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The Current of LOVE 

f Skintastik Mother’s Day Special
For the frowns we have bestowed on your forehead
This will help diminish the lines ‐
For the tears we have caused to flow from your eyes ‐
This will help Uplift them
h ll h l lf h
For the worries we have caused on the face that’s 
always there for us ‐
This will help bring back your Youth
For the tension we have placed on your Neck and 
Shoulders ‐
This will help dissolve it away
f g py y g
For the firm grip you always have on us to guide us 
through ‐
This will help release the strain
950 Glenn Dr. Ste. 275
For all the get up and go on your poor Feet ‐ Folsom, CA 95630
This will help ground you
This will help ground you (916) 984
For ALL the things you’ve done for us ‐
This is a way to say I LOVE YOU! $150  ‐ 90 Minutes ‐ Includes a Microcurrent treatment Hands 
and Feet Treatment Neck & Shoulder Massage
Mom Pampering Boot
Camp Get Your Skin Skintastik Mommy Boot Camp
Back Into Shape!

Choose from one of our Power

Packets below and let us help
you get
t your skin
ki back
b k iinto
shape in 30 days!

Healthy Aging:
• 2 Ultrasonic
Ult i t
t t + 2
• 1 Turbo Lift + 1 Peel

Clear and
Cl d B
i ht
• 3 Ultrasonic treatments +
• 3 Customized Peels
950 Glenn Dr. Ste. 275
Rosacea Relief: Folsom, CA 95630
• 3 Ultrasonic treatments + (916) 984-8107
• 3 Rosacea treatments
$250 for each Packet – consists of 3 treatments
To be booked within 30 days.
Y ’ IIn Time
You’re Ti Out
O t Ski t tik Ti
Skintastik Time O
Outt – for
f ME!

Take some time out and get

reacquainted with an old
friend who you haven’t spent
any time with in a while –

Come in, relax, reflect, rejoice,

and rejuvenate!

Customized European Facial

Massage for face, scalp, neck,
Treatments for hands and feet 950 Glenn Dr. Ste. 275
Folsom, CA 95630
Eyebrow design
(916) 984-8107
$85 – One Hour of Sheer Bliss!