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Published by: Sebastian on Sep 01, 2008
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LONG our hill however, there was also a footpath coming

from a higher mountain range where Arabians were

living. They made use of it to go to Essaea and from

there also further. But the Arabians lived for the greatest part on

a kind of robbery. Already for a long time they had some right

according to which they could demand taxes from the travelers,

and if a traveler would not comply with this demand, also violence

was done to him.

[2] When we were harmlessly watching the morning scenes, nearly

20 of the formerly mentioned mountain Arabs came along the

footpath toward us, stood still and asked us in a not very friendly

tone if we already had paid the usual taxes to someone of

their tribe.

[3] I said: “Not until now and we also will not do that now or later,

this for the following reasons: firstly we never carry money or

other earthly treasures with us, secondly you have no right to ask

taxes from us or from other strangers, for it is written: ‘You will

not do to your fellowman what you do not want him to do to you.’

And finally we are very mighty beings who can send away such

insolent extortioners and are able to chastise them in a sensitive

manner. Therefore, I give you the advice to disappear immediately

and not to demand taxes from any traveler, except if you ask them.

If you will comply with what I have advised you now, then you

will do good, in the other case you will fare badly.”

[4] When the Arabs heard that from Me, some of them were

surprised and said: “It happens only seldom that strangers who see

us standing well armed before them are coming to us with such

words. And these 13 men would certainly not do that if they could

not count on one or the other extraordinary power. So it will be

advisable to us not to interfere any further with these men.”

[5] The one half agreed on that, but the other half said: “Yes, if

we always will let ourselves be frightened by such threats we can

as well give up our ancient right and turn to beggary. If these



strangers will really carry no money or other treasures, they are

free without question, but if they carry something anyway, they

also will have to pay to us the taxes we asked for. So let us

examine them to see if they are completely without any money or

other treasures.”

[6] Upon this, they came standing very closely to Me, and one of

them tried also to touch Me with his hand. However, as soon as he

touched My garment, fire shot out from the ground and burned his

hand. Then all the others were frightened so much that they

immediately fell down before Me and begged Me for mercy.

[7] But I said: “I told you beforehand what you can expect if you

want to do violence to us. One of you has tried it and has already

received his reward. If you others also want to receive the same

reward, then do also violence to us.”

[8] All of them cried out: “Oh no, oh no, this we will never do, not

to you who are like gods, and also never more to anyone else, and

we will observe what You have advised to us, but let us go our

way in peace and let no more evil come over us.”

[9] On this I answered: “Then stand up and tell also your

companions what I have told you.”

[10] However, the one whose hand was burned howled because of

the pain and he begged Me to remove the pain from him, for he

believed that I also can do that.

[11] And I said: “This is surely possible to Me, but because you

are the worst of your gang, you must now also carry the reward

that you have deserved already for a long time. However, when

you will ever improve your life completely, then also your pain

will cease. But in the place down there you will find a spring.

Go to it and dip your hand in the water, then your pain will be


[12] Then these mountain Arabs stood up and hurried down to the

place. The one with the burned hand hurried the most in order to

come quickly to the spring that was exactly located in front of the

inn where we were staying, and he asked the guard of the spring

to receive water from it. In return of a small payment he gave


him a big dish of pure water in which he put immediately his hand.

At once he felt the unbearable pain to be relieved and he praised

Me because I had relieved his pain.

[13] Now a few people came out of the inn, and heard from the

Arabs what happened to them on that hill. So the guests of the inn

were informed about the place where I had gone in the morning,

and so they all, together with the innkeeper, went immediately on

the hill, and when they came to Me they expressed their great joy

because they found Me back. The chief of the Essenes told Me

about all the things he had discussed with the Arab with the burned

hand and told Me also how he praised Me because I had relieved

his pain by the water of the spring.

[14] But I said: “Look, this was a very good lesson for those

privileged robbers of this region where a stranger can hardly pass

through without being robbed of a third of his property. These will

now also tell what happened to them here to their companions,

who are spying along the various roads for strangers to impose

taxes upon them and to take it away to a large extent in a merciless

way. These companions will certainly also desist of their activities

and will not trouble so much the strangers anymore as this has

already been the case for a long time.

[15] You also should take care in the future that this old abuse will

be restrained. For after I will have gone it should be among the

people exactly as it was during the time of the first men on Earth.

They should be able to walk around as free brothers on the land

which is their property and should meet each other everywhere

with true love, and in case of emergencies, support them if

possible. But to restrict each other of the rightful freedom by all

kinds of mistreatments is no more heavenly but hellish. The more

restrictions of the rightful freedom to travel by greedy and

imperious people, the more Hell and the less Heaven will be

present among the people.

[16] But who are the ones that hinder their rightful freedom to

travel that is so necessary for the higher development of the soul?

In the first place, the so-called rulers whose power consists of


corruptible mercenaries. Although they allow rich people to travel,

yet they want ransom money in return and give them a travel card

for a certain time, after which they have to buy a new one if ever

they still want to travel around for a longer time. During this time

it is unfortunately not possible otherwise, because the blind people

have already since long turned themselves away from God and

thus also from everything that is heavenly, and have turned to the

slavery of sins and Hell. But as it is now, it should not stay that

way among the good people.

[17] The second and even more stubborn group, who restrict

people the rightful freedom to travel are the different priests, the

pagan and Jewish ones, of whom the last mentioned are in this

time completely equal to the pagans. To them the freedom to travel

of their faithful ones is an abomination, because men could by

traveling acquire too much experience and would no more believe

the deceptions in their own country, which would in course of time

have a bad influence on the income of these national deceivers and

worldly loafers.

[18] But in order to restrict as much as possible the freedom to

travel of the people, the mentioned priests give to some rude

people – with the silent approval of the present worldly governors

– the authorization, in return of a certain payment, to stop

travelers and ask such taxes from them, so that future traveling

becomes either very difficult for them or often completely


[19] And look, this is then already the perfect Hell among

men. Because of this, often the most wild battles and murder

and manslaughter will arise. Since the travelers surely know

beforehand what can happen to them on one or the other road

or in a certain region, they travel in large caravans at the same

time, and persistently offer resistance against such robbers who,

namely in this region, are largely represented. The impact and

consequences of such battles you know all too well and it

is therefore really not necessary to describe them further to you.

Do you perhaps believe that such a thing could be determined by


God’s will?

[20] It is true that, if all mankind would finally begin to travel if

the freedom to travel would have no wise restrictions, then the

cultivation of the soil – which is necessary for the physical life of

men – would be greatly harmed. But look, this has been taken care

of by God who has given men, just like the bees, different talents.”

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