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TL-WA5210G User Guide

TL-WA5210G User Guide

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Published by: alexperezsur on Jun 02, 2011
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Selecting System Tools > Ping Watch Dog allows you to continuously monitor the particular
connection between the device to a remote host. It makes this device continuously ping a user
defined IP address (it can be the internet gateway for example). If it is unable to ping under the
user defined constraints, this device will automatically reboot.


Figure 4-62 Ping Watch Dog Utility

Enable - Turn on/off Ping Watch Dog.

IP Address - The IP address of the target host where the Ping Watch Dog Utility is sending
ping packets.

Interval - Time internal between two ping packets which are sent out continuously.

Delay - Time delay before first ping packet is sent out when the device is restarted.

Fail Count - Upper limit of the ping packet the device can drop continuously. If this value is
overrun, the device will restart automatically.
Be sure to click the Submit button to make your settings in operation.

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