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International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation

Asia Pacific Regional Office

IPSF Secretariat P.O. Box 84200 2508 AE Den Haag The Netherlands
Tel: +31-70-302 19 92 Fax: +31-70-302 19 99 Email: apro@ipsf.org
Website: http://apro.ipsf.org; Registered under Dutch Law: 40413709

Subcommittee Positions 2011-12

Subcommittee members work under the APRO Regional Working Group and their work is more
specific to certain activities. These positions require little or no travelling, although it is advisable
to attend the APPS and the IPSF World Congress. One should be able to work on a daily basis
throughout the year in the position and have regular internet access. One must be reachable
throughout his/her entire term.

If you are interested in a particular position listed here, you should submit the completed
nomination form together with your CV to the Secretary General (apro@ipsf.org) before the
deadline for applications at the APPS.

APRO has three subcommittees as listed below. Many positions are available for each

Please submit your nomination form to apro@ipsf.org, no later than Monday, 4th July
2011, 11:59pm GMT + 7.

Asia Pacific IPSF Project Coordination

This subcommittee works under the Regional Projects Officer of APRO. The task is to assist the
RPO in co-ordinating the implementation of IPSF projects at its Region.

Non-member promotion
This Subcommittee is under the Regional Relations Officer of APRO. The tasks are to assist
RRO for promoting IPSF and the Regional Office to Non-member countries as well as maintain
the updates of Contact Person, Student Exchanges Officers and individual Members in the

This Subcommittee works under the Internal Coordination and Communication Officer of APRO.
Subcommittee members have to assist the ICCO for developing publication material and
updating website. You should have knowledge for designing, making, inventing new and
imaginative ways of promoting regional office and its projects


Chairperson: Melissa Hong (Malaysia) Regional Projects Officer: Chrysna Winandha (Indonesia)
Secretary: Geoffrey Chai (Australia) Regional Relations Officer: Kate Kim (Republic of Korea)
Internal Coordination and Communication Officer: Alexander Stefan (Indonesia) Regional Student Exchange Officer: Rizki Andiani (Indonesia)