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Imperialists were only visitors on the African continent.

They came in, claimed the land, ruled over the people for a little while, and then left. These new imperialists made no lasting impact and have not greatly influenced the social or political problems of present day Africa. To better understand the influence that new imperialists might have had on Africa, the problems of Africa before imperialist before colonization must be acknowledged. The social problems of Africa previous to colonization are nearly identical to the problems after imperialisms took place. Africa was severely undeveloped pertaining to their medical knowledge and practices. They have had limited doctors and have always had native diseases as a plague to their population. Today, these diseases still remain, with few doctors and limited medical knowledge. For the time period that Europeans ruled Africa, doctors might have been able to help Africans, but Africans viewed these colonists as a tool for their survival. They did not benefit or loose anything through the colonists arrival or departure. Other social problems of Africa today, are the low-literacy rates. These low-literacy rates existed long before European imperialism, and exist in the same manner today. New Imperialism also had a very limited effect on the current political issues of Africa. The governments constant infringement on Africans rights is a major problem in Africa. This corruption within the government is mainly due to the civil wars among tribes within Africa. These wars have created an unstable government, where the only option for unity has been to create a military dictatorship. Tribal wars had been going on many decades before the colonization of Africa. This political corruption is therefore not tied to the new imperialism that Africa experienced.