanaa: to give to drink pitaa: father pleTafaarm (m.): platform potaa (m.): son's son potii (f.): son's daughter praNaam (m.): respectful greetings praayaH: usually, often, almost prabhu (m.): lord prabhu kaa pyaara hona: to go to heaven prachalit: current pradesh (m.): province, state pradhaan ma.ntrii (m.): prime minister prakaar (m.): variety, kind, manner, way prakaash (m.): light pramukh: principal, chief, main prasann: pleased, happy prasha.nsaa (f.): praise pratishat: per cent pravesh karanaa: to enter prayog (m.): use prem (m.): love prem karanaa se: to love priy: dear, favourite priyvar: dearest prograam (m.): programme pukaarnaa: to call, call out pulis (f.): police punashach: PS, postscipt puraanaa: old (not of people) pustak (f.): book puu.Njii (f.): capital, investment puuchh-taachh (f.): inquiry, investigation puuchh-taachh karana se: to enquire, make enquiries puuchhanaa: to ask puujaa (f.): worship, adoration puujy: revered puuraa: full, complete, whole puuraa honaa: to be complete puuraa karanaa: to complete puurv (m.): east puus (m.): the month Paus (Dec-Jan) pyaalaa (m.): cup pyaar (m.): love pyaar karanaa se: to love pyaaraa (m.): dear, beloved, dear one pyaas (f.): thirst

qaa'idah (n.m.) [A]: qaa'il (adj.) [A]: qaa'im (adj.) [A]: qaabil (adj.) [A]: qaaboo (n.m.) [P]: qaafiyah (n.m.) [A]: qaanoon (n.m.) [A]:

custom, rule, manners, habit, established order confessing, agreeing, conceding, subdued erect, stagnant, firm, durable worthy, able, competent, deserving, clever power, command, authority, possession, hold rhyme, metre, cadence rule, law, system, state


qaanuun (m.): qaatil (n.m.) [A]: qaazee (n.m.) [A]: qabr (n.f.) [A]: qabzah (n.m.) [A]: qadam (n.m.) [A]: qadd (n.m.) [A]: qadr (n.f.) [A]: qafas (n.m.) [A]: qai (f.): qai aanaa: qai honaa: qai karanaa: qaid (n.f.) [A]: qalam (n.m.) [A]: qalam (m.): qalb (n.m.) [A]: qamar (n.m.) [A]: qamiiz (f.): qaraar (n.m.) [A]: qareeb (adj.) [A]: qariib: qarz (n.m.) [A]: qasam (n.m.) [A]: qataar (f.): qatl (n.m.) [A]: qaul (n.m.) [A]: qaum (n.m.) [A]: qazaa (n.f.) [A]: qeemat (n.m.) [A]: qiimat (f.): qiimatii: qism (n.f.) [A]: qismat (n.f.) [A]: qissah (n.m.) [A]: qiyaamat (n.f.) [A]: qubool (n.m.) [A]: qudrat (n.f.) [A]: qurbaan (n.m.) [A]: qusoor (n.m.) [A]:

law murderer, assassin, homicide judge grave, tomb gridp, clutch, possessing, power, hilt of a sword step, pace, footstep stature, size, height dignity, honor, worth, value cage, network, body vomiting, nausea to feel sick to be sick to be sick imprisonment, confinement, obstacle, control reed, pen, handwriting pen heart, mind, soul, intellect, marrow, pith the moon shirt residence, stability, rest, patience, satisfaction near, adjacent, akin, approaching close, near, about, almost, nearly debt, loan an oath line, row killing, murder, assassination word, saying, promise, consent, vow nation, people fate, destiny, jurisdiction, judgement price, value, woth, cost price, value costly, valuable sort, kind, species, portion, nature fortune, fate, share, portion, head, category tale, fable, romance, quarrel, dispute resurrection, Judgement Day, tumult consent, acceptance, assent, recognition power, strength, universe, nature sacrifice, victim, offering fault, defect, blame, sin, failure

ra.ng (n.m.) [P]: ra.ng karanaa: ra.ngeen (adj.) [P]: ra.ngiilaa: ra.nj (n.m.) [P]: ra.njish (n.m.) [P]: raaHat (n.f.) [A]: raah (n.f.) [P]: raah bar (n.m.): raah numaa (n.m.): raajaa (m.): raajadhaanii (f.): raam kahaanii (f.): raam navamii (f.): raam raam!: raanii (f.):

color, dye, fashion, enjoyment to colour colored, lively, elegant, flowery, figurative colorful person grief, sorrow, trouble, inconvience grief, indignation, misunderstanding, anguish rest, repose, comfort, tranquility, ease road, pathcustom, journey, method a guide conductor, leader, guide king capital city tale of woe Raam's birthday Greetings! queen


raashhTrabhaashhaa (f.): raast (adj.) [P]: raastaa (m.): raastaa me.n: raastah (n.m.) [P]: raat (f.): raaz (n.m.) [P]: raazi (adj.) [A]: rabb (n.m.) [A]: rachanaa: radd (n.m.) [A]: rafeeq (n.m.) [A]: rafi' (adj.) [A]: raftaar (n.f.) [P]: raftaar (f.): raghbat (n.f.) [P]: rahanaa: rahanevaalaa (m.): rahm (n.m.) [A]: raik (m.): rakhanaa: raqam (f.): raqeeb (n.m.) [A]: raqs (n.m.) [A]: rasan (n.f.) [P]: rashk (n.m.) [P]: rasm (n.f.) [A]: rasoiighar (m.): rasool (n.m.) [A]: raunaq (n.f.) [A]: raushan (adj.) [P]: ravaanah (adj.) [P]: ravivaar (m.): razm (n.m.) [P]: reDiyo (m.): relagaa.Dii (f.): relave (f.): resham (n.m.) [P]: resham (m.): reshamii: riaayat (f.): rikshaa (m.): rishtah (n.m.) [P]: rishtedaar (m.): rivaaj (m.): rog (m.): rogii (m.): rokanaa (t.): ronaa: ronaa-dhonaa: rooH (n.f.) [A]: roshan (adj.) [P]: roz (adj.) [P]: roz (n.m.) [P]: rozah (n.m.) [P]: ruchi (f.): rukanaa: rukh (n.m.) [P]: rukhsaar (n.m.) [P]:

national language true, honest, straight, even, level road, way, route on the way, en route path, road, manner night mystery, secret willing, satisfied, agreed, pleased creator, god to compose, create rejection, repulsion, returning friend, ally high, sublime, exalted speed, pace, walk, motion speed strong desire, esteem, pleasure to stay, remain, reside, live inhabitant mercy, pity, compassion, kindness, tenderness rack to put, place, keep, hold sum, amount rival, competitor dance, dancing rope, string, cord jealousy, envy, malice, spite marking, writing, established usage, model, law kitchen a prophet lustre, beauty, elegance, freshness light, illuminated, bright, clear, splendid despatched, proceeding Sunday war, battle radio train railway silk silk silken concession, discount rickshaw thread, line, relationship, kinship, alliance relative practice, custom, usage illness patient to stop to cry, weep to weep and wail soul, spirit, life, essence, divine revelation light, illuminated, bright, clear, splendid daily, every day a day a fast interest, liking, taste to stop face, cheek, side, point face, cheek, complexion, aspect


rukhsat (n.f.) [A]: rulaanaa: rupayaa (m.): rusvaa (adj.) [A]: ruup (m.): R^itu (f.):

leave, permission, dismissal, indulgence to make cry rupee; money infamous, dishonored, disgraced form, beauty season

sTeshan (m.): sa'oobat (n.f.) [A]: sa.Dak (f.): sa.Nbhaalanaa: sa.napaadak (m.): sa.nbhav: sa.ndeh (m.): sa.ngiit (m.): sa.nkhyaa (f.): sa.ntaraa (m.): sa.nvat (m.): sa.nyog se: saHar (n.m.) [A]: saHeeH (adj.) [A]: saHraa (n.m.) [A]: saKt: saa'ir (n.m.) [A]: saa.Dhe: saa.Dhuu: saa.Dii (f.): saa.Np (m.): saa.Ns (f.): saa.Ns phuulanaa: saa.nch (n.f.) [H]: saa.ns (n.m., f.) [H]: saaHil (n.m.) [A]: saaHir (n.m.) [A]: saaTh: saabit (adj.) [A]: saabit (n.m.) [A]: saabun (m.): saadah (adj.) [P]: saadar: saadhaaraN: saadhu (m.): saaf (adj.) [A]: saaf: saaf karanaa: saahab (m.): saahas (m.): saahib (n.m.) [A]: saahity (m.): saaikil (f.): saajan (n.m.) [H]: saal (n.m.) [P]: saalii (f.): saalim (adj.) [A]: saamaan (n.m.) [P]: saamaan (m.): saamane:

station difficulty, hardship road to take hold of, collect editor possible, probable doubt, suspicion, apprehension music number orange year, era by chance dawn, morning right, correct, genuine, sound, pure, just plain, desert hard, severe, harsh, strict thw whole, the rest, wandering, walking, tax, duty plus a half; half past husband of wife's sister sari snake breath, breathing to be out of breath, pant truth, reality breath, sigh shore, beach magician sixty, 60 confirmed, established, fixed, stable a fixed star soap simple, plain, candid, sincere respectful ordinary Hindu holy man clean, pure, innocent, clear, legible, plain clean to clean sir; master courage master, lord, ruler, companion, title literature bicycle lover, sweetheart, beloved year wife's sister safe, sound, perfect, whole apparatus, custom, understanding, power furniture, luggage, goods opposite, facing


saana.nd: saaqee (n.m.) [A]: saaqib (adj.) [A]: saaraa: saarvat (n.f.) [A]: saas (f.): saat: saatavaa.N: saath-saath: saathii (m.): saavan (m.): saayah (n.m.) [P]: saaz (n.m.) [P]: saazish (n.f.) [P]: sab: sab buchh: sab kahii.n: sab milakar: sabaat (n.m.) [A]: sabab (n.m.) [A]: sabaq (n.m.) [A]: sabhii: sabr (n.m.) [A]: sabt (n.m.) [A]: sach (m.): sachaaii (f.): sachamuch: sachchaa: sachche artho.n me.n: sadmah (n.m.) [A]: sadr (n.m.) [A]: safar (n.m.) [A]: safar (m.): safar Karch (m.): safed (adj.) [P]: safed: sagaa: sahaaraa: sahasaa: sahelii (f.): sahii: sai.ntaaliis: sai.ntiis: saika.Daa (m.): sailaab (n.m.) [A, P]: sair (n.f.) [A]: sair (f.): sair karanaa: sajaanaa: sajdah (n.m.) [A]: sajjan (m.): sakanaa: sakht (adj.) [P]: saktah (n.m.) [P]: sakushal: salaaH (n.f.) [A]: salaah (f.): salaah lenaa: salaam (n.m.) [A]:

happy, happily cup-bearer, page, beloved shining brightly, splendid, sublime entire, whole, all wealth, power, influence mother-in-law seven, 7 seventh, 7th togehter, along with companion, friend the month Shravan (Jul-Aug) shadow, shade, shelter, apparition apparatus, equipment, concord conspiracy, intrigue, collusion all everything everywhere all together stability, endurance, resolution, constancy cause, reason lesson, lecture, advancing all patience, endurance, submission, suffering permanence, a seal, writing truth; true truth, fact really, truly true, honest in a true sense, truly shock, blow, calamity, collision, suffering chest, bosom, chief journey journey, travel travelling expenses white white real (brother etc.) Support suddenly girl's female friend correct, true, accurate forty-seven, 47 thirty-seven, 37 a hundered flood, deluge, torrent walk, excursion, recreation, amusement walk, trip to take a walk, go for a trip to decorate, arrange prostration gentleman to be able to hard, firm, cruel, harsh, vehement trance, swoon, pause well peace, treaty, integrity, advice, counsel advice to take advice greeting, salutation, peace, safety, compliment


salaam alaikum: salahaj (f.): saleeqah (n.m.) [A]: samaachaar (m.): samaachaar patr (m.): samaapt: samaapt honaa: samaapt karanaa: samajh (f.): samajh me.n aanaa: samajhaanaa: samajhanaa: samapark (m.): samasyaa (f.): samay (m.): samay nikaalanaa: samosaa (m.): samudr (m.): san: sanam (n.m.) [A]: sandarbh (m.): sang (n.m.) [P]: sanh (n.m.) [A]: saniichar (m.): sapanaa (m.): sapanaa dekhanaa: saparivaar: saphal: saphalataa (f.): saprem: saptaah (m.): sar (n.m.) [P]: sar afraaz (adj.): sar basar (adv.): sar bastah (adj.): sar buland (adj.): sar taabee (n.f.): sar taaj (n.m.): sar zameen (n.f.): sar-e dast (adv.): sar-e raah (adv.): sar-e shaam (n.f.): sar-o saamaan (n.m.): saraa (n.m.) [A]: saradii (f.): sarakaar (f.): sarakaarii: saral: sarasaTh: sard (adj.) [P]: sastaa: sasur: sasuraal: sat shrii akaal: satahattar: sattaaiis: sattaasii: sattaavan: sattanave:

greeting, salutation wife of wife's brother good disposition, good taste, mode, skill news newspaper finished, concluded to be finished, terminated to finish, conclude understanding to understand to explain, persuade, console to understand, think, consider contract, connection, link problem time to find time samosa (fried triangular pie) sea, ocean year, era idol, sweetheart, mistress context stone, weight year, era Saturday dream to dream, have a dream with one's family successful success affectionate, affectionately week head, top, pinnacle, origin, chief, desire exalted wholly, entirely hidden, secret eminent, glorious rebellion chief, leader country, limits, region at present, immediately on the road about evening, evening necessities, furniture, luggage the earth cold; winter government governmental simple, easy sixty-seven, 67 cold, damp, dull, dead cheap father-in-law father-in-law's house greeting (by Sikhs to Sikhs) seventy-seven, 77 twenty-seven, 27 eighty-seven, 87 fifty-seven, 57 ninety-seven, 97


sattar: sau (m.): saudaa (n.m.) [P]: saugand (n.m.) [P]: savaa: savaab (n.m.) [A]: savaabit (n.m.) [A]: savaal (n.m.) [A]: savaarii: saveraa (m.): savere: sazaa (n.f.) [P]: se: se ba.Dhakar: se hokar: seb (m.): seenah (n.m.) [P]: seerat (n.m.) [A]: sehat (f.): sevaa (f.): shaa'ir (n.m.) [A]: shaabaash (intj.) [P]: shaabaash: shaad (adj.) [P]: shaadaab (adj.) [P]: shaadii (f.): shaagird (n.m.) [P]: shaah (n.m.) [P]: shaahtir (n.m.): shaakaahaari (m.): shaakh (n.f.) [P]: shaam (n.f.) [P]: shaamil (adj.) [A]: shaan (n.f.) [A]: shaant: shaanti (f.): shaayad (adv.) [P]: shaayad hii: shab (n.f.) [P]: shab bakhair (intj.): shabaab (n.m.) [A]: shabd (m.): shabeenah (adj.) [P]: shabnam (n.f.): shafaqat (n.f.) [A]: shahad (m.): shahar (m.): shahd (n.m.) [P]: shaheed (n.m.) [A]: shahr (n.m.) [P]: shahzaadah (n.m.): shaikh (n.m.) [A]: shaitaan (n.m.) [A]: shakhs (n.m.) [A]: shakk (n.m.) [A]: shakl (n.f.) [A]: shakti (f.): shama' (n.f.) [A]: shams (n.m.) [A]:

seventy, 70 a hundered trade, marketing, goods oath one and a quarter reward, recompense the fixed stars (plu. of saabit) question, petition, application, request, demand passenger, rider morning early in the morning correction, punishment, requital from (etc.) better than, superior to via apple chest, bosom quality, nature, disposition health service poet bravo! well done! (contr. of shaadbaash) well done! bravo! happy, cheerful, delighted full of water, fresh, agreeable, verdant marriage, wedding pupil, apprentice, servant king, prince, monarch a beam, roof support vegetarian branch, bough, dilemma, difficulty, objection evening including, comprising, connected, mingled, common dignity, glory, grandeur peaceful, quiet peace, tranquillity perhaps, probably scarcely, hardly night goodnight! youth word nocturnal dew kindeness, compassion, mercy honey town, city honey martyr city prince elder satan, devil, demon a person, individual, being, body doubt, suspense, hesitation form, appearance, model, image, diagram power lamp, candle the sun


shamsher (n.f.) [P]: shanivaar (m.): sharaab (n.f.) [A]: sharaafat (n.f.) [A]: sharaarah (n.m.) [A]: sharaarat (f.): sharad (f.): shareef (adj.) [A]: shariir (m.): sharm (n.f.) [P]: shart (n.f.) [A]: shauchaalay (m.): shauq (n.m.) [A]: shekhi (n.f.) [A]: sher (n.m.) [P]: sheshh (m.): shi'r (n.m.) [A]: shiighr: shikaar (n.m.) [P]: shikaar honaa: shikaar karanaa: shikaarii (m.): shikaayat (n.f.) [A]: shikshhaa (f.): shikvah (n.m.) [A, P]: shinaas (adj.) [P]: shireen (adj.) [P]: shishah (n.m.) [P]: shishhy (m.): shokh (adj.) [P]: shor (n.m.) [P]: shor machaanaa: shor-sharaabaa (m.): shraavaN (m.): shraddhey: shrii: shriimaan (m.): shriimatii: shu'lah (n.m.) [A]: shu'oor (n.m.) [A]: shubh: shubhaakaa.nkshhii (m.): shubhakaamanaae.N (f.): shuhrat (n.f.) [A]: shujaa' (adj.) [A]: shukr (n.m.) [A]: shukr (m.): shukravaar (m.): shukriyaa (m.): shumaar (n.m.) [P]: shuroo' (n.m.) [A]: shuru karanaa (t.): shuruu honaa (i.): shuuny (m.): sifaarish (n.f.) [P]: sigareT (f.): sii.Dhii (f.): siiT (f.): siiTii (f.):

sword Saturday wine, liquor, alcoholic drink nobility, civility, good manners spark, gleam, flash mischief autumn noble, eminent, honorable body shame, modesty condition, agreement, wager toilet, latrine taste, fondness, desire, interest, hobby bragging lion, tiger, brave man remainder; remaining verse, couplet promptly hunting, prey, victim to all prey to to hunt huntsman, hunter complaint, accusation, illness, grievance education complaint, chiding knowing, acquainted with, intelligence sweet, pleasant, gentle glass, bottle, glass pane disciple playful, mischievous, bold, insolent noise, outcry, tumult, clamor, ardor to create a rumpus noise and tumult the month Shravan (Jul-Aug) revered Mr.; lord honorific title Mrs. (Smt.) flame, blaze, flash, light wisdom, intellect auspicious, good well-wisher; well-wishing good wishes renown, fame, rumor brave gratitude Friday Friday thanks; thank you counting, numbering, estimation, account beginning to begin to begin zero, blank recommendation cigarette step, stair seat whistle


siidhaa: siidhe: siikhanaa: sikh (m.): sikhaanaa: silsilah (n.m.) [A]: sine: sinemaa (m.): sinemaa dekhanaa: sipaahii (m.): siqaafat (n.f.) [A]: siqaahat (n.f.) [A]: siqaalat (n.f.) [A]: sir (m.): siraa (m.): siraaj (n.m.) [A]: sirf (adj.) [A]: sirf (adv.) [A]: sita.nbar (m.): sitaa.n (adj.) [P]: sitaar (f.): sitaarah (n.m.) [P]: sitam (n.m.) [P]: sivaa (adv.) [P]: siyaah (adj.) [P]: skuul (m.): snaan karana: sneh (m.): so: sochanaa: solah: somavar: sonaa: soona (adj.) [H]: soz (n.m.) [P]: su.ndar: suHbat (n.f.) [A]: subah (n.f.) [A]: suboot (n.m.) [A]: subuk (adj.) [P]: suhaavanaa: suii (f.): suii lagaanaa: sukhan (n.m.) [P]: sukhan var (adj.): sukoon (n.m.) [A]: sukoot (n.f.) [A]: sulaanaa: sunaaii denaa, pa.Dnaa: sunaanaa: sunanaa: surakshhit: surat (n.f.) [A]: surkh (adj.) [P]: suroor (n.m.) [A]: susar (m.): sust (adj.) [P]: suuchit karanaa: suuraj (m.):

straight, straightforward straight to learn Sikh to teach chain, series, pedigree, genealogy head cinema to see a film private soldier, constable culture reliability, trustworthiness burden, weight head end, extremity lamp, candle, sun only, mere, sheer purely, exclusively September taking, seizing Sitar star oppression, tyranny, injustice, violence except, save, but, besides black, dark, unfortunate, bad school to bath (esp. ritually) love so to think sixteen, 16 Monday to sleep void, empty, desolate, lonely burning, passion, vexation beautiful, nice companionship, society, conversation morning, dawn evidence, proof, conviction, constancy, stability light, delicate, trivial, frivolous, futile pleasant, lovely injection; needle to have an injection speech, words, business, affair eloquence peace, rest, tranquility silence, peace, rest, tranquility to make sleep, lull to sleep to be heard, be audible to tell, cause to hear, recite to listen, hear safe, secure form, figure, countenance, aspect, manner, plight red pleasure, joy, exhilaration father-in-law loose, frail, lazy, slow, dull to inform sun


suutii: suvidhaa (f.): svaagat (m.): svaamii (m.): svaasthy (m.): svabhaav (m.): svar (m.): svarg (m.): svargavaas (m.): svargiiy: svasth: svayam: sviikaar (m.): sviikaar karanaa:

made of cotton convenience welcome master, owner, husband, rel. leader health nature, temperament voice, tone, musical note heaven death (reside in heaven) the late, deceased healthy, fit oneself accepted, granted; acceptance to accept

ta'ajjub (n.m.) [A]: ta'alluq (n.m.) [A]: ta'areef (n.f.) [A]: ta'n (n.m.) [A]: ta.nduru_st: ta.nduru_stii (f.): ta.ng aanaa se: taa'at (n.f.) [A]: taab (adj.) [A]: taab (n.f.) [P]: taabish (n.f.) [P]: taaii (f.): taak (n.f.) [P]: taaki: taalaa (m.): taalib (n.m.) [A]: taaq (n.m.) [A]: taaqat (n.f.) [A]: taar (m.): taar denaa: taariK (f.): taariif (f.): taarik (adj.) [P]: taarikh (n.f.) [A]: taasir (n.f.) [A]: taauu (m.): taazaa: taazah (adj.) [P]: tab: tabaah (adj.) [P]: tabassum (n.m.) [A]: tabdeel (n.f.) [A]: tabi'at (n.f.) [A]: tabiyat (f.): tadbir (n.f.) [A]: tai.ntaliis: tai.ntiis: taiyaar (adj.) [P]: taiyaar karanaa: taiyaarii (f.): taiyyaar (adj.) [A]: taj (n.m.) [P]:

wondering, admiration, amazement, surprise connection, relation, consideration explanation, description, praise, definition blame, reproach, censure, chide healthy, fit health to be fed up with, tired of obedience, devotion (plu. taa'aat) sweet, agreeable, pure, excellent heat, power, endurance, rage heat, splendour, grief, sorrow wife of father's younger brother look, regard, aim, view so that, in order that lock seeker, enquirer, lover, candidate arch, cupola, niche strength, power, might telegram, cable to send a telegram date praise dark, obscure date, annals effect, impression father's younger brother fresh fresh, new, tender, happy then ruined, spoiled, depraved, wretched smile, smiling change nature, temperament, disposition health, disposition deliberation, opinion, advice, arrangement, order forty-three, 43 thirty-three, 33 ready, prepared, finished, alert, ripe to prepare preparation ready crown, tiara


tajribah (n.m.) [A]: tak: takht (n.m.) [P]: takleef (n.f.) [A]: talaaq (n.f.) [A]: talaash (n.f.) [A]: talab (n.f.) [A]: talkh (adj.) [P]: talvaar (n.f.) [H]: tamaam (adj.) [A]: tamaashaa (n.m.) [A]: tameez (n.f.) [A]: tan (n.m.) [P]: tanakhaah (f.): tangi (n.f.) [P]: tanhaa (adj.) [P]: tanqiH (n.f.) [A]: tapaa.n (adj.) [P]: taqaazaa (n.m.) [A]: taqaliif (f.): taqaliif denaa: taqdeer (n.f.) [A]: taqriban (adv.) [A]: taqvaa (n.f.) [A]: taraanah (n.m.) [P]: taraf (n.f.) [A]: tarah (m.): tarah tarah kaa: taraqqii (f.): taraqqii karanaa: tarh (n.m.) [A]: tariqah (n.m.) [A]: tarjumaan (n.m.) [A]: tarkaarii (f.): tarkeeb (n.f.) [A]: tarraqqee (n.f.) [A]: tars (n.m.) [H]: tars (n.m.) [P]: tarz (n.m.) [A]: tasallee (n.f.) [A]: tasavvuf (n.m.) [A]: tasavvur (n.m.) [A]: tashariif laanaa: tashariif rakhnaa: tashreef (n.f.) [A]: tasleem (n.f.) [A]: tasveer (n.f.) [A]: tasviir (f.): tathaapii: taubah (n.m.) [P]: taubah taubah (intj.): tauheen (n.f.) [A]: taur (n.m.) [A]: teer (n.m.) [P]: tegh (n.m.) [P]: teiis: teraa: terah: tez (adj.) [P]:

experience, experiment, test, proof up to, as far as, until, even throne, seat imposition of a burden, difficulty, inconvenience divorce, repudiation search, inquiry, quest search, inquiry, , wish, demand, request bitter, acrimonious, pungent, unpalatable sword entire, complete, perfect, end entertainment, fun, amusement, sport, spectacle, show discernment, judgement, observance of etiquette body pay, salary narrowness, hardship, poverty alone, solitary cleaning, investigation, inquiry, issue palpitating, throbbing demanding settlement of a debt, importunity trouble to trouble, bother fate, luck approximately piety, abstinence, fear of God harmony, symphony, a kind of song side, margin, direction manner, kind of various kinds progress, advancement to progress, advance manner, mode, form, design, plan method, custom, path, way interpreter vegetable dish composition, mixture, plan, mode, method elevation, promotion, proficiency compassion, pity, mercy fear, terror manner, fashion, way consolation, comfort, satisfaction mysticism imagination, fancy, idea to grace a place with one's presenc to be seated honoring salutation, greeting, resignation, submission picture, portrait, painting picture even then, still, yet repentance Heaven forbid! disgrace, contempt, defamation, dishonor, insult manner, condition, mode, state arrow sword, dagger twenty-three, 23 your, yours (intimate) thirteen, 13 sharp, keen, caustic, pungent, swift, clever


thaa: thaanaa (m.): thailaa (m.): thakanaa: thamaanaa: the: thii: thii.n: tho.Daa: tho.Daa-bahut: tho.Daa-saa: thuukanaa: tihattar: tiin: tiis: tiisaraa: tiisaraa pahar: tiraanave: tiraasii: tirpan: tirsaTh: tishnagi (n.f.) [A]: tithi (f.): to: to.Dnaa (t.): toHfaa (n.m.) [A]: toofaan (n.m.) [A]: tu.Daanaa: tulanaa (f.): tum: turat: tuu: tuufaan (m.): tyauhaar:

was, were police station bag to be tired to hand over were was, were were little, few a certain amount a few, a little to spit seventy-three, 73 three, 3 thirty, 30 third, 3rd in the afternoon ninety-three, 93 eighty-three, 83 fifty-three, 53 sixty-three, 63 thirst, desire, longing date, lunar day then, so, at any rate to break a gift storm, tempest, hurricane to cause to break comparison you (fam) immediately you (intimate) storm, typhoon festival, feast day

Ta.Nganaa: TaTTii (f.): TaTTii karanaa: Taa.Ng (n.f.) [H]: Taalanaa: Tahalanaa: Taiksii (f.): Takaraanaa se: Takkar (n.f.) [H]: Takkar laganaa se: Talanaa: Tapaknaa (v.) [H]: TeRh (n.f.) [H]: Tha.nD (f.): Tha.nDaa (a.): Thaharanaa: ThanD (n.f.) [H]: Thiik: Thiik karanaa: Thiik samay par: Thiik se: Thiik tarah se:

to hang, be suspended faeces, stool to pass faeces the leg, a share to avert, postpone, put off to stroll, amble taxi to collide collision, encounter, rivalry, competition a collision to take place to be averted, postponed, put off to leak, to drip, to fall down (fruits) crookedness cold cold to stop, stay, wait cold, chill all right, correct, fine, OK to fix, put right punctually, at the right time properly properly


Thiik-Thaak: Thikaanaa (n.m.) [H]: Thokar (n.f.) [H]: TikaT (m.): TikaT ghar: TooT (n.f.) [H]: Tren (f.): TuTanaa (i.): TukRaa (n.m.) [H]:

all right, fine, shipshape fixed abode, proper place, goal, limit obstacle, kick, stumble ticket, stamp ticket office breaking, fracture, loss train to break a piece, a morsel, a part, fraction

u.Daanaa: u.Diyaa (f.): u.Ngalii (f.): uThaanaa: uThanaa: ubaal (n.m.) [H]: ubaalanaa: ubalanaa: uchit: udaar: udaas: udhar: ufaq (n.m.) [A]: uftaad (n.f.) [P]: ugalanaa: uganaa: ujaaR (adj.) [H]: ulaTe: ulaTii (f.): ulaTii karanaa: umar (f.): ummiid (n.f.) [P]: ummiidvaar (m.): umr (n.f.) [A]: unachaas: unasaTh: unataaliis: unatiis: unattar: unniis: unyaasii: upakaar (m.): upakaar karanaa: uqoobat (n.f.) [A]: urduu (n.f.) [T]: urooj (n.m.) [A]: uryaan (n.m.) [A]: ustaad (n.m.) [P]: utaarnaa: utanaa: utarnaa: uttar (m.): uttar (m.): uu.Nchaa: uubanaa: uupar:

to squander the Oriya language finger to lift up, pick up, raise, remove to rise, to get up boiling, rage, anger to boil to boil (water etc.), to boil fitting, proper, right generous, liberal sad, gloomy there, over there horizon misery, distress, mishap, foundation to disgorge, vomit out to grow ruined, waste, abandoned conversely vomiting to vomit life, lifespan hope, expectation, trust candidate age, life-time, span of life forty-nine, 49 fifty-nine, 59 thirty-nine, 39 twenty-nine, 29 sixty-nine, 69 nineteen, 19 seventy-nine, 79 good, good dead, favour to do a favour punishment, torment, torture army, camp, the Urdu language ascension, rising, exaltation naked, bare, devoid master, professor to take down, take off (clothes) that much to get down,descent,alight northern, north reply, answer high, tall (not of people) to be bored above, up


va'dah (n.m.) [A]: vaGairah: vaHeed (adj.) [A]: vaHshat (n.f.) [A]: vaa (adj.) [P]: vaa (adv.) [P]: vaa (prep.) [P]: vaa bastah (adj.): vaa pas (adj.): vaa rastah (adj.): vaa sokht (n.m.): vaahid (adj.) [A]: vaahimah (n.m.) [A]: vaajib (adj.) [A]: vaajibaat (n.m.) [A]: vaajid (adj.) [A]: vaaky (m.): vaalah (adj.) [A]: vaalid (n.m.) [A]: vaalidaa (f.) [A]: vaan (suff.) [H]: vaapas aanaa: vaapas jaanaa: vaapas karanaa: vaaqi' (adj.) [A]: vaaqi'i (adj.) [A]: vaar (n.m.) [H]: vaar (suff.) [P]: vaar (n.m.) [S]: vaarid (adj.) [A]: vaaridaat (adj.) [A]: vaaris (n.m.) [A]: vaasiq (adj.) [A]: vaastah (n.m.) [A]: vaaste (prep.) [A]: vaataavaraN (m.): vaazih (adj.) [A]: vadood (adj.) [A]: vafaa (n.f.) [A]: vafaa begaanah (adj.): vafaa daar (adj.): vafaat (n.f.) [A]: vaghairah (adv.) [A]: vah: vahaa.N: vahii.n: vahm (n.m.) [A]: vairaagi (n.m.) [S]: vaisaa: vaise: vaishaakh (m.): vaj-h (n.m.) [A]: vajaahat (n.f.) [A]: vajd (n.m.) [A]: vajeeh (n.m.) [A]: vakaalat (n.f.) [A]: vakeel (n.m.) [A]:

promise, agreement etc., and so on singular, unique, alone solitude, grief, fear, sadness, loneliness open again, back with bound together, attached behind, back, returning again free, delivered, escaped, carefree aversion, disgust unique, one, single, unit imagination, fancy, whim necessary, obligatory duties (plu. of waajib) possessor, creator sentence distracted, mad with love father mother possessing, endowed with to come back, return to go back, return to give back, return occuring, happening true, real, proper, really, actually, truly blow, attack, stroke like, resembling, possessing day of the week, moment coming, arriving, happening events, occurences (plu. of waarid) heir strong, firm, confident, secure account, sake, reason, means, motive for, for the sake of atmosphere clear, evident, apparent loving, friendly fulfilling a promise, fulfilment, fidelity faithless faithful, sincere death et cetera, and so forth that, he, she, it there right there, in that very place imagination, idea, fancy, opinion, fear, suspicion ascetic, recluse of that kind, like that actually the month Vaishak (Apr-May) cause, reason, mode, manner, face, appearance dignity, respect, beauty ecstasy, rapture, excessive love handsome, respectable, good appearance advocacy, attorneyship lawyer, attorney


valee (n.m.) [A]: vaqf (n.m.) [A]: vaqt (n.m.) [A]: var (suff.) [P]: varNan (m.): varnah (adv.) [P]: varshh (m.): vaseem (adj.) [A]: vasf (n.m.) [A]: vash (suff.) [P]: vasiyyat (n.f.) [A]: vatan (n.m.) [A]: vaza' (n.f.) [A]: vazaahat (n.f.) [A]: vazn (n.m.) [A]: ve: veeraan (adj.) [P]: veeraanah (n.m.) [P]: veeraani (n.f.) [P]: vetan (m.): viabhiann: vichaar (m.): vidaa' (n.m.) [A]: vidaad (n.f.) [A]: videsh (m.): videshii (m.): vidyaarthii (m.): vijdaan (n.m.) [A]: vijhaapan (m.): vilaayat (n.f.) [A]: viraajanaa: visheshh: vishhay: vishvaas: vivaah (m.): voT (m.): voT denaa: vujood (n.m.) [A]: vusool (n.m.) [A]: vyaakaraN (m.): vyaapaar (m.): vyaapaar karanaa: vyaapaarii (m.): vyakti (m.): vyast:

lord, prince, master, friend, guardian religious bequest time, term, season, hour, opportunity possessing, having description and if not, otherwise year handsome, fine countenance praise, merit, virtue like, resembling testament, last will, legacy, bequest native country state, position, situation vivid description weight, measure, metre, rhyme, esteem, honor those, they; he, she (honorific) desolate, ruined a ruined place desolation, destruction, ruin wage, salary, pay various thought, idea, opinion farewell friendship, love, affection foreign country foreigner; foreign student ecstasy, rapture, intuition advertisement a foreign country, abroad, realm, union with God to grace (a place w, presence) special, particular subject belief, trust, confidence wedding, marriage vote to vote, give a vote existence, essence, being collection, acquisition grammar trade to trade businessman person, individual busy

ya'ni (adv.) [A]: yaa (intj.) [A]: yaa (conj.) [P]: yaa: yaa to .. yaa: yaad (n.f.) [P]: yaad (f.): yaad aanaa: yaad daasht (n.f.): yaad dilaanaa: yaad gaar [ ]:

namely, that is to say O! either, or or either .. or remembrance, memory, recollection memory, recollection to come to mind, recur to memory a note, memorandum, memory to remind memorial, souvenir, keepsake


yaad honaa: yaad karanaa: yaad rahanaa: yaad rakhanaa: yaaghi (n.m.) [T]: yaaqoot (n.m.) [P]: yaar (n.m.) [P]: yaaraa (n.m.) [P]: yaaraanah (adv.) [P]: yaaraanah (n.m.) [P]: yaari (n.f.) [P]: yaas (n.f.) [A]: yaatraa (f.): yaatraa karanaa: yaatrii (m.): yaavah (adj.) [P]: yaavar (adj.) [P]: yaavar (n.m.) [P]: yaavari (n.f.) [P]: yad (n.m.) [A]: yadi: yadyapi: yagaanah (adj.) [P]: yagaanah (n.m.) [P]: yah: yahaa.N: yahaa.N tak ki: yahii.n: yak (adj.) [P]: yak dil (adj.): yak jaan (adj.): yak lakht (adv.): yak rukhee (adj.): yak sar (adj.): yak soo (adj.): yak zabaan (adj.): yaktaa (adj.) [P]: yamin (n.m.) [A]: yamunaa (f.): yaqin (n.m.) [A]: yaqinan (adv.): yasaar (n.m.) [A]: yash: yataamaa (n.m.) [A]: yateem (n.m.) [A]: yaum (n.m.) [A]: yazdaan (n.m.) [P]: ye: yogadaan (m.): yogy: yoorish (n.f.) [T]: yumn (n.m.) [A]: yuvak (m.):

to be remembered, recalled to memorise, learn by heart to remain remembered to bear in mind rebel, enemy ruby, garnet friend, lover, companion, mate strength, courage, power friendly friendship friendship, assistance, love, intrigue despair, fear, terror journey, travel to travel traveller absurd, vain, futile, lost, ruined aiding, friendly assistant, companion, friend favor, assistance, friendship hand, power, authority, protection, succor if although unique, single, sole, agreed, unequalled kinsman, kindred this, he, she, it here to the point .. extent that right here, in this very place one, a, an unanimous one soul all at once, suddenly one-sided all at once on one side, aside uniform opinion or speech single, unique, matchless, incomparable right hand; oath the river Yamuna certainity, assurance, truth, confidence, trust certainly, verily, assuredly, indeed left, left hand; affluence, opulence fame, reputation orphans (plu. of yateem) orphan a day God these, they; he, she (honorific) contribution capable, worth, suitable, worthy assault, storm, invasion felicity, prosperity, good luck youth; young man

za'if (adj.) [A]: zaHmat (n.f.) [A]: zaa'i (adj.) [A]:

weak, infirm, feeble, old, faint uneasiness of mind, trouble, pain lost, destroyed, wasted, fruitless


zaabit (adj.) [A]: zaabit (n.m.) [A]: zaabitah (n.m.) [A]: zaahir (adj.) [A]: zaahiraa (adv.) [A]: zaakir (adj.) [A]: zaakir (n.m.) [A]: zaalim (n.m.) [A]: zaamin (n.m.) [A]: zaar (n.m.) [P]: zaat (n.f.) [A]: zaati (adj.) [A]: zabaan (n.f.) [P]: zabar (n.m.) [P]: zabardast (adj.): zadah (adj.) [P]: zafar (n.m.) [A]: zaheer (n.m.) [A]: zahr (n.m.) [P]: zakhm (n.m.) [P]: zalaal (n.m.) [A]: zaleel (adj.) [A]: zamaanaa (m.): zamaanah (n.m.) [P]: zamaanat (n.f.) [A]: zameen (n.f.) [P]: zameer (n.f.) [A]: zamiin (f.): zanjeer (n.f.) [P]: zann (n.m.) [A]: zaoo (n.f.) [A]: zar (n.m.) [P]: zaraa: zarar (n.m.) [A]: zarb (n.f.) [A]: zarif (adj.) [A]: zaroor (adj.) [A]: zaroor (adv.) [A]: zaroorat (n.f.) [A]: zaruur: zaruurat (f.): zaruurii: zauq (n.m.) [A]: zebaa (adj.) [P]: zeenat (n.f.) [A]: zeeq (n.f.) [A]: zehn (n.m.) [A]: zhaalah (n.m.) [P]: zharf (n.m.) [P]: zhiyaan (adj.) [P]: zholeedah (adj.) [P]: zi.ndaa: zi.ndagii (f.): zidd (n.f.) [A]: zikr (n.m.) [A]: zikr (m.): zillaat (n.f.) [A]: zindaan (n.m.) [P]: zindagi (n.f.) [P]:

strict, punctual, patient, disciplinarian governor, master, possessor rule, custom, canon, law, code manifest, clear, evident outwardly, manifestly remembering, grateful grateful person, obe who praises God tyrant, oppressor sponsor, surety, guarantor weeping, lamentation, garden, desire, wish being endowed with, soul, self, caste, race innate, inherent, essential, natural tongue, language, flame (of a candle) above, superior, greater, top vigorous, violent, tyrranical, superior struck, stricken, oppressed victory, triumph, gain ally, associate poison wound, damage, loss error, fault, vice abject, base, wretched, contemptible period, time time, age, period surety, bond ground, earth mind, heart, thought, reflection, sense land, earth, ground chain suspicion light, sunlight gold just, a little injury, damage, harm, affliction, loss, ruin injury, beating, impression (plu. zarbaat) witty, subtle, fine necessary, expedient, needful certainly, absolutely need, compulsion, want, exigency of course, certainly need, necessity important, necessary, urgent taste adorned, beautiful, proper, graceful decoration, beauty anguish, melancholy, acumen, wit, sagacity, understanding hail, dew, frost deep, penetrating, acute of mind terrible, furious, angry, rapacious dishevelled, entangled, intricate alive life the contrary, opposition, stubborness remembrance, memory, Qur'an recital mention, reference insult, dishonor, affront, abjectness prison, jail life, living, existence


zindah (adj.) [P]: zinhaar (adv.) [P]: zinhaar (intj.) [P]: ziyaa (n.f.) [A]: ziyaadah (adj.) [P]: ziyaarat (n.f.) [A]: zood (adv.) [P]: zor (n.m.) [P]: zor se: zoro.n se: zu'f (n.m.) [A]: zukaam (n.m.) [A]: zulf (n.f.) [P]: zulm (n.m) [A]: zyaadaa: zyaadaa se zyaadaa: zyaadaatar:

alive, living never, by no means beware! light, splendour, brilliancy too much, more, excessive pilgrimage, visit (a shrine) quickly, soon, suddenly force, strength, power, influence, stress forcefully, loudly forcefully, heavily weakness, feebleness cold, catarrh curl, ringlet, tress oppression, tyranny more, much, too much at the most mostly, most

-bhar (s.): -saa:

full, whole, complete like, -ish