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ee eee A: Mandal, on) Individech Combai ’ SERGE eal tee a Copyright 1937, 1944 by Coronet A. J. D. BropLe ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No portion of this book may be used without express per- mission of copyright owner. Published by THE LEATHERNECK ASSOCIATION, Ine. Wasnineron, D. C. PRINTED IN U.S.A. @ ci a Introduction to New Edition i ae war has proven the value of training our Marines in the d art of hand-to-hand combat, weaponless defense and profi- __ cieney with the bayonet. In helping with this phase of our train- ing, Colonel A. J. Drexel Biddle has contributed greatly. Not only has his manual “Do or Die” been a basic text, it has also been the text book of a new kind of bayonet fighting. The flat bayonet style with his “parry, right step, hand cut, slash” movements is being taught to Marines everywhere. In this new edition, the basic text remains the same except for the changes necessitated in the use of the slash over the point system of fighting. We have attempted through more pho- tographs to better show these movements. The author now directs, in his extensive individual teaching if the bayonet and knife, to slash at the throat instead of thrust- yf with the point. The slash is most effective used left to right, - directly following the left parry, right step and hand cut. Thi is important that we point out at this time that in combat, our rifle is loaded, shoot a man rather than engage him in yonet fight. Unless you are under orders for a bayonet urge, the bullet is quicker and more accurate than the bayonet. , the bayonet is an effective and dangerous weapon ; ar used correctly by a well-trained Marine. Every Marine should become proficient in its use. THE PUBLISHERS.

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