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502207 manual

502207 manual

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Published by: ramgine on Sep 10, 2008
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The Broadband router provides extensive firewall protection by restricting connection parameters,
thus limiting the risk of hacker attack, and defending against a wide array of common Internet
attacks. However, for applications that require unrestricted access to the Internet, you can
configure a specific client/server as a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Note: To enable the Firewall settings select Enable and click Apply



2.6.1 Access Control

Access Control allows you to specify which hosts users can or
cannot have access to certain Internet applications

2.6.2 URL Blocking

URL Blocking allow you to specify which URLs can not be
accessed by users.

2.6.3 DoS

The Broadband router's firewall can block common hacker
attacks and can log the attack activities.

2.6.4 DMZ

The DMZ function allows you to re-direct all packets going to
your WAN port IP address to a particular IP address in your LAN.

Click on one of the firewall selections and proceed to the manual’s relevant sub-section


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