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Software Requirement Specification


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3able of Contents
1. Introduction
’ ’ Purpose
’  Document Conventions
’  Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
’  Project Scope
. Overall Description
 ’ Product Perspective
  Product Features
  User Classes and Characteristics
  Operating Environment
  Design and Implementation Constraints
  User Documentation
  Assumptions and Dependencies
  UML Diagrams
3. System Features
 ’ System Feature ’
4. External Interface Requirements
 ’ User Interfaces
  Hardware Interfaces
  Software Interfaces
  Communications Interfaces
5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements
 ’ Performance Requirements
  Safety Requirements
  Security Requirements
  Software Quality Attributes

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Online e-learning system provides is specifically developed for
online studying This system provides two users administrator and
students Administrator provides books, materials, presentations,
online exams, gives the result and percentage Student can access all
the information details

The main purpose of e-learning is to provide virtual class room to
student Once the student login to this portal, he can search whatever
course he want to do and finish the same by going through various
documents uploaded available After the course is finished
’ ? Document Conventions:
The typographical conventions have been used to make this
document more readable The material written in bold format is considered
to be of relative importance Material written in Times New Roman has
been taken from other useful sources

’  Intended Audience and reading suggestions:

The document has been written in a way that is very helpful for design
time of our group This document is also intended to target the developer¶s team
The Rest of the document will give you all the details of the project that has been
laid down after very careful analysis Readers may not understand the document
if they skip some page
£? 2dministrator:
The administrator can upload various
courses, books, materials, presentation to their students He can search
the details of the particular student
£? Students:
After login the student select the branch He can
download books, materials, presentations

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’  Project Scope:This Project investigates the entry threshold for
providing a new service to the students through online
£? Student must have a valid User Id and password to login to the
£? After the valid user login he is shown the list of details available
£? On selecting the desired option he is taken to a page which
shows all the detail he wants
£? Administrator can take a back up of the database for every
instance that is happening, periodically
£? All users are authenticated to avail the services
 .Overall Description:
The following sections describe the general factors that affect the product and its

Student must have a valid User Id and password to login to the

system After the valid user login he is shown the list of details available on
On selecting the desired option he is taken to a page which shows the details
he needed Student can get the required material as softcopy for free of cost
Student can also request the university people to share their own documents
which can help other students Information is available at anytime, anywhere
as desired by the student

 ’ Product Perspective:
The student will have client interface in which he can interact with the
e-learning portal It is a web based interface which will be the web page of
the e-learning application Starting a page is displayed asking to login as

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student, in this page we can sign up and create new account as student Then
the page is redirected to home page where the user can enter the details as
required if it is valid

The administrator will have an administrative interface which is a

GUI so that he can view the entire portal system He will also have a login
page where he can enter the login particulars so that he can perform all his
actions like uploading of courses, books, materials, presentation Search
student details etc

  Product Features:
The e-learning portal system consists of following

’? Administrator Login: This module allows admin to login and upload the
courses, books, materials, presentations, he also checks student details
’ ’? Student details: This module contains details about
£? Search student details: In this module we can know
student details

’  Course: In this module we can select what type of course

’  Upload: In this module the administrator can upload
books, materials, presentations
’  logout: logouts the page
?Student Login: This module allows valid student to access the
functionalities provided by the portal

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 ’ Courses: This module contains information about book,
materials, presentation available in this portal
  Books: In this module we can download books that we
 Material: In this module we can download materials
that we need
  Presentations: In this module we can download
Presentations that we need

 Operating Environment:
The operating environment of the e-learning portal for universities is based


IDE : My Eclipse

Database : MySQL

Operating system: Windows XP

  Design and Implementation Constraints

£? Login and password is used for identification of student¶s account and there
is no facility for non users to login
£? This system works only on a single server
£? GUI is only in English
£? Limited to HTTP/HTTPS protocols

 ?? ? ?


  User Documentation
The User Documentation will be given to the user along with this
project as it is helpful for the further use

  Assumptions and Dependencies

£? The details of students such as username, password, and their
corresponding authority details should be manually entered by the
administrator before using this system
£? Every user should be comfortable of working with computer and net
£? He should be aware of the e-learning portal
£? He must have basic knowledge of English too

.7 UML Diagrams:

Use case Diagram:

Use-case diagrams generally show groups of use cases ² either all use cases
for the complete system, or a breakout of a particular group of use cases with
related functionality (e g , all security administration-related use cases To
show a use case on a use-case diagram, you draw an oval in the middle of the
diagram and put the name of the use case in the center of, or below, the oval To
draw an actor (indicating a system user on a use-case diagram, you draw a
stick person to the left or right of your diagram

 ?? ?


Use case diagram for Administrator:




 ?? ? ?


Use case diagram for Student:




Ordinary student have a userid & password with which they can login
into their account They can perform all the actions such as downloading books,
materials, presentations

Login: student can login to the system by providing appropriate userid and
password provided by the administrator

Homepage: After logging in the user is provided with a screen

showing the details of accounts and he selects one of the actions
in order to perform his operation
Courses: He can view the courses available in this portal
Name of Use-Case: Login
Description: Student must provide a valid User Id and
password to login to the system

 ?? ? ?


Student must have a valid User Id and password to
login to the system

Class diagram:

The class diagram shows how the different entities (people, things, and data relate
to each other; in other words, it shows the static structures of the system A class
diagram can be used to display logical classes, which are typically the kinds of
things the business people in an organization talk about Class diagrams can also
be used to show implementation classes, which are the things that programmers
typically deal with An implementation class diagram will probably show some of
the same classes as the logical classes diagram The implementation class diagram
won't be drawn with the same attributes, however, because it will most likely have
references to things like Vectors and Hash

 ?? ? ?


Class diagram for 2dministrator:







 ?? ??


Class diagram for Student:

 ? ? ?

 # $%





 ?? ??


Sequence diagram:
Sequence diagrams show a detailed flow for a specific use case or even just part of
a specific use case They are almost self explanatory; they show the calls between
the different objects in their sequence and can show, at a detailed level, different
calls to different objects A sequence diagram has two dimensions: The vertical
dimension shows the sequence of messages/calls in the time order that they occur

Sequence diagram for 2dministrator:

|    |  


 |  |


|   |   



 ?? ??


Sequence diagram for student:






  ' ' 
 ' ' " &

  ' '

' ' 

2ctivity diagram:

Activity diagrams show the procedural flow of control between two or more class objects while
processing an activity Activity diagrams can be used to model higher-level business process at
the business unit level, or to model low-level internal class actions In my experience, activity
diagrams are best used to model higher-level processes, such as how the company is currently

 ?? ??


doing business, or how it would like to do business This is because activity diagrams are "less
technical" in appearance, compared to sequence diagrams, and business-minded people tend to
understand them more quickly

2ctivity diagram for 2dminstrator :





2ctivity diagram for Student:

 ?? ??











Component diagram:

A component diagram provides a physical view of the system Its purpose is to

show the dependencies that the software has on the other software components

 ?? ? ?


(e g , software libraries in the system The diagram can be shown at a very high
level, with just the large-grain components, or it can be shown at the component
package level [Note: The phrase component package level is a programming
language-neutral way of referring to class container levels such as Net¶s
namespaces (e g , System Web UI or Java's packages (e g , java util

Component diagram for 2dministrator:




 ?? ?


Component diagram for student:


 ?? ? ?


Deployment diagram:

The deployment diagram shows how a system will be physically deployed in the
hardware environment Its purpose is to show where the different components of
the system will physically run and how they will communicate with each other
Since the diagram models the physical runtime, a system's production staff will
make considerable use of this diagram The notation in a deployment diagram
includes the notation elements used in a component diagram, with a couple of
additions, including the concept of a node A node represents either a physical
machine or a virtual machine node (e g , a mainframe node To model a node,
simply draw a three-dimensional cube with the name of the node at the top of the

Deployment diagram for 2dministrator :

 ? !??

|   ? |?



??  |

| ??

 ?? ? ?


Deployment diagram for Student:

 ' '  ' '  ' '

   ' '  






   '
 ' '
  ' ' '

 ' ' 
' ' 

 ?? ? ?


3. System Features
The ³e-learning portal for universities´ is an independent system The
system is a Web based application which is used to students to do their
courses in online

? Takes data from the student

? Interact with the database for the data storing
4. Non Functional Requirements
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?  ?

System can withstand even though many no of employers

request the desired service Access is given to only valid users of the
application who requires the services such as leave request leave balance, leave


By incorporating a robust and proven DB UDB into the system,

reliable performance and integrity of data is ensured There must be a power
backup for server system Since the product is of x availability there should be
power backup for server which provides the information Every day the data
should be backup even when the operation of an user is not successful i e , while
performing the operation power failure occurs then data should be backup

3 SECURI3Y REQUIREMEN3S: Sensitive data is protected from unwanted

access by user¶s appropriate technology and implementing strict user-access
criteria Facility of unique user number and Password in such a way that
unauthorized user cannot log in Operational rights for each user/terminal can
be defined Thus, a user can have access to specific terminals and specific
options only

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