ICDL Graduate School

Research Journal Club
March 15, 2011

Reading Research
What is the main issue?


Salt et. al. 2001
Main Issue: Description of a developmental intervention program

Methods: 8 hours/ 2 weeks, alternating with parent training, using strategies typical of developmental approaches
Results: Low dropout, high parent satisfaction Implications: Feasible, worthy of studying


Salt et. al 2002

Main Issue: Outcomes from a developmental approach

Methods: Wait list control, per/post multiple measures including parent stress,

Initial IQ lower in treatment group (TG). Non SCA hours look greater in TG but variability is larger TG did better on VABS.

Non verbal measures better, not verbal

No difference in parent stress (power?)

Small study, but shows some effect Power to detect differences Impact of Hanen training Immediate outcomes: unclear about long term implications

Our discussion
What do you think of the program?
What do you think of the study design?

What do you think of the results?
Where do these papers take us?

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