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Effective Leadership

For Better
A good leader is always the key to a successful organization.
“Effective Leadership” will demonstrate how the structure and
dynamics in an organization impacts the work environment.

Course Contents
• Discovering and Understanding myself
• Organisation and people
• Change and the modern organization
• Leadership and the team
• Vision
• Personal and Organisation values
• Leadership styles and skills
• Personal Action Plan

Decision Makers, Senior Management Staff, Executive and


By Col (ret) Tan Peng Ann

Peng Ann, a retired Colonel, has more than thirty years of experience
in leadership positions in the Singapore Armed Forces and the
private sector. He also has more than ten years of experience in the
design and conduct of management training, specializing in
leadership, problem solving, change management, personal values
and quality service.
Date: 24 – 25 February 2005, Time 9am – 5pm (Lunch Included)
Fees: USD 65/pax/day, Venue: InterContinental Hotel (Sihanokvill Hall)

For more information please call RV Centre at:

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Tel: (855) 23 221 349, H/P: 012 61 51 02, Fax: (855) 23 221 350
Email: pp_marketing@resourcesventure.com
Deadline for Registration: 18 February 05

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