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m Rules also apply to English Literature

m Form determines writers· choice of

language & structure- the foundations
which shape meaning
m ëst Published ² ë 
m et ë ë  ² ë ë in Georgia
(deep south of U
m lice Walker- Womanist
m lavery abolished- ë
m ë  ² ë ë Laws passed to segregate
m Golden ge of Jazz & Blues Music
m et ë ë  in m Dialect of Georgia
Georgia (deep south - double negatives, confused
pronouns, conjugation of ¶be· and
of U ¶have·

m Contrast with E form

of Nettie·s letters
m egregation &
subjugation of black
High levels of illiteracy-
disjointed syntax-
phonetic spellings
m ]epistolatory m Organised into
letters rather than
Novel chapters
m Bildungsroman m Chronological
m Elliptical
m Documents the
development of a
main character-
over several
m Epistolatory m Dramatic opening
m Middle- full of
m Bildungsroman conflict

m End- happy; family is

m ]Epistolatory Novel m  First Person
m tream of
consciousness ²
m omission of verb to
] what are the advantages of be - immediacy ²
this form of narrative? thoughts being
m ] what are the limitations?
recorded as they
m Chronological m Gradual, linear
structure development of
m Emotional development
m Epistolatory form represented by increase in
literacy & figurative
m Complexity of lang matches
complexity of emotional &
spiritual maturity
m Essential that an understanding of the
inextricable link between form, structure
& language is demonstrated.